For those of you who are not aware, I have a metric flipton of old Pokemon cards. Right now, I'm taking commissions for and making wallets out of them - six cards per wallet.

They look like this:

That is a Wiimote, for size purposes.

Look, Ma, they open! All cards face out, so you can fold it however you want.

Wallets tend to run at about 8"x3.5" - the length of three trading cards and the height of one. They're not terribly thick - I've discovered I can fit about ten bills and two cards (each in a different fold) in there comfortably, but anything more than that tends not to fold well. These are very good billfolds for outings where you may not need the entire contents of your wallet or purse. I tend to use mine at the farmer's market, and I've discovered it fits very well in small going-out-dancing fancy purses. As trading cards do, they also fit quite snugly in a back pocket.

Each wallet is $10 plus shipping (which will not run more than a few bucks, because these are small and light). The only exception to this pricing scheme is if you choose to include rare or promo cards in your wallet: rares or promos are an extra $1, and foil rares or promos are an extra $2. All you need to do to order is pick six cards, tell me where you live, and paypal me, and I will get these made and sent out as soon as I can.

The list of available cards is here.

NOTE: I will also create wallets with Yu-Gi-Oh, Doctor Who, and Magic cards. Lists for all three of these are pending.

Comment with which cards you want and I shall make you a wallet!

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Hey, it's Marina. And these are my cards:

-Dark Kadabra
-Sabrina's Abra


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