Yeah, me neither.

Life is actually going okay at the moment. I'm trying to run last minute con prep errands, but that's par for the course given my inability to prepare for...anything, really. Flying home last weekend to surprise Mom for her birthday was a blast - she had absolutely no idea I was coming and she loved the hell out of it (though she did make it clear that she wants me to move back to Colorado and get married and have kids. It was a very interesting turn for that conversation to take).

She also wanted me to get tested for lyme disease on account of minor lingering symptoms from my medical litany of woe. I went into the clinic yesterday to get the test. When I told the doctor the theory and why I was getting tested, she started laughing. Pretty sure it's not lupus lyme disease.

Also, I managed to plow through Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in a weekend. That is a very good but very interesting book. The movie is going to be ridiculous. I cannot wait.

In other news, [personal profile] lynxgriffin and I are going to be at AM2 Con in Anaheim this weekend! If you're in town, come visit us! Lynx will be selling all her lovely art - and those hand-painted fandom pony figurines - in the artist's alley, and I've entered a video into the AMV contest. On top of it all, AM2 is free to attend. Everyone should come. :Db

Finally, because I am trying to get back into the swing of writing, it's meme time!

Give me a character or a pairing and a song and I will write you a fic of some sort.

YouTube videos are probably your best bet unless you know I know the song, and I can't guarantee that it'll be 1) longer than a sentence or 2) done in a timely manner, but...yay writing!
Five days in Colorado was exactly the vacation I needed. I just need to remember next time that I need to drink a lot more - because dehydration headaches suck - and I can't drink pretty much anything - which sucks when Mom's buying and asking if I want a margarita because they're really great here and here, try hers and see if I like it. Honestly, I know my mom is happy to have me around whenever I come home, and I think she likes having someone who'll go out for fruity drinks and conversation. She likes having mother-daughter time.

In all honesty, it was really nice to have someone else make the decisions and the schedule and just follow along - a break from being a responsible adult, as it were. I put a ton of pressure on myself with to-do lists and self-imposed deadlines and all of that, and it was nice to get to just put all that on hold for an extended weekend and hang out with my parents. My younger brother is at college, my older brother came by for an afternoon, and I didn't get to see my sister-in-law or niece, but there's a flipton of drama surrounding that that I'd rather not get into right now. |D Either which way, I did love seeing my family. The football game was fun to go to even if it ended horribly (which is what happens when all of your starting defensive line is sidelined with injuries - the BSU game at the end of this week is going to be painful), shopping with mom was actually a lot more fun than most of my recent shopping trips have been, Sequence is a fun game if a bit slow with only two players, the new house is beautiful, and...yeah. Hell yes Colorado. :Db I do regret getting the donut burger, though. Remind me to post pictures of that.

The only thing I'm worried about is Finn. Since my parents moved into the new house, he's gone pretty much crazy: he's ripped up his kennel when they put him in it when they leave (whereas Mac just curls up in his and naps until they get home), he whines like mad, he's losing weight - he's skinny even for a greyhound, which is worrying - and he just generally Does Not Look Good. Mom's bringing him in to the vet's and, if that doesn't work, possibly a dog whisperer, because he never used to do any of this stuff, and if we give him up or, God forbid, put him down - which is a very sad option if he continues on being this destructively miserable and we can't find the reason and calm him down - then Mac will go ballistic without him around. The dog situation at home is not good, but I'm really hoping it'll turn out for the better.

A little closer to the west coast, my bosses are out of the office all week (Hawaiian vacation, lucky them), so I'm on my own and keeping busy with whatever project updates come up. This Friday, I head to Disneyland for the Halloween party with [ profile] amorsinseramada, [ profile] lynxgriffin, and [ profile] universejuice, and sticking around on Saturday as well. Costumes aren't quite finished yet, but those are priorities for the next few nights. It's just a bit of cutting and hemming (and praying shoes come in on time), so it shouldn't be too bad. I hope.

On the fandom works front, [ profile] secondcityrpg is almost over and Rarity has been accepted at [ profile] itsjustagamerpg - I just need to join the comms and get going. Tron fic is on hold until I get to rewatch Legacy - maybe sometime next week - and while I haven't done much for my NaNo outline, I have been kicking around ideas for it, so hopefully that'll start coming together soon. Again, next week's priority.

Who all's doing NaNo this year, by the way? I'd love to know - something tells me I'll need people to lean on come November. |D
First and most importantly, Happy Mother's Day! To everyone on my flist who's been a mother or will be a mother, thank you for taking on the toughest job in existence and never let anyone tell you it's not a wonderful thing to do. To everyone out there who has a mother, take some time to do something special for her today, or at least say thanks. You would quite literally not be here without her, you know. ♥

I live in a different state, so I'm calling my mom in a bit. With any luck, she got my card already. |Db

I went to go see Thor on Friday night. It was an opening night crowd, which means it was loud and appreciative (and at some points hilariously profane) and I loved the hell out of it.

