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( Nov. 1st, 2010 10:18 pm)
Today was just weird, man. I know I start a lot of entries like that, but this was just another one on the pile. For starters, Comic Con passes were supposed to go on sale today. That. Well.

Sometimes, chat logs are better than summaries. )

I had another session with the guy I'm teaching to use his computer, and then, having received my social security card in the mail, I headed over to the temp agency to fill out paperwork. I'm lucky I dressed up, because that turned into an interview.

The woman interviewing me offered me a job at the agency. I just. I don't even. THIS CANNOT BE HOW IT HAPPENS FOR NORMAL PEOPLE.

I must be nuts, to get a job offer and freak out about it instead of being happy. That said, I'm probably not going to take it - I'd rather have the temp receptionist work than the full time finding-clients-and-workers position. It's a huge commitment, and given that it wasn't on my radar, I feel like it's too big a thing to take on in less than 24 hours.

Then again, I probably shouldn't consider this stuff while sleep deprived. |D

Also! That whole idea of starting a blog chronicling my search for a job? I'm going to do it! That shall be my NaNoWriMo project, because I figure I should try to write something as well. Thing is, I still need a name for it. I don't ever use my polling options enough, so:

[Poll #1639603]

The first is a misnomer from a Bob Seger song, the second is our going slang, the third is from my Terry Pratchett icon, and after that I just ran out of ideas. XD So yes! Suggestions are awesome!

And I am exhausted but seriously love my roomies. Life is good, man.
Sooooo I told [ profile] asbestoslegs that I was planning on apping Usopp at [ profile] secondcityrpg, and then we started talking about the game, and...well. It turned into this:

I still cannot believe I am apping Batman the Cowardly Pirate )

WTH, self. I am really looking forward to this now. XD

In other news, I've given in and am doing this stuff:

Can somebody please explain to me why my level 20 Cyndaquil is still a Cyndaquil? I was expecting a Quilava by now. SON, I AM CONFUSE.

Also, my team is highly unbalanced. I really need to fix that.

Finally, and very importantly:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] anzila!

Go be epic, you.
[10:58] leseptieme: We have the best planet ever
[10:59] PuraTigerz:
[10:59] PuraTigerz: more pics
[10:59] snarkings: no, Gallifreyans have the best planet ever
[10:59] misstakin22: i want one
[10:59] misstakin22: so terrifly
[10:59] misstakin22: terribly
[10:59] PuraTigerz: they're on patchtogether if you want to vote for it :D
[10:59] leseptieme: IDK, given that whole time lock thing, I'd have to disagree on that one >>
[10:59] snarkings: ...well I mean
[10:59] leseptieme: Plus, Time Lords do not have Chum Buddies
[10:59] snarkings: before that
[10:59] PuraTigerz: lmfao
[10:59] leseptieme: we have Chum Buddies
[10:59] snarkings: how do you know!?
[11:00] leseptieme: /argument
[11:00] leseptieme: if Time Lords had Chum Buddies, you can bet the Doctor would have one stowed in the TARDIS somewhere
[11:00] leseptieme: he'd have fun just saying the name
So here's a fantastic idea:

Take the most evil villain that Disney has created in the past decade or so and set him up to prey upon the souls of the hapless and innocent in not one but TWO locations.

And give him a mentee while you're at it. )

Obviously I should never be left to my own devices pertaining to villains. Criminy.
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( Nov. 25th, 2009 02:43 am)
WELL I have arrived home safe back in CO, yay~

Traveling was pretty uneventful. Life is good. And I have an AIM convo of sorts:

LeSeptieme 2:16 am
Things I will never get over, in order of WTFery:
1. John Kahn
2. Spin playing the race card
3. Lessons in picking up floozies
4. The Divas not knowing each other
Just about everything else ties at 5.
universejuice 2:17 am
That's a pretty good lineup

Ah, the wonders of 3 a.m. badfic. It's a great excuse for the icon, if nothing else. |Db
It started a few hours ago:

