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( Nov. 30th, 2011 12:36 am)
I have been asked to post my Christmas list, and so I shall! |Db

The list, for the interested! )

So yes. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, happy Solstice, and enjoy whichever holiday you celebrate this season!
Man, guys, I love Christmas. I just do. ♥

We bucked a few traditions this year that don't really work for us anymore, and we're talking about switching things up a tad next year, but this time around, it was a pretty peaceful day. Last night's drama didn't repeat itself (GLORY HALLELUJAH), so things were pretty nice around here.

Also, I got to hold my niece. I love Kennedy. So much. /eeeeee bitty eeeeeeeee 8D

Since everyone's on the bandwagon, I might as well join it. The haul! )

More important than the haul, though, is the fact that I got to spend a day with my family. I do miss them while I'm out in CA, in all honesty, and it's nice to see them again, even if only for a few days.

Favorite version of this song ever. It's got all the upswing joy you could ever want without losing the awed, reverent feel this carol should really have. The choir in the background certainly helps.

It's been a long and somewhat dramatic day for me, but I'm not talking about that right now; it just turned Christmas in Colorado, so I'm here to wish you all a merry Christmas. ♥

As usual, I've got a little drabble to go up - today, however, it's a bit different. Of course, I'm still on my BBS kick, but this is non-spoilery. Title is Comfort and Joy.

For Terra, it wasn't the discovery of a world that was Christmas every day... )

For those of you who don't care for KH, I have this:


Kitties make everything better, yes? I thought so too.

I love you all, guys. Have a merry Christmas and a safe, peaceful, happy weekend. ♥
I should probably talk about life, work, and all that stuff, but really, I'm fairly certain you're all tired of hearing about it. XD Honestly, I haven't started at Brighton yet, and all I'm doing for Hickory Farms is standing at a mall kiosk selling cheese and sausage. The jokes just make themselves. Instead, I'm posting a few different meme-ish things, because why not?

The first is not a meme, but the Christmas list! )

The second is that Year In Review meme that I love so much. )

The third is a song guessing meme~ Yay~ )

And with that, this entry has officially gone on far too long. I will finish this up with one last thing:

Please feed my Rayquaza. He doesn't want to be lonely anymore.
Merry Christmas, all!

Yes, I can say it twice in a day. I love it. :Db It's nearly three in the afternoon and we're having a pretty relaxed day. Christmas with the Kranks has become a Christmas tradition, so we're all sitting here laughing our rears off at an incredibly awkward movie.

Following tradition and/or the herd, since everyone seems to be doing it: the haul.

Yeah, guess what's under the cut XD )

That last one requires a bit of explanation, I think. Start with last year's post, which has all the backstory you need.

The Arizona Richardsons have done it again. 8D

Includes a picture! )

At the very least, there are no lightbulb rocks this year. 8Db

Alright, I promised y'all a Guess the Carol post, and this'll be it. Ten for now, because ten is a good number for this sort of meme.

I'll give you a hint: Jingle Bells is not one of them. )

I love me my obscure first verses.

So yes. Such an awesome day. Now we go make chocolate raspberry parfait and roast beef and have an awesome night. Check back in later and y'all have a wonderful day. ♥
First of all!


Yeah ILU all. :D

For some reason, I decided that the best time to put together what random and sporadic gifts I do give was after a margarita and two shots of homemade Bailey's. I hope y'all like them. XD

For Jen )

Avie and Sarah, yours is here. Trying to keep it simple. |D

ETA: Evidently the version of Classical Gas I have in there is from way back when iTunes was locking purchases and wouldn't let you share them. Unlocked version is here. |Db


I may put up a Guess The Carol From the Random Line of Lyrics post later, because I love those, but for now I'm crashing out in prep for...eight hours from now, when we're all rolling out of bed. ILU all and have a fantastic whichever holiday you celebrate. ♥
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( Dec. 20th, 2009 06:10 pm)
I do, actually. I'm not 100% yet, but I'm on the way up. I remember this being a two-day thing, so I'm pretty much marking time until tomorrow and hoping for the best (and drinking lots of water, all that jazz).