As for the movie itself, Spoilers for Thor abound! )

Non-spoilery long story short: Did it measure up to previous Marvel movies? Yes. Was it fun to watch? Yes. Am I going to see this a few more times in theaters and wind up owning it? Most likely and definitely yes. Basically, A++, Will Watch Again.

On a relatively related note, does anybody know if the Spider-Man reboot is going to feed into the Avengers movie at all? Because that would be fun, I think.

On a completely different but still fun note, my birthday is in nine days! I'll be turning 23, which isn't really a landmark but is still a reason to celebrate. I believe in parties (not quite up to Pinkie Pie standards, but still), and so I'm having two of them!

The first is on Sunday the 15th, and it's Disneyland day! Come to Disneyland, we'll hang out and ride rides and go see Fantasmic and it will be all sorts of fun. :Db

The second is on Tuesday the 17th, my actual birthday, and it's dinner at Gyu-Kaku! I have a weakness for Japanese BBQ, obviously. |D Dinner's at 7:30, so let me know if you're going and I'll make reservations.

And yes, if you can see this entry, you're invited. XD

And because I know some people want a list in regards to gifts, I have a relatively short one:

- Tron: Legacy Marquee pin (Ebay is my friend)
- Membership to Teavana's Tea of the Month club (pie in the sky, but nonetheless XD)
- Tron on DVD
- Gift Cards: Teavana, Disney, Godiva, Gyu-Kaku, White House Black Market, Brighton, Albertsons/Ralphs/Vons, or just about anywhere else I frequent.
- Fic, arts, fun artsy stuff - you guys know my fandoms and my pairings and what I like

Though really, I'd really rather hang out with you guys than receive stuff. Y'all are the best present I could have. ♥

As a closing note: Glee's doing "Friday" for their next episode; there's a new clip of At World's End released; and this absolutely made my morning.

And with that, I am off to see African Cats in a few hours. Good times, guys. Good times.
Small updates today, since I'm bushed.

I have yet to have any more job interviews, or to hear back from the temp agency I signed up for. I know I've only just applied there and need to be patient, but man, that is one quality that is not hard-wired into my system. I need to start applying for things on the Pepperdine Alumni Network again, I think, if only so I'll feel better about things.

...I bought a month's supply of V8 the day I quit DEX. I told myself I'd have a job by the time I finished the last can. I'm on my last six pack as of this week, and I'm not feeling too great about it. Go, self.

It also doesn't help that I enjoyed the hell out of my weekend off, then got lectured for taking said weekend off by my mother when I called her for loan information yesterday. I don't call her very often anymore because I know exactly what she's going to say about my employment situation and I don't want to hear it. It's not like I've been doing nothing for a month.


As far as the job-hunting blog goes, it looks like oncomingtraffic is the winning name, provided that's not too many characters for Blogspot to handle. I'll link it when I get it set up and have an entry or two up there.

In less GRR ARGH EMPLOYMENT news, Old Spice parodies will never get old. I had way too much fun writing that one.

And when the stupid in one particular thread got to be too much, I took that frustration and had some fun with Linkara instead. 70 comments in two hours. I seriously love you guys.

In other news: really, dA? Really? Fantastic and epic fail, right freaking there. I'd have a hell of a lot more to say about it if I weren't braindead - I want to be coherent when I talk about a subject like that. For now, I'm going to smack it with the failstamp and glare at it until I can brain well enough to address it properly.

I will eventually start one of those 30 Day Memes, once I polish off the last six or so days for the KH one. Way the hell behind? Certainly.

For now, I'm off to crash out, as I will be up again early tomorrow to teach an older gentleman how to use his computer. I actually like chatting with him - he can be a lot of fun, even if we are still working out the difference between single and double clicking.

One Mew down, one to go. Come to me, Yang Mew.
Wow okay today what is this madness. I spent most of my day waiting for my car to show up. It was supposed to be here between 11 and 1. This, of course, was before the driver called and said he was stuck in LA traffic (sounding incredibly bewildered). It got here around 4.

My mom packed a metric ton of food in that trunk. o_o Don't think I need to go grocery shopping for quite a while.

I saw Prince of Persia today with Kristin. Honestly, I agree with the Kotaku review: the best part of this movie was simply the fact that it didn't suck. The gamer community can finally point at a movie based on a video game, go "hey, that's based on a video game!" and not be utterly ashamed. (Uwe Boll, I'm looking at you.)

