It's two in the morning. I'm getting up at six to catch my flight. I should be in bed.

I'm laughing too hard to sleep right now.

This is why. )

HEY [livejournal.com profile] secondcityrpg MODS, CAN WE DO THIS? PLEASE? 8D

...no, seriously, can we do this. XD
For those of you who missed the last entry, I have indeed finished my weekend-eating project. [livejournal.com profile] nalina fixed my audio problems, and the AMV will be up on YouTube sometime this evening. I will definitely be double posting when that happens. If feedback is positive, I may well enter it in convention AMV competitions, just to see how things go.

Now that that's over, I'm trying to get rid of the plot bunnies that have been hounding me. It just never ends, does it. XD

Thanks to my weekend off, I'm way the hell behind in RP. Can anybody tell me if I owe you tags...? I know Linkara's got two and Usopp's got two, but aside from that I can't remember any back tags I need to do. Kia's memory is terrible.

Also, SUPRAIZ!PIRATES is possibly the best development ever. I absolutely love you people. XDb

In a non-RP related note, I have these lovely blank sections on my profile that I need your help filling. You know that one-sentence meme that goes around every once in a while that I have never done and can never find when I need it? Yeah, I'm trying that one, so:

Describe me in a sentence. It can be as serious or silly as you want. In turn, I'll put all those sentences in a section on my profile.

My personal caveat is, please keep it clean. Pretty sure you guys will anyway, but nonetheless. ♥

Finally, that KH 30 Day meme, for which I am several days behind:

5. Favorite Mini Game

You know, I never really made a habit of playing a lot of minigames - I was always too busy going NEEDS MOAR PLOT 8O. That said, I did like mail delivery in Twilight Town, if only because it was quick, to the point, and not tough enough to get utterly frustrating.

Plus, performing a skateboard jump to deliver mail to a pidgeon in midair is never not funny.

6. Favorite Magic Spell

Cure. Oh man is it ever Cure. I feel like that's a bit of a given, but nonetheless. Aside from that bit of obvious, I really liked what I've been calling shotgun spells - they're the ones that shoot a concentrated blast that really flies. In KH1, it was Fire; in KH2, it's Blizzard.

7. Favorite Summon/D-Link

Once again, I pretty well fail the point of the game by not using a whole lot of summons. XD Press X to Kill Things, indeed. I was particularly fond of Genie in KH, though - he was certainly useful against Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

All 30 Days )

Sooooo I told [livejournal.com profile] asbestoslegs that I was planning on apping Usopp at [livejournal.com profile] secondcityrpg, and then we started talking about the game, and...well. It turned into this:

I still cannot believe I am apping Batman the Cowardly Pirate )

WTH, self. I am really looking forward to this now. XD

In other news, I've given in and am doing this stuff:

Can somebody please explain to me why my level 20 Cyndaquil is still a Cyndaquil? I was expecting a Quilava by now. SON, I AM CONFUSE.

Also, my team is highly unbalanced. I really need to fix that.

Finally, and very importantly:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] anzila!

Go be epic, you.
I haven't posted for a solid week. Neglected blog is sadly, sadly neglected.

Of course, this could well be because I've been spending most of my time on LJ in my RP journals. In my defense, however, epic things have been happening. In this past week, Linkara has nearly been eaten by a vampire, Rosette is kicking vampire ass, and Foxx has fixed Caboose's computer after he tried to feed it a cookie (...don't ask), helped build and run a time machine, and punched Jack Spicer. It may not have been the greatest of weeks for all my characters, but I'm certainly enjoying myself.

Also, between watching Thriller Bark with [livejournal.com profile] edward_hyde and [livejournal.com profile] universejuice and my natural propensity towards doing stupid things in regards to RP, I think I'm going to app Usopp. For those of you who don't know, Usopp is part Badass Normal, part Butt Monkey, and can pretty much be summed up as Batman the Cowardly Pirate.

No, seriously.

Eleven years' worth of canon to cover before August 24th. Bring it on.

