Five days in Colorado was exactly the vacation I needed. I just need to remember next time that I need to drink a lot more - because dehydration headaches suck - and I can't drink pretty much anything - which sucks when Mom's buying and asking if I want a margarita because they're really great here and here, try hers and see if I like it. Honestly, I know my mom is happy to have me around whenever I come home, and I think she likes having someone who'll go out for fruity drinks and conversation. She likes having mother-daughter time.

In all honesty, it was really nice to have someone else make the decisions and the schedule and just follow along - a break from being a responsible adult, as it were. I put a ton of pressure on myself with to-do lists and self-imposed deadlines and all of that, and it was nice to get to just put all that on hold for an extended weekend and hang out with my parents. My younger brother is at college, my older brother came by for an afternoon, and I didn't get to see my sister-in-law or niece, but there's a flipton of drama surrounding that that I'd rather not get into right now. |D Either which way, I did love seeing my family. The football game was fun to go to even if it ended horribly (which is what happens when all of your starting defensive line is sidelined with injuries - the BSU game at the end of this week is going to be painful), shopping with mom was actually a lot more fun than most of my recent shopping trips have been, Sequence is a fun game if a bit slow with only two players, the new house is beautiful, and...yeah. Hell yes Colorado. :Db I do regret getting the donut burger, though. Remind me to post pictures of that.

The only thing I'm worried about is Finn. Since my parents moved into the new house, he's gone pretty much crazy: he's ripped up his kennel when they put him in it when they leave (whereas Mac just curls up in his and naps until they get home), he whines like mad, he's losing weight - he's skinny even for a greyhound, which is worrying - and he just generally Does Not Look Good. Mom's bringing him in to the vet's and, if that doesn't work, possibly a dog whisperer, because he never used to do any of this stuff, and if we give him up or, God forbid, put him down - which is a very sad option if he continues on being this destructively miserable and we can't find the reason and calm him down - then Mac will go ballistic without him around. The dog situation at home is not good, but I'm really hoping it'll turn out for the better.

A little closer to the west coast, my bosses are out of the office all week (Hawaiian vacation, lucky them), so I'm on my own and keeping busy with whatever project updates come up. This Friday, I head to Disneyland for the Halloween party with [ profile] amorsinseramada, [ profile] lynxgriffin, and [ profile] universejuice, and sticking around on Saturday as well. Costumes aren't quite finished yet, but those are priorities for the next few nights. It's just a bit of cutting and hemming (and praying shoes come in on time), so it shouldn't be too bad. I hope.

On the fandom works front, [ profile] secondcityrpg is almost over and Rarity has been accepted at [ profile] itsjustagamerpg - I just need to join the comms and get going. Tron fic is on hold until I get to rewatch Legacy - maybe sometime next week - and while I haven't done much for my NaNo outline, I have been kicking around ideas for it, so hopefully that'll start coming together soon. Again, next week's priority.

Who all's doing NaNo this year, by the way? I'd love to know - something tells me I'll need people to lean on come November. |D
FIRST OF ALL, AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you claimed stuff in my previous post, send me your address! I may have some of yours, but they're off in the ether somewhere and I wouldn't know where to begin tracking them down. PM me, email me, spam my AIM, whatever - just get me your address. I'd like to mail out the first round of stuff on Saturday, so the quicker you get me your address, the quicker you get your stuff and the easier my life becomes. :Db

Also, if you haven't claimed anything in the previous post, it's all still up for grabs. |Db


I write odd things and the latest BBS/Disneyland drabble got a bit out of hand. It's all [ profile] bouncy_erbear's fault, really.

I don't think that's a fair fight. )
I'm going to Comic Con tomorrow.

And Disneyland on Monday.

Be back - and completely exhausted, I'm sure - Tuesday evening. *A*

I've been really, really busy, and I really should've been updating this journal consistently, but I'm a lazy bum and you all know that. No ponies this time - just lots and lots of text.

The Wedding! )

Disneyland! )

E3! )

In other, non-huge-event-related news, work's going smoothly - we finished one project and have another almost done, huzzah :D - I managed to find someone to make Razor Wit for $300 including shipping, RP's going well (until the mods throw another curveball at us, but hey, that happens), and I'm thinking of trundling down to Disneyland again on the 18th if anyone's interested. Also, I got a bitty!Terra drabble written for the first time in over two months - having nothing to do while your car gets new tires will definitely give you some focus.

