Five days in Colorado was exactly the vacation I needed. I just need to remember next time that I need to drink a lot more - because dehydration headaches suck - and I can't drink pretty much anything - which sucks when Mom's buying and asking if I want a margarita because they're really great here and here, try hers and see if I like it. Honestly, I know my mom is happy to have me around whenever I come home, and I think she likes having someone who'll go out for fruity drinks and conversation. She likes having mother-daughter time.

In all honesty, it was really nice to have someone else make the decisions and the schedule and just follow along - a break from being a responsible adult, as it were. I put a ton of pressure on myself with to-do lists and self-imposed deadlines and all of that, and it was nice to get to just put all that on hold for an extended weekend and hang out with my parents. My younger brother is at college, my older brother came by for an afternoon, and I didn't get to see my sister-in-law or niece, but there's a flipton of drama surrounding that that I'd rather not get into right now. |D Either which way, I did love seeing my family. The football game was fun to go to even if it ended horribly (which is what happens when all of your starting defensive line is sidelined with injuries - the BSU game at the end of this week is going to be painful), shopping with mom was actually a lot more fun than most of my recent shopping trips have been, Sequence is a fun game if a bit slow with only two players, the new house is beautiful, and...yeah. Hell yes Colorado. :Db I do regret getting the donut burger, though. Remind me to post pictures of that.

The only thing I'm worried about is Finn. Since my parents moved into the new house, he's gone pretty much crazy: he's ripped up his kennel when they put him in it when they leave (whereas Mac just curls up in his and naps until they get home), he whines like mad, he's losing weight - he's skinny even for a greyhound, which is worrying - and he just generally Does Not Look Good. Mom's bringing him in to the vet's and, if that doesn't work, possibly a dog whisperer, because he never used to do any of this stuff, and if we give him up or, God forbid, put him down - which is a very sad option if he continues on being this destructively miserable and we can't find the reason and calm him down - then Mac will go ballistic without him around. The dog situation at home is not good, but I'm really hoping it'll turn out for the better.

A little closer to the west coast, my bosses are out of the office all week (Hawaiian vacation, lucky them), so I'm on my own and keeping busy with whatever project updates come up. This Friday, I head to Disneyland for the Halloween party with [ profile] amorsinseramada, [ profile] lynxgriffin, and [ profile] universejuice, and sticking around on Saturday as well. Costumes aren't quite finished yet, but those are priorities for the next few nights. It's just a bit of cutting and hemming (and praying shoes come in on time), so it shouldn't be too bad. I hope.

On the fandom works front, [ profile] secondcityrpg is almost over and Rarity has been accepted at [ profile] itsjustagamerpg - I just need to join the comms and get going. Tron fic is on hold until I get to rewatch Legacy - maybe sometime next week - and while I haven't done much for my NaNo outline, I have been kicking around ideas for it, so hopefully that'll start coming together soon. Again, next week's priority.

Who all's doing NaNo this year, by the way? I'd love to know - something tells me I'll need people to lean on come November. |D
I love Halloween, guys. Seriously. I am the biggest wuss on the planet, which kind of defeats a lot of the point, but I love dressing up. Candy's also a perk. So yeah, I love this holiday.

That's probably why I celebrated it three times this year. :Db

Three nights of Halloween, complete with costume pics! )

We've only had one trick or treater tonight - a four year old girl who, when prompted by her mother, simply looked sad and said, "Candy." - and given that it's 11 pm, I don't think we're getting any more. Still, this weekend was an absolute blast, and I had a fantastic time with people. Successful Halloween? I think so.
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( Oct. 21st, 2010 11:01 pm)
I have a new default icon and I love it so. Would you look at that. So pretty.

Anyway! I did indeed hit up Disneyland on Tuesday with the wonderful [ profile] lynxgriffin. I dressed as Xion on her suggestion, and despite the fact that it got ridiculously rainy at some points, it was still quite a bit of fun. Of course, I come bringing woefully oversized pictures, since Photobucket is weird like that sometimes.

Pictures ahoy! )

And that puts an end to our little picture odyssey. Honestly, I was having too much fun to pull out the camera (and subsequently give it to Lynx and beg for her to take a picture) too terribly often.

In other news, job interviews are still going and will deserve an entry of their own when I finally get around to it - maybe sometime tomorrow. For now, I need to get back into the swing of tagging and maybe actually get a consistent sleep schedule. That would be amazing.
This is completely off topic for everything, but oh man I love this picture. The schadenfreude is amazing, and I cannot get over Terra's girly little ankles. XD

My life has just gone insane, man. I mean, dang.