But more importantly: WE MADE COOKIES TODAY

The Derek cookie got a lot of compliments, even if nobody knew what it was. Yes, that is J on the end. I tried to make the pompadour and it looked...really bad. Really bad. So he's having an off day. |Db I wound up describing them as "inside jokes" whenever anybody asked what they were. I guess that makes you all inside. XDb

Also! I can has rename token, thanks to a lovely gifter from the [ profile] holiday_wishes comm. If this journal randomly turns into [ profile] kiaxet, you'll all know why. There will also probably be a big post announcing it. |Db

[ profile] bouncy_erbear, we need to plan dance shenanigans. I quite like the spiked punch idea. 8D
I was going to go to bed, and then I went, hey, I should update my LJ! Surely people want to know how my day went at half past two in the morning. Who needs the extra sleep? Certainly not someone who intends to marathon half a paper the next day!

That's the part I'm going to regret, I think.

That said, I think today went alright. The interview at SodaHead went down pretty well, I think - we might have issues with hours since they seem to want someone who can come in at around the same time every day and my schedule is set up with two and a half class days and two and a half free days, so we'll see how that works out. Demonstrating online proficiency, especially proficiency with the site, and being an English major helped me out, I think. Yay writing!

So yes. We'll see how that one goes.

The Gamma Phi Christmas party tonight was fun. Real casual affair up at the G Phi house - I spent half the night on a large pink beanbag, half asleep. I was bushed. I also saw Elf for the first time, which was...definitely interesting. Also, we did a Secret Santa! ...and mine wasn't there, so I'll have to track her down on campus sometime and get her her gift. Either way, the party was fun.

I swear, my littles coordinated on Christmas gifts. One of them gave me a silver bracelet with blue beads and hearts and such on it, and the other gave me one of those glass pendants that's on a few ribbons and cords - kind of like this, but a blue and white heart and blue cords. They collaborated, and now I have to figure out the secret to wearing pendants like that.

OH YES. LYNX. We should meet on Saturday to exchange stuffs, yes?

AND. COLIN. IM me sometime and we'll chat about musical shoutouts and such other things.

Why are the Woot shirts so awesome nowadays, seriously. I can't go buying two in a row - that would not be smart. That does not make it any less waaaaaant.
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( Nov. 20th, 2009 01:50 am)
First of all, today's Woot shirt is awesome. I already bought one. |D YAY COLLEGE STUDENT ANTHEM

All this crazy Gamma Phi activity over the week culminated in Initiation tonight. Can't say too much about the ceremony, but I do love my littles. Jen's package arrived just in time (read: this morning), so everyone got everything they were supposed to, and I somehow got a package from Canada faster than I got a package from Amazon. Will wonders never cease. THANK YOU JEN THEY LOVED EVERYTHING ♥

Of course, "culminated" might not be the right word, seeing as Formal is Friday night, Gamma Games meeting is Saturday, and Gamma Games itself is Sunday.

SPEAKING OF WHICH. If you're on Pepperdine campus, come to Gamma Games! We're raising money for Camp Laurel, and you get to come watch fraternity guys compete in athletic events, including sack races. Have you ever seen guys do sack races? It's hilarious. Plus, we have some pretty awesome raffle prizes, and it's all for a good cause. 11:30-2 at Alumni Park this Sunday! BE THERE. YAY. :Db

On a completely different note, I somehow wound up with only one class on Monday. Theater is individual monologue coachings, and mine isn't until after Thanksgiving. Lit Theory is individual appointments to talk about final papers, and mine's at 3, which does not require me to get up early, and then there's Choir. Stage dance is the next day, and then I'm heading home, huzzah~ YAY TURKEY AND BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING

Speaking of shopping, y'all need to tell me what you want for Christmas. I will be doing shopping then.

And I also have my wish list up - I just posted it to [ profile] holiday_wishes (which is an awesome community that you should totally go check out), so I figured I'd throw it up here as well:

Yaaaaaaay wish list and yes I do realize this is before Thanksgiving even I just like getting a head start |D )

You can totally tell this was written with a wider, not personally known audience in mind, huh. KNOW THY AUDIENCE. HELL YEAH I'M A WRITING MAJOR.

