Things that have been changed abruptly on me today:

iTunes updates

My Religion project (which is still making me tear my hair out - there's a whole story behind this)

Tomorrow's mixer (no longer tomorrow)

Sylar's personality on Heroes (AGAIN JEEZ BOY MAKE UP YOUR MIND)

Things I've changed myself:

My mind

My clothes

My activity state on DC (called a slowiatus for the month)

The amount of research I have

Progress on said GRR ARGH project

My attitude (this one has changed quite a few times)

I conclusion: I have no idea what the everloving hell I'm doing. Details later when I do, or can at least talk about things. For now, bed.
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( Dec. 15th, 2008 10:55 pm)
I didn't really want to brag about grades until they were all updated (one of my teachers seems to be just a bit behind), but eh, I'll do it anyways. I'm pretty certain of what grade I'll be receiving in that class anyways.

SO. Semester grades are:

Rhetoric: A-
Shakespeare: A
History: Pending
Convo: A
Religion: B

Yeah, I have no freaking clue how I pulled that last one off. Just. No idea. Criminy. I liked my dad's reaction best: "There is a God." Ohhhhh yes there is. :D

Emu came over for the first time in forever today. We spent a good four hours talking and working our way through Subspace Emissary. It was a bit easier to work our way through the patches that Kae and I had just killed ourselves over a few days prior (we made it across the moving platform/spike combo on the first try. I have no idea how that happened), but the new material had its moments. All I can say is, Snake has the best freaking intro ever and tea does indeed solve everything.

And Kae...I kind of wasn't thinking and saved over our file. ^^;;; Sorry...

Lessee, what else...oh yes, Unreal opened today. I should probably get posting on that tonight. XD

And I should catch up in Paixao.

And in DC.

...when did RP get so incredibly busy? Just. Wow.


This part is a bit spoilery )

Also, I am now completely convinced that my Petrelli/Hedgehog parallels have fallen apart. At this point, Nathan is acting like Shadow would be if Mephiles had succeeded, Peter's got Sonic's traits (and the complete inability to let the jackass die) but lacks the upstanding aspects of his personality, and...let's just leave Silver out of this, shall we? It just doesn't work anymore. XD

I'll definitely watch after the Super Bowl because I'd love to know what happens next, but I think my apathy is starting to show and I can't be bothered to cover it up.

...I think I'll end this with a meme. Haven't done one of those in a while. This one's ganked from [ profile] spiritsshadow.

And it's about movies. And it's *long.* )
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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 08:18 pm)
Four and a half hours into my work shift and nothing has been accomplished. Yes, I do blame you.

Yes, the Sonic comic was fantastic, but reading it and the ensuing time spent poking around on dA was really not helpful to my homeworking needs (namely those two papers that need to be finished by Thursday and Friday, respectively). Now I'm caffeinated (would you believe that's accidental?) and going slightly out of my mind and unable to think straight enough to read or write...and still not getting any work done.

I might just put on the last few videos of that LP, because I need something to calm my brain down. I am just @_@ right now and that's not a good state to write a paper in.

IN OTHER NEWS (i.e. the rest of Kia's day)

OTHER NEWS got a bit long. )
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( Nov. 11th, 2008 01:49 am)
I have had an interesting day. Just...interesting.

Once again, I talk about most everything in my life. This is a common occurrence. )

Aaaaaaaaand after a post that I originally thought was going to be a short update but is quite obviously not, I am done for the day.

...right after I upload Christmas icons. It's getting close to that time of the year. :D

OH. ONE MORE THING. [ profile] holiday_wishes. DO IT, FOLKS. :D
This does not, however, excuse you all from my fandom-related blather. This entire fiasco started with a conversation about Sonic games and why hedgehogs (and only hedgehogs) could tap into the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

I made a crack about how they were all related. Going off my penchant for crossing fandoms, I then made a crack about how they were all Petrellis.

And suddenly it all made sense (this cut is for Heroes spoilers up to last week's episode, by the way) )

The parallels fall off a bit after that, but that was enough to keep both me and my roomie in stitches for a good fifteen minutes.

...I felt the need to share that with you all. :D Somebody please stop me from apping Silver Petrelli at [ profile] thedressingzone
Heroes didn't actually break my brain as much as it normally does tonight. I also didn't watch-and-type this week, and I think I enjoyed it more that way.

That said, it was still Heroes and therefore still really weird. )

Very short recap this week, but I can't wait for next week's episode to roll around. It should prove to be interesting indeed.
Jeez, Heroes, way to be. )

In conclusion, I only watch this show because it delivers my weekly dose of sheer WTFery. That is all.
Taking time out of my busy night to watch Heroes and type as I do so. This episode was weeeeeird.

This, children, is why drugs are bad. )

I've come to the conclusion that I'm only watching this series anymore for Matt and Hiro. That's basically it.
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( Sep. 30th, 2008 12:09 am)
Yet another type-as-I-watch spaz post. You were expecting...?

