Yeah, me neither.

Life is actually going okay at the moment. I'm trying to run last minute con prep errands, but that's par for the course given my inability to prepare for...anything, really. Flying home last weekend to surprise Mom for her birthday was a blast - she had absolutely no idea I was coming and she loved the hell out of it (though she did make it clear that she wants me to move back to Colorado and get married and have kids. It was a very interesting turn for that conversation to take).

She also wanted me to get tested for lyme disease on account of minor lingering symptoms from my medical litany of woe. I went into the clinic yesterday to get the test. When I told the doctor the theory and why I was getting tested, she started laughing. Pretty sure it's not lupus lyme disease.

Also, I managed to plow through Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in a weekend. That is a very good but very interesting book. The movie is going to be ridiculous. I cannot wait.

In other news, [personal profile] lynxgriffin and I are going to be at AM2 Con in Anaheim this weekend! If you're in town, come visit us! Lynx will be selling all her lovely art - and those hand-painted fandom pony figurines - in the artist's alley, and I've entered a video into the AMV contest. On top of it all, AM2 is free to attend. Everyone should come. :Db

Finally, because I am trying to get back into the swing of writing, it's meme time!

Give me a character or a pairing and a song and I will write you a fic of some sort.

YouTube videos are probably your best bet unless you know I know the song, and I can't guarantee that it'll be 1) longer than a sentence or 2) done in a timely manner, but...yay writing!
Five days in Colorado was exactly the vacation I needed. I just need to remember next time that I need to drink a lot more - because dehydration headaches suck - and I can't drink pretty much anything - which sucks when Mom's buying and asking if I want a margarita because they're really great here and here, try hers and see if I like it. Honestly, I know my mom is happy to have me around whenever I come home, and I think she likes having someone who'll go out for fruity drinks and conversation. She likes having mother-daughter time.

In all honesty, it was really nice to have someone else make the decisions and the schedule and just follow along - a break from being a responsible adult, as it were. I put a ton of pressure on myself with to-do lists and self-imposed deadlines and all of that, and it was nice to get to just put all that on hold for an extended weekend and hang out with my parents. My younger brother is at college, my older brother came by for an afternoon, and I didn't get to see my sister-in-law or niece, but there's a flipton of drama surrounding that that I'd rather not get into right now. |D Either which way, I did love seeing my family. The football game was fun to go to even if it ended horribly (which is what happens when all of your starting defensive line is sidelined with injuries - the BSU game at the end of this week is going to be painful), shopping with mom was actually a lot more fun than most of my recent shopping trips have been, Sequence is a fun game if a bit slow with only two players, the new house is beautiful, and...yeah. Hell yes Colorado. :Db I do regret getting the donut burger, though. Remind me to post pictures of that.

The only thing I'm worried about is Finn. Since my parents moved into the new house, he's gone pretty much crazy: he's ripped up his kennel when they put him in it when they leave (whereas Mac just curls up in his and naps until they get home), he whines like mad, he's losing weight - he's skinny even for a greyhound, which is worrying - and he just generally Does Not Look Good. Mom's bringing him in to the vet's and, if that doesn't work, possibly a dog whisperer, because he never used to do any of this stuff, and if we give him up or, God forbid, put him down - which is a very sad option if he continues on being this destructively miserable and we can't find the reason and calm him down - then Mac will go ballistic without him around. The dog situation at home is not good, but I'm really hoping it'll turn out for the better.

A little closer to the west coast, my bosses are out of the office all week (Hawaiian vacation, lucky them), so I'm on my own and keeping busy with whatever project updates come up. This Friday, I head to Disneyland for the Halloween party with [ profile] amorsinseramada, [ profile] lynxgriffin, and [ profile] universejuice, and sticking around on Saturday as well. Costumes aren't quite finished yet, but those are priorities for the next few nights. It's just a bit of cutting and hemming (and praying shoes come in on time), so it shouldn't be too bad. I hope.