LeSeptieme (8:49:13 PM): "Today at my job in the emergency room, a person walked in with a large scarf hiding her nose and was holding lots of bloody Kleenex. Why? She had stuck a pair of iPod headphones up her nose so far that they became lodged into her nasal passageway. She was voted funniest injury of the night. MLIA"
universejuice (8:49:30 PM): oh dear god
LeSeptieme (8:50:15 PM): I laughed my ass off
universejuice (8:50:39 PM): why would you even
LeSeptieme (8:51:42 PM): some people's children

And then:

LeSeptieme (9:31:51 PM): ...okay, there has to be something to this headphones-up-the-nose thing
LeSeptieme (9:31:54 PM): it keeps popping up.
universejuice (9:31:57 PM): ...really
LeSeptieme (9:32:01 PM): yep
universejuice (9:32:19 PM): hmm
LeSeptieme (9:34:14 PM): "Today I found out my dad reads MLIA. How did I find out? Well, he was in his room shoving his iPod earphones up his nose trying to be a human speaker. MLIA"
LeSeptieme (9:34:18 PM): AHA
universejuice (9:34:29 PM): pfff I am so baffled by this |D
LeSeptieme (9:34:47 PM): I don't get it XD

And finally:

LeSeptieme (10:03:51 PM): "Today, I read a story on MLIA that if you put your headphones in your nose and play your ipod really loud, you can hear the music through your mouth. I decided to try this myself. My mom walked into my room when I had my headphones in both nostrils while Sexyback was playing out of my mouth. She took one look at me and backed out slowly. MLIA"
universejuice (10:04:21 PM): whaaaat
LeSeptieme (10:04:46 PM): I really want to try this now XD
universejuice (10:04:51 PM): m-me too
LeSeptieme (10:04:56 PM): I promise I won't get them stuck in my nasal cavity
universejuice (10:05:45 PM): ...OH SHIT IT WORKS
universejuice (10:06:07 PM): I HAVE A PAIR I FORGOT ABOUT
universejuice (10:06:10 PM): THIS IS HILARIOUS
LeSeptieme (10:06:16 PM): OH GAD
LeSeptieme (10:06:19 PM): DON'T GET THEM STUCK
universejuice (10:06:29 PM): I WON'T I PROMISE
LeSeptieme (10:06:33 PM): OKAY GOOD
LeSeptieme (10:06:39 PM): ...does it really work
universejuice (10:06:42 PM): totally
LeSeptieme (10:06:47 PM): Well.
LeSeptieme (10:06:52 PM): Learn something new every day.
universejuice (10:06:53 PM): also when I swallow there's one point where it's louder
LeSeptieme (10:07:03 PM): ...*dead*
universejuice (10:07:08 PM): I know right
universejuice (10:07:17 PM): I feel so stupid but it's too amazing
LeSeptieme (10:07:26 PM): I am just dying over here
LeSeptieme (10:07:31 PM): so glad nobody else is working right now
universejuice (10:07:36 PM): <3

My life is average and my friends are awesome.

ETA: Found the original post!

"Today, my friends and I discovered that if you put your headphones in your nose and play your ipod really loudly, you can hear the music through your mouth when it's open, and can't hear it when it's closed. MLIA"