Last week on Heroes: there was crazy shit.

This week on Heroes: I assume there will be more crazy shit.

And oh, was there ever crazy shit. )

Yeah, Heroes this season is just weird.

And I realize this is my first update in a week - I promise I'll update sometime when I'm not about to keel over. |D;
After not watching this show for almost a solid year (and missing almost all of Season 2), I walk back into it cold. Freaking cold.

Poetry scares me now. )

The long and short of it is, this is possibly the biggest drug trip I've seen in a very long time. For now, however, I have homework to do.

And I'm back on LJ. XD;

I feel like the biggest moron on the planet. I've been looking for Scary McOrangeface fruit snacks all summer. I finally find them on my last day before I leave at TARGET of all places. So now there's a whole bunch of Scary McOrangeface coming with me to London. :3

Mom bought me the Heroes boxed set. EPIC WIN Y/Y/VY?

There continues to be OMG TEH DRAMAZORZ in one of my RPs, to the point where I'm predicting epic wank and mass exodus if certain events happen a certain way (which, given the people involved, is more than likely). I am also likely to be among the people exodus-ing. (Dissention in the ranks, wut.)

Now, to pack, figure out Skype, and get funding from the 'rents. :3


Time for a subject change!


English 101: PWNED, BITCHES. I went in, BS'd an essay, and went out. Took me an hour. AND I NEVER HAVE TO GO TO THAT CLASS AGAIN. >D
...and this tidbit interested me: you remember that news article that I had to write and on which I got a C? Well, she had me rewrite it, and pretty much all I did was change a bit of the formatting and make all the corrections she'd marked on the original draft (all six of them). I got the rewrite back the other day. She gave me an A-, and "the minus was only because it's only 3.5 pages long instead of the full 4."
...I'm not knocking it. I'm just laughing my ass off.

French 251: ALSO PWNED. :D A few questions and a short essay on Les Miserables and we're set. I'm actually really going to miss that class - it was the first time in four years I've actually really enjoyed a French class, and I really liked it. I should visit the teacher next year. ^^;

PENDING: Humanities 111 (this evening) and Speech 180 (tomorrow).

Our D&D sessions are over now. We finished last night. I am saddened. D: I MUST PLAY WHEN I RETURN HOME. WHO'S WITH ME?

On the packing front:

Things actually went well yesterday. I got everything in boxes and such and the boxes in the storage unit. There's just one itty-bitty problem...

[personal profile] lynxgriffin, [personal profile] corrielle, [profile] ghettopeach, [profile] gaelic_bohemian...can I keep my books at your house? I'm taking all my FMA and Chrno Crusade back with me, but that still leaves me with about eight Terry Pratchett books and three or four assorted others. The storage unit's already gone, and I'd rather avoid having my ass kicked into the ground (and my internet priveleges potentially revoked) by my mother if I return home with all those books. Y'all can read them and everything, and do stuff, and...just may I? ^^;;;;;
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( Mar. 13th, 2007 01:43 am)
Does anybody know where to find good Sylar icons?

Or any Sylar icons, for that matter?
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( Jan. 22nd, 2007 10:16 pm)
This is pretty much how my Heroes-watching experience went tonight.

LeSeptieme = me
Fantine = [profile] __fantine (um, duh...)

[22:02] LeSeptieme: HOMIGOD.
[22:02] LeSeptieme: heroes tonight.
[22:02] Fantine: I actually like the beard!
[22:03] LeSeptieme: I didn't recognize him at first!
[22:03] Fantine:  Eccleston. He's deserving of omgs and hearts
[22:03] Fantine:  OMG <3 <3 <3 <#
[22:03] LeSeptieme: YESSSSSSS.
[22:03] Fantine:  <3*
[22:04] Fantine:  Much as I love the rest of the cast, if it was down to only Masi Oka and Eccleston, I would still watch.
[22:04] LeSeptieme: and that's the truth. :D
[22:04] Fantine:  :-D.
[22:04] LeSeptieme: yeah. exactly. :D.
[22:05] LeSeptieme: I want it to be next week now kthx. :D
[22:05] Fantine:  Seriously.
[22:05] Fantine:  Haha, my dad just called to ask if I saw XD.
[22:05] LeSeptieme: XDDDDD

For those of you who don't know, Christopher Eccleston is the new Invisible Man character in Heroes. For those of you who really don't know, Christopher Eccleston is also the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who. For those of you who really, really don't know...Wikipedia is your friend. ^^
So. Allllllll sorts of stuff to talk about.



And to switch gears yet again (WHEEEEEEE) fandom time! :D

And finally, the answers to that song meme I did forever and a freaking day ago. ^^;
If anybody wants me to upload any of these songs (or any other songs you know I have (Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, [profile] princeali_m_fanXD;)) just let me know. I'd be glad to do it. :D

AND. That is all! ^^;


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