So basically, life's pretty good. I'm okay with this. |Db
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( May. 25th, 2011 02:42 pm)
Now that everyone wants to kill me for that title... 8D

Just a quick reminder that the first round of auctions in [ profile] helpthesouth ends in 80 minutes! That's 4 PM PST. I have two auctions up: Disneyland In a Box Or Envelope and Fan Soundtracks. Bid now if you want either of them!

Or, you know, bid on other stuff. That's good too. |Db All donations go towards relief efforts for the states affected by those massive tornadoes a few weeks ago.

/sets timer to 3:55, fixes to snipe some auctions

Saturday we went to a house party that Kristin and Megan's roommate was putting on. It was actually fun! Their coworker, who, swear to goodness, is named Kermit, is actually not a bad bartender (though the energy-drink-based drink he mixed on request was soooooo bad oh man). He's not the type of guy I'd like to geek with for too long, since he is Highly Opinionated and Always Right - it's the combination that's the killer, really - but there were about ten other people there to socialize with as well, and good company all around, and pizza, and Rock Band. I had no idea they had Pat Benatar's "We Belong" in Rock Band, but they do! There was a severe and woeful lack of Offspring and Journey, though. Also, songs that cater to vocalists over instruments were termed the "wine coolers of Rock Band." I'm a vocalist, but I might have to use that any because it is hilarious.


Disneyland! Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland! The rides were all sorts of fun, I got a shiny six-person pass simply for being polite (and likely for having my HAPPY BIRTHDAY button in plain view, but politeness helps too), I walked around for a good chunk of the night with a lightcycle painted on my face thanks to ElecTRONica, I managed to get a WDI Tiki Room pin (which is a rare thing, so I'm pleased), and we found out that they will be releasing a KH pin in the park in late June. What is this I don't even. You'd better believe I'm either camping out for that sucker or sending a proxy to do just that, because I want that badly especially in multiples. Trading is good 8D. Basically, I love this park, I love my roomies, and I love [ profile] lynxgriffin - awesome Disneyland party is awesome. 8Db


So I walked into work exhausted. That was mistake number one. 8D

My task for this week, and basically until it gets done, is to put the audio into demo videos for a project that we have been working on literally since I started temping at my job in January. It's been a long time coming. The previous demo videos for this project have been easy - they came with one set of audio cut in all the right places, and all we had to do was input our audio in the right spots and remove the old stuff. Not so much this time around.

The new videos are timed too quickly for the audio, and I'd be up a creek without a paddle on that front if Camtasia didn't have a freeze-frame effect that lets me extend one frame as a still image. The script that tells me what audio goes at what time on the video is useless, since I had to extend frames in the video right off the bat and that throws everything out of whack. On top of that, I thought it'd be a good idea to cut all the audio at once instead of leaving it in one strip and cutting it as needed. I keep having to move audio further out to make room for all the wonky timing in the video, and Camtasia's inability to move multiple audio clips at once means I have to start at the end and move every one individually every time I need to lengthen the video.

I spent all day working on this video and have about five minutes of video to show for it. The video is ten minutes long. It is one of three videos for this module. There are ten modules.

This'll be fun. 8Db

Also, I have not forgotten about one-sentence fics and mini FSTs! I shall get to them eventually, promise. You can also still request one if you want one - I will get around to them. :Db
First and most importantly, Happy Mother's Day! To everyone on my flist who's been a mother or will be a mother, thank you for taking on the toughest job in existence and never let anyone tell you it's not a wonderful thing to do. To everyone out there who has a mother, take some time to do something special for her today, or at least say thanks. You would quite literally not be here without her, you know. ♥

I live in a different state, so I'm calling my mom in a bit. With any luck, she got my card already. |Db

I went to go see Thor on Friday night. It was an opening night crowd, which means it was loud and appreciative (and at some points hilariously profane) and I loved the hell out of it.

As for the movie itself, Spoilers for Thor abound! )

Non-spoilery long story short: Did it measure up to previous Marvel movies? Yes. Was it fun to watch? Yes. Am I going to see this a few more times in theaters and wind up owning it? Most likely and definitely yes. Basically, A++, Will Watch Again.

