You know life's been eating me alive when I don't update this journal in a solid week. There's something to be said for senior year of college, and I'm pretty sure that something is Dear God Why.

I finished and turned in my thesis on Friday, so that's over and done with. I'm also presenting it tonight at 7:30, if anyone wants to come down and see that little corner of madness. (Watch Kia talk about the internet for six minutes, as though she doesn't already do enough of that already!)

I'm still figuring out living arrangements and packing. Packing is what's going to kill me, I think. I need to figure out what to keep, what to toss, and what to pawn off on other people. After four years of college and my entire life as a military brat, you'd think I'd be used to this packing thing, huh. Doesn't mean I have to like it, especially since this is the end of an era.

Oh man am I gonna miss everybody ;~;

In order to forestall massive amounts of bawwww, uncertainty, and screaming over filling out the exit loans package, I present to you instead the other life eating project I only recently just finished: digital storytelling for my Writing with Technology class. Have fun.

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( Apr. 15th, 2010 02:28 am)
My week has been nuts. ;;; CALM DOWN, WEEK! STOP THE MADNESS!

Sunday was, of course, fantastic. Time at Disneyland always is, as is dinner at the Blue Bayou. I do want to go to California Adventure again, though - it's been quite a while. Per usual, Space Mountain is fantastic and Captain EO is eighties and awesome. Good times. |D

Monday, my cold came back with a vengeance. I nearly fell asleep standing up in choir and I started shaking in my thesis class, to the point where I couldn't function. Of course, that made for an early night Monday and an email to my internship to get Tuesday off, because I seriously needed that day to recover. This, of course, means Tuesday was low-key, relatively sane, and virtually useless. Lots of sleeping did happen, though, and Dad was here for dinner, which meant Duke's.

And Glee premiered for this half of the season. I love Glee. So much. If you have not yet seen Glee, watch Glee. Glee Glee Glee. 8D

Today was insane. I know I'm working for four hours, but doing the quick half-skim reading that I do for for work for four hours straight is just. Argh. ;;; I was absolutely braindead by the time I was over, and it did not help that my middle appointment rubbed me wrong. He didn't really do anything wrong - he was just the type that I just did not get along with. Argh.

On the upside, there was a dance party tonight! Delta Tau Delta knows how to raise money for teenage rheumatoid arthritis, is all I'm saying. :Db

Also, tonight was Senior Celebration with Gamma Phi, which was pretty much free food and everybody telling everybody else how awesome they are and sharing memories. I love my sisters and they love me, so. Good times indeed. I shall miss them. ;~;

In geekier news, I finally managed to hatch all my eggs (all at once because I am an insane person)and finally got another female Eevee, so if anyone wants one of seven male Eevees with generic Christian male names (John, Jeff, Rory, etc), I shall be more than glad to give one to you. Of course, I hear Jolteons are pretty good, so I might go for one of those and see how things work out. IDK. I also managed to run into Entei and Raikou within twenty minutes and three routes of one another, so yeah. It's been a crazy night.

Oh! Anyone who has a Twitter! I have a favor of sorts to ask of you. I'm running the Twitter for my internship-come-job and it's still in it's beginning stages, so I'm trying to get it off the ground. If you guys wouldn't mind following it, it's going to be a lot of tech news and discussion topics and a bit of advertising, because we sell computer hardware, so if you know someone who's in the market for a TV or a laptop or a game system...well. |Db The Twitter name is eDEXdeals for the interested. Thanks in advance! :Db

And yes, with that I think it's time for bed. Anaheim Comic Con and Choir Concert and Senior Ball and goodness knows what else this weekend. Ahaha good times |Db

Incidentally, does anyone know how to revive writing inspiration? Mine's left me and I really don't want to leave that fic alone.
I really need to start putting more stuff in here. It's getting to be too long between posts, though it isn't as though I have much more to say than OH GAD LIFE IS EATING MY LIFE AAAAAAAAAA

I'm slightly busy. |D

Though I tell you what, Songfest is going to be awesome. If it weren't major spoilers, I'd rattle off the list of artists whose songs we're using for our group to show you just how awesome it is. I will say that I knew all the songs, I have all but one, and I am somewhat ashamed that I don't have that one because it too is awesome. I can, however, tell you the overall theme since that's been recently released: History In the Making.