...the hell were they doing when they figured that out? More importantly, do we want to know? o_o
LeSeptieme (1:13:22 PM): Tri
LeSeptieme (1:13:33 PM): I think if Elphaba made Spin fly, Sarah would glee forever.
trichan868 (1:13:37 PM): XD
trichan868 (1:14:07 PM): See, she can't cast the spell on Spin himself or he'd grow wings and damage his suit.
trichan868 (1:14:15 PM): She can cast it on any object though.
trichan868 (1:14:34 PM): So they don't have to be on her broomstick or anything.
trichan868 (1:14:43 PM): Unless they want to.
LeSeptieme (1:14:59 PM): Take that up with Sarah and Guin :o
trichan868 (1:15:06 PM): She could levitate Spin's suit or his headphones.
trichan868 (1:15:13 PM): and they would just pick him up and carry him.
LeSeptieme (1:15:23 PM): ...I'm sorry
LeSeptieme (1:15:27 PM): Spin flying by his headphones
trichan868 (1:15:29 PM): *cracking up*
LeSeptieme (1:15:30 PM): you just killed me XD
trichan868 (1:15:46 PM): I know, the mental image hit me just after I said it.
PrincessSeaNymph (1:16:14 PM): XDDDDD
LeSeptieme (1:16:22 PM): Just
LeSeptieme (1:16:23 PM): I'm sorry
LeSeptieme (1:16:27 PM): flying is really cool and all
trichan868 (1:16:32 PM): *cracking up forever*
LeSeptieme (1:16:33 PM): but he would never live that down.
trichan868 (1:16:37 PM): XDDDDDDDD
trichan868 (1:16:39 PM): I know.
trichan868 (1:16:45 PM): It's an awful mental image.
trichan868 (1:16:50 PM): So awkward.
trichan868 (1:16:52 PM): I can't stop laughing.
anzila86 (1:17:06 PM): can she make little helacopter sounds while she does it?
LeSeptieme (1:17:18 PM): J would just be, "are you flyin'. By your headphones."
trichan868 (1:17:22 PM): XDDD
LeSeptieme (1:17:24 PM): "...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA"
trichan868 (1:17:26 PM): I want someone's hat....
trichan868 (1:17:30 PM): to turn into a helicopter hat.
LeSeptieme (1:17:38 PM): ...*looks over at Chief*
trichan868 (1:17:39 PM): >_>>
trichan868 (1:17:41 PM): XDDDD
trichan868 (1:17:47 PM): No, that's too humiliating for Chief.
LeSeptieme (1:17:54 PM): HE'D PULL IT OFF.
trichan868 (1:17:58 PM): *gives Fletcher a helicopterhat instead*
Fletchers Hat (1:18:04 PM): D'aww
trichan868 (1:18:05 PM): *because it's cute on Fletcher*
LeSeptieme (1:18:16 PM): *absolutely dying over here*
trichan868 (1:18:43 PM): Spin flying by his headphones and Chieftain with a helicopter hat?
LeSeptieme (1:18:50 PM): yeeeeeeeeeeees
LeSeptieme (1:18:59 PM): THEY'RE ELITE BEAT AGENTS.

[ profile] universejuice. [ profile] aviekokyre. SOMEBODY PLEASE DRAW THIS. 8D
chkittie (6:34:54 PM): bbl, dinner.
EternalDreamer2k (6:34:58 PM): kk!
LeSeptieme (6:35:05 PM): kk
Rakath Chaos (6:35:11 PM): ll
LeSeptieme (6:35:22 PM): mm
EternalDreamer2k (6:35:27 PM): nn
LeSeptieme (6:35:38 PM): oo
EternalDreamer2k (6:35:48 PM): pp!
LeSeptieme (6:36:01 PM): qq
EternalDreamer2k (6:36:03 PM): rr
LeSeptieme (6:36:05 PM): ss
EternalDreamer2k (6:36:06 PM): tt
LeSeptieme (6:36:08 PM): uu
EternalDreamer2k (6:36:09 PM): vv
LeSeptieme (6:36:10 PM): ww
EternalDreamer2k (6:36:12 PM): xx
Rakath Chaos (6:36:12 PM): yy
LeSeptieme (6:36:14 PM): zz
Bouncy Erbear (6:36:14 PM): zz
Bouncy Erbear (6:36:16 PM): dammit
LeSeptieme (6:36:18 PM): HA
EternalDreamer2k (6:36:19 PM): XDD
ohmnomnom (6:36:19 PM): XDDDD
LeSeptieme (6:36:21 PM): XD <3
Bouncy Erbear (6:36:26 PM): /sulks
Shingumisaturn (6:36:33 PM): |D;
LeSeptieme (6:36:35 PM): *loves upon!*
eurousventulus (6:36:49 PM): What.