That said, ostrich racing is lulz, I have a new appreciation for knife throwers, and a big chunk of it reminded me of Sonic 2006. Overall, it was meh. There isn't a more fitting word for it. Eleven bucks was a bit much to shell out for it - I'd have rather gotten it from a Red Box and sat down to see it in my living room. It wasn't HOLY HELL AWESOME, but it wasn't a total waste; it was just meh.

My apathy: I would show you it if I cared.

Because I've been promising [ profile] anzila this for a few days now, I have FSTs that were made on pretty much the spur of the moment! Both are for TDF: we have I the Hell Am Harry and One-Woman Rave. Three guesses who they're for and the first two don't count. There are a few songs on the song list that aren't in the folders: this is because they're locked to my iTunes and I could not be arsed to burn the CDs and re-copy the unlocked songs. They're worth tracking down if you don't already have them, and once I get out of this bored listless uncreative little place I may well put them up. IDK.

I also have a lot of thinking to do about writing and motivations, especially since my job pretty much kills writing drive by the time I get home each night. If I can get down a solid outline for the big fic this weekend, I figure I can try to average one chapter a week. RP is a whole other ball of wax, but that requires some thinking. More on that later, I think.

But yes, for now, enjoy the music. :3
HOLY GAD you people create a lot of flist content in a scant four days. Took me an hour and some change to go back through everything. XD

GIGANTIC HUGS AND ALL THE MORAL SUPPORT I CAN GIVE to those of you going through tough times, and GIGANTIC HUGS AND ALL THE MORAL SUPPORT I CAN GIVE to those of you who are not. I love you all; can you tell?

I'm gonna do a quick Disneyworld By The Numbers and then I am catching up on the incredible amount of sleep I have missed! Annotated bibliography due Monday, whee, that's gonna suck ._.


PARKS VISITED: Four (Five if you count Downtown Disney, but that's technically not a park)
ROLLER COASTERS RIDDEN: 3 (Rock N Roller Coaster, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest)
RIDES THAT ARE BETTER IN DISNEYLAND: 3 (Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tiki Room)
RIDES THAT ARE BETTER IN DISNEYWORLD: 2 (Jungle Cruise, Tower of Terror)
RIDES THAT GO BACKWARDS: 2 (Maelstrom, Expedition Everest)
RIDES I ACTIVELY REGRETTED GOING ON: 1 (The Tiki Room: Under New Management)
PINS TRADED: More than 10
HIGHEST TEMPERATURE: 60 if we were lucky
LOWEST TEMPERATURE: 30 if we were lucky
PICTURES TAKEN: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200

Yeah, we had an awesome trip. Quotable quotes included my mother mishearing my description of the I'm On a Boat video and believing, instead of T-Payne, that a toupee was dancing with a top hat and a suit on the deck of a boat. Somebody make this, please.

Pictures and videos shall come! I will introduce you to the Disney Sequel Horror that is the Tiki Room: Under New Management! I will regale you with tales of nearly being eaten by a Satansaur! I will...probably go to bed, actually, since I'm still pretty dang bushed.

I freaking love the Mouse. 8D
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( Jan. 7th, 2010 11:36 pm)
I promised y'all a Hawaii post, and here it is. It's not always the most entertaining thing in the world, and I did it by days so it's pretty long, but it's a summary of our trip to Hawaii. Enjoy. :3

That means Welcome. )

Yes, I am indeed home safe. Have been as of midnight Tuesday/1 a.m. Wednesday. Good times.

I was welcomed home by a come-to-Jesus politics talk by my brother, a sleepy hug from my mother, and a puddle of barf in my brand new Gamma Phi bag courtesy of the dog.

...yeah, it's gonna be a great break.

I woke up at 10 this morning. I am currently running on one full REM cycle. Given that info, guess when I went to bed.

Also, I told my mom I made a gallows out of popsicle sticks for my project and now she wants a picture. Ohhhhhhkay. o_o

Upside of everything is, I got a snazzy new icon out of the deal because [ profile] lidi is awesome.

Now. Um. Off to pack, I suppose.
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( Apr. 27th, 2008 12:38 am)
Yeah, it's been a while since I've had anything resembling a substantial post on here. Blame life. :D

I made it home okay, as my last post says. Many and large thanks to [ profile] lynxgriffin for being chauffeur (and I totally owe you gas money).

I ended up flying into Denver, which led to a nice car ride home with Mom. I love her to death, but I've discovered several things:

~She still thinks that anime is bad for me, as was evinced by the line "At least you're not writing that anime stuff anymore" when I told her about my screenplay and my potential absurdist play.