On the fandom works front, [ profile] secondcityrpg is almost over and Rarity has been accepted at [ profile] itsjustagamerpg - I just need to join the comms and get going. Tron fic is on hold until I get to rewatch Legacy - maybe sometime next week - and while I haven't done much for my NaNo outline, I have been kicking around ideas for it, so hopefully that'll start coming together soon. Again, next week's priority.

Who all's doing NaNo this year, by the way? I'd love to know - something tells me I'll need people to lean on come November. |D
Episode two is up already!

Yeah, we're really zipping through this which is hilarious when each episode takes an hour to render and two to upload. Turns out the video issues happened during the first conversion, so there's nothing I can do on this end - they'll be persistent through episode four and hopefully we can fix them at our next recording session.

The TGWTG joke count is up to 7.

In other news, farmer's markets are amazing, I'm none too pleased that our diocese has decided to retranslate the mass, Trigun is the biggest nostalgiabomb ever, and my little brother answers his Twitter more often than his phone which beats my older brother not answering his at all. Also, I'll be in a family reunion in Colorado starting Thursday. Said family reunion includes the aunt and cousins that always provide me with stories (the Love look, the amazing shitting rock, deadly neurotoxin, and fans of Twilight).

Life's gonna be interesting for a while.
First and most importantly, Happy Mother's Day! To everyone on my flist who's been a mother or will be a mother, thank you for taking on the toughest job in existence and never let anyone tell you it's not a wonderful thing to do. To everyone out there who has a mother, take some time to do something special for her today, or at least say thanks. You would quite literally not be here without her, you know. ♥

I live in a different state, so I'm calling my mom in a bit. With any luck, she got my card already. |Db

I went to go see Thor on Friday night. It was an opening night crowd, which means it was loud and appreciative (and at some points hilariously profane) and I loved the hell out of it.

As for the movie itself, Spoilers for Thor abound! )

Non-spoilery long story short: Did it measure up to previous Marvel movies? Yes. Was it fun to watch? Yes. Am I going to see this a few more times in theaters and wind up owning it? Most likely and definitely yes. Basically, A++, Will Watch Again.

On a relatively related note, does anybody know if the Spider-Man reboot is going to feed into the Avengers movie at all? Because that would be fun, I think.

On a completely different but still fun note, my birthday is in nine days! I'll be turning 23, which isn't really a landmark but is still a reason to celebrate. I believe in parties (not quite up to Pinkie Pie standards, but still), and so I'm having two of them!

The first is on Sunday the 15th, and it's Disneyland day! Come to Disneyland, we'll hang out and ride rides and go see Fantasmic and it will be all sorts of fun. :Db

The second is on Tuesday the 17th, my actual birthday, and it's dinner at Gyu-Kaku! I have a weakness for Japanese BBQ, obviously. |D Dinner's at 7:30, so let me know if you're going and I'll make reservations.

And yes, if you can see this entry, you're invited. XD

And because I know some people want a list in regards to gifts, I have a relatively short one:

- Tron: Legacy Marquee pin (Ebay is my friend)
- Membership to Teavana's Tea of the Month club (pie in the sky, but nonetheless XD)
- Tron on DVD
- Gift Cards: Teavana, Disney, Godiva, Gyu-Kaku, White House Black Market, Brighton, Albertsons/Ralphs/Vons, or just about anywhere else I frequent.
- Fic, arts, fun artsy stuff - you guys know my fandoms and my pairings and what I like

Though really, I'd really rather hang out with you guys than receive stuff. Y'all are the best present I could have. ♥

As a closing note: Glee's doing "Friday" for their next episode; there's a new clip of At World's End released; and this absolutely made my morning.

And with that, I am off to see African Cats in a few hours. Good times, guys. Good times.
It's been a while, huh. I need to quit neglecting this journal. As it is, it's after midnight and I have work in the morning, so this'll be a pretty quick rundown.