But seriously, guys. Donate to those kids with AIDS. They're so cute and you all know summer camp is awesome~

On yet another random note, I got a great recipe yesterday. If someone's willing to take me to Ralph's real quick to pick up ingredients, I can definitely promise you a share of the Pumpkin Cheesecake this weekend. :Db


Is it too early to start shopping for Christmas?

More to the point, is it utterly tactess to email the link to this 24-hour sale to my mom and tell her in no uncertain terms that I want Season 4?

Because these usually sell for. You know. Seventy bucks. And they're going for less than 35 until midnight tonight.


EDIT: I emailed her the link and told her I wanted Season 4. We'll see what comes of this, if anything. |D
And the thing that will make them ring is the carols that you sing right within your heart~

I don't care if it's technically over, I'm still starting this post off with a carol and a big old MERRY CHRISTMAS. :D

And I did have a good one, and a hilariously bad story to go with it. Before that, though, I give you the haul. )

Now for the stories. :D

The preface to the hilariously bad story, which is necessary to understanding said story )

And now for the story, complete with pictures! )

And to end the post, a present of sorts for you all! I uploaded music for Kae and figured I'd share with everybody while I was at it. It's pretty much part Playlist Kia's Had On Repeat For A Month and part All the Crush 40 Kia Has. Enjoy~ :3
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( Dec. 25th, 2008 01:11 am)

And happy Hannukah and happy Kwanzaa and happy Festivus and happy Solstice happy Athiest Kids Get Gifts Day and I'm fairly certain I'm missing a holiday or two in there so have a happy one of those too. Basically, whatever you're celebrating, HAVE A GRAND OLD TIME. :D

And while I'm waiting for my Secret Santa gift to upload, I'm giving y'all a meme. It's the Guess the Song one (lyrics from anywhere, not just the first line), but this time with Christmas carols. :D

1. With a tail as big as a kite Do You Hear What I Hear - [ profile] nalina
2. Say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet Holly Jolly Christmas - [ profile] maiiau
3. There's a tree in the grand hotel It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas - [ profile] atellix
4. I won't even ask for snow All I Want For Christmas Is You - [ profile] maiiau
5. Long lay the world in sin and error pining O Holy Night - [ profile] maiiau
6. One seems to hear words of good cheer Carol of the Bells - [ profile] orelle_peredhil
7. Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright
8. And so I'm offering this simple phrase
9. Maybe just a half a drink more Baby It's Cold Outside - [ profile] maiiau
10. To face unafraid the plans that we've made - Winter Wonderland - [ profile] maiiau

Just ten for now - I may do more later if these get guessed quickly. Anyways, I ♥ you all and have an awesome day. :3

ETA: Second set up! :D

11. As the shoppers rush home with their treasures
12. From now on our troubles will be miles away Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - [ profile] maiiau
13. The sun is shining, the grass is green / the orange and palm trees sway
14. It's time to put some tinsel on that evergreen bough We Need a Little Christmas - [ profile] atellix
15. King forever, ceasing never / o'er us all to reign We Three Kings - [ profile] aphonetic
16. And whee, we got upsot! (Upsot?)
17. I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart Feliz Navidad - [ profile] maiiau
18. Brightly shone the moon that night / though the frost was cruel Good King Wenceslas - [ profile] atellix
19. But as for me and Grandpa, we believe Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - [ profile] aphonetic
20. Please have snow and mistletoe I'll Be Home For Christmas - [ profile] orelle_peredhil

Some of these are a bit more obscure, but I love 'em all. One is...not entirely in English. |D
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( Dec. 24th, 2008 11:28 pm)
I writed you something. You know, again. XD So's you knows, it's set in Paixao verse.

Merry Christmas!


So This Is Christmas...I Think )
As any post on my LJ after a flight signifies, yes, I am home safely. I'm going to go talk to my manager tomorrow and get back on the schedule (huzzah~). I'm actually looking forward to work again, when I can remember coming home last December faced with the prospect of my job at Spaghetti's and going D:, so it's a nice feeling to go home to.

