I should probably start updating this more than once in a blue moon, huh. |D

I'm up to 90 minutes a night of internet time on my self-imposed online restriction. It gives me a bit more time to do tags and whatnot, but it's still not enough to really hang out and chat. I think what I miss doing most is just turning on AIM and reading a book or something while holding the occasional conversation. I feel like I have to be focused while online or I am Wasting Time. It's a different way to look at things, certainly; tbh, I just miss multitasking.

COMIC CON IS IN FIVE DAYS HOLY CRAP. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. I think this is the most convoluted and detailed any of my cosplays have ever been, and even now I'm still assembling bits. I live for the last minute, don'cha know 8Db It should be fun, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing all sorts of people and meeting [livejournal.com profile] bouncy_erbear! Because awesomeness attracts awesomeness, yes? Yes.

TBH, aside from freaking out about Comic Con and the upcoming move, nothing much of note is going on in the Life and Times of Kia. Work is work is work, and I usually get home from that and work on something - editing or cosplay or whatever needs working on. The huge Disney tribute is on hold for now, as is every other editing project I have going on, on account of - you guessed it - SDCC being right around the corner. My priorities might be a tad skewed, but I do have them. Also, most anime conventions won't let you enter a Disney music video, yes? It probably has to be mostly anime or game footage.

RP is...we're screwed. Just gonna lay that down. We are screwed. |D Also, I might not be tagging Jason for a bit because of recent NSFW Extremely Not Okay happenstances in this season of True Blood, so don't wait on me there.

Does anybody know what's going on at [livejournal.com profile] kh_drabble? It's a fun challenge, and we've had quite a few entries, but I don't remember any other time when there've been virtually zero comments on any of them. Is everyone just busy this week? \O_o/

Because this entry isn't disorganized enough: cosplay! Razor Wit finally arrived today, which means I went out of my mind for about an hour unpacking it and squeeing like a moron and trying to figure out picture poses (and subsequently scraping up one arm, but hey, worth it). I have odds and ends for most of my costumes, but my big thing's been putting together costumes for [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada. She's agreed to join our Friday MLP group, so I'm getting a Pinkie Pie costume together for her, and she chose her other one going solo, so I'm making her a Candlejack getup. That's bound to be hila
It's a very long and rather personal story that might get told later, but the bottom line is that Kia has a bit of a problem with being on the internet for far too long and is now on a self-imposed timer of one hour per night. It's something that'll be in place for quite a while, or at least until Things Get Better. If you have my number and something that you feel I Must Know goes down, feel free to call or text me, though don't expect a response during work hours. If not, my daily hour will likely happen sometime between 9 pm and midnight. If you need me for anything, drop me a PM or an email or spam my AIM - I'll get them when I'm signed on.

For now, and I know I'm a bit behind on putting this up, but the third episode of the LP has been up for a bit:

Episode 4 is uploading now and will take longer than I have to upload fully - watch my Youtube channel to see it when it goes up, or come back here tomorrow for the link. :Db
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( Jun. 24th, 2011 10:58 pm)
I'm going on an internet hiatus, guys. It's not life-threatening or anything, so don't freak out - I just need a break. Those of you who have my number, call or text if it's important; those of you who don't, bug the people who do to call or text if it's important.

Laters ♥
Ugggggh what a long gorram day. Getting up at seven is not working for me. ;;; Didn't help that I spent all of today thinking it was Friday. Accursed weekend is so far away ;~;

Also, I lose my internet Friday! The whole complex switches from Charter to Time Warner, and until our guy shows up on Saturday afternoon, I have no internets. Guess who gets to wait around at home for this guy to show. 8D Yee-frickin'-haw.

Also also, I need help from the cosplayers and the Pokemon people on my flist. I'm going to do closet cosplay for Anime Expo this year - I'm only going for a day and I don't have time to do anything elaborate. I do have a good-sized wardrobe, though, and I'm going home in two weeks, so I can grab stuff from there. I was thinking of doing a Pokemon gijinka, kind of like these guys except far less elaborate. I am very mildly crafty and prefer Pokemon that are on the cuter side...also, I refuse to do hair dye/wigs. Anyone have any suggestions for...well, anything I could possibly do? I'm just braindead at the moment. \O_o/

Also also also finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] ormery! You know I lurves you, even if I am a tad bit late. |D
And nothing of value was lost.

Lawled like a madwoman at that macro, though. So much love for the illustrious mods of that comm. ♥
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( Jan. 17th, 2010 05:49 pm)
Alright, guys, I have a couple favors to ask of y'all if you're willing to help me out. The first has to do with video clips. As you know, I'm cataloging the internet doing a crash course on internet culture for my class, and part of it is media-inspired memes. I'm looking for video clips that I can download, make into my own compilation, and then upload to YouTube, specifically:

One does not simply walk into Mordor!
Tony Stark built this in a cave! With a box of scraps!
I'm real happy for you and Imma letchu finish, but
I'm On a Boat


EDIT: Evidently I fail at explaining myself. |D I need these specific videos, guys. Thanks for the suggestions, though. ♥

The other favor is, please remember the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auction is going on! I know a lot of you are participating, and if you could link your particular threads in the comments so I can stalk them start bidding wars take a look, I'd much appreciate it. I made a request here and I am offering my own musical services in making FSTs here.

Thank you all ♥
I really need to learn to edit my posts instead of spamming you all into oblivion, huh. XD

FIRST THING: I am teaching a class on the internet!