My dad is doing fine! He's been taking it easy and not working ridiculous hours anymore (glory hallelujah) and he's doing a lot better, at least according to mom. They've also found a house and put a bid on it, so we'll see how that goes. Will they be moved before the family reunion? Probably not, but they've definitely got their eyes on it.

My first video shoot went pretty well, all things considered. We shot video for a project at work on Friday - rented out a studio and everything. The talent we cast (that I spent time interviewing and basically got first say on who played who, yeah baby) worked really well together, and we got thirty scenes shot in about six hours - not bad at all, actually. There were a few tense moments, and one in which I managed to spill makeup on an actor's suit jacket (note to self: Leslie is doing the makeup from now on because ARGH), but overall it went pretty well. Rick was happy, Leslie was happy, Terrence was happy, and I was bushed, so I figure life is good.

In other news, getting LA County workers together for a conference call is like herding cats. I kind of want business cards with "professional cat herder" on them now. (And yes, I have seen the commercial, and yes, it is hilarious.)

Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin on Sunday! It was pretty low key, though I spent more on souvenirs then I think I ever have at Disneyland - blame it on getting my Disneyland In A Box prize together for my [ profile] help_japan winner. The POTC preview that they have is amusing, Blackbeard freaks me the hell out and I love it, and the show beforehand is cute and hilarious by turns. On the downside, there is no group rate for special seats for Fantasmic, so I either need to finagle something or give up on that one for my birthday. We'll see how things go there. I do love spending time at that park, though - so lovely and relaxing. ♥

In RP news, I've got Jason Stackhouse in Second City - we've only gotten as far as him thinking Pinkie Pie is somehow a drug flashback, and I don't want to handwave things until that thread gets a little further, so we'll see. Linkara is in over his head - per usual - Rarity is loud and abuses italics like whoa - per usual - and Rosette...I'm really tempted to drop her, if only because nothing is happening with her. I think I'm past the point where I can successfully get into her head and play her well - my lack of interest and her lack of CR have pretty well made that obvious. Honestly, I think DC might've closed the book on things with her, and I've been trying to find an epilogue instead of enjoying it for the fantastic story it was. Again - and I have been using this phrase far too much - we'll see.

Finally, as if I don't do enough writing, I'm thinking of picking up one of those 100 Themes challenges and getting one down every day. Even if they're not all that good, if all else fails, it'll at least guarantee that I write 100 words every day, and I think I need something constant like that.

Yeah, that's about it. Bedtime now, I think.
Man, guys, I love Christmas. I just do. ♥

We bucked a few traditions this year that don't really work for us anymore, and we're talking about switching things up a tad next year, but this time around, it was a pretty peaceful day. Last night's drama didn't repeat itself (GLORY HALLELUJAH), so things were pretty nice around here.

Also, I got to hold my niece. I love Kennedy. So much. /eeeeee bitty eeeeeeeee 8D

Since everyone's on the bandwagon, I might as well join it. The haul! )

More important than the haul, though, is the fact that I got to spend a day with my family. I do miss them while I'm out in CA, in all honesty, and it's nice to see them again, even if only for a few days.