What is wrong with me ;~;

Incidentally, I am in need of some good OP icons. /stares at TB buddies expectantly

In other news, that egg is taking a long time to hatch. I've been advised to give it a few more days before I check the nest, though, so I'm trying to take it easy for now. The other egg, however, needs some poking.

My life what is this craziness. Seriously.

Anyways I'm gonna go ahead and finish up that music meme...a week late...8D

Day 29: A song from your childhood

There's this great CD (though it was a mixed tape way back then) that Avon and Disney put together called For Our Children. It's well-nigh impossible to find nowadays, but my brothers and I nearly wore it out back then. It also had Blanket For a Sail, Getting to Know You, Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips, and all sorts of other fantastic things. :D I can actually upload it at some point if anyone wants it. Either way, this is the song that my brothers and I would always ask to be played over and over and over again.

Day 30: Your favorite song at this time last year

Warning: this video is absolutely spoilery as hell for Princess Tutu. So's you knows.
[livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada can vouch: this one was at the top of my most played list on iTunes by well over a hundred views, and it stayed there for a very long time. There were days when I'd just throw it on repeat and let it go.

The Full 30 Days )

So yeah, that's thirty days of music. I might need to do another one of these 30 day memes, if ony to keep things going. Does anybody have any good ones?
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( Jul. 27th, 2010 02:23 pm)
For those of you who are wondering, I'm doing a lot better than I was yesterday. I've done everything I can for my egg; now all I need to do is wait.

That said, hanging out with Lynx and Reb tonight promises to be a good way to pass the time. :Db

In other news, this. Blame Pura - she enabled me IRL and I could not resist.

I will not play Beaker at [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg I will not play Beaker at [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg I will not play Beaker at [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg I will not oh dammit

Other things to deal with: rent, lease signing, Wednesday's dinner plans, tags. I'm sure there's other stuff, but I can't remember it at the moment.

Also! Music. :D

Day 22: A song that you listen to when you’re sad

It used to make me cry, and now it makes me feel better. That's what music is supposed to do when you're down, I think.

All 30 Days )
I don't know if anyone remembers this post - I'd be surprised if any of you did, given it's two years old - but I've found another fantastic RP to look at right here.

Yep, that's a keeper.

At first glance, it looks like it should be on XI's List of Thinly-Veiled Analogues for Existing Works of Fiction. Given its premise - "creepy location where all your worst traits/memories/vices/etc come to life as monsters" - I expected it to be a direct Silent Hill rip. Functionally, it is.

Then I looked up "lucerne."

DEFINITION 1: A lake in Switzerland.
DEFINITION 2: The name of the city next to said lake.
DEFINITION 3: Alfalfa.

Obviously the Big Reveal of this game is that the entirety of its events were all a dream caused by the ingestion and/or inhalation of demonically hallucinogenic Swiss alfalfa.

brb alerting the cartels
[10:58] leseptieme: We have the best planet ever
[10:59] PuraTigerz: http://www.patchtogether.com/media/designs/PLUSH_3308_ALT_4bc6aac485677.jpg
[10:59] PuraTigerz: more pics
[10:59] snarkings: no, Gallifreyans have the best planet ever
[10:59] misstakin22: i want one
[10:59] misstakin22: so terrifly
[10:59] misstakin22: terribly
[10:59] PuraTigerz: they're on patchtogether if you want to vote for it :D
[10:59] leseptieme: IDK, given that whole time lock thing, I'd have to disagree on that one >>
[10:59] snarkings: ...well I mean
[10:59] leseptieme: Plus, Time Lords do not have Chum Buddies
[10:59] snarkings: before that
[10:59] PuraTigerz: lmfao
[10:59] leseptieme: we have Chum Buddies
[10:59] snarkings: how do you know!?
[11:00] leseptieme: /argument
[11:00] leseptieme: if Time Lords had Chum Buddies, you can bet the Doctor would have one stowed in the TARDIS somewhere
[11:00] leseptieme: he'd have fun just saying the name
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( Feb. 13th, 2010 11:26 pm)
Retreat was so much fun. Catch Phrase will always be awesome with my fellow G Phis. XD Also, Valentine's Day (the movie that just came out) is pretty good. Kind of like Love Actually, but all in the span of 24 hours instead of a few months. It was very well done.