Performances are next week. I am nervous as hell and so, so excited. *A*

In other news, thesis work is going slowly. Being an awful procrastinator might well have something to do with that. Job applications are going a bit better, but I still have to finish things for ICHC before I send them in. I need to get on that.

I also have a project to work on for my Writing for Technology class. It's a digital storytelling thing - I have to write a story and then put pictures and video and music and such to it. |D I'm thinking of writing about my recent trip to Disneyworld, since it's fresh and I have a metric ton of pictures and video and no shortage of Disney songs. That's either going to be fun or a pain in the ass. We'll see.

Finally, I keep running across this meme, so I suppose I should do it: When you see this meme, post a poem on your LJ.

It's All the Same to the Clam - Shel Silverstein

You may leave the Clam on the ocean floor
It's all the same to the Clam.
For a hundred thousand years or more,
It's all the same to the Clam.
You may bury him deep in mud or muck,
Or carry him round to bring you luck.
Or use him for a hockey puck.
It's all the same to the Clam.

You may call him Frank or Jim or Nell
It's all the same to the Clam.
Or make an ashtray from his shell.
It's all the same to the clam.
You may take him riding on a train
or leave him sitting in the rain.
You'll never hear the Clam complain.
It's all the same to the Clam.

Yes the world may stop or the world may spin
It's all the same to the Clam.
And the sky may come a fallin' in
It's all the same to the Clam.
And man may sing his endless songs,
of wronging rights and righting wrongs.
The Clam just sets - and gets along.
It's all the same to the Clam.
You know, if I'd known all my classes were going to be cancelled today, I would've called off work and gone to Disneyland with the rest of the Gallifrey attendees. Such is life, huh. XD I've got con prep to do anyways, so this was likely for the better. Yeeeeeeeayuh I'm stoked about Gallifrey tomorrow. :D

Aside from that, things have been relatively low-key around here. What-If Wednesday definitely ate my brain for a bit there, but I'm getting better. So far as classes and such go, it's been a lot of same-old-same-old. It's a very busy same-old-same-old, what with with a metric ton of reading and Songfest thrown into the mix, but it's still the same.

By the way, if you haven't bought Songfest tickets yet and you want to go, buy them. Saturday night's all but sold out already, and this year's show is going to be epic.

On an entirely different note, because of my internship, I will likely never be able to eat peanut butter again. For the love of all that is holy, guys, if you're going to sell your mouse and/or keyboard to a resale company, please clean it up before you do. That stuff is just gross.

Finally! Con update! For those of you who still don't know yet (and if you don't, where have you been), tomorrow at eleven a.m. my roomie, my little, and I are heading down to LA for Gallifrey One, the local Doctor Who convention. We'll be there all weekend, and there will likely be internet silence from me for the most part - I do have TxtLJ and a Twitter that I can update from my phone, but so far as responding to comments and such go, I'll probably not do much (if anything) until I'm home on Sunday. Internet costs moneys at the hotel, you see. If you need to get ahold of me, text me or dm me on Twitter. I shall return Sunday night or Monday morning with a metric ton of pictures and videos and such other things. :D

For those of you wondering what sort of shenanigans go on at said convention, I have examples from last year:

That is [ profile] mrtonylee being the emcee and full of awesome in general and yes, he is the guy who signed my comic to Christine. Still not sure how I'm gonna bring that one up. XD

So yes! That will be this weekend, and Disneyworld afterwards. I cannot wait until Spring Break *A*
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( Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:51 am)
Called hiatus everywhere, dropped a few characters, and realized I really need to get in touch with my thesis advisor because, depending on her answer, I may have just screwed myself over for six weeks' worth of journal entries.

Dare You to Move is back on hold because, after watching it again, it's nowhere near as good as I remember.

Right now, I'm just marking time until Friday.

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( Jan. 26th, 2010 12:46 am)
The presentation went well today, despite an utter lack of sleep on my part. |Db I think I managed to thoroughly weird out my teacher - not because of content, but because there was so much out there that she just didn't know about. Either way, good times.

I have got to go crash out soon, though - I fell asleep once in choir and twice in my thesis class and that is pretty terrible kismet. |Db I did get to teach half my thesis class about Schroedinger's cat, though, since they didn't seem to know what it was. |D

As it is, I'm driving down to my internship tomorrow and braving SoCal roads for the first time, so that should be interesting. |D Hopefully the Ford Explorer drives well and the GPS is on.

OH HEY COLIN how does Blogspot compare to WordPress? I'm thinking of moving Typo Away over, since WordPress isn't the most user-friendly blog site out there.
A few months ago, in October, I got food poisoning on a Sunday night. I missed all of my Monday classes, and as a result told my sisters that I couldn't go to the ATO mixer on Tuesday - I needed the time to do homework. I stayed home, got as much done as I could, didn't manage to actually finish anything, and was regaled the next day with stories and pictures of just how awesome that mixer was and it was such a pity I had to miss it.

Paixao's birthday was today. I got the notifs on the reserve post in my inbox, I checked an app - the others turned around too fast for me to catch - I saw the comm posts, and I heard firsthand how great everything was going.

I spent the entire day working on a project that I'm presenting tomorrow. I'm still not done.

Parallelism. It's not just a literary device anymore.

Let's be totally honest here: I've got nobody to blame for this one but myself. I volunteered to go first. I took a day trip on Friday instead of working. I honestly don't have the greatest work ethic either - I do procrastinate, and I get distracted. I also managed to bite off more than I could chew.

Strangely enough, none of this is making me feel better. Funny how that works, huh.

Before tomorrow, for this class alone, I need to:
- Read three articles
- Write responses to said three articles
- Print said responses and post them on Blackboard
- Either create a new blog or do some major maintenance on Typo Away, to include a new entry
- Do notecards for my presentation
- Figure out how to annotate a YouTube video
- Do an annotated bibliography for my presentation
- Figure out what a formal prospectus is
- Do a formal prospectus for my presentation

Between this class, my thesis class, three jobs, an internship, and my sorority...hell, I'll be amazed if I survive this semester, let alone with a social life.

And I get into these messes alllllll by myself.

Between this, worrying about the future and job applications I may or may not but really should do - I Can Has Cheezburger is hiring, did you know that? - and gorram RP pressure that I am putting on myself, including another bout of insecurity brought on by the eternal question of am I doing it right, I...hell, I might just go to bed. Goodness knows I don't sleep enough.
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( Jan. 17th, 2010 05:49 pm)
Alright, guys, I have a couple favors to ask of y'all if you're willing to help me out. The first has to do with video clips. As you know, I'm cataloging the internet doing a crash course on internet culture for my class, and part of it is media-inspired memes. I'm looking for video clips that I can download, make into my own compilation, and then upload to YouTube, specifically:

One does not simply walk into Mordor!
Tony Stark built this in a cave! With a box of scraps!
I'm real happy for you and Imma letchu finish, but
I'm On a Boat


EDIT: Evidently I fail at explaining myself. |D I need these specific videos, guys. Thanks for the suggestions, though. ♥

The other favor is, please remember the [ profile] help_haiti auction is going on! I know a lot of you are participating, and if you could link your particular threads in the comments so I can stalk them start bidding wars take a look, I'd much appreciate it. I made a request here and I am offering my own musical services in making FSTs here.

Thank you all ♥
I really need to learn to edit my posts instead of spamming you all into oblivion, huh. XD

FIRST THING: I am teaching a class on the internet!

For porn, porn, porn, yeah I know, get it all out of your systems XD

I volunteered to do my presentation first for my Writing for Technology class, so a week from now I'm going to be giving a thirty-to-forty-minute-long presentation on internet culture, specifically how knowing the culture will help a writer write for and relate to (and possibly understand feedback from) their audience. Those of you who were wondering why I asked for memes the other day, this is it. I'm going to give them a basic rundown of well-known and oft-referenced websites and memes, including:

MyLifeIsAverage yes I have seen MyLifeIsTwilight and if you suggest I show that to the class I reserve the right to stab you through the internets
Tv Tropes

Chuck Norris
liek mudkips
all your base
im in ur base
"...PROFIT!" lists

As well as a list of things to avoid:

/b/ and all other not work safe 4chan boards
two girls one cup

Guess who traumatized herself doing research for her anonymity paper. 8D

So, my wonderful flist, this is where I turn to you: what popular memes and websites have I missed that obviously need to be covered in class? Videos, text, pictures, anything is fair game, so long as it falls under "meme." Also, if anyone has any documentation of these memes going down - screencaps of the April Fool's Day when dA turned everyone's icon to a mudkip, or video of the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends float rickrolling everyone live during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - please link it, because that's the sort of thing that makes a powerpoint awesome. If anyone has anything that needs to be added to the AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE list, let me know that too, but please do not link them. Seriously. Please.

SECOND THING: [ profile] help_haiti evidently has an auction for food products, and I would like to contribute. I can do cookies 8Db I'm not sure cherry bars will ship, since they have frosting, but magic bars, cheesecake cookies, and pumpkin butterscotch cookies should all ship pretty well. GUYS WHAT SHOULD I OFFER

Also! If you're offering something on the auctions, link your thread here! I should like to see and bid on things :Db
Not too much detail, since I'm sure y'all don't care quite that much. XD

First of all, getting up early and having three hours of work before class is going to kill me. Just saying.

Writing for Tech was pretty laid back. She's asked us to email her our ideas for the class - what we want to cover, where we see it going, etc. Basically, we're building the syllabus as a class. The professor already really wants us to keep a blog (pardon me while I stare at both of mine...I'm overdue for a Typo Away post, huh), so I'm suggesting social networking sites as a big part of it. That's also why I asked for stuff about internet culture in my last post - I want to do a class or two about Things You Should Know About Internet Culture - we can probably relate it to knowing and writing for a certain audience - and mention a few well known sites/people/memes. I know there were several blank faces when I mentioned ICHC, and that is simply not acceptable.

Choir is choir and will be awesome. This is, of course, a given.

Thesis class actually looks like it'll be okay. The syllabus has a small writing assignment due every week (500-800 words, easy) and we've got a good deal of reading to do for the first half of the semester, but Goodman said that was mostly to generate discussion and ideas for people who didn't have a clue what they were going to do yet. I told her what I wanted to do, which is expand the paper I did on anonymity and the internet. I know I can do more research, Anonymous has done a hell of a lot more stuff since then, and I now have Twitter to analyze as well. She told me it was a solid paper to begin with and I should "have an easy semester."

That made part of me happy. It scared the hell out of the other part. When I start taking things easy, they don't get done. I might treat it as HOLY SHIT I HAVE TO WRITE A THESIS anyway in the hope that I get things started and finished in a timely manner.

So yeah, those are my classes for the semester. Huzzah. :D

And if I plan to go to the Utada Hikaru concert on the 18th I'd better get tickets, huh.
I suppose I should follow suit and put up a schedule for peoples:

Work (Campus Operator): 9-Noon
Writing For Technology: Noon-2
Choir: 4-6
Thesis Class: 6-10

Internship: 8-5
Randomizer: Sometime in the PM

Choir: Noon-2
Work (Writing Center): 2-5:30
Work (Campus Operator): 6-Midnight

Work (Campus Operator): 9-Noon
Writing For Technology: Noon-2
Choir: 4-6

Internship 8-5

Yeeeeeeah I am a busy person |D

Also! For my Writing and Technology class, we're sending the professor emails about what we want to cover in the course and what directions we want the course to take. One of the things I want to talk about is understanding internet culture and some of the most frequent references/frequently visited sites. I want to talk about 4chan, icanhascheezburger, and the YouTube channel Know Your Meme, but I know there's a ton I'm missing. Can anybody think of anything that should be up there with internet culture?

EDITED FOR CLARITY: What I'm asking for is stuff that everyone online should know. For example, if someone professed to not knowing what ICHC stood for, you'd sit there with your jaw on the keyboard and go, "What do you mean you've never seen a LOLcat before? You are missing out!" and then proceed to drag them to the nearest browser and subject them to poorly spelled yet hilariously cute household pets. I am looking for Things Everyone Should Know About the Internet.

And I have choir in fifteen minutes so I had better go. |D




Seriously, I think I flubbed choreography all of twice? In six dances? And they were small things that the video didn't catch, so. Huzzah. I'd call that a success. :D

...yes, there is video if anybody is desperate to see it. I'll figure out how to get all 457 MB of it up somewhere.

While we're talking about finals, the Intro to Acting final yesterday went just fine. I managed to convince everybody that I was completely out of my tree, which, given that the goal of the monologue was to convince people I was not crazy despite my subject material, was hilarious. I believe I'm looking at a solid A in both of those classes, huzzah huzzah. Now I have to study for and pass Lit Theory, my only written final, tomorrow.

In other news, SodaHead still hasn't gotten back to me despite the fact that I called them yesterday (rrrgh) and DEX told me Monday that they want me to get a pre-employment drug screening at least a week before they hire me. Okay, sure, cool. They also want me to go to a specific clinic in Oxnard, forty-five minutes away, to do it. Okay, not cool. Guess who just sent an email to get tomorrow's shift covered and is rolling her rear out of bed extra early to travel for a nearly two hour long round trip?

Swear to God, my roomie is a saint for taking me all these places. Definitely getting myself a car for next semester, even if I have to drag Chupathingy up here myself.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Watch for a new Randomizer tonight! We're going into the studio soon's my work shift is over for the last episode of the semester. That'll be up later~

Speaking of music, indulge my curiousity, flist: who all uses iTunes? I should like to know. |D
Let me preface this with, I love my Stage Dance class. The people in there are great and fun and Bill is a great instructor and I am looking fun to our showcase on Tuesday.

That said, some of them make me want to wallbang like you would not believe. The phrase, I think, is "technologically inept."

I've been taking video of us practicing our dances so we can watch it at home and practice between classes, because we're doing six dances and that's a lot of choreo to retain. I have all the videos, and a week ago I zipped them into two .rar folders, uploaded them to SendSpace, and sent the link to everyone in my class with detailed instructions on how to download the files from SendSpace and unzip them. I also said to email me back if anyone had any questions.

You know who emailed me? Bill. He said everything worked perfectly and thanks for doing that! Thinking my job well done, I headed to class today.

Where over half the class told me they couldn't make things work. The files wouldn't download! They took forever downloading! (Well, yeah, it's over 150 MB of video in each one, I'd imagine that'd take a while.) They wouldn't unzip! They wouldn't play!

Guys. Our performance is on Tuesday. You have my email address! Hell, you have the email I sent you! Why on God's green Earth did you not email me back and tell me you had problems? We could have worked this out!

I've spent the past hour and some change uploading every video individually onto SendSpace, then sent out the links again with very detailed instructions on how to work things, along with very explicit instructions to email me back, whether they work or not. I want feedback, dammit. The only reason these aren't on YouTube is because Bill doesn't want his choreography on a public domain, which I can understand.

Then again, this respect for Bill may stem from the fact that he emailed me back.

Well, at least now I know where my Foxx muse came from.
Whoever planned this week needs to never do that again. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters to death. Thing is, I'm not sure I want to see them for mandatory events every day for eight days.

Well, okay, tonight's formal wasn't mandatory - was an absolute blast, actually - but the point still stands. That is just waaaaaaay too much stuff back to back. Fortunately, all we've got left is the Gamma Games meeting Saturday and Gamma Games itself, as well as formal chapter, on Sunday. Hopefully I'll have some energy before then.

The rest of this post will probably be about RP, so those of you who don't care about that aspect of my internet life can skip the cut. |D


...oh dammit that's not the entire issue.

Cut the second. I lied - it's not all about RP. )

I've been telling people I've been marking time until Thanksgiving break, and while that's true, I don't think it's the whole truth. I think I'm just marking time until this semester is over. I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it actually was, and that certainly came back to bite me in the ass.
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( Nov. 20th, 2009 01:50 am)
First of all, today's Woot shirt is awesome. I already bought one. |D YAY COLLEGE STUDENT ANTHEM

All this crazy Gamma Phi activity over the week culminated in Initiation tonight. Can't say too much about the ceremony, but I do love my littles. Jen's package arrived just in time (read: this morning), so everyone got everything they were supposed to, and I somehow got a package from Canada faster than I got a package from Amazon. Will wonders never cease. THANK YOU JEN THEY LOVED EVERYTHING ♥

Of course, "culminated" might not be the right word, seeing as Formal is Friday night, Gamma Games meeting is Saturday, and Gamma Games itself is Sunday.

SPEAKING OF WHICH. If you're on Pepperdine campus, come to Gamma Games! We're raising money for Camp Laurel, and you get to come watch fraternity guys compete in athletic events, including sack races. Have you ever seen guys do sack races? It's hilarious. Plus, we have some pretty awesome raffle prizes, and it's all for a good cause. 11:30-2 at Alumni Park this Sunday! BE THERE. YAY. :Db

On a completely different note, I somehow wound up with only one class on Monday. Theater is individual monologue coachings, and mine isn't until after Thanksgiving. Lit Theory is individual appointments to talk about final papers, and mine's at 3, which does not require me to get up early, and then there's Choir. Stage dance is the next day, and then I'm heading home, huzzah~ YAY TURKEY AND BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING

Speaking of shopping, y'all need to tell me what you want for Christmas. I will be doing shopping then.

And I also have my wish list up - I just posted it to [ profile] holiday_wishes (which is an awesome community that you should totally go check out), so I figured I'd throw it up here as well:

Yaaaaaaay wish list and yes I do realize this is before Thanksgiving even I just like getting a head start |D )

You can totally tell this was written with a wider, not personally known audience in mind, huh. KNOW THY AUDIENCE. HELL YEAH I'M A WRITING MAJOR.

But seriously, guys. Donate to those kids with AIDS. They're so cute and you all know summer camp is awesome~

On yet another random note, I got a great recipe yesterday. If someone's willing to take me to Ralph's real quick to pick up ingredients, I can definitely promise you a share of the Pumpkin Cheesecake this weekend. :Db

...I refuse to be spoilery so that's all you're getting. Heeyup.

So yeah, my life has been absolutely bat-flip crazy as of late. I got my insurance and such all figured out, so now I'm officially a part-time student next semester. That much is figured out, at least. Now I just need to get an internship. DEX isn't going to contact me until mid-December, so I need a backup juuuuuuust in case. I don't have one. Does anybody know of any good internships in Calabasas/Thousand Oaks/Santa Monica/LA/someplace in CA that's not too far from Malibu? I think I need all the help I can get over here |D

That said, I'm also supposed to be looking at grad schools, but I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing, and I keep trying to set up a meeting with my mentor, but I have classes during all his office hours and things are not working out on that front. FREAKING GRAD SCHOOL. No clue what I'm doing on that front either.

Aaaaaaaand I have to meet with the professor in charge of the Writing Center tomorrow, because evidently one of the students I tutored last Wednesday sent her an email. She said not to worry too much, but we do still need to talk about it. Ten to one odds it's the texting chick. ._.

Post-structuralist/deconstructionist paper is due tomorrow. I still have no ideas. I emailed Dr. Goodman at about noon today, telling her I was throwing in the bucket towel and could I come in tomorrow for some healp? She said yes, so I'm going.

Choerographer paper is due Friday. Can't forget that. Mrrrrr.

Got sorority stuff every night this week. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters and I love my littles and I love spoiling them rotten. Problem is, having an event every night and then initiation and then formal and then Gamma Games and aaaaaaaagh no idea how I'm going to do this.

I HAVE. TO LAST. UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY. And then I go home for Thanksgiving break and hopefully life is better.

And my dad came down tonight and he took my apartment out to Duke's for dinner, so that was awesome. So yay there. :D

And finally (and very importantly):

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] orelle_peredhil! ♥
Title courtesy of MLIA. That website. So accursedly addicting.

Scheduling actually worked out okay. I have all the classes I need to take next semester ( of them), can keep my health insurance so long as I stay at nine units (which I have), and can also keep my housing and my scholarship. This means that I will be a part-time student with nine units next semester. Awesome, awesome, and awesome. Now all I need to do is find an internship and I'm set.

...part-time students don't have to do convo, do they?

Anyways. Meme. Stolen from and tagged by [ profile] sandsdream:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

She chose:

Mind the Gap
This is actually a picture I took at Westminster Station in London. (Hell yeah District Line :Db) [ profile] cruvis had a "upload your pictures and I'll icon them" post, and I uploaded that one. Love it.

Potter Puppet Pals. 'Nuff said.

Human Metronome
I don't remember which show this is or where I got this icon. All I know is it's David Tennant and it's mesmerizing. So awesome. XD

Go Go Gadget Prinny
Awwwww, lookit the little Laharl abuse the prinny. Isn't that cute. ♥

J Kitty
[ profile] ormery draws awesome kitties and I am an EBA nerd. This requires no further explanation. :Db
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( Nov. 11th, 2009 06:33 pm)
So. In case anyone was curious about the post earlier today.

Because, y'know, I'm sure you all were.

Registration did not go as planned, to put it nicely.

And how. )

In the meantime, I have four more hours of work to get through and a whole lot of sleep to catch up on after that.

Any time you want to make things easy on me, Life, I'd sure appreciate it. |Db

Now back to your regularly scheduled LJ.
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( Oct. 25th, 2009 02:17 pm)
Wow I really don't update this journal as often as I should, huh. How about a week's worth of stuff in one entry? |D

Cut to save your flists. Thar be pictures here )

It's been an awesome week. XD


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