On a relatively related note, does anybody know if the Spider-Man reboot is going to feed into the Avengers movie at all? Because that would be fun, I think.

On a completely different but still fun note, my birthday is in nine days! I'll be turning 23, which isn't really a landmark but is still a reason to celebrate. I believe in parties (not quite up to Pinkie Pie standards, but still), and so I'm having two of them!

The first is on Sunday the 15th, and it's Disneyland day! Come to Disneyland, we'll hang out and ride rides and go see Fantasmic and it will be all sorts of fun. :Db

The second is on Tuesday the 17th, my actual birthday, and it's dinner at Gyu-Kaku! I have a weakness for Japanese BBQ, obviously. |D Dinner's at 7:30, so let me know if you're going and I'll make reservations.

And yes, if you can see this entry, you're invited. XD

And because I know some people want a list in regards to gifts, I have a relatively short one:

- Tron: Legacy Marquee pin (Ebay is my friend)
- Membership to Teavana's Tea of the Month club (pie in the sky, but nonetheless XD)
- Tron on DVD
- Gift Cards: Teavana, Disney, Godiva, Gyu-Kaku, White House Black Market, Brighton, Albertsons/Ralphs/Vons, or just about anywhere else I frequent.
- Fic, arts, fun artsy stuff - you guys know my fandoms and my pairings and what I like

Though really, I'd really rather hang out with you guys than receive stuff. Y'all are the best present I could have. ♥

As a closing note: Glee's doing "Friday" for their next episode; there's a new clip of At World's End released; and this absolutely made my morning.

And with that, I am off to see African Cats in a few hours. Good times, guys. Good times.
It's been a while, huh. I need to quit neglecting this journal. As it is, it's after midnight and I have work in the morning, so this'll be a pretty quick rundown.

My dad is doing fine! He's been taking it easy and not working ridiculous hours anymore (glory hallelujah) and he's doing a lot better, at least according to mom. They've also found a house and put a bid on it, so we'll see how that goes. Will they be moved before the family reunion? Probably not, but they've definitely got their eyes on it.

My first video shoot went pretty well, all things considered. We shot video for a project at work on Friday - rented out a studio and everything. The talent we cast (that I spent time interviewing and basically got first say on who played who, yeah baby) worked really well together, and we got thirty scenes shot in about six hours - not bad at all, actually. There were a few tense moments, and one in which I managed to spill makeup on an actor's suit jacket (note to self: Leslie is doing the makeup from now on because ARGH), but overall it went pretty well. Rick was happy, Leslie was happy, Terrence was happy, and I was bushed, so I figure life is good.

In other news, getting LA County workers together for a conference call is like herding cats. I kind of want business cards with "professional cat herder" on them now. (And yes, I have seen the commercial, and yes, it is hilarious.)

Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin on Sunday! It was pretty low key, though I spent more on souvenirs then I think I ever have at Disneyland - blame it on getting my Disneyland In A Box prize together for my [ profile] help_japan winner. The POTC preview that they have is amusing, Blackbeard freaks me the hell out and I love it, and the show beforehand is cute and hilarious by turns. On the downside, there is no group rate for special seats for Fantasmic, so I either need to finagle something or give up on that one for my birthday. We'll see how things go there. I do love spending time at that park, though - so lovely and relaxing. ♥

In RP news, I've got Jason Stackhouse in Second City - we've only gotten as far as him thinking Pinkie Pie is somehow a drug flashback, and I don't want to handwave things until that thread gets a little further, so we'll see. Linkara is in over his head - per usual - Rarity is loud and abuses italics like whoa - per usual - and Rosette...I'm really tempted to drop her, if only because nothing is happening with her. I think I'm past the point where I can successfully get into her head and play her well - my lack of interest and her lack of CR have pretty well made that obvious. Honestly, I think DC might've closed the book on things with her, and I've been trying to find an epilogue instead of enjoying it for the fantastic story it was. Again - and I have been using this phrase far too much - we'll see.

Finally, as if I don't do enough writing, I'm thinking of picking up one of those 100 Themes challenges and getting one down every day. Even if they're not all that good, if all else fails, it'll at least guarantee that I write 100 words every day, and I think I need something constant like that.