Also, it's great to hear one of your sisters yell, "YOU DICK!" right in the middle of a theater. It just makes the experience.

In other news, MST3K and Red vs Blue with friends are just so awesome. Apartmentmates + [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada + [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin = win. :Db


The How's My Driving? Meme

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( Feb. 6th, 2010 01:16 am)
I've discovered that my internship is a lot more enjoyable when I do a tag between every twenty or so job-related things. It keeps me sane.

Also: put more movies on iPod, bring portable charger. These things also help with sanity.

Traffic today was dead awful thanks to all the rain. One of Kevin's friends said it best: "Stupid California driving: just add water."

However, the nearly two hours of traffic were well worth it for the Shakespeare: Unscripted show we went to. It's exactly what it sounds like - an improv troupe (there were six tonight) puts on an entirely improvised play in the style of Shakespeare. I saw them do Jane Austen: Unscripted last semester, which was awesome, and tonight was just as fantastic. We thought they were closing next week, when it turns out they've had their run extended and will be going through March. I totally want to go again. 8D

In other news, homework needs to be done tomorrow - probably sometime after Sigma Tau Delta stuff and Dance in Flight. Also, tags. Also, getting my rear in gear on those [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti things I'm supposed to be making. I'm lucky my highest bidder has the patience of a saint. |Db

So yes. That's life. I'm bushed. Bedtime.
So here's a fantastic idea:

Take the most evil villain that Disney has created in the past decade or so and set him up to prey upon the souls of the hapless and innocent in not one but TWO locations.

And give him a mentee while you're at it. )

Obviously I should never be left to my own devices pertaining to villains. Criminy.
I had a pretty chill Saturday. Huzzah for sleeping in until eleven and not caring about it. I was highly pleased with that development. I still have stuff to do, but it's not OMG PRESSING like the paper was, so I should be alright. I still need to do script analysis and monologue work for Monday, though.

I have discovered it's pretty much impossible to practice that monologue anywhere. I mean, let me just give you the first paragraph:

"I understand school shootings. I mean, I don't say, 'Hey, great idea! Let's all solve our problems with violence!' But I do understand the feeling of wanting to kill everyone in my school, or at least a select few to set an example. You can only be spit on so many times. The great thing is, nowadays everyone's so scared of guns I probably won't even have to shoot anyone."

She then starts talking about why sociopaths are better than psychopaths and how God's going to be making up for the fact that she had a lousy prom for the rest of her life. Obviously this is not a highly stable individual speaking here. That, and the fact that the monologue is going to be performed near top volume and a bit off kilter, means I haven't got a place to practice it the way I'm going to perform it - not if I want to avoid scaring the hell out of people and a call to Public Safety's emergency line. Should be very interesting come performance time Monday morning.

Still having epic and fantastic issues with stage dance class and videos, huzzah huzzah. I also managed to be double-booked again tomorrow night without even knowing it: Sigma Tau Delta event and Gamma Phi officer transitioning, which I only today found out would be tomorrow. *rubs forehead* Sigma Tau Delta was there first and won out. I have no idea how the hell this keeps happening. ._.

At least the PIT show tonight was epic. Pepperdine Improv Troupe is just fantastic, and tonight was no exception. We had a pretty small audience - weather sucked and people were studying, I guess - and the suggestions got interesting. My favorite was:

"Okay, what's something fun to do on a weekend?"

"Lady Gaga."

That wound up being a very interesting skit, I tell you what. Since it was holiday themed, we had some great sketches, including a mini-musical entitled "Candy Cane" and a sketch about workers in a poinsettia factory. This included one worker complaining about another, who "has a huge afro" and "started hiding poinsettias in his afro, so now the boss wants us all to grow afros and put poinsettias in them. Thinks it'll look festive."

