Mind you, this is after the validator added ~800 words to my count, but I still have 50k+ legitimate words to win that title. Winning.

So. Uh. Once I run spell check and try to catch any glaring continuity errors, who wants to beta? 8D

And this is only the first half of the story aaaaaaaa
Everyone go to YouTube and look up Sassy Gay Friend. Like, now. Othello is my favorite, but Hamlet and the Giving Tree are both pretty awesome as well. Seriously, go.

Well, it's time for the Bad, the Good, and the Buh? in Kia's life.

This got slightly long, as my life is wont to do. |D )

So yes! Those are the life and times of Kia. Tomorrow, I fly home until Sunday. Should be interesting, but interesting can be fun. |Db

...okay I couldn't resist. A bit NWS for language, but still amazing.

For anyone who doesn't follow my Twitter: the Air Force vs Navy game was today. We haven't beaten them in seven years. It's kind of a Huge Deal.

So I hauled my rear out of bed after a solid five hours of sleep, helped set up the tailgate, and got massively sunburned. It was worth it, though, to see Air Force absolutely hand Navy its collective rear in the most spectacular fashion possible. I'm not sure what the best moment of the game was: the 50-yard touchdown run by our QB, the game-ending interception by the same player who made 15 tackles and a sack, Navy missing a field goal by pinging it off one of the poles (schadenfreude what), or the punt that a freshman player blocked by making an unbelievable leap over the shoulder of a Navy blocker. The footage of that needs to be slowed down and have either Chariots of Fire or I Believe I Can Fly playing in the background, because it is just amazing.

So yes:



A particular favorite from the afternoon is this video, played on the big screen on the scoreboard before game start:

Yeah, it's been a good day.
Man oh man it's been a long past few days. Work's actually been picking up a bit - for a given value of "picking up" - and I've actually been a bit occupied there, so really, no complaints on that front. I do need to go on another egg hunt, though.

I'm moving tomorrow! Sunday is going to be a lot of putting stuff in cars and ferrying it from one location to another. If anyone local wants to help, I pay in brownies, and guys, I do make good brownies. |Db

I'm going to take a break from XI for a while - maybe a week or so. I need a bit of time and distance to Figure Things Out. This happens with my games every once in a while. /shrug

Second City also has me headtilting in confusion. I mean, on one hand, I am absolutely loving what's going down. Linkara's going to be an honorary Strawhat at this rate, which I find hilarious. Rosette needs to do more, but being Buffy for a thread has definitely been good for her. The part that's making me headtilt is J. I mean, I was hoping this latest plot would give him something to work towards or at least be good for him, and instead he's been absolutely humiliated. It is IC, and I don't know what else I was expecting with Lara involved, but the guy really needs a break and he might not get it with me at the helm. The lesson here: check Dear Mun more often, and remember that this is indeed a game based on the Dresden Files.

So basically, Kia's RP at this moment can be summed up with "Son I am confuse." There are times when pretendy fun times break my brain.

Incidentally, I really need to finish that Usopp app. I've got, what, four days? Five? Something like that.

On a completely unrelated note, there's a new trailer for Epic Mickey, and it is...well, epic.

So for those of you who were wondering what became of Songfest, that musical-slash-competition that ate my life these past few weeks:

We won.

Let me do that again, for further emphasis:


As our producer explained it, we were up against four civilizations: Ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, Ancient Egypt, and 1920s America. What brings down civilizations? Disease. What was our theme? The Black Plague.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my happy face.
It started a few hours ago:

LeSeptieme (8:49:13 PM): "Today at my job in the emergency room, a person walked in with a large scarf hiding her nose and was holding lots of bloody Kleenex. Why? She had stuck a pair of iPod headphones up her nose so far that they became lodged into her nasal passageway. She was voted funniest injury of the night. MLIA"
universejuice (8:49:30 PM): oh dear god
LeSeptieme (8:50:15 PM): I laughed my ass off
universejuice (8:50:39 PM): why would you even
LeSeptieme (8:51:42 PM): some people's children

And then:

LeSeptieme (9:31:51 PM): ...okay, there has to be something to this headphones-up-the-nose thing
LeSeptieme (9:31:54 PM): it keeps popping up.
universejuice (9:31:57 PM): ...really
LeSeptieme (9:32:01 PM): yep
universejuice (9:32:19 PM): hmm
LeSeptieme (9:34:14 PM): "Today I found out my dad reads MLIA. How did I find out? Well, he was in his room shoving his iPod earphones up his nose trying to be a human speaker. MLIA"
LeSeptieme (9:34:18 PM): AHA
universejuice (9:34:29 PM): pfff I am so baffled by this |D
LeSeptieme (9:34:47 PM): I don't get it XD

And finally:

LeSeptieme (10:03:51 PM): "Today, I read a story on MLIA that if you put your headphones in your nose and play your ipod really loud, you can hear the music through your mouth. I decided to try this myself. My mom walked into my room when I had my headphones in both nostrils while Sexyback was playing out of my mouth. She took one look at me and backed out slowly. MLIA"
universejuice (10:04:21 PM): whaaaat
LeSeptieme (10:04:46 PM): I really want to try this now XD
universejuice (10:04:51 PM): m-me too
LeSeptieme (10:04:56 PM): I promise I won't get them stuck in my nasal cavity
universejuice (10:05:45 PM): ...OH SHIT IT WORKS
universejuice (10:06:07 PM): I HAVE A PAIR I FORGOT ABOUT
universejuice (10:06:10 PM): THIS IS HILARIOUS
LeSeptieme (10:06:16 PM): OH GAD
LeSeptieme (10:06:19 PM): DON'T GET THEM STUCK
universejuice (10:06:29 PM): I WON'T I PROMISE
LeSeptieme (10:06:33 PM): OKAY GOOD
LeSeptieme (10:06:39 PM): ...does it really work
universejuice (10:06:42 PM): totally
LeSeptieme (10:06:47 PM): Well.
LeSeptieme (10:06:52 PM): Learn something new every day.
universejuice (10:06:53 PM): also when I swallow there's one point where it's louder
LeSeptieme (10:07:03 PM): ...*dead*
universejuice (10:07:08 PM): I know right
universejuice (10:07:17 PM): I feel so stupid but it's too amazing
LeSeptieme (10:07:26 PM): I am just dying over here
LeSeptieme (10:07:31 PM): so glad nobody else is working right now
universejuice (10:07:36 PM): <3

My life is average and my friends are awesome.

ETA: Found the original post!

"Today, my friends and I discovered that if you put your headphones in your nose and play your ipod really loudly, you can hear the music through your mouth when it's open, and can't hear it when it's closed. MLIA"

...the hell were they doing when they figured that out? More importantly, do we want to know? o_o
Wooooooow RPS today. I can't decide what the best part is:

1: The secret itself is utterly beautiful and has so much love *A*

2: People recognize my character. ;~; That never happens.

3: A complement on our modding skills from a former Econtra mod. This is totally the petty part. 8D

In other, less teeheeheetastic news, the Nostalgia Critic is just as addictive as TV Tropes, with a bit less material (because let's face it, TV Tropes goes on for-freakin'-ever) and more volume.

Plus, there's a point where he looks at the screen and screams for HEEEEEAAAAALP!!

...yeah I laughed my ass off. |D Song for that mission would definitely be "Gotta Get Thru Through This."

Of course, all this means that I have massive amounts of homework to do and haven't started on a whit of it. Oops.

AND FINALLY (all in caps because I have been waiting for this since Comic Con):


Best. Episode. Ever.

So yeah, basically my day has been pretty cool. :Db

And of course:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] fairytaledreams!

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( May. 7th, 2009 10:28 pm)
This entire entry is going to be epic semi-coherent spaz about the Star Trek movie, which I saw with my mom and brother tonight at 7. It is massively spoilery. You have been warned.

My name is James Tiberius Kirk! )

The Verdict: A. Abrahms, make another one. Now. Until then, I'll go see this one again. Because it was awesome.
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( Mar. 1st, 2009 12:50 am)
Nintendo Power reviewed Sonic and the Black Knight.

Look at that score.