For porn, porn, porn, yeah I know, get it all out of your systems XD

I volunteered to do my presentation first for my Writing for Technology class, so a week from now I'm going to be giving a thirty-to-forty-minute-long presentation on internet culture, specifically how knowing the culture will help a writer write for and relate to (and possibly understand feedback from) their audience. Those of you who were wondering why I asked for memes the other day, this is it. I'm going to give them a basic rundown of well-known and oft-referenced websites and memes, including:

MyLifeIsAverage yes I have seen MyLifeIsTwilight and if you suggest I show that to the class I reserve the right to stab you through the internets
Tv Tropes

Chuck Norris
liek mudkips
all your base
im in ur base
"...PROFIT!" lists

As well as a list of things to avoid:

/b/ and all other not work safe 4chan boards
two girls one cup

Guess who traumatized herself doing research for her anonymity paper. 8D

So, my wonderful flist, this is where I turn to you: what popular memes and websites have I missed that obviously need to be covered in class? Videos, text, pictures, anything is fair game, so long as it falls under "meme." Also, if anyone has any documentation of these memes going down - screencaps of the April Fool's Day when dA turned everyone's icon to a mudkip, or video of the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends float rickrolling everyone live during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - please link it, because that's the sort of thing that makes a powerpoint awesome. If anyone has anything that needs to be added to the AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE list, let me know that too, but please do not link them. Seriously. Please.

SECOND THING: [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti evidently has an auction for food products, and I would like to contribute. I can do cookies 8Db I'm not sure cherry bars will ship, since they have frosting, but magic bars, cheesecake cookies, and pumpkin butterscotch cookies should all ship pretty well. GUYS WHAT SHOULD I OFFER

Also! If you're offering something on the auctions, link your thread here! I should like to see and bid on things :Db
Not too much detail, since I'm sure y'all don't care quite that much. XD

First of all, getting up early and having three hours of work before class is going to kill me. Just saying.

Writing for Tech was pretty laid back. She's asked us to email her our ideas for the class - what we want to cover, where we see it going, etc. Basically, we're building the syllabus as a class. The professor already really wants us to keep a blog (pardon me while I stare at both of mine...I'm overdue for a Typo Away post, huh), so I'm suggesting social networking sites as a big part of it. That's also why I asked for stuff about internet culture in my last post - I want to do a class or two about Things You Should Know About Internet Culture - we can probably relate it to knowing and writing for a certain audience - and mention a few well known sites/people/memes. I know there were several blank faces when I mentioned ICHC, and that is simply not acceptable.

Choir is choir and will be awesome. This is, of course, a given.

Thesis class actually looks like it'll be okay. The syllabus has a small writing assignment due every week (500-800 words, easy) and we've got a good deal of reading to do for the first half of the semester, but Goodman said that was mostly to generate discussion and ideas for people who didn't have a clue what they were going to do yet. I told her what I wanted to do, which is expand the paper I did on anonymity and the internet. I know I can do more research, Anonymous has done a hell of a lot more stuff since then, and I now have Twitter to analyze as well. She told me it was a solid paper to begin with and I should "have an easy semester."

That made part of me happy. It scared the hell out of the other part. When I start taking things easy, they don't get done. I might treat it as HOLY SHIT I HAVE TO WRITE A THESIS anyway in the hope that I get things started and finished in a timely manner.

So yeah, those are my classes for the semester. Huzzah. :D

And if I plan to go to the Utada Hikaru concert on the 18th I'd better get tickets, huh.
I'm thinking of getting a Twitter. Does anybody have one? What does it do, exactly?


I've seen the phrase "suck it up" come up twice in two hours among y'all and now I'm curious. What did I miss?

[/killed the cat]

On the rumors of LJ shutting down (which, by the way, are not true):

I read through quite a few comments on the article, and I was shocked by the number of people who claimed LJ is "not a networking site."

All I can say to these people is, check your definitions.

Then I laughed a lot, as this is yet another example of people spouting off about what they don't know or understand.

In other news, I have safely returned to Pepperdine and need to haul my rear out of bed for Convo tomorrow morning. Huz-zah.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2008 02:52 pm)
Paper in question: Rhetoric

Pages so far: 4, single spaced 12 point TNR bulleted outline.

Progress: 50%, give or take

Number of anecdotes or jokes that may or may not be removed: 4

Sanity: Questionable but sustained

Cups of tea: two, Earl Grey, caffeinated
Earlier on, I asked if anybody would beinterested in taking a survey that would help me write my Rhetoric paper. Basically, this is that survey. Please answer any and all sections that apply to you and answer them fully and to the best of your ability; you can either leave a comment here or email your answers to fixingthefrog [AT] comcast [DOT] net. Thanks for helping me out. ♥

For all users of Facebook, Livejournal, and/or 4chan )

Again, thank you for filling out the survey. I really appreciate it. ♥
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( Mar. 26th, 2007 04:37 pm)
The internets in my dorm are weeeeird. >>;

I can use messenger and Outlook, but for some reason I can't access any web pages. I'm actually using the wireless in Elkins to write this right now.

So yes, I know I'm behind on my posting *cough[personal profile] aphoneticcough*. Please don't kill me. ^^; When my internet decides it would like to behave once more, then I'll get back on it. Shouldn't take too long. I hope.
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( Mar. 4th, 2007 11:27 am)
The internet at my house is for porn made of lose. For some reason, the router won't connect to the modem (or some other such jargon), so the wireless is on the fritz. What this means is that I have to grab my parents' computer whenever it's available to make little posts like this one. Basically, if the internet doesn't get fixed, the next time you'll see me online for more than 5 minutes or so is the 11th. Those of you who know me personally have my phone number and can call me: those of you who don't know me personally can grab one of the people who do and get them to call me.

See you all in a week. ^^;


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