[livejournal.com profile] aviekokyre, I thought of you and Derek. |Db

And then there was Brawl to be had with [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada and [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin because they are awesome. I even won a few rounds, which does not usually happen. Yay self~

Life gets busy again tomorrow - better go prep for that. By prep, I of course mean sleep. |Db

[livejournal.com profile] bouncy_erbear, we totally need to plan awkward moments. |Db
FIRST! To everyone who commented on my previous post: what do you say to a sporking party tonight? Everyone get on AIM at the least, we'll coordinate going on Skype, I'll bring the footage, and a good and hilarious time shall be had by all. I'm thinking around 8 pm Pacific time, possibly earlier if need be. Let me know if you're in. :D

SECOND! I come with proof that Gamma Phi has the best formals ever:

I rest my case.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2009 03:11 am)
So I just got back from seeing New Moon with my friends.

Yes, you read that correctly. I was that desperate to get out of the apartment. It was crazy.

To start, I truly did enjoy the movie. I was in need of a good laugh, and the movie definitely provided one. Best comedy of the year, right there. It also made me feel 110% better about my life, so that was definitely something.

So let's follow the title of the song entry and do this by numbers.

New Moon - Number of:

Times I laughed when a scene wasn't supposed to be funny: Somewhere in the double digits
Audible facepalms: Four
Minutes I was on Team Jacob: About 45
That's What She Said jokes: One, but it was too epic to follow up
Times I nearly burst into song: Four
Muses set off during the movie: Two - J and DEATH
Fursplosions: Three
Dead vampires: One (sadly)
Nostalgia Critic references: One, ongoing
Times Bella tried to commit suicide: Three
Times Bella succeeded: Zero dammit
Therapists in Forks, WA: Zero
Hospitals in Forks, WA: Zero
Dollars I spent on this movie: Eleven and a half, not including popcorn
Minutes I thought the movie was actually cool: About fifteen

And because I'm out of numbers, have a plot summary!

And a spoiler cut, for those of you who care! )

The most interesting part of this is, everyone had chemistry with each other except Edward and Bella. They had none whatsoever. I got bored when they were together. Funny how that works, huh.

I'll admit I had a great time at the movie. I'll proudly add on that it was mostly because I was shamelessly laughing my ass off for most of said movie. I'm waiting for it to hit the dollar theater and/or YouTube and then sitting down and really sporking it with a friend. Anybody up for it? :Db
It started a few hours ago:

LeSeptieme (8:49:13 PM): "Today at my job in the emergency room, a person walked in with a large scarf hiding her nose and was holding lots of bloody Kleenex. Why? She had stuck a pair of iPod headphones up her nose so far that they became lodged into her nasal passageway. She was voted funniest injury of the night. MLIA"
universejuice (8:49:30 PM): oh dear god
LeSeptieme (8:50:15 PM): I laughed my ass off
universejuice (8:50:39 PM): why would you even
LeSeptieme (8:51:42 PM): some people's children

And then:

LeSeptieme (9:31:51 PM): ...okay, there has to be something to this headphones-up-the-nose thing
LeSeptieme (9:31:54 PM): it keeps popping up.
universejuice (9:31:57 PM): ...really
LeSeptieme (9:32:01 PM): yep
universejuice (9:32:19 PM): hmm
LeSeptieme (9:34:14 PM): "Today I found out my dad reads MLIA. How did I find out? Well, he was in his room shoving his iPod earphones up his nose trying to be a human speaker. MLIA"
LeSeptieme (9:34:18 PM): AHA
universejuice (9:34:29 PM): pfff I am so baffled by this |D
LeSeptieme (9:34:47 PM): I don't get it XD

And finally:

LeSeptieme (10:03:51 PM): "Today, I read a story on MLIA that if you put your headphones in your nose and play your ipod really loud, you can hear the music through your mouth. I decided to try this myself. My mom walked into my room when I had my headphones in both nostrils while Sexyback was playing out of my mouth. She took one look at me and backed out slowly. MLIA"
universejuice (10:04:21 PM): whaaaat
LeSeptieme (10:04:46 PM): I really want to try this now XD
universejuice (10:04:51 PM): m-me too
LeSeptieme (10:04:56 PM): I promise I won't get them stuck in my nasal cavity
universejuice (10:05:45 PM): ...OH SHIT IT WORKS
universejuice (10:06:07 PM): I HAVE A PAIR I FORGOT ABOUT
universejuice (10:06:10 PM): THIS IS HILARIOUS
LeSeptieme (10:06:16 PM): OH GAD
LeSeptieme (10:06:19 PM): DON'T GET THEM STUCK
universejuice (10:06:29 PM): I WON'T I PROMISE
LeSeptieme (10:06:33 PM): OKAY GOOD
LeSeptieme (10:06:39 PM): ...does it really work
universejuice (10:06:42 PM): totally
LeSeptieme (10:06:47 PM): Well.
LeSeptieme (10:06:52 PM): Learn something new every day.
universejuice (10:06:53 PM): also when I swallow there's one point where it's louder
LeSeptieme (10:07:03 PM): ...*dead*
universejuice (10:07:08 PM): I know right
universejuice (10:07:17 PM): I feel so stupid but it's too amazing
LeSeptieme (10:07:26 PM): I am just dying over here
LeSeptieme (10:07:31 PM): so glad nobody else is working right now
universejuice (10:07:36 PM): <3

My life is average and my friends are awesome.

ETA: Found the original post!

"Today, my friends and I discovered that if you put your headphones in your nose and play your ipod really loudly, you can hear the music through your mouth when it's open, and can't hear it when it's closed. MLIA"

...the hell were they doing when they figured that out? More importantly, do we want to know? o_o
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( Oct. 16th, 2009 09:39 pm)
If these videos don't send you into hysterics of some sort, you're not doing it right.


My roomie summed it up best: "I just saw Wolverine and cherry blossoms in the same frame."
...it isn't so. |D

I've spent the entire day just feeling utterly disconnected from reality. I can't tell if it's sleep deprivation (which is definitely a possibility) or something else entirely. I know I don't usually get this out of whack when the general comes to visit, so I'm hesitant to blame that (though it does explain a whole lot).

So I found out the other day that Gallifrey's new dates are the first weekend of my spring break. Um. Oops. 8D; That means [livejournal.com profile] orelle_peredhil likely is not coming and [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada's presence is still up in the air. I chatted with my mom about it today, though, and she's actually pretty zen with it, which is definitely a surprise. [livejournal.com profile] travitaemorte, it might just be you and me, and that is perfectly awesome.

...not a single one of us has an English LJ. I kind of love that. XD


I picked up USA Today on a whim and started reading. On page 2 (that's the inside front page), there's an article about Obama's push to get the Olympics held in Chicago. Okay, cool, we've been hearing about that for a week or so.

On page 3, the page facing it, there's an article about a high school student being murdered in a crossfire between gangs and gang violence being on the rise in general...in Chicago.

Does anybody else see the problem with this.

More to the point, how did nobody at the paper's offices not catch it?

