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( Nov. 30th, 2011 12:36 am)
I have been asked to post my Christmas list, and so I shall! |Db

The list, for the interested! )

So yes. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, happy Solstice, and enjoy whichever holiday you celebrate this season!
I should probably talk about life, work, and all that stuff, but really, I'm fairly certain you're all tired of hearing about it. XD Honestly, I haven't started at Brighton yet, and all I'm doing for Hickory Farms is standing at a mall kiosk selling cheese and sausage. The jokes just make themselves. Instead, I'm posting a few different meme-ish things, because why not?

The first is not a meme, but the Christmas list! )

The second is that Year In Review meme that I love so much. )

The third is a song guessing meme~ Yay~ )

And with that, this entry has officially gone on far too long. I will finish this up with one last thing:

Please feed my Rayquaza. He doesn't want to be lonely anymore.
Hello Rachel, hello Melissa, and hello Megan! To alleviate fears about real names on the internet, yes this entry is public, but it's backdated, so unless somebody has the direct link or is searching for it nobody will find it.

So, with that out of the way, on to the important stuff. Bolded items are still needed.

List of College Supplies )

If you can think of something I've forgotten, or if you can bring something, leave a comment/email me and I'll add the item/your name to the list.

Finally, so far as arrival dates go:

Katie: August 13
Megan: August 13
Rachel: August 21 (?)
Melissa: August 23

Alright, let's make this work! :D


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