Given my travel day yesterday, that was something of a miracle. 8D

8:00 AM: [ profile] lynxgriffin, who is awesome, picks me up to head to the Long Beach Airport.
9:30 AM: I arrive at said airport, realize the line for Allegiant Air is stupid long, and wait in it.
10:00 AM: Finally get to the (very dinky) terminal for a flight that leaves at 11:20.
10:50 AM: Realize something is wrong when flight is not yet boarding. Chat with people around me about it.
11:00 AM: Announcement is broadcast over the loudspeaker that flight is delayed for two hours. Over the phone, Dad informs me it's because the fog in the Springs is horrible.
11:20 AM: Discover that Pizza Hut delivers to the Long Beach Airport. Order a pizza with my three seatmates, who are hilarious conversationalists.
11:30 AM: Hear from Mom that there's been a two-person plane crash east of the runway at the Springs airport. D:
11:45 AM: Pizza arrives.
12:10 PM: Receive announcement that airspace is closed around COS and the weather is still bad. Realize we're in the airport for the long haul. At least the pizza is good.
1:00 PM: Receive announcement that the airspace is open but fog is still horrible. Whoopee.
3:00 PM: Receive announcement that they're going to try to fly a plane from COS to Grand Junction, refuel it, then fly it here. We've got at least two hours' wait.
4:45 PM: Receive announcement that says nobody can fly into COS, so after the plane gets here from Grand Junction - because it hasn't left yet - they're going to fly us to Pueblo and bus us to the Springs. Okay, then.
6:45 PM: After a long series of delays, the plane actually leaves COS.
8:45 PM: The plane arrives at Long Beach.
9:30 PM PST: We finally leave Long Beach.
10:30 PM MST: We arrive in Pueblo.
11:15 PM: After the longest bloody wait ever to get our baggage, we get on the buses.
12:15 AM: Buses arrive at COS, where Dad is there to pick me up.

Fifteen hours, guys. Longest travel day ever. At least I am home, and I shall have fun stuff later - maybe even more drabbles, who knows. For now, however, I'm taking it easy.
I am back in CA safely! I also need a flipton of lotion because man I forgot how dry Colorado can be, even if it is only for five days. I have a ton of things to talk about, from sleep deprivation to flights to Thanksgiving prayer shenanigans to Kennedy to eleven-year-old ticket stubs to reasons to make sure all the lights in your car are off before you leave for nearly a week, but honestly, I'm pretty much only posting for one reason:

I writed another thing.

Dear Self, where on Earth did your priorities go, love Self. It's another in the series of bitty!Terra drabbles, sequential after the previous two, far too long to fit on [ profile] kh_drabble, untitled, unbeta'd, and very rough...but it's here, and the story's moving along. I count these as good things. Please leave me some crit if you have any, and in the meantime, enjoy~

It had been a very long time since she’d been someplace this crowded – not since she’d begun her training with Master Eraqus, she realized. )
kiaxet: (Ded from Bucket)
( Nov. 24th, 2010 12:14 am)
I am back in Colorado and will be until Sunday.

Jet lag is killing me. It doesn't usually, so this is weird.

I've been informed that we're getting rid of the desk in my room and I'm to go through its contents in the five days I'm here. It's been there since high school, it has nine drawers, and I'm a pack rat. Can't exactly say I'm looking forward to that one.

That's about it for now. Time to get rid of this jet lag.

Everyone go to YouTube and look up Sassy Gay Friend. Like, now. Othello is my favorite, but Hamlet and the Giving Tree are both pretty awesome as well. Seriously, go.

Well, it's time for the Bad, the Good, and the Buh? in Kia's life.

This got slightly long, as my life is wont to do. |D )

So yes! Those are the life and times of Kia. Tomorrow, I fly home until Sunday. Should be interesting, but interesting can be fun. |Db

...okay I couldn't resist. A bit NWS for language, but still amazing.

This is completely off topic for everything, but oh man I love this picture. The schadenfreude is amazing, and I cannot get over Terra's girly little ankles. XD

My life has just gone insane, man. I mean, dang.

...I was going to have a big long rundown of things, but that was before I got ridiculously distracted. |D So! List form!

