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([personal profile] kiaxet May. 1st, 2012 02:02 pm)
I finally bit the bullet and got a new laptop and then returned it and got another new laptop because the first one wasn't working right, and now that I have Word on it, I want to get started writing again. So!

Give me a fandom/character(s) and a genre (comedy, drama, fluff, etc) and I will write a one-sentence drabble...or possibly something longer, if the mood strikes me.
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From: [personal profile] rakathspseudonym

Doof Taking over the Tri-State Area with Muffins
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From: [personal profile] papershuriken

Bitties making a pancake breakfast for parental figure. I'll let you choose the series.
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From: [personal profile] sagesaria

AT4W fambly and cybermats getting underfoot.


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