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I write odd things and the latest BBS/Disneyland drabble got a bit out of hand. It's all [ profile] bouncy_erbear's fault, really.


“I want to do that!

Aqua’s gaze followed the direction of Ven’s excited pointing, where a dozen brown-robed kids were facing off against a masked, black-cloaked figure.

“I don’t think that’s a fair fight,” Terra commented. The masked one didn’t even seem to be trying, and the kids had the guidance of an adult…but they were still kids, and it was still lopsided. Out of the corner of her eye, Aqua could see Terra stiffen slightly. Just behind him, she also caught sight of a sign. “Jedi Training Academy,” she read aloud. “Eleven, one forty-five, three, four forty-five…I think this is a show.”

Terra relaxed and Ven switched tacks, completely unfazed by that realization. “Cool! Do you think they’re still taking volunteers?”

“I think you’re a little old for it, Ven,” Aqua smiled. The oldest kid in the staging area looked to be no older than twelve. Ven was young at heart, sure, but Aqua didn’t think that excuse would fly here.

“Still!” Ven argued, gesturing excitedly at the (admittedly fake) beam swords they were all using. “Begin a Jedi looks awesome!

Aqua just shook her head, smiling. It would be no use reminding him he was already a Keybearer – he was too excited. Catching sight of a certain toy in a child’s grip, she had an idea. “Terra, try to keep Ven from getting too involved. I’ll be right back.”

“Wh- okay…” She barely waited for a response from Terra before heading off. Ten minutes later, she returned to find both boys enrapt in the show, as the black-masked villain vowed to return and turn all of the child Jedi to the dark side. She could see Terra stiffen again, but he unwound just as quickly – evidently remembering that it was just a show really did help him relax.

“Did you enjoy the show?” They both turned around, looking a little surprised to see her back so soon, and she held up a bag in each hand. “I brought you both something,” she said, offering them the bags with a smile.

“Thanks.” They took the bags, eagerly opening them. It was these moments that Aqua lived for – moments when Ven could smile freely, when Terra dropped his stoic exterior for a moment of unbridled glee, when her boys could just be boys instead of having the weight of the worlds on their shoulders. Of course, it helped that she’d managed to find plastic beam swords – the shop had called them lightsabers – in green and orange.

“Wow! Thanks, Aqua!” Ven’s face lit up as he fished his lightsaber out of the bag, swinging it downwards to extend it. He turned a mischievous grin on Terra, imitating the deep voice the masked villain had been using. “Come to the dark side,” he intoned.

Terra had already extended his lightsaber and swung it up to meet Ven’s. “I’ll never join you!” He couldn’t help but grin as well, and that smile spread to Aqua soon enough, staying on her face as Ven and Terra began to spar with the plastic weapons.

It was only when they started drawing a crowd that she realized that sparring in public might not have been the best of ideas. It was obvious that Ven and Terra had real training – much more than the gaggle of brown-robed kids in the show – and it was attracting more attention than they really needed to have, especially when some of that attention came in the form of a man with a Disneyland Security badge on his sleeve. “Terra. Ven.” She hated to spoil their fun, but getting kicked out of the park would be even worse. “You should probably-”

The two plastic toys were obviously not built to combat standards. That much became evident when a quick lateral strike from Terra snapped the green blade of Ven’s lightsaber in half, sending the tip careening towards Aqua. She caught it the second before it would have hit her face as the boys watched in a moment of silence, suddenly aware that their game was undeniably over.

The silence ended abruptly when Ven and Terra both realized they’d sent half a toy weapon flying at their friend’s face and rushed over to her. “Are you okay?”

“I’m alright,” she nodded, then extended both of her hands expectantly. “But you two are done.” The boys exchanged glances, then reluctantly snapped their lightsabers (or in Ven’s case, what was left of his) closed and placed them in her outstretched hands. Aqua dropped them both in one of the bags, then caught the security officer’s eye. “It won’t happen again,” she said firmly. The officer nodded in confirmation but did not move. She sighed, then led her friends over to a nearby bench as the crowd that had gathered for the impromptu show dispersed. “You two stay here, and try to stay out of trouble,” she added, knowing from their sheepish expressions that they would do just that. “I’ll be right back.”

She was a little more familiar with the store this time around, and it didn’t take her long to give back the lightsaber that was still intact and find what she’d been looking for. When she returned to her boys – who still looked rather guilty – she had a much smaller bag in tow. “Here,” she said, offering them the contents of the bag. “Try these instead.”

“Trying to keep us out of trouble, huh, Aqua?” Terra smiled, inspecting the tiny orange lightsaber in his hand. With any luck, the smaller size would be a deterrent, and if it wasn’t, nobody would take two boys fighting with two-inch lightsabers seriously.

Ven, however, had other ideas. “These are key chains,” he breathed, an eager smile growing on his face.

Aqua caught on to his realization a split second later and closed her hand over his. “Wait until we’re home before you try that,” she said quietly, a sidelong glance telling her that Terra had picked up on both the idea and the consequences. Given the reaction to sparring with fake weapons, she didn’t want to think about how security would react if they summoned their Keyblades, especially if they went along with Ven’s idea and clipped the lightsaber key chains on.

“Okay,” Ven nodded, not so much dissuaded as delayed – this just gave him something to look forward to later. “You got one for you, right?”

“Of course.” Aqua pulled her own lightsaber key chain – blue, of course – out of a pocket. She had to admit, she was just as intrigued by the idea of a lightsaber Keyblade as either of the boys. “How about we find another ride?” she suggested, pocketing her key chain and stepping away from the bench, waiting for Terra and Ven to follow before she moved on. They’d avoided getting kicked out of the park – a good thing, since there was still so much of it to explore and the day wasn’t even half over yet.

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Best idea EVER. XD Also I just loved this so much and enjoyed making it up with you at the park. <3
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Ven the Jedi? I knew Star Wars was missing something! XD I love how enthusiastic he is, and Terra too, although he tries to hide it. And Aqua is always awesome!


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