RL updates will come later. For now, I love chat. ♥
LeSeptieme (1:37:41 AM): The reunion will be lovely, though
Universe Juice (1:37:54 AM): will it ever
Universe Juice (1:38:33 AM): Morris is going to bromance with Derek so hard
LeSeptieme (1:38:44 AM): XD
LeSeptieme (1:39:14 AM): Spin's getting a hug
LeSeptieme (1:39:15 AM): from J
LeSeptieme (1:39:22 AM): whether he likes it or not
Universe Juice (1:39:24 AM): ahahah
Universe Juice (1:39:28 AM): brings back memories
LeSeptieme (1:39:35 AM): -?
Universe Juice (1:39:43 AM): Remember when J first showed up
LeSeptieme (1:39:48 AM): -orite
LeSeptieme (1:39:59 AM): There will be no watering of Rookie's suit, though
Universe Juice (1:40:04 AM): |D
LeSeptieme (1:40:09 AM): Not unless he falls off the boat or something
Universe Juice (1:40:17 AM): yeah no
LeSeptieme (1:41:40 AM): But yeah, it will be a very quick and very hard hug, complete with a remonstration to not ever do that to him again jeez Rookie he was worried about you
Universe Juice (1:41:51 AM): Don't do what
Universe Juice (1:41:54 AM): get this antidote
Universe Juice (1:41:59 AM): fine I'll just throw it away
LeSeptieme (1:42:18 AM): als;dkgj
LeSeptieme (1:42:26 AM): Swear to God Rookie I will pop you one
Universe Juice (1:42:37 AM): That's more like the J I know
Universe Juice (1:42:44 AM): missed you too
LeSeptieme (1:42:59 AM): You ever pull that disappearing act again I will hunt you down and pow.
Universe Juice (1:43:28 AM): Morris: Isn't that what we've been doing?
LeSeptieme (1:43:50 AM): ...yeah, but I'm not gonna hit him this time.
Universe Juice (1:44:20 AM): We've been hitting other people though
LeSeptieme (1:44:24 AM): Now what's this about an antidote?
Universe Juice (1:44:41 AM): Oh you know nothing special just OH GOD MAN I CAN HEAR THE MUSIC 8DDD
LeSeptieme (1:44:55 AM): -you what
Universe Juice (1:45:09 AM): *toss* EMBRACE IT, MAN
Universe Juice (1:45:27 AM): LET IT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU MISSED IT
LeSeptieme (1:45:58 AM): Jeez, Rookie, never thought you'd be my dealer. *takes*
LeSeptieme (1:46:09 AM): ...*just about falls to his knees*
Universe Juice (1:46:16 AM): yeah it really does sound like a drug |D
LeSeptieme (1:46:58 AM): Drug that gives lost powers back and restores Music to half-deafened Agents?
LeSeptieme (1:47:03 AM): Best drug ever.
Universe Juice (1:47:06 AM): Yessss
Universe Juice (1:48:39 AM): Morris is just going to be like "Oh baby I missed you. It's okay, you don't have to be sad anymore, we're here to help"
LeSeptieme (1:52:11 AM): J is going to have a second or two of OH GOD OVERLOAD
LeSeptieme (1:52:56 AM): And then "oh God"
LeSeptieme (1:53:04 AM): And then "yessssssssss"
Universe Juice (1:53:55 AM): yes
Universe Juice (1:54:02 AM): it's going to be such an emotional moment
LeSeptieme (1:55:33 AM): Oh yes
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( Sep. 3rd, 2009 01:55 am)
lynxgriffin (3:55:49 PM): I'm not sure whether Tagruato should respond to replies or not
LeSeptieme (3:55:54 PM): I'd say no.
LeSeptieme (3:56:27 PM): I get the feeling they'd be doing last minute prep for abductions, and if they had free time, watching the network with popcorn and evil laughter.
LeSeptieme (3:56:36 PM): Possibly taking bets on who cracks first and who panics hardest.
lynxgriffin (3:56:44 PM): sob they're such bastards XD
LeSeptieme (3:56:54 PM): They're an evil corporation, man. They don't talk to the peons.
LeSeptieme (3:57:05 PM): They just torture them for fun and profit.
LeSeptieme (3:57:22 PM): Mostly profit, but the motivational speaker they hired last month said loving what you do is a big part of your job.
lynxgriffin (3:57:47 PM): sdklajs lmao