- San Diego. Amazing. So beautiful, even in epic amounts of fog and mist.
- When we go back for Comic Con, we're eating at the Dublin House. Boxties and Irish nachos and chocolate cherry martinis, oh my.
- We're also going to Wet Willies. Alcoholic slushies. When they have flavors called Attitude Adjustment, Electric Shocker, and Call-A-Cab, you know it's a great place to be.
- Also, the Cadillac Cafe. Fifties-sixties-seventies restaurant where the waitresses put your hair up with straws. I seriously have pictures of us with straws in our hair - I think I wound up with twenty or so. That was amazing lulz.
- The game. I could cry. The Falcons usually stomp SDSU. Not this time. We had half our starting line, both offensive and defensive, out with injuries. One of our defensive linemen broke his leg during the game. Our QB might have ripped his knee again. We weren't compensating well for any of it. And to top all this off, the refs overturned a call on the field that cost us a two-point conversion. We lost the game by those two points. It was incredibly disheartening. :/
- But the rest of the weekend was fun. |Db
- I got secondary interviews for each of the jobs I interviewed at today. I also somehow wound up with six more interviews on top of that. My life. What is it. I don't even. yeah. Life. XD Disneyland Halloween tomorrow! This should be fun.

Also, I shall catch up on memes later, because man am I ever behind.
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( Oct. 1st, 2010 10:13 pm)
I am back in Colorado for the weekend!

My parents know about my situation. I am expecting multiple conversations about it and I am expecting them to suck. Such is life.

I'm also getting up earlier than I ever have for work in order to tailgate, because one of our biggest games is tomorrow. I'm crazy but I love this.

I wrote a thing. I'm also trying to plan out KH3 in my head as a massive fanfic. This is because I am a crazy person. So you know.

I'll catch up on 30 day memes later when I'm not exhausted and/or going crazy. So. Yes. Stuff.

I've got two things for you this afternoon: image and fic. The image comes from me finding the Majora's Mask creepypasta that's been floating around lately and linking it to my brother, given that he still owns the game and played it quite a bit back in the N64's heyday. This followed:

So there's this creepypasta... )

I love my brother. I really do.

The fic I actually wrote the other night - I mentioned it to [ profile] fuzziesquish in my BBS commentary post. It is 100% canonically inaccurate, proven so by canon that was released two and some change years before I wrote it. The fact that I haven't seen the secret movie at the end (and if you spoil me I will end you) either. So yeah, this pretty much boils down to Kia Wrote a Thing. Despite that, there are still REALLY BIG SPOILERS FOR TERRA'S ENDING. Yes. You are warned.

There were days when he wondered if he couldn’t have done something different. )

...I like my headcanon better. :|

Expect more BBS commentary later tonight, as I'm heading to Lynx's in a few to take advantage of her generosity once again. Look for that in a few hours.

You know, I hadn't realized I missed Cheyenne until I got there this weekend. That said, it's a much nicer place to visit than it is to live, though they have added a few more metropolitan areas (read: shopping centers) since I was last there seven years ago. Yeah, seven years will do something for your cowboy nostalgia.

It's also at 50,000 people, which does make it bigger than Ridgecrest. Sorry, [ profile] amorsinseramada.

I obtained a cowboy hat (read: adventure hat whenever the black fedora is not appropriate), a new purse, and quite a few pictures of giant boot sculptures. I also got a concert t-shirt, which broke the bank. 8D

SPEAKING OF THE CONCERT OMW. I loved it. :D I do love Brooks and Dunn, and as always, they put on a fantastic show. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't spent half the concert in tears, but there you go.

...I need to explain that last comment, huh.

They played a song I'd never heard called Cowgirls Don't Cry, about a girl who is raised by her daddy to be a cowgirl, has her husband cheat on her but keeps it inside because cowgirls don't cry, and then her dad dies and his last words to her are - you guessed it - cowgirls don't cry.

So, of course, I'm bawling by the time that song is over. That was about an hour into the two-hour concert, and every time they played another slow song I'd start up again. That wouldn't have been so bad if every other song hadn't been a slow and/or meaningful song. I even cried at Neon Moon, for goodness' sake, and I knew it was coming. It got to the point where the stage lights would turn blue, I'd sit there and go OH DAMMIT NOT AGAIN, and sure enough...yeah. Fantastic concert but damn I cried.