...so yes. This is my life. |D
LeSeptieme (1:13:22 PM): Tri
LeSeptieme (1:13:33 PM): I think if Elphaba made Spin fly, Sarah would glee forever.
trichan868 (1:13:37 PM): XD
trichan868 (1:14:07 PM): See, she can't cast the spell on Spin himself or he'd grow wings and damage his suit.
trichan868 (1:14:15 PM): She can cast it on any object though.
trichan868 (1:14:34 PM): So they don't have to be on her broomstick or anything.
trichan868 (1:14:43 PM): Unless they want to.
LeSeptieme (1:14:59 PM): Take that up with Sarah and Guin :o
trichan868 (1:15:06 PM): She could levitate Spin's suit or his headphones.
trichan868 (1:15:13 PM): and they would just pick him up and carry him.
LeSeptieme (1:15:23 PM): ...I'm sorry
LeSeptieme (1:15:27 PM): Spin flying by his headphones
trichan868 (1:15:29 PM): *cracking up*
LeSeptieme (1:15:30 PM): you just killed me XD
trichan868 (1:15:46 PM): I know, the mental image hit me just after I said it.
PrincessSeaNymph (1:16:14 PM): XDDDDD
LeSeptieme (1:16:22 PM): Just
LeSeptieme (1:16:23 PM): I'm sorry
LeSeptieme (1:16:27 PM): flying is really cool and all
trichan868 (1:16:32 PM): *cracking up forever*
LeSeptieme (1:16:33 PM): but he would never live that down.
trichan868 (1:16:37 PM): XDDDDDDDD
trichan868 (1:16:39 PM): I know.
trichan868 (1:16:45 PM): It's an awful mental image.
trichan868 (1:16:50 PM): So awkward.
trichan868 (1:16:52 PM): I can't stop laughing.
anzila86 (1:17:06 PM): can she make little helacopter sounds while she does it?
LeSeptieme (1:17:18 PM): J would just be, "are you flyin'. By your headphones."
trichan868 (1:17:22 PM): XDDD
LeSeptieme (1:17:24 PM): "...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA"
trichan868 (1:17:26 PM): I want someone's hat....
trichan868 (1:17:30 PM): to turn into a helicopter hat.
LeSeptieme (1:17:38 PM): ...*looks over at Chief*
trichan868 (1:17:39 PM): >_>>
trichan868 (1:17:41 PM): XDDDD
trichan868 (1:17:47 PM): No, that's too humiliating for Chief.
LeSeptieme (1:17:54 PM): HE'D PULL IT OFF.
trichan868 (1:17:58 PM): *gives Fletcher a helicopterhat instead*
Fletchers Hat (1:18:04 PM): D'aww
trichan868 (1:18:05 PM): *because it's cute on Fletcher*
LeSeptieme (1:18:16 PM): *absolutely dying over here*
trichan868 (1:18:43 PM): Spin flying by his headphones and Chieftain with a helicopter hat?
LeSeptieme (1:18:50 PM): yeeeeeeeeeeees
LeSeptieme (1:18:59 PM): THEY'RE ELITE BEAT AGENTS.

[livejournal.com profile] universejuice. [livejournal.com profile] aviekokyre. SOMEBODY PLEASE DRAW THIS. 8D
Why do Sarah and I do this to ourselves. Honestly. XD HAVE MORE EBA SPORKING and this time around it is awkward and not quite SFW. Would you believe there is porn in the EBA fandom? *le gasp*

Title:Moments Of Gold
Author: Ruko Hanaji
Rating: One for hitting every drunken orgy stereotype in the book, one for characterization or lack thereof (I know I have no pedestal to stand on here but come on), one for an orgy that hints at sex and fails to deliver, and one for “inbred cats.” No, seriously.

Full Name: The entire EBA
Full Species: agentus falsus
Hair Color (Including Adjectives): As canon (about the only thing that is)
Eye Color (Including Adjectives): Also as canon (the only other thing that is)
Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features: Excessive libido
Special Possessions (If Any): …excessive libido?

Origin: The local brothel
Connections to Canon Characters: Them as White Court vampires. Or something.
Special Abilities: Excessive. Libido.
Other Annoying Traits: Please don’t make me say it again.

I Say: Well, it’s been a long time since [livejournal.com profile] universejuice and I went a-sporking, so we pulled this sucker out and went at it. Thankfully, it is short and none too explicit. Unfortunately, the spelling and grammar are pretty sound, so there is absolutely no distraction from content. It’s like a laser of WRYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Let’s talk about sex, baby~ )

...any idea why putting "orange" as a font color produces cyan? Because that to me is just strange.


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