Just leaving this here. Hope everyone's enjoying endgame. |D

Will be interesting to figure out what all I'm doing with characters tomorrow.
jupiterfulmine (11:05:12 PM): Starr's currently wtfing at my 'backstories in progress'
LeSeptieme (11:05:29 PM): ...I want to know what this backstory is
jupiterfulmine (11:05:51 PM): lol, they're in progress
LeSeptieme (11:06:42 PM): I still wana knoooooow :3
jupiterfulmine (11:07:42 PM): Starr: I'm not a ditz, stop writing that!
LeSeptieme (11:07:52 PM): XD
LeSeptieme (11:07:56 PM): Noooo that's Missy. XD
jupiterfulmine (11:07:59 PM): yeah
LeSeptieme (11:09:03 PM): I can see J calling Starr "fearless leader"
LeSeptieme (11:09:11 PM): As a joke, but nonetheless. XD
jupiterfulmine (11:09:13 PM): lol
jupiterfulmine (11:09:20 PM): I get that feeling from her too, actually.
jupiterfulmine (11:09:27 PM): I can see her throwing a pom pom at J
LeSeptieme (11:09:43 PM): He wouldn't give it back
LeSeptieme (11:09:54 PM): "Hey, you threw it at me, I'm keepin' it."
jupiterfulmine (11:10:05 PM): "...I'll hunt you down and take it back!"
LeSeptieme (11:11:15 PM): "Good luck. *smirks and shakes it at her*"
jupiterfulmine (11:11:46 PM): Oh god, what's a good nickname for J, that isn't J? lol
LeSeptieme (11:12:05 PM): ...XD
LeSeptieme (11:12:19 PM): I don't even know. What's she trying to convey?
jupiterfulmine (11:12:32 PM): "*growl* You're the one who's going to need luck, *insert nickname here*"
LeSeptieme (11:13:20 PM): "Mm-hmm. Suuuure~"
LeSeptieme (11:13:42 PM): ...if we wind up shipping them, they're about going to kill each other. XD
LeSeptieme (11:13:46 PM): ...or she's gonna kill him.
jupiterfulmine (11:13:50 PM): lol
jupiterfulmine (11:14:10 PM): "Give it back. Or your hair may feel the consequences." *smile*
LeSeptieme (11:14:12 PM): And he will deserve it.
jupiterfulmine (11:14:27 PM): You know, one of those cute, innocent, i'mgonnagetyou, smiles.
LeSeptieme (11:14:42 PM): "...oh that's over the line and you know it."
jupiterfulmine (11:15:00 PM): "Hand it over~"
LeSeptieme (11:16:55 PM): "Make me."
jupiterfulmine (11:17:23 PM): *glares* *runs at him, brandishing the other pompom to whack him with it*
LeSeptieme (11:18:20 PM): *oshi- ducks*
jupiterfulmine (11:20:07 PM): *tries to snatch it back*