~She thinks fantasy is juvenile - she said as much when I told her about potential novel in the works (fantasy, of course)

~Religion is not a good thing to argue with a faulty memory and without evidence.

~My little brother got a stress fracture in his foot, because he decided to jump off bleachers at a track meet. I've been calling him Gimpy. :D

~My older brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday yesterday. I actually had no answer for him. I think this has been the first year that I haven't immediately come up with something on my DO WANT list. Hell, I'm not sure I even have a DO WANT list at the moment. It's kinda funny.

So that courage I'd been working up to tell her about my LJ and Paixao and Daisychain? Went splat. Social lion; familial wuss.

Speaking of RP, I'm finally caught up. XD On top of that, there was a secret in today's [ profile] rp_secrets post about Daisychain. THEY LOVE US, GUYS ♥

Well, aside from a job hunt and a deep-cleaning of my room, there's not much going on in life today. I kinda like it like that. :3 there somebody who wouldn't mind making a slightly religious animated icon for me? I would be ever so happy.

Yep. I made it home safe and sound. :D

Lynx and I got up at 4:45 this morning (AAAAAAARGH) because she's a wonderful friend and agreed to drive me to the airport to catch my 9:00 a.m. flight. Seeing as there's no traffic whatsoever on the way to L.A. at 5:45 a.m., we got there by 6:30.


So Starbucks (YES I'VE STARTED DRINKING STARBUCKS SHADDUP THEY MAKE GOOD CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT FRAPPACCINOS I SAID SHADDUP) and my laptop are my friends. I got two more of the drabbles I need to do for DOS Day done. (Only 13 more to go...^^;)

Speaking of which, I should probably make another post in the comm reminding people about it...I'll bet most of us have forgotten. XD;

The flight was pretty uneventful. I sat next to a pretty cool guy (he had a Black Knight shirt, how awesome can you get?), and I got some stuff done in Golden Sun. (OKAY IVAN STOP DYING PLZ.) Aaaaaand now I'm stuck again. ;o;

I had a nice chat with my senior year English and 20th Century History teachers about IB credits and Pepperdine. Hopefully, with their help, I'll be able to get some Pepperdine credit for what I've done in my IB education. (If not, you'll all certainly know about it. XD;)

And there's a Wii in my house. My little brother evidently received one for his birthday. Now, for those of you who know my mother, you know she's not the most video-game-oriented person in the world. She's the one I have trouble convincing to give permission for me to go to NDK each year.

She waited for four hours on a Sunday in subzero temperatures outside Circuit City to get this Wii for my brother. Granted, she got my dad to relieve her every hour or so so she could crank the heater in her car up to 90 and warm up, but then she was right back out there.

So now my little brother has a Wii and Twilight Princess. He'd better get her diamond earrings or something like that for Christmas, because he certainly owes her something for that awesome display of dedication.

So. I am tired and shall probably sleep soon. ^^; Yeeeeah. But I don't have to scan a card to get food here, so I'm rather thrilled. :D

I have got to stop doing this. I save updates instead of doing them one-by-one, and then I make a great big entry that rivals even the lengths of the entries of [profile] princeali_m_fan. Lots of cuts in this one, I think.

So let's begin. :D

Speaking of [personal profile] lynxgriffin, her tablet just died. *woe* She needs a new one. So please, please commission her to help her pay for it? (C'mon, you all know you want some of that awesomeness that is her art.) Details are in her journal. Thanks, all! :D

Oh, and that sociology project I was freaking out about? 100%. And an 83 on the latest psych test. My grades are rising, hooray! :D

I'm hooked on Buffy now and loving it. Emu was quite happy with me when I told her. We watched three episodes last night, and I believe it was time well spent. :D

Love and smiles to all. :D
Uh, yeah. That. ^^;

First up is Halloween.

Next is school stuff.

Followed by random stuff.

Just gave it to me.

I walked out of there nearly crying. I don't really know why - it was just so heartbreakingly touching...words cheapen the experience. Just know my mom's Christmas present this year has a wonderful little story behind it.

Finally, sorority.

And that's enough for tonight. I need to get some sleep before I have to go to church in the morning. Later, all!

(This series of LJ cuts brought to you by the Society for the Preservation of Your Friends Page. XD)
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( Oct. 3rd, 2006 04:39 pm)
Especially when she sends me stuff.

Yeah, I got a package today. I asked for pajama pants and ramen. She sent me Halloween decorations, a sweater, yarn, a blanket, a HUGE FLUFFY PILLOW *squee!*, liquid licorice-scented soap, and my pajama pants (which ended up soaked in liquid soap and now smell like black licorice. I need to do laundry). 

I figure I'll get ramen from Ralph's. The pillow is SO worth it.


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