Speaking of work, I'm thinking of opening purse commissions and doing a few over break. Would anybody be interested? roomie got me Cats Don't Dance for Christmas and I watched it for the first time in years tonight. There's a reason I love that movie so much~ :D

And, because I've been procrastinating on this and it needs to go up, this is this year's wish list~

This is totally crossposted to holiday_wishes, hence the formal language ) the video for the Kindle. I just about cried when I saw everything it could do. *A*

AND. I know I asked this a few posts ago, but I'm fairly certain I've missed wish lists from just about everyone, so please link me to yours~

And that is all! Time to go bond with my brothers over Comedy Central.
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( Dec. 9th, 2008 02:20 pm)
...please do not ask me why an entry that will likely be comprised of a finals schedule and a todo list has a title from a Dane Cook routine. Just. I have no idea.

First off, thank you sooooo much for everybody who read my paper and suggested revisions! I'll reply to them after this and I'll probably implement them tonight. In the meantime, if anyone hasn't looked at the paper yet, please do if you have time. It'll really help me out. :3

Second, because I'd like to keep my head on straight, a finals schedule:

10:30 - 1: Rhetoric (Final)
1:30 - 4: History (Final)
4:30 - 7: Shakespeare (Turn in paper)
1:30 - 4: Religion (Final)

...lot of studying tonight. @_@

And the infamous todo list, organized by due dates:

Write Shakespeare final essay
Revise Rhetoric final paper
Study Rhetoric
Study History

Study Religion
Gamma Phi Christmas cards
Gamma Phi newsletter
Clean room (after final)
Vacuum (after final)
Clean out fridge (after final)
Pack (after final)
Online flight checkin (10:30 a.m.)

Patrick's birthday present
Christmas presents
Secret Santa
Set up Standards programs
Sisterhood notebook
Post wish list
Officer Reports (wow these are late)
Go through [ profile] holiday_wishes and see if I can't grant any

...funny how sleep is always on these lists, yet it is rarely accomplished.

OH. AND. If I owe you music, or if you posted a Christmas card post, or if you put up a wish list, please remind/link me here. I have been so absentminded this semester it's not even funny and I'd like to make sure I get everybody. This is my "sanity realignment" post. Thankyew~
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( Nov. 11th, 2008 01:49 am)
I have had an interesting day. Just...interesting.

Once again, I talk about most everything in my life. This is a common occurrence. )

Aaaaaaaaand after a post that I originally thought was going to be a short update but is quite obviously not, I am done for the day.

...right after I upload Christmas icons. It's getting close to that time of the year. :D

OH. ONE MORE THING. [ profile] holiday_wishes. DO IT, FOLKS. :D
I writed you a present. :o

And here it is )

Hope you like. Merry Christmas! ♥
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( Dec. 3rd, 2007 06:05 am)
So! Stuff!

1) LJ and sales and Russia, oh my! I figure so long as the default color doesn't become red or some such other stereotypical nonsense we'll be fine. Might actually be a good thing.

There. That's my obligatory RUSSIAN!LJ LOL joke. We're done now.

2) Had my first final this morning: science. Noooooo, I did not like that class. The only question that I had to leave (mostly) blank was this one:

Name four contributions the Ancient Babylonians made to the science of mathematics.

Um. Aside from base 60, I don't have a blessed clue. :D; GOOD STUFF.

3) I...have a paper on John Constable to write before tomorrow, as well as a Humanities final to study for. I should probably get on those, especially if we're going to the Hyde Park Corner winter festival tonight. :3

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( Nov. 30th, 2007 08:46 pm)

TWO. I fail at the whole idea of snail mail, so I'm going the e-Christmas Card route this year. Comments are screened, so drop me your email address and I'll send you one~

And thus it will be. :o

Firstly, for those of you who may or may not care, I sent in my writing sample for the AX staff application. If you'd like to see it, it's under here. )
So hopefully that'll go over okay. ...yes, I did just apply for a job by reviewing Avenue Q. Why do you ask? XD;

In other news, I fell off my horse today.

Twice, actually. )

And finally, in the spirit of the season:

My Wishlist~ )

...and finally, guys, I don't think I tell you I love y'all enough. So, I love you. Don't ever forget that one - it's important. ♥


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