I figure pony recaps will happen when I haven't posted for a few days and some relatively big stuff has gone down. Basically, this amounts to LOTS AND LOTS OF PONIES because I am a lazy bum.

To start, my birthday was Tuesday, and I got a group of sixteen people together for dinner at Gyu-Kaku. I don't know if anyone's ever tried to fit sixteen people in a relatively small restaurant, but it's kind of surprising just how big a group that is in a restaurant of that size. It was also a whole lot of How Do You Know Katie - I had my roomies, friends from cons, house of fandom, and Pepperdine friends there. It was a ton of people and a ton of fun, and you all spoil me, seriously. ♥ I started opening presents and just:

Because seriously. I am spoiled. And I love you all.

Thursday night (or technically Friday morning) was the Pirates midnight showing at El Capitan, so of course I went with a group of friends. :Db It was a fun movie! It certainly didn't outdo the first one, but it felt much more like we were getting back to the look and feel of the first, including having Jack actually act like Jack, which is a nice change. Plot was a tad simple, I wanted a bit more from the MacGuffin Army, but the action was fun and the dialogue was witty and damn was the missionary good looking.

Basically, well worth seeing and I would recommend it, though I don't think the 3D is necessary.

I also managed to walk out of that showing with eight new pins, only four of which I paid for. Free gifts are awesome.

Of course, I was utterly sleep deprived for all of Friday, but that's okay! I can function on four hours of sleep. Life is good.

Finally, I'm having a tough time finding a gif to express just how dumb I think the whole nonpocalypse thing today was. I'm tempted to go with this one:

Or potentially this:

But in the end, I think this one's the winner:

Can't wait to do this all again in 2012. 8Db
First and most importantly, Happy Mother's Day! To everyone on my flist who's been a mother or will be a mother, thank you for taking on the toughest job in existence and never let anyone tell you it's not a wonderful thing to do. To everyone out there who has a mother, take some time to do something special for her today, or at least say thanks. You would quite literally not be here without her, you know. ♥

I live in a different state, so I'm calling my mom in a bit. With any luck, she got my card already. |Db

I went to go see Thor on Friday night. It was an opening night crowd, which means it was loud and appreciative (and at some points hilariously profane) and I loved the hell out of it.

As for the movie itself, Spoilers for Thor abound! )

Non-spoilery long story short: Did it measure up to previous Marvel movies? Yes. Was it fun to watch? Yes. Am I going to see this a few more times in theaters and wind up owning it? Most likely and definitely yes. Basically, A++, Will Watch Again.

On a relatively related note, does anybody know if the Spider-Man reboot is going to feed into the Avengers movie at all? Because that would be fun, I think.

On a completely different but still fun note, my birthday is in nine days! I'll be turning 23, which isn't really a landmark but is still a reason to celebrate. I believe in parties (not quite up to Pinkie Pie standards, but still), and so I'm having two of them!

The first is on Sunday the 15th, and it's Disneyland day! Come to Disneyland, we'll hang out and ride rides and go see Fantasmic and it will be all sorts of fun. :Db

The second is on Tuesday the 17th, my actual birthday, and it's dinner at Gyu-Kaku! I have a weakness for Japanese BBQ, obviously. |D Dinner's at 7:30, so let me know if you're going and I'll make reservations.

And yes, if you can see this entry, you're invited. XD

And because I know some people want a list in regards to gifts, I have a relatively short one:

- Tron: Legacy Marquee pin (Ebay is my friend)
- Membership to Teavana's Tea of the Month club (pie in the sky, but nonetheless XD)
- Tron on DVD
- Gift Cards: Teavana, Disney, Godiva, Gyu-Kaku, White House Black Market, Brighton, Albertsons/Ralphs/Vons, or just about anywhere else I frequent.
- Fic, arts, fun artsy stuff - you guys know my fandoms and my pairings and what I like

Though really, I'd really rather hang out with you guys than receive stuff. Y'all are the best present I could have. ♥

As a closing note: Glee's doing "Friday" for their next episode; there's a new clip of At World's End released; and this absolutely made my morning.

And with that, I am off to see African Cats in a few hours. Good times, guys. Good times.
Does anyone want small fic or mini fanmixes? Anyone? Bueller?

After a week of putting nothing up but fic (and with the full intention to do the same, albeit with hopefully more sleep thrown in there somewhere), I've finally come back to put up life updates.

...nothing much has happened, really. |D

Well, okay, that's not strictly true. I've decided to go full-time at Relate, the company where I've been temping for the past month (and yes, it has been that long, holy cow). I didn't ever hear back from that other interview to begin with, and even if I had, I've been doing a good deal of thinking and realized it wasn't the smartest of plans to ditch a position I was used to and quite liked for something that might be good that I might like. Of course, that still means hauling my rear to Camarillo five days a week, but it's a beautiful drive and thirty minutes of daydreaming or outlining or just singing along to the radio, and that's not a bad way to start the day.

Honestly, not a ton has been going on. I've been working a lot, and I'm not sure how much of that I can talk about, since I'm not sure how much is covered by NDAs. It's work, and work is good.

Thanks to living with two movie aficionados, I've been seeing a few lately. If you like your superhero movies trope-subverting and irreverent, Green Hornet is worth seeing. If you like your romcoms snarky and relatively true-to-life and don't mind them being about people having lots and lots of (rather tastefully done!) sex, No Strings Attached is worth seeing. If you have a brain in your head or are capable of thought in any capacity, The Social Network is worth seeing. Yes, I know I'm late to that party. Yes, I know it tastes vaguely of Oscar Bait. No, I don't care. It's fantastic.

The RP front has been pretty eventful lately, what with Holy Grail shenanigans and getting the plot Linkara's tangled up in up and running and potentially figuring out a way for Keyblade!Linkara to happen (any time a plot idea makes me cackle madly, I take it as a good sign). There's also a thread up for Levitas that I need to get into - it might be time for a canon review for him, since my brain seems to be running on either bitty Keyblade wielder or snarky internet review most times. Also, there's a Mechakara on dear_mun that poked me on AIM tonight. She wants to join Second City. I am just about beside myself with glee on this one.

I really should have some clever segue or something here, but I'm bushed and need to work tomorrow, so I'll just ask: does anyone local have anything planned for the Super Bowl? Turns out one roomie is working and the other got invited to a party with work colleagues, so I'm on my own. If anyone doesn't mind me crashing their fun, or if anyone wants to come over, I will provide food either way. |Db
Dear Brain,

One clever offhand comment from Megan during last night's showing of Tron: Legacy is not automatic permission to write an entire Tron-inspired arc in that KH3 fic you're planning. Really, it isn't.

So why on Earth did you do it already?


...so yeah, expect chapters of that up soon, because the idea of Aqua versus Rinzler simply will not leave me alone.
Wow okay today what is this madness. I spent most of my day waiting for my car to show up. It was supposed to be here between 11 and 1. This, of course, was before the driver called and said he was stuck in LA traffic (sounding incredibly bewildered). It got here around 4.

My mom packed a metric ton of food in that trunk. o_o Don't think I need to go grocery shopping for quite a while.

I saw Prince of Persia today with Kristin. Honestly, I agree with the Kotaku review: the best part of this movie was simply the fact that it didn't suck. The gamer community can finally point at a movie based on a video game, go "hey, that's based on a video game!" and not be utterly ashamed. (Uwe Boll, I'm looking at you.)

That said, ostrich racing is lulz, I have a new appreciation for knife throwers, and a big chunk of it reminded me of Sonic 2006. Overall, it was meh. There isn't a more fitting word for it. Eleven bucks was a bit much to shell out for it - I'd have rather gotten it from a Red Box and sat down to see it in my living room. It wasn't HOLY HELL AWESOME, but it wasn't a total waste; it was just meh.

My apathy: I would show you it if I cared.

Because I've been promising [livejournal.com profile] anzila this for a few days now, I have FSTs that were made on pretty much the spur of the moment! Both are for TDF: we have I the Hell Am Harry and One-Woman Rave. Three guesses who they're for and the first two don't count. There are a few songs on the song list that aren't in the folders: this is because they're locked to my iTunes and I could not be arsed to burn the CDs and re-copy the unlocked songs. They're worth tracking down if you don't already have them, and once I get out of this bored listless uncreative little place I may well put them up. IDK.

I also have a lot of thinking to do about writing and motivations, especially since my job pretty much kills writing drive by the time I get home each night. If I can get down a solid outline for the big fic this weekend, I figure I can try to average one chapter a week. RP is a whole other ball of wax, but that requires some thinking. More on that later, I think.

But yes, for now, enjoy the music. :3
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( May. 7th, 2010 03:33 am)




Cut for spoilery babbling and quoting )

Incidentally, the best way to get a group of immature twenty-something-year-old males to quit yelling "PENIS" in a theater is to loudly ask them if they've lost theirs.

Yes, I know this through experience.

It's been a great night.
I kind of want to play the Cheshire Cat at XI. Nobody really knows who or what he is or where he comes from, or why he occasionally hangs around the Institute - rumor has it that Xavier owes him a favor, or the other way around. Expect him to show up just about anywhere at inopportune times, making only the vaguest amount of sense and grinning like the cat who- well, you know.

Things I should not be considering at midnight.

But, y'know, it was a great movie. The 3D made it.
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( Feb. 21st, 2010 01:42 am)
[/keeps a running tally of the number of comments that start with, "Take a nap. THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES!"]

It's been a long couple of days. Songfest started Thursday night, and we've had three practices since then - one a day every day for two hours. They get to be more exhausting than I expected - during the last ten minutes of today's, I resorted to imagining beat markers to keep myself going on the right choreography. Let's be honest here: EBA gets me through a heck of a lot more than I'll admit. Mission Complete, at the least.

So that's a ton of fun and a total life-eater. If anyone on campus wants tickets, get 'em fast - the finale's already just about sold out.

Also, saw Zombieland for the first time on Thursday with Tara, Kevin, and Megan. I spent the first twenty minutes in a state of Not Sure If Want. That was when they introduced Tallahassee. I decided it was want. To keep my thoughts as non-spoilery as possible, I did love the rules and how they kept popping up (especially Rule #2) and the Zombie Kill of the Week made me laugh my ass off. Overall, I really did appreciate that they focused more on the character relations than they did OMG KILL TEH ZOMBIES; however, when OMG KILL TEH ZOMBIES did come up, it was incredibly well done. All in all, it was quite a good movie.

Tonight was dinner with my roomie and my boyfriend's family (minus two of his brothers). I can totally see where he gets it from. |D Not the first time I've met his parents and his littlest brother, but nonetheless. Plus, we were at the Santa Monica pier, and roomie and I walked away from the encounter with a fedora apiece. Hers is white with a black ribbon; mine is black and shall have a white ribbon on it soon. I have somehow managed to acquire a Morris hat. |Db

Now that I'm all sorts of bushed and have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow, I suppose I should trundle off to bed now.
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( Feb. 13th, 2010 11:26 pm)
Retreat was so much fun. Catch Phrase will always be awesome with my fellow G Phis. XD Also, Valentine's Day (the movie that just came out) is pretty good. Kind of like Love Actually, but all in the span of 24 hours instead of a few months. It was very well done.

Also, it's great to hear one of your sisters yell, "YOU DICK!" right in the middle of a theater. It just makes the experience.

In other news, MST3K and Red vs Blue with friends are just so awesome. Apartmentmates + [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada + [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin = win. :Db


The How's My Driving? Meme

It occurs to me that I should actually update this journal with something of substance: my daily goings-on, the details of that first date, or the next episode of the Randomizer (which will hopefully be up sometime tomorrow). My mind, however, is in a completely different place tonight, and so that's what I'll be rambling about for a bit.

Everything under the cut is about RP. Yep. )

In other news, Sega is releasing a new Sonic game this summer and Disney is making a sequel to Enchanted. In other words, two very different uses of the phrase, "what the hell."

Also, you'd think Marvel could afford to hire someone who recognizes a comma splice when they see it. It's a pretty spiffy graphic otherwise, forever ruined by wayward punctuation. Le sigh.

And that is more than enough out of me tonight. It's bedtime.
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( Jan. 30th, 2010 01:59 am)
I keep getting fanarted. I suppose I should stop describing tarot cards in Facilier's posts, huh. 8D

Bid night was tonight! I finally have a name twin, which should prove to be interesting. She's a Disney nut, though, so this is awesome and win. Also, I finally got my little to watch The Princess and the Frog. She said it may well be her new favorite Disney movie and I squeed with joy. She is totally my little. :Db

Date tomorrow. No idea what I should wear~

...yeah today was uneventful. 8D /SPAMS FLIST UNNECESSARILY
( Jan. 15th, 2010 01:22 am)


Someone please explain to me why I've seen this movie three times already.

Yeah but y'all just want to see the reference, huh )

The continuity error is small - in Friends on the Other Side, when Facilier spreads out the cards in the "hop from place to place" line, they're laid out the wrong way - he wouldn't have been able to flip them like he did in the "it's the green you need" line. For it to work the way he'd set it up, he would have had to flip them from the other side.

Guess who is a total geek and has watched the YouTube rip of that song and footage waaaaaay too many times? Go on. Guess. 8D

I cannot wait for the DVD.
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( Dec. 12th, 2009 01:22 am)
Figure I should jump on the Disney bandwagon and do my own review of The Princess and the Frog.

Spoilers behind the cut, of course.


Judging from the reactions in the audience and on my flist, I'd call the movie a rollicking success. The sheer number of small children in the theater made it that much better, and they were a fantastic audience: gasping and laughing in all the right places and even applauding after a musical number or two, which made me grin like a moron because kids nowadays appreciate art! *A* Disney has succeeded in the age-old tradition of scaring the everloving hell out of the audience before making everything better - dead silence after "Friends on the Other Side." Kids were absolutely terrified of the crazy voodoo man. Who says the new generation is desