Yeah, me neither.

Life is actually going okay at the moment. I'm trying to run last minute con prep errands, but that's par for the course given my inability to prepare for...anything, really. Flying home last weekend to surprise Mom for her birthday was a blast - she had absolutely no idea I was coming and she loved the hell out of it (though she did make it clear that she wants me to move back to Colorado and get married and have kids. It was a very interesting turn for that conversation to take).

She also wanted me to get tested for lyme disease on account of minor lingering symptoms from my medical litany of woe. I went into the clinic yesterday to get the test. When I told the doctor the theory and why I was getting tested, she started laughing. Pretty sure it's not lupus lyme disease.

Also, I managed to plow through Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in a weekend. That is a very good but very interesting book. The movie is going to be ridiculous. I cannot wait.

In other news, [personal profile] lynxgriffin and I are going to be at AM2 Con in Anaheim this weekend! If you're in town, come visit us! Lynx will be selling all her lovely art - and those hand-painted fandom pony figurines - in the artist's alley, and I've entered a video into the AMV contest. On top of it all, AM2 is free to attend. Everyone should come. :Db

Finally, because I am trying to get back into the swing of writing, it's meme time!

Give me a character or a pairing and a song and I will write you a fic of some sort.

YouTube videos are probably your best bet unless you know I know the song, and I can't guarantee that it'll be 1) longer than a sentence or 2) done in a timely manner, but...yay writing!
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( Mar. 13th, 2012 06:10 pm)
Oh man my life what even |D

I had that followup interview on Tuesday and...haven't heard a thing. Okay! Waiting is something I can do.

I managed to read Game of Thrones in about three and a half days, and I'm still not entirely sure what on Earth I was reading that entire time. I haven't got it in me for an extensively spoilery discussion at the moment, but I am borrowing the next few books from [ profile] orelleperedhil, so that should be all sorts of interesting.

...seriously what did I just read I don't even. Martin means business, man.

I went to Vegas for the first time on Wednesday! I went to go see the Air Force play in the Mountain West conference and to hang out with my parents. The game was one of the most infuriating games I've ever been to - seriously, I'd be willing to bet somebody had money on the game that they really shouldn't have (i.e. coaches, refs, somebody), the opposing team's fans booed our team as they came onto the court, and the refs were flat blind - so that was not good, but the rest of the visit was great. I managed to win ~$100 at craps and found a receipt for $140 in a change machine, so that was an unexpected but awesome windfall. Also, the food at the Paris is amazing. Cannot wait to go back in May.

On the job front, I got a call yesterday, an interview today, and I start working tomorrow in a receptionist position 30 minutes away (hnnnngh, but that's life) at a place that requires business professional dress. I need more than one suit jacket, I think. It's a temp gig and it holds down the fort while I look for more permanent things, so that is good!

And Wondercon is this weekend! I still need to figure out what I'm cosplaying as - I know I'll do Applejack and Linkara, but I haven't figured out a third yet.

So yeah. Life suddenly got busy. Who knew?
( Jan. 2nd, 2012 04:12 pm)
We're officially two days into the new year, and I'm finally getting around to updating. It's been a while, huh. There's been a good reason for that - I've been ill for almost the entire month of December, and it's still going on. All the ugly details are on my plurk, but it's basically been my stomach disagreeing with me on a good number of counts. It's kind of amazing how many episodes of Phineas and Ferb you can get through when you're taking it easy on the couch for days on end. As it is, there are good days and bad days, so here's hoping things are on the up-and-up.

I know this is the time when we're supposed to look back at the past year and Reflect On Things, but I've never been the biggest fan of that, partially because my memory is ridiculously short and terrible and partially because I have a habit of basking in the good things as they happen but remembering the negative things well afterwards. There's been a pretty negative spin on my December for multiple reasons, and I don't want to go back and reminisce about the year through that lens, because while 2011 wasn't the nicest year, it didn't unequivocally suck either, and I'd rather not remember the entire year as though it did.

There was an image on plurk asking if we wanted to see the new year as a baby - easily influenced, helpless, and bossed around - or as a young warrior, eager to go forth, kick ass, and have awesome adventures. 2012 is a warrior year, guys. Let's make it one.

I actually did make resolutions for this year, though! They are as follows:

1. Finish my NaNo story, even if that doesn't happen until NaNo this year;
2. Go to at least one out of state convention (so not in CA);
3. Be more fiscally responsible (I don't have issues or anything, but I could stand to keep track of things a bit better).

So, [ profile] iki_teru, [ profile] synchroshatter, I plan on running spell check and trying (and likely failing...) to do a once-over of my NaNo story soon. Are you still up for beta duties?

And finally, given recent happenings that have happened at LiveJournal, I am now officially posting from Dreamwidth. I'll still cross-post entries to my LJ and I will still check my LJ flist, but I've officially made the jump. Friend me over here if you'd like. :Db (Though I do need a new mood theme for DW - anybody have any good ones?)

Everything else goes behind a cut because it got image heavy. )

In conclusion:

At Comic Con, even the walls troll you. The end.

I've been really, really busy, and I really should've been updating this journal consistently, but I'm a lazy bum and you all know that. No ponies this time - just lots and lots of text.

The Wedding! )

Disneyland! )

E3! )

In other, non-huge-event-related news, work's going smoothly - we finished one project and have another almost done, huzzah :D - I managed to find someone to make Razor Wit for $300 including shipping, RP's going well (until the mods throw another curveball at us, but hey, that happens), and I'm thinking of trundling down to Disneyland again on the 18th if anyone's interested. Also, I got a bitty!Terra drabble written for the first time in over two months - having nothing to do while your car gets new tires will definitely give you some focus.

So basically, life's pretty good. I'm okay with this. |Db
( Apr. 5th, 2011 12:06 am)

Yep. WonderCon. :Db

Highlights include:
- Nathan Fillion calling in the Green Lantern: Emerald Knights panel
- Nathan Fillion taking Hal Jordan back from Ryan Reynolds
- IC shenanigans
- The Count +9999 damage
- The local tea garden
- Neil Gaiman is such a troll
- Shenanigans with Ryune
- Getting hit on by someone much older than me...multiple times
- "I thought you'd known each other for years!" "Nah, I only met her an hour ago."

I'm sure there are more, but I'm bushed right now and will try to do a full writeup at a later date. For now, the public photo album is here, the more detailed one is on Facebook, and videos will be uploaded later. For those who do want Doctor Who clips, I do have them, but they're not going on YouTube. Come to me individually for those. |Db

In other news: Tron: Legacy remix album is here courtesy of [ profile] uk_not_ok and the bonus track Sea of Simulation is here courtesy of [ profile] rebmakash. Thanks to both of them for some awesome music. :Db

On the RP front, I need to figure out what the deal is with Linkara, talk with Lyra about doing stuff with Eb and Rosette, get caught up for Rarity, and try to convince myself that picking up Jason Stackhouse is a bad idea, no really, it is, and if I can't do that, then come up with a journal name for him. Life as usual, really.
On a plane, on my way to WonderCon.

Kroze has yet to text me. Given my pass is under his name and I don't have his new phone number, this could prove interesting.

Either way, this should be epic and fun. See you all Monday!
That title is yet another favorite from the drop-down menu of past titles because I am yet again lost for titles because I have YET AGAIN failed to post in this journal for...two weeks, I think.

Hi guys. :Db

A flipton of stuff has happened in that time, so I'll probably be brief and have short paragraphs and bullet points, because why not.

For starters, I'm going to WonderCon on April 1st up in San Francisco, so if you're up there, I'd be more than happy to meet you there and have awesome times. :Db

I'm officially being hired full-time to my job on March 28th. I've got Things To Do Before Then, but that list is getting smaller and I'm actually really excited for this. Good times? I think so.

Work got me a bonus. I am now the proud owner of a Barbados Brighton handbag - or at least, I will be once my order comes in. I absolutely love this bag and I am stoked and a half to finally own one.

Gallifrey was two weekends ago! I love Gally so bloody much. It was amazing. My little came all weekend and [ profile] uk_not_ok joined us for Saturday and Sunday. I broke a record for ribbons, got ogled multiple times (hello, midriff top at convention), dressed as a pirate and dealt poker for the Friday night Rum Party - which ended in a Who Can Stick What Down Kia's Bust contest, which was interesting - and then proceeded to use my winnings to buy Captain Jack Harkness. Yes, that's correct. I also met a Spish! Spish was awesome! :Db Saturday was wandering, a hilarious masquerade, running out in pouring rain to get dinner at Denny's, watching Tony Lee in top form at several panels, fantastic stories in the Fans Behaving Badly panel, dancing by the TARDIS - now a Gallifrey tradition, and a whole lot of IC I Never. Best conversation of the night had to be between Dean Winchester and DEATH. Way too much fun there. Sunday was an attempt to stay coherent after Saturday night's shenanigans, including the charity auction, in which I got a Mirrormask poster for [ profile] ghettopeach and filled in as a temporary Vanna White (at which point one of the people in the audience tried to bid on me...okay then). I made a few new Twitter friends, said goodbye and see you next year and why don't we hang out more often to quite a few people. My goal this year was not to have any pocket watch incidents and not to be a complete rabid fangirl - oh, and to have fun - and I think I succeeded admirably in all aspects.

All Gally pictures and videos are here - let me know if you have any questions or want any explanations. My personal favorite is the one in which Tony Lee has AIDS. Cute, fluffy AIDS.

I have a list of about four people to call tomorrow and assorted other things to do, but aside from that life's mostly been quiet. I particularly like that.

In fandom news, I have a list of in-progress projects for which I rather want to kick my brain. I have this terrible problem with starting things and petering out, so we'll see how things go. The list, for my sanity and your curiosity, is as follows:

Yes, these are all KH fics. Go, self. )

And, as promised, the first chapter of the MLP/BBS crossover. Because I'm a gigantic derp. Right. Whyisthissocuteeeeeeeee~

Okay, we're ponies. How is that better? )

Basically, Kia is a giant derp who does nerdy, nerdy things. Business as usual. Love you all. ♥
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( Feb. 6th, 2011 11:06 pm)
Obligatory Super Bowl preamble: Pregame was okay, with the presentation about the Declaration of Independence being the best part; why Lea Michele performed, I'll never know; Christina, that was a terrible time to have a brain fart; DORITOS PROMOTE NECROMANCY and have creepy commercials; hell, almost all of the commercials this year were creepy or boring; the only good commercials were Volkswagon, Coke, Carmax, and that Lassie!truck spot; BEP have terrible stage presence and was unnecessarily political, I've seen better Tron cosplayers at cons, and that sound supervisor had a really bad night; neither team played very well, but the Packers played marginally better; overall, it was pretty bleh.

On the other hand, I really love my friends. Y'all are awesome. 8Db

/Super Bowl Preamble

In other news, HOLY HELL CONS.

SDCC passes get, thanks to Kroze. I need to start figuring out cosplay stuff for that.

I evidently have a pass for WonderCon, Ryune wants me to stay with her, and flights from LAX to San Francisco for that weekend are $88 each way on Southwest. I've all but decided to go.

And it only just hit me that Gallifrey is the weekend after next. What is this I don't even. I swear I haven't even been thinking about that. |D [ profile] betwixt_worlds, if there's a day you're not busy, can I pop by sometime and grab cosplay things from you? [ profile] estelofimladris, let me know what I can do to help with Pirate Party stuff and for sure if I should dress for it accordingly.

Usually I give myself more time to prepare than this. This totally took me by surprise this year. o_o
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( Jan. 9th, 2011 12:58 am)

Second Place: Audience Favorite, Drama Category - Anime Los Angeles 2011
Winner: Judges' Choice, Drama Category - Anime Los Angeles 2011

The AMV that won best in show was also in Drama, so I wasn't expecting much. I was surprised when they told me I came in second for audience choice. I started crying when they said I was judges' top choice for drama.

Other creators kept telling me they liked my video and that they voted for it.

One of the creators in the Pro category told me I should enter my video in the AX contest - pretty much the AMV big leagues.

During the replay, after my video ended, one person in the room spoke up: "Okay, who else needs a tissue?"


So I was a laughing, blushing wreck for much of the awards ceremony (such as it was) and after the contest, well into dinner. [ profile] lynxgriffin and [ profile] ghettopeach have the patience of saints for putting up with me there as well as all the live-long day. XD My prize? A certificate, a bit of publicity, bragging rights, and a paid weekend pass to next year's ALA - where, hopefully, I'll have another video entered.

I will have a con report with pictures, as well as something about Just How Crazy My Life Has Been Lately, up tomorrow. For now, I'm going to bask in this unexpected, relatively minor, yet highly cherished victory, and then go to bed. Today has been long, but tons of fun and well worth it.

And here I am, tearing up again. Go me. XD;;;
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( Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:18 am)
So, anyone remember that AMV I made a few months ago? The one I marathoned one weekend in September and sent to a few con AMV competitions in the vague hope that one of them might contact me back?

I just found out that Anime Los Angeles is showing my AMV in their competition.'s been a few hours since that revelation and I'm still grinning and squeeing and generally making an idiot of myself over it.

So, if anyone's in the LA area and free on Saturday the 8th, wanna come to one day of a con with me to watch me have a minor brain explosion (for multiple reasons) when they show my video on the big screen in front of lots of people?

I mean, if all else fails, the opportunity for Kia-inspired schadenfreude is fantastic.
For those of you who missed the last entry, I have indeed finished my weekend-eating project. [ profile] nalina fixed my audio problems, and the AMV will be up on YouTube sometime this evening. I will definitely be double posting when that happens. If feedback is positive, I may well enter it in convention AMV competitions, just to see how things go.

Now that that's over, I'm trying to get rid of the plot bunnies that have been hounding me. It just never ends, does it. XD

Thanks to my weekend off, I'm way the hell behind in RP. Can anybody tell me if I owe you tags...? I know Linkara's got two and Usopp's got two, but aside from that I can't remember any back tags I need to do. Kia's memory is terrible.

Also, SUPRAIZ!PIRATES is possibly the best development ever. I absolutely love you people. XDb

In a non-RP related note, I have these lovely blank sections on my profile that I need your help filling. You know that one-sentence meme that goes around every once in a while that I have never done and can never find when I need it? Yeah, I'm trying that one, so:

Describe me in a sentence. It can be as serious or silly as you want. In turn, I'll put all those sentences in a section on my profile.

My personal caveat is, please keep it clean. Pretty sure you guys will anyway, but nonetheless. ♥

Finally, that KH 30 Day meme, for which I am several days behind:

5. Favorite Mini Game

You know, I never really made a habit of playing a lot of minigames - I was always too busy going NEEDS MOAR PLOT 8O. That said, I did like mail delivery in Twilight Town, if only because it was quick, to the point, and not tough enough to get utterly frustrating.

Plus, performing a skateboard jump to deliver mail to a pidgeon in midair is never not funny.

6. Favorite Magic Spell

Cure. Oh man is it ever Cure. I feel like that's a bit of a given, but nonetheless. Aside from that bit of obvious, I really liked what I've been calling shotgun spells - they're the ones that shoot a concentrated blast that really flies. In KH1, it was Fire; in KH2, it's Blizzard.

7. Favorite Summon/D-Link

Once again, I pretty well fail the point of the game by not using a whole lot of summons. XD Press X to Kill Things, indeed. I was particularly fond of Genie in KH, though - he was certainly useful against Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

All 30 Days )

Oh holy jeez guys Power Morphicon was freaking fantastic

I just

I'm headachey as hell and I absolutely need sleep but I have to get some basics down and pictures up before I forget and you all kill me. 8D

Recap and pictures under the cut! )

Honestly, I had an absolute ton of fun with these guys. After watching their shows online for so long, sometimes it's tough to forget that they're normal people like the rest of us - they just have much cooler, much more public jobs.
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( Jul. 4th, 2010 06:05 pm)
For starters, I had an absolutely fantastic time at con yesterday. I wanted to go back today and probably would have were it not financially impractical. Next time, I get ready for this sort of thing earlier.

That said: wow what a busy day.

Incredibly picture heavy. You've been warned. )

SO YES that was the con experience. It was fantastic. :D As a final, very important note:

First of all, hells yeah Kia's going to Anime Expo

I've never done a con by myself before. I guess technically it won't be Completely By Myself, since I am meeting up with [ profile] charmwitch and potentially maybe one of my other friends who Has Not Gotten Back To Me Yet. I'm tempted to text him, but he hates texting, so that would be malicious and awful...which is exactly why I'm tempted to do it, in all honesty. 8D

I'm pulling out the Flonne cosplay for another go 'round. Yes, [ profile] nalina, there will be pictures this time. Honestly.

This leaves me with two questions for you, flist:

1. Is ayone else going to AX, and if you are, would you like to meet up?

2. Does anyone want me to bring them anything from the con? I'm pretty sure they've got a sizable dealer's room, so if you want anything, let me know and I shall try to find it.

...yay congoing 8D
"Today" actually kind of starts "last night," when my flight was delayed for 75 minutes and I wound up sitting with a whole group of preteen Twilight fans and their chaperon. It was surprisingly fun! They were chatty and not overwhelmingly sparklepire-oriented, which was nice.

They also asked to get a picture with me once I informed them of my last name, so. Yeah. Crazy times. |D

And then I freaking got home at two in the morning. I wasn't even coherent at that point.

Today has just been...well, interesting.

The Semi-Fail:
- I did an episode of my little brother's LP with him, which for some reason didn't record. He's none too keen on having a do-over.
- I missed this giveaway twice in a day. Cue me neurotically refreshing that post every so often in the vague hopes that I'll catch it in process.
- I also missed epic 2C things last night. I shall have to tag into that sometime.
- In an attempt to pick up fried chicken for dinner, I was sent to King Sooper's. Right in the middle of the deli guy getting the order together, my mom called and told me to go to the other King Sooper's ten minutes away to pick up a flower order and just get chicken there. After asking guy to disassemble order, I arrived at other King Sooper's to pick up flowers and found that the chicken counter was already closed at 7:30 PM. Cue buying flowers and heading over ot other King Sooper's to - you guessed it - get fried chicken from a very confused deli guy. Oi.
- The dog has dandruff. I didn't know this until he put his head in my lap and I was scratching it. Eeeeew.

The Strangeness:
- Having free time at all this weekend.
- I thought I would be informed what hairdo/nail color/etc I would have as a bridesmaid. Evidently I'm to figure these things out on my own. Oh-kay then.
- Bought two $1 scratch-off lotto tickets at the first King Sooper's and won $2. Redeemed them at the second King Sooper's, used the $2 to buy two more $1 tickets, and won another $2. Might as well have not bought lotto tickets at all.

So yeah my life has been crazy 8D


First of all, [ profile] ormery, I have a question for you:

Is it okay if I use this for an icon?

And HEY EVERYONE ELSE, if Squeaker says it's okay, would someone be willing to put my SS name and friend code on it? I need a FC icon to prevent further trading fail. |Db

AND ALSO. Who all is going to AX? I know you are, [Unknown site tag], and I am stoked to meet you! Who else will be there on Saturday? I SHOULD LIKE TO SEE PEOPLE 8D

Aside from that, there is wedding prep to do. I have no idea what I'm doing over here.
Maaaaan how long has it been since I've updated this journal. Longer than it should have been, I think.

Cocktail waitress job fell through rather epically, but I went from two shifts to six at OTB, so this is alright. I already gave one of those shifts to my brother, as it was on Monday morning and after what I plan to do Sunday night I did not want any Monday morning obligations.

Sunday is my 21st, by the way. We're going to the Golden Bee. Shall be awesome. :D

My laptop *hopefully* comes in on Monday. We shall see how that goes.

[ profile] lynxgriffin! [ profile] tegurunrampant! I HAVE FLIGHT RESERVATIONS.

July 21 arrival LAX @ 2:40 PM
July 27 departure LAX @ 2:05 PM

I know the departure was later than we wanted, but the flight I was originally looking at on Southwest was no longer there. Oops. |D

SPEAKING OF TICKETS. Kia and her parents have some awesome tickets to an upcoming concert at Fiddler's Green. It is not on the twenty-first night of September, but it certainly is an inspiration - possibly the inspiration.

So if you haven't heard me rambling about it like a moron for the past two weeks, guess who we're going to see. XD

Sarah, we need to figure out a song. I am ridiculously indecisive, so what do you want to do? XD

I think anything else I could say at this point would devolve into RP babble, which will definitely run me past my bedtime. I'll save that for later.
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 11:00 pm)
First off, yes, I made it home safe and sound. The flight was uneventful and the drive back from DIA was just fine.

I broke the idea of going to Comic Con this summer to my parents and they didn't keel over from shock and immediately forbid it, so I have hope. :D It'll be even better if Laura is going, since I think she gets an industry pass and I might be able to beg her free extra off her. If not, $50-$70 for a weekend does not sound bad. I shall have to start planning soon.

We're going out to an adoption center tomorrow to look at greyhounds. Dad doesn't want to go - says it's too soon. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing.

On a final note, does anyone remember the rock lamp we received last Christmas from the Arizona relatives? That bastion to homeopathic whatthefrackery is now sitting on my desk.

On a potentially related note, my white board is missing.

What happened in this house while I was gone?
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( Feb. 21st, 2008 01:13 pm)
Yes, I know it's late, I've been incredibly busy. ;;;

So yes. I've been to a Gallifrey. Man, that was such a blast.

Friday )

SPOILERS - Torchwood: Reset )

...those of you who covered your eyes to avoid spoilers can open them again now.

Saturday )

Sunday )

All in all? I'm so going next year.

And I promise there'll be pictures, just as soon as Life stops eating my face and gives me enough free time to take them off my camera and post them (i.e. Spring Break).
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( Feb. 17th, 2008 10:55 pm)

I am returnified from Gallifrey One: Nineteenth Symphony.

I remember why I love going to cons.

It was small.

I met a few people I wasn't expecting.

I saw my first episode of Torchwood.

And once I get my paper that's due tomorrow done, I'll be doing a huge epic picture-filled writeup of the entire weekend.

And I'm so pre-registering for next year.


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