NaNo Count: 9321 words. I'm 679 words away from Sunday's goal. I am completely nuts. And I'm really proud of this, to be completely honest.

The AIM chat is helping a lot - it's been great for motivation and commiseration, and I tend to get a lot written during word wars, even if most of it is introspective padding that will need to be weed whacked out during the editing process. As it is, according to my stats, if I keep going at this rate I'll be done on the 21st. Considering I wanted to be completely finished before Thanksgiving, I figure that's a very good rate to keep going at.

I'll be out tomorrow night, so I'm writing during the late morning/early afternoon - it could be as early as 11, if anyone wants to join me in the chat. I'll be a bit more specific on Plurk when I start getting close to when I'm going to write, and of course the chat is always open even if I'm not there. Communal NaNo hangout is go!

Favorite line(s) of the night:

He wasn’t witty enough to play word games, not with the Councilmen, who tended to play for verbal blood.

(That's it, really. I don't think I was too terribly clever tonight. Productive, yes, but not clever.)

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Congrats! I just hit 10K a bit ago. A full-on fic that had to be cut off before it kept going smacked me in the face. It figures; I start super late and then I get things done.

On that note... what are word wars? Time limit sorts of things?

And yes, I realized I hadn't checked LJ and have apparently been missing all the NaNo fun.

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Oh I seeeee. That sounds like something I'd be terrible at, since my pace isn't very consistent. I also slip into a mental cabin in the woods if I'm in the right mood, so my best writing happens when it gets late and no one's awake /one of those writers

Yeah, I didn't have time or energy to start until around 11:30, and I "only" had 7720K at that point, but as I said in my entry... I really wanted to video edit. I finished up around 2:10 and then got to have more fun. I'll try to hang around here more often and see how everyone's doing, but if I forget again, good luck on keeping up the pace! I'm sure we'll all manage to lovingly shove each other to the end.
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Wish I was as productive as you- I'm just a bit off of yesterday's goal, let alone anywhere near tomorrow's! Hope it continues well for you!

Totally with you on the whole padding thing. Mine will probably end up about half the length after editing. XD


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