Highlights of the concert were:

- Starting with Play Something Country
- The beer sellers all wearing fluorescent pink shirts
- The elderly woman behind me being just as much of a fangirl as I am
- Ending the concert proper with My Maria
- Pretending to take requests: "What do you wanna hear? ...My Maria? ...Later. Boot Scoot? ...Later." Earth Wind & Fire teases me, I go crazy. Brooks & Dunn tease me, I laugh.
- Two song encore: Brand New Man and Boot Scootin' Boogie
- Bringing out servicemen in uniform from all four branches of the Armed Forces for a salute during Only In America. This is the only time I've seen any performance get a screaming standing ovation in the middle of the concert - hell, in the middle of a song. This was incredible and far and away my favorite part.

All in all, it was an incredible concert and a great weekend. I love hanging out with my family and I don't get to do it often anymore.

In more local news, I'm still working on that egg and hoping. This week promises to be another busy one with friend-visiting and lease-signing. The new One Piece movie is friggin' hilarious and I want to watch it again because I am obviously now hooked on Oda's trollish crack. Send help.

If I get my rear in gear tonight, there'll be another post with pictures and video from the past two weekends and snippets of chat log from [ profile] universejuice and I watching the movie. For now, I continue on with music.

I'm going to start cutting these whenever I do them in chunks...which is all I ever seem to do ;;; )
What happened to me updating every day? Honestly. Good job, self.

It's not like I haven't been busy, though. I have been having a Social Life with Friends and getting ready for this weekend, when I head up to Cheyenne with my family to go see Brooks & Dunn on their farewell tour as part of Frontier Days. I want to go to the pancake breakfast (at which pancake flippers flip pancakes over their shoulders and kids with trays run around behind them in order to catch and serve said flying pancakes) and the rodeo as well. Mom...does not. I might try to get tickets with Dad and see how things go. Either way, it'll be a nice weekend. I get to bring my parasol and my handmade Pepperdine clock back, so. Good times. :Db

IDK if I will have WiFi so I suppose this is a short hiatus thing of sorts...? I have no idea. I'll get internet at some point somewhere.

I went out to dinner last night with [ profile] ananda_jc and her hubby, [ profile] orelle_peredhil, and [ profile] jedizero, to this awesome little sushi place in Thousand Oaks. They give you an incredible amount of really good food for not very much money - two-almost-three meals' worth of tempura, teriyaki, and California rolls for eighteen bucks. I will definitely be going back there.

[ profile] ananda_jc works at Pepperdine, and...well, there's an egg, to borrow the metaphor from [ profile] lynxgriffin. I am preparing and having her look over things and being very cautiously hopeful.

On a completely different note, I'm getting back into One Piece. It needs to stop being so bloody addicting. Oi.

So that is my highly exciting life (hahaha yeah) as of late. Now to the music meme, which I can't seem to stay on top of to save my life 8D

Day 16: A song that you used to love but now hate

I used to know all the words and everything. Then I heard "Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up" and decided I liked that a whole lot more.

Day 17: A song that you hear often on the radio

Would you believe I've heard this one on the radio in Colorado multiple times? They really seem to like it. Can't blame 'em. :Db

Day 18: A song that you wish you heard on the radio

The world needs more Lucky Boys Confusion. Trufax.

All Thirty Days )
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( Jul. 15th, 2010 11:46 pm)
So those of you who chat with me on AIM or IRL know that I've been leaning on my dad to figure out if we've got tickets to the Frontier Days stop in Brooks & Dunn's farewell tour.



It's just been a good day, man. Just an awesome day.

