I have been asked to post my Christmas list, and so I shall! |Db

Things I would like for Christmas:
- Gift Cards: Vons, Ralph's, Albertson's, Godiva, Teavana, Bath and Body Works, ThinkGeek, Disney... (I tend to go to these places quite a bit, so having a bit of funding is a nice thing.)
- Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension (heee such a cute movie)
- California scratch-off lotto tickets (I have a weakness. I really do. |D)
- One of these. I love it far too much.
- Tea! So much tea! I'm a fan of fruity green, herbal, and black teas, and I'd love to try some new ones. I usually go for loose leaf, but I'm willing to do bags as well.

On a less material level:
- Go see The Muppets! There's a going rumor that, if the movie is successful, the Muppet Show might well make a comeback, which would be possibly the best thing ever. Plus, it's an all-ages movie that is clever, well-written, hilarious, fun movie that is well worth seeing. Plus, it's got a new Toy Story short before it! If you can spare two hours and ten-ish bucks, please go see it.
- So I have this friend who created this fantastic comic about werewolves, has published it, and is taking orders! Please consider checking it out and ordering a copy - the story is solid and the overall comic is very well done.

So yes. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, happy Solstice, and enjoy whichever holiday you celebrate this season!
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