Look at that score.


For the first time since Sonic Adventure 2, I am going to go party.
My roomie and I have been marathoning How I Met Your Mother, mostly because it's an awesome show and I need to catch up. In the show, there's a character named Barney. His catchphrase, aside from "legen - wait for it - dary," is "suit up." Basically, whenever he takes someone out to do something (namely Ted out to socialize), he tells them to "suit up" - put on a suit. He also always wears one. Basically: "X place. Y time. It'll be legen- wait for it -dary. We're going! Suit up!"

Kinda like this:

Normally it's a bit less extreme, but this truly is classic Barney )

Gotta love the guy.

So tonight, my roomie was on the phone with her friend, and they were doing the back-and-forth "Well we haven't decided what to do tonight but you don't have to do anything if you don't want to though I can totally pick you up if you do" thing. It was one of those conversations that could go on for hours if someone didn't step in.

So I asked her for the phone, took it, and started talking. "Hi Heather!. Look. We're going to go pick you up. After that, we're going to Santa Monica and having dinner at the pier, maybe Bubba Gump's. We're going to get dessert. After that, we're coming home, watching some anime, doing whatever. If you need to do your homework, bring your books and we'll make it a homework party. You're spending the night. We're coming and we'll call you when we get there. Now suit up!"

Believe it or not, that was exactly what we did. We all suited up and went to the pier. It was fantastic.


It was - wait for it - legendary.

Of course, now I've all but picked up a Barney muse. He wouldn't make it at any of my serious games, but I think a dressing room would be fun. [livejournal.com profile] legen_waitforit is taken, so possible usernames include lemon_law, needawingman, daddys_home, and slapbet_loser (especially since there's a slapbet_comish Lily at [livejournal.com profile] dear_mun. Thoughts?
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( Sep. 16th, 2008 01:19 am)
Let me detail my day.

Soooo I got up and managed to finish that paper, huzzah.

Then the caf had teriyaki chicken, and considering it's the caf and I haven't had Chinese food in weeks, it was pretty dang good teriyaki chicken.

Then we talked about a whole bunch of fun stuff in my rhetoric class and I get to write a paper about the internet for that class. I can so do that.

And then I got invited to join Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honor society.

And then my history class was cancelled, so I turned my paper into the office and spent the extra time doing my reading for Shakespeare class.

And then we had some awesome conversation in Shakespeare class about Merchant of Venice.

And then I came back to the apartment and found out there was a Joshua app in the Paixao box (HELLS YEAH CANON MATES).

And then I went to meet our new Gamma Phi sisters, and we went out for bid night.

Which was at a karaoke place in Little Korea in LA. Yeah.

They started playing these random videos to go with the songs we were singing (and we were singing just about everything), so there was a little girl crying emo mascara tears to Hey Ya and another girl in a hospital coughing up blood to Bye Bye Bye and a Matrix ripoff to I Will Survive and - and this is my favorite - a dead guy next to a gigantic goldfish worst one night stand ever and then the dead guy starts turning into another giant goldfish, and he's got SAVE YOURSELF tattooed on his feet...all of this to the tune of Wannabe.

Yeah, those were some of the most cracktastic videos I've ever seen in my life. I quite enjoyed it.

And then there's the new sisters. Victoria can break it down like nothing else, I'd be surprised if Ana and Alexa didn't already know each other because they're already BFF, I didn't meet Natalie, Amanda, Nadia, or Tai long enough to know them very well but I already think they're fantastic, I know I'm missing some sisters in the middle here (which I will totally blame on lack of sleep and overcaffienation), and Britney is just all sorts of epic win. I don't even remember half of what we talked about on the car ride, but I remember it all being awesome.

And then I came home and Joshua was accepted into Paixao, so now Rosette has her brother here and things will get even more interesting than they already are. I have no idea how they're going to fix him, buuuuuut we'll get there eventually. XD

...so guys, my day was just epic and awesome. :D
So, Clover just decided to stomp over everything in Daisychain. Getting one's rear blown up will do that.

But then we realized something in chat. )

This should get really, really interesting really, really quickly. I'm likin' it. :D


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