...I was going to have a big long rundown of things, but that was before I got ridiculously distracted. |D So! List form!

- San Diego. Amazing. So beautiful, even in epic amounts of fog and mist.
- When we go back for Comic Con, we're eating at the Dublin House. Boxties and Irish nachos and chocolate cherry martinis, oh my.
- We're also going to Wet Willies. Alcoholic slushies. When they have flavors called Attitude Adjustment, Electric Shocker, and Call-A-Cab, you know it's a great place to be.
- Also, the Cadillac Cafe. Fifties-sixties-seventies restaurant where the waitresses put your hair up with straws. I seriously have pictures of us with straws in our hair - I think I wound up with twenty or so. That was amazing lulz.
- The game. I could cry. The Falcons usually stomp SDSU. Not this time. We had half our starting line, both offensive and defensive, out with injuries. One of our defensive linemen broke his leg during the game. Our QB might have ripped his knee again. We weren't compensating well for any of it. And to top all this off, the refs overturned a call on the field that cost us a two-point conversion. We lost the game by those two points. It was incredibly disheartening. :/
- But the rest of the weekend was fun. |Db
- I got secondary interviews for each of the jobs I interviewed at today. I also somehow wound up with six more interviews on top of that. My life. What is it. I don't even. yeah. Life. XD Disneyland Halloween tomorrow! This should be fun.

Also, I shall catch up on memes later, because man am I ever behind.
I generally go too far between serious updates - or at least updates with some modicum of content - on this journal, don't I. Good job, self. |D

Either way, you're getting one, and I warn you it is long and image heavy in spots.

First of all, because I feel like I have to say this, I've found something awesome: this guy. I know, doesn't look like something I'd listen to, right? Well, listen to his Nocturnal Sunshine podcast (you can get it free on iTunes) - every episode is an hour of steady, repetitive, easily ignorable techno best classified as upscale background noise. This is to say, I've found the best homework music ever. XD

Don't tell my brother. He actually went to see this guy when he came to Denver this summer. My brother would disown me. Then again, we only just convinced said brother to come to Hawaii with the family instead of spending New Year's with his girlfriend, whom nobody likes, so...yeah. YAY FAMILY.

Said girlfriend just tried to friend me on Facebook. That's just a whole new definition of awkward.

But yes. Other stuff. Halloween is other stuff, right?

It better be, 'cause that's what you're getting under the cut. )

Of course, then Sunday night was juuuuuust fantastic. I'm never getting the chicken salad sandwich at the Cheesecake Factory again, I can tell you that much. (I will still, however, get their cheesecake. That is not what made me ill.)

The rest of this week has basically just been recovery. We did a Randomizer show, but the recording equipment was busted and I therefore have no episode for you guys this week. Sad. :( I'm also supposed to have written a paper on Sunday night, but that did not happen. Paper is still not written and might not get written until Saturday because I am just bushed. I also have an interview with Dex tomorrow - evidently they still want me, so I'm heading out there, trying to sound intelligent, and praying this goes through because paid internships are incredibly few and far between. It would be a nice feather in my cap for next semester. Wish me some good luck for that one. |D


The girl in the middle? That's my little. She's dressed as Kaylee.

My little is a Browncoat (and you'd better believe we're converting her twin). I could not be more pleased. :3
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 02:36 am)
The (rather brief, as I am tired) rundown of Halloween night is as follows:

Real Trick-Or-Treating )

Fictional Yet Lawlarious Trick-Or-Treating )

So that was my Halloween. My All Saint's Day will likely be full of homework and too much candy, huzzah. |D

I've discovered that smaller costumes are complimented on Pepperdine campus, while more outstanding costumes are simply stared at. I figure I'll keep the Carmen Sandiego costume for a convention instead of just next year, though I'm definitely wearing it to Third Street tonight. It's cooling down, so with any good luck I won't roast.

And yes, there will be pictures of my roomie and I in costume and with the ridiculously nerdy pumpkins we carved. :D

Finally, in RP news:

EPIC HALLOWEEN RP TRICK-OR-TREATING THREAD GOES HERE! Please come with your characters and have fun!

AND. [ profile] princeali_m_fan.

We have Genie and Carpet, and the addition of this is why we need Aladdin. :D

That is all. Enjoy your candy tonight (and for however long it lasts)!


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