Also! I will be at Disneyland with [ profile] universejuice all weekend, so. Yes. Don't have too much fun without me and I shall return Friday night. 8D
This was one of those weekends when everyone wanted some of my time. I went from planning on hanging out with zero people to hanging out with six or seven, some multiple times. I got cheesecake and meals and slurpees out of the deal, though. Good times. |Db

SO YES I am two days behind on that music meme and it's nearly Monday, so I'm doing three days at once. YAY PROCRASTINATION

Day 05: A song that reminds you of someone

This and every other song on this CD will remind me of my dad. He's the one who got me into classic rock to begin with, and this CD would always be in the car when he picked me up from dance class. Ah, nostalgia.

Day 06: A song that reminds you of somewhere

Oh, Cheyenne. First concert, first foray into country, first time I moved back to somewhere I'd left when that particular move was over. Spent two years missing Colorado. |D

Day 07: A song that reminds you of a certain event


Six hours until you die

Yeeeeeah I love you guys. XD ♥

The full meme )

Also, Digimon marathons = awesome. I love nineties dubbing and just how dumb characters can be.
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( Jan. 7th, 2010 11:36 pm)
I promised y'all a Hawaii post, and here it is. It's not always the most entertaining thing in the world, and I did it by days so it's pretty long, but it's a summary of our trip to Hawaii. Enjoy. :3

That means Welcome. )

Merry Christmas, all!

Yes, I can say it twice in a day. I love it. :Db It's nearly three in the afternoon and we're having a pretty relaxed day. Christmas with the Kranks has become a Christmas tradition, so we're all sitting here laughing our rears off at an incredibly awkward movie.

Following tradition and/or the herd, since everyone seems to be doing it: the haul.

Yeah, guess what's under the cut XD )

That last one requires a bit of explanation, I think. Start with last year's post, which has all the backstory you need.

The Arizona Richardsons have done it again. 8D

Includes a picture! )

At the very least, there are no lightbulb rocks this year. 8Db

Alright, I promised y'all a Guess the Carol post, and this'll be it. Ten for now, because ten is a good number for this sort of meme.

I'll give you a hint: Jingle Bells is not one of them. )

I love me my obscure first verses.

So yes. Such an awesome day. Now we go make chocolate raspberry parfait and roast beef and have an awesome night. Check back in later and y'all have a wonderful day. ♥
Whew it's been an eventful past couple of days.

First of all, I AM FEELING BETTER HUZZAH! I'm still taking it easy if you can call two shots of Bailey's in two days "taking it easy", but I'm doing a lot better. Yays :D

The past few days have been pretty awesome despite the random illness. My little brother and I went rock climbing with Jonathan and Leah in an indoor place. It's been forever since I've done something like that - I have pictures and videos and soreness in my arms and shoulders to prove the epic. Lunch at a local and ridiculously awesome Chinese restaurant, homemade stromboli for dinner, and watching Star Trek for the second time topped off Monday. Tuesday and today have both been pretty low-key but nice. I have been sleeping for once. It's a nice change. XD

I have been going really crazy at XI lately, which is both a good and bad thing. The good is that J is getting CR and romantic shenanigans *A* and I have a new app in the box, which is a surprise even to me. Late morning yesterday, I sat down, looked at all the dragon stuff going on in XI, and went, I want to app Levitas. Six or seven hours later, I have an app done and a post up on Dear Mun and I am just gung ho about this little Winchester. I have no idea if his app will be accepted, given that there are two or three other dragon apps in the box right now, but I'm still excited. Either way, I might app him to Paixao - needs moar dragons.

That brings me to the downside of increased activity at XI - I haven't been looking at Paixao as much. I really need to sit down and figure out how much I can handwave and where everybody needs to be. Luxord will probably wind up back at the bar (that's totally not his launching point or anything), Rosette will probably be handwaved as staying with the TARDIS crew, and DEATH...I have no idea. He might get himself tangled up in Darkside. |D IDEK. Need a kickstart there. Maybe later tonight after our game of Clue is over. We're on pause on account of guests, but I'm just about certain I know what the solution is. :D

EITHER WAY. Good times all around. :Db


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