Yeah, that's about it. Bedtime now, I think.
I've had these written since my Colorado excursion - I just haven't been incredibly happy with them. I'm posting them anyway because 1) I'm tired of the fic drought; 2) Disneyland is fun no matter what; and 3) pretty sure you guys will enjoy them anyway. Each one gets a video preface, because if you haven't been to Disneyland then these won't make a ton of sense. |Db

Without further ado, I present the next two installments of Take Two Grown-Ups.

Attention Space Travelers )

We're Gonna Do It Right This Time )
Disneyland Saturday! I went with [ profile] uk_not_ok and [ profile] lynxgriffin, so of course it was awesome. Lynx went off to do some fantastic arts, so Caitlin and I waltzed off to do rides and whatnot. Previous to going to Disneyland with Caitlin, I've never been stuck on a ride. Ever. At all.

Last time we went, we got stuck on Indy for about half an hour. They fixed the ride, let us go through again, and sent us on our merry way.

Saturday, we got stuck on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the one ride in the entire park that I am irrationally paranoid about being stuck on. We got stuck on the third lift track. They had to get someone to "tie the car down" eeeeeeeeeeeeeek longest twenty minutes of my life before they could get us off...because yes, they shut down the ride and led everyone off. I have some fun pictures of the inside of things, and we got a shiny fastpass that would let us into anything in either park (except World of Color and Toy Story, go figure). From what I heard of a cast member conversation, someone stood up on the ride, which is an automatic shutdown.

I'm not sure quite how stupid you have to be to stand up on a ride that goes in and out of low tunnels, but there you go.

The funny part of things was posting a Facebook status from my phone talking about being stuck and, two hours later, getting a concerned text from Kristin asking if we were still stuck on the ride. I love my roomies. XD

Tower of Terror got the shiny pass thanks to the 80+ minute wait, and it is awesome as always. Also, the dragon was back at Fantasmic. I cheered like mad for that one. :Db

Note to self: ask about group rates for shiny seats at Fantasmic. Don't forget.

In other news: one of the trailers for Tr3n (YES THEY'RE MAKING A THREEQUEL OMW) that's included on the Legacy Blu-Ray set got leaked on YouTube a few days ago. It's not available anymore - Kotaku linked it and that was the end of things - but it had some pretty epic stuff, including:

Cut for spoilers and RETINA-SEARING LEVELS OF EPIC )
SAM FLYNN: BIGGEST. TROLL. EVER. You better believe I screamed after that one. Is it Tr3n yet?

Finally, on a much more serious note, I'm sure you've all heard about the earthquake/tsunami/reactor/volcano hellish four-step that's hit Japan in the past few days (and if you haven't, Google is your friend. Get on that. Now). [ profile] help_japan is an auction community raising money for relief aid. My auctions are here and here. Please bid - if not on mine, then on other auctions you like - and/or offer something you can do for an auction. Every bit helps, and Japan needs all the help we can give it.
I have a lot of things to talk about! For example:

- Thoughts on Hickory Farms
- Thoughts on Brighton
- Why Christmas/holiday parties with friends are amazing and why they need to happen all the time, not just over the holidays
- Recent Disneyland trip
- ...probably other stuff that's happened that I can't remember

But I'll do all that when I don't have to get up in...five go open for Hickory Farms. Yeah.

I don't sleep much nowadays. 8D;;;
Disneyland is, as always, amazing. When the Christmas lights came on, I just about cried. Disney in all its forms tends to have a direct line to my heartstrings, and that was no exception.

Also, new dragon at Fantasmic. It looks amazing.

Interview today went well - I chatted with two managers for quite a while, they had me take an employment survey, and then they said I'd need to meet their general manager when she got back in town. I refuse to count my chickens, but I do have hopes for this one.

I've got another interview tomorrow. No idea what to expect there. It's with Teavana, though, so either way it'll be interesting.

If a flipton of Terra back story fic shows up on my LJ over the next week or so, it's entirely [ profile] lynxgriffin's fault. I blame her. :|

On a completely different note, does anyone know where I can get Statler and Waldorf icons?
I know I fail at commenting, but guys, I read all your posts and I do love you all. /hugs for everyone ♥

I am tired and footsore and, as always, really happy I went to Disneyland.

I had my Demyx shirt recognized by two people and finally managed to obtain the ever-elusive Kingdom Key pin.

I completely owned [ profile] jedizero's brothers in Midway Madness, by a good 70,000 points. I also got top score in our car and top score of the hour. /self backpat

I really want to start that series of drabbles again. Both of them. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see.