LeSeptieme (11:20:34 PM): *grabs her hand*
LeSeptieme (11:20:39 PM): *twirls her out*
LeSeptieme (11:20:42 PM): *twirls her back in*
LeSeptieme (11:20:47 PM): *hello close proximity*
LeSeptieme (11:20:51 PM): (Kia godmods :D)
jupiterfulmine (11:21:00 PM): (works for me, lol)
LeSeptieme (11:21:07 PM): XD
jupiterfulmine (11:21:20 PM): *deadpan/fakeglare* "Cheap move."
LeSeptieme (11:22:31 PM): "Hey, got me what I wanted."
LeSeptieme (11:22:50 PM): *gives her back the pompom with a grin*
jupiterfulmine (11:23:19 PM): *takes* "Whatever you say." *pom pom to FACE*
jupiterfulmine (11:23:21 PM): *laugh*
LeSeptieme (11:24:54 PM): "...should've expected that."
LeSeptieme (11:25:07 PM): *If you think he's letting you go anytime soon, you've got another thing coming*
jupiterfulmine (11:25:24 PM): "You should. Now...let go."
LeSeptieme (11:26:03 PM): "Hey, like I said - I got what I wanted."
jupiterfulmine (11:26:50 PM): "What? A frustrated Diva in very close proximity?"
jupiterfulmine (11:27:43 PM): (She likes you J, she just doesn't want you to know that. And you're right. They'd kill each other, lol)
LeSeptieme (11:29:26 PM): "Mmm, somethin' like that."
LeSeptieme (11:29:46 PM): (I think they'd drive each other insane before they'd admit anything.)
jupiterfulmine (11:30:02 PM): (prrretty sure, although the interactions would be amazing)
LeSeptieme (11:30:56 PM): (yeeeeees app her :D)
jupiterfulmine (11:31:19 PM): (I plan on it. Once I get things constant in regards to her personality, and figure out a damn history, lol)
jupiterfulmine (11:33:17 PM): (I see her as slightly stubborn, with lots of energy, and a pretty dang good leader, lol)
LeSeptieme (11:35:22 PM): I think you've got it down.
jupiterfulmine (11:36:03 PM): Watch it J, she's coming to pwn you.
LeSeptieme (11:36:28 PM): Wuh-oh
LeSeptieme (11:36:38 PM): ...he says he looks forward to it XD
jupiterfulmine (11:36:41 PM): lol
jupiterfulmine (11:36:59 PM): Starr: *wink*
LeSeptieme (11:37:30 PM): J: *smirk*
jupiterfulmine (11:37:52 PM): I can kinda see Missy and Spin in the background just going 'wut?'
LeSeptieme (11:38:09 PM): Spin would be epic facepalming.
jupiterfulmine (11:38:32 PM): Spin is <3.
jupiterfulmine (11:39:33 PM): for srs
LeSeptieme (11:39:45 PM): He really is. XD