Maleficent!Dragon seems to be having technical difficulties again. Despite that, and despite being nearly unable to see since everyone in front of us decided to stand when they'd been sitting beforehand, I truly enjoyed seeing Fantasmic again. That show is just the cherry on my happy sundae, I swear.

Fastpasses will never not be amazing.

My temp agency called a total of five times today, working out the details of a three-day receptionist gig. I start Monday. More on that when I'm not exhausted.

I love the Dapper Dandies. Barbershop quartets always make me happy, and a seven-minute a capella Disneyland medley is pretty much a direct route to my heartstrings. I don't care who I go to Disneyland with next time; we are catching these guys and watching a performance. Full stop.

Soarin' still makes me think of [ profile] rebmakash. I have no idea how that association happened, but it did.

I am now an Honorary Citizen of Disneyland, and I have the button to prove it. Wonder if this means I can vote.

And finally, Space Mountain without music - especially when the music cuts off halfway through the ride - is really freaking terrifying.

All in all, the Happiest Place on Earth really lives up to its name.
I wound up with another interview! I applied for jobs last night, or rather early this morning, given that it was around 1 a.m. or so, and I got a call this afternoon scheduling me for an interview Tuesday. I was so tired when they called and said they wanted to interview me, my first question was, "what for?"

...which is probably a terrible first impression, but you do what you can. @_@ It's for Tuesday afternoon. Here's hoping.

I finally got Oncoming Traffic up and running! It's hyphenated, since "oncomingtraffic" was taken by one of those annoying years-old-but-only-one-entry blogs. If anyone's interested, the first entry is here. I'll be updating as often as I can, especially since I'm a month behind.

I'm going to Disneyland again tomorrow. Kevin asked me if I wanted to meet him and his parents there, so I am. XD He's going to get my World of Color fastpass, and I'm going to go see Fantasmic for the first time in what seems like ages. I have missed that show so much, and I am so stoked. :D

I am determined to finally finish that KH meme, so here goes!

Cut for BBS spoilers; All 30 days )

I know you're out there, Yang Mew, and I am coming to find you.
I love Halloween, guys. Seriously. I am the biggest wuss on the planet, which kind of defeats a lot of the point, but I love dressing up. Candy's also a perk. So yeah, I love this holiday.

That's probably why I celebrated it three times this year. :Db

Three nights of Halloween, complete with costume pics! )

We've only had one trick or treater tonight - a four year old girl who, when prompted by her mother, simply looked sad and said, "Candy." - and given that it's 11 pm, I don't think we're getting any more. Still, this weekend was an absolute blast, and I had a fantastic time with people. Successful Halloween? I think so.
kiaxet: (Stardance)
( Oct. 21st, 2010 11:01 pm)
I have a new default icon and I love it so. Would you look at that. So pretty.

Anyway! I did indeed hit up Disneyland on Tuesday with the wonderful [ profile] lynxgriffin. I dressed as Xion on her suggestion, and despite the fact that it got ridiculously rainy at some points, it was still quite a bit of fun. Of course, I come bringing woefully oversized pictures, since Photobucket is weird like that sometimes.

Pictures ahoy! )

And that puts an end to our little picture odyssey. Honestly, I was having too much fun to pull out the camera (and subsequently give it to Lynx and beg for her to take a picture) too terribly often.

In other news, job interviews are still going and will deserve an entry of their own when I finally get around to it - maybe sometime tomorrow. For now, I need to get back into the swing of tagging and maybe actually get a consistent sleep schedule. That would be amazing.
This is completely off topic for everything, but oh man I love this picture. The schadenfreude is amazing, and I cannot get over Terra's girly little ankles. XD

My life has just gone insane, man. I mean, dang.

...I was going to have a big long rundown of things, but that was before I got ridiculously distracted. |D So! List form!

- San Diego. Amazing. So beautiful, even in epic amounts of fog and mist.
- When we go back for Comic Con, we're eating at the Dublin House. Boxties and Irish nachos and chocolate cherry martinis, oh my.
- We're also going to Wet Willies. Alcoholic slushies. When they have flavors called Attitude Adjustment, Electric Shocker, and Call-A-Cab, you know it's a great place to be.
- Also, the Cadillac Cafe. Fifties-sixties-seventies restaurant where the waitresses put your hair up with straws. I seriously have pictures of us with straws in our hair - I think I wound up with twenty or so. That was amazing lulz.
- The game. I could cry. The Falcons usually stomp SDSU. Not this time. We had half our starting line, both offensive and defensive, out with injuries. One of our defensive linemen broke his leg during the game. Our QB might have ripped his knee again. We weren't compensating well for any of it. And to top all this off, the refs overturned a call on the field that cost us a two-point conversion. We lost the game by those two points. It was incredibly disheartening. :/
- But the rest of the weekend was fun. |Db
- I got secondary interviews for each of the jobs I interviewed at today. I also somehow wound up with six more interviews on top of that. My life. What is it. I don't even. yeah. Life. XD Disneyland Halloween tomorrow! This should be fun.

Also, I shall catch up on memes later, because man am I ever behind.
I. Today. Where to start.

I have two job interviews! Both are slated for Monday, both are for (I think) sales associate positions, one is in Culver City (half an hour away) and the other is in Carson (an hour away). I'm looking at one hell of a commute if I get either of these jobs, but they're interviews! Huzzah!

Of course, I still need to finish my stuff for Activision...going to get to that if I have any down time this weekend.

SPEAKING OF THIS WEEKEND. [ profile] amorsinseramada and I are piling in a car, first to hit up a career fair at Pepperdine, then to head down to San Diego to watch the Air Force game with my parents, who got us tickets. I've only been to SD once and spent most of that time in the convention center, so it'll be nice to see the rest of the city, and to see my parents. Mom's been a bit calmer about this whole unemployment gig, and she's thrilled I have interviews. I have no idea how Dad's doing, but I'm bringing him a hat with a golf ball on it. Obviously this fixes everything.

So yes, I'll be away from the internet all this weekend, though I might hop on phone AIM every once in a while. I have dual interviews Monday. Tuesday is last minute costume prep (attaching a new hood to my Org coat, fixing a popped seam, adding a stick to my fake popsicle, and picking up gloves) and then it's off to Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. I am so unbelievably stoked about this. XD

So yes, I'm not entirely certain what's going on with my life right now and I will be a bit scarce all weekend. I'll catch up on memes and tags (oh man so many tags) when I get back, I think.

I remember telling people that I wasn't going to stick around longer than my supervisor, who's also been looking for jobs. I told people things would go poorly if I did.

Turns out she got hired yesterday. When I turned in my letter of resignation this morning, so did she. Funny how these things work out sometimes.

The fun part of this (and by fun I mean FFFFFFFFF) is going to be telling my parents. That should be interesting. For now, however, I'm working through today and hitting up Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin tomorrow, with [ profile] jedizero meeting us for lunch and the latter half of the Falcons game. (Go Falcons! Beat CSU!)

In other news, I might've enabled a Critic just by existing. Also, the meme continues.

Meme + All 30 Days )

I am camping the forums waiting for a re-bag opportunity. Just. Waiting.
Yeah, the writing-fic-until-after-midnight things really needs to stop. It's absolutely killing my brain, and I kind of need that to function. I have quite a bit of egg stuff to work on tonight, and now that the plot bunny is out on paper, I can hopefully get to it. Given that the one I have right now is slowly going rotten, I really need to step up the search for fresh ones.

Glee is tonight. I completely forgot about that until this morning. Some fan, huh. |D

I've pretty much decided I'm going to Disneyland on Saturday. I'll get World of Color fastpasses in the morning, spend the early afternoon in the ESPN zone watching the Falcons game, and do dinner and a show (possibly two shows, depending on whether I feel like catching Fantasmic...which is usually a yes) in the evening. I just really need the concentrated dose of happy this weekend.

And to allow yet another post to wander into the land of fandom:

I really want to see Terra just punch him [Xehanort] in the face
Keyblade battles are all well and good, but I really want that to be the finishing move
or better yet
*goes to draw that*
...I love you XD

Tell me that is not the best mental imagery ever.

Also, can someone please make a Keyblade icon with some of these quotes in it? They're towards the end and perfect; you'll know which ones I mean. XD

More 30 Day meme, all under a cut this time because of BBS spoilers and because I've missed a ton of days, so it's long:

This past week's answers and all 30 days )

I named the Rapidash "Always." /herp derp


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