Shannon, you really have to app her now. Because this is too much awesome to pass up. :Db
Because really, I post about them enough. I blame my roomie for this one, though, since we started talking about my plans for Comic Con this year.

Because I am the moron who will make a dancing fool of herself in front of most of Comic Con. )

Now all I have to figure out is music. I'm debating Never Gonna Give You Up, but Puttin' On the Ritz looks to be fun, and there's a metric ton of disco on my iTunes that is promising (because gorrammit I love Earth, Wind, & Fire). I also need to finish my costume - those shoes are hard to find.

This is also between assembling a Flonne costume, a Bad Horse Singer costume,


In other news, I have a cold. Time to go attempt to sleep it off.
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( May. 9th, 2009 02:22 am)
LeSeptieme (2:13:47 AM): I freaking love JJF
LeSeptieme (2:13:58 AM): The feeling is evidently not always mutual, but I do love it.
Universe Juice (2:14:10 AM): xD same
Universe Juice (2:14:22 AM): As much fun as it is, it does its damnest to kill you.
LeSeptieme (2:14:33 AM): first time I played it, I failed out.
LeSeptieme (2:14:41 AM): Had a very loud reaction.
LeSeptieme (2:14:48 AM): "OH MY GOD I JUST KILLED THE WORLD."
Universe Juice (2:14:52 AM): xD
Universe Juice (2:14:58 AM): I remember the first time I beat Without A Fight.
LeSeptieme (2:15:03 AM): "RETRY OMG"
Universe Juice (2:15:05 AM): I remember just going "WHAT JUST HAPPENED."
Universe Juice (2:15:08 AM): "WHAT. WHAT NO."
Universe Juice (2:15:14 AM): "THEY DID NOT."
LeSeptieme (2:15:27 AM): Game's over, go home kids XD
Universe Juice (2:15:36 AM): xD
LeSeptieme (2:15:43 AM): BUT WAIT
Universe Juice (2:15:44 AM): And then Lucy was like "NOWAI D<"
LeSeptieme (2:15:45 AM): THERE'S MORE
LeSeptieme (2:16:26 AM): You save her Christmas.
Universe Juice (2:16:26 AM): Man the EBA version of JJF is so rockin'-er than the original.
LeSeptieme (2:16:29 AM): She saves the planet.
LeSeptieme (2:16:39 AM): ...yeah, that's a fair trade. XD
Universe Juice (2:16:40 AM): fair trade.
Universe Juice (2:16:42 AM): xD
LeSeptieme (2:16:46 AM): OUT OF MY HEAD, ROOKIE
LeSeptieme (2:17:09 AM): *punt*
LeSeptieme (2:17:32 AM): I do love the EBA version, though.
Universe Juice (2:18:46 AM): Yes. It is Hard Rock even without the Divas.
LeSeptieme (2:18:54 AM): XD
LeSeptieme (2:19:08 AM): I think if I ever played it, though, my dad would just give me the look.
LeSeptieme (2:19:12 AM): "What's this?"
Universe Juice (2:19:33 AM): xD
LeSeptieme (2:19:42 AM): Yeah, guess who got me into classic rock.
LeSeptieme (2:19:56 AM): "It's okay, dad! This song beat the aliens!"
Universe Juice (2:20:25 AM): If he argued I'd have to like kick your door down and say "Sir, I believe you are mistaken."
Universe Juice (2:20:43 AM): "While I will not deny that the Rolling Stones are awesome, this song saved the world and kicks ass."
Universe Juice (2:20:51 AM): "I will pay to have your door fixed. Good day."
LeSeptieme (2:22:22 AM): ...
LeSeptieme (2:22:26 AM): *saves this convo*
Universe Juice (2:22:31 AM): xD

This just proves that, while most things are awesome during daylight and early evening hours, EBA is awesome twenty-four-seven.
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( Apr. 21st, 2009 02:39 pm)
Cut for length, mentions of danceoffs, and Agent J )
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( Apr. 13th, 2009 02:46 am)
I have returned from my roomie's house with food and stories and stuff.

For now, however, I'm going to crash the hell out - I am sick of working on this paper. Yep. I have, however, discovered something in my research:

LeSeptieme (2:14:09 AM): ...I am realizing why I no longer read comments on news posts
LeSeptieme (2:14:17 AM): LJ users en masse are like the Sonic fandom
Universe Juice (2:14:25 AM): stupid as fuck?
LeSeptieme (2:14:25 AM): Never freaking happy.
thesecretmagic (2:14:29 AM): rofl
Universe Juice (2:14:30 AM): that too
LeSeptieme (2:14:33 AM): ...that too, Sarah

Happy Day After Bunny Day, LJ.
So, Clover just decided to stomp over everything in Daisychain. Getting one's rear blown up will do that.

But then we realized something in chat. )

This should get really, really interesting really, really quickly. I'm likin' it. :D
[01:30] hexryuusen: 2+2=748
[01:30] MysticW2002: That is true, for significantly large values of 2.

That is all.
kiaxet: (Raise the Roof (KH))
( Apr. 29th, 2008 01:32 am)
I couldn't help the double post. It was just too good.

It started with Spish playing KHII and keeping a running commentary in chat.

I'm a drive whore and it's totally Lynx's fault. )

I've come to the conclusion I need a Daisychain icon. Any takers? :3
kiaxet: (LOL (House))
( Feb. 8th, 2008 11:52 pm)
I know it's a huge doublepost but I COULDN'T RESIST. I LAWLED. HARD.

...Um, Jen, you might not want to read this. :D;

Flonne: *Can fix that?* )

The moral of the story is, do not leave the four of us alone in the chat after ten o'clock or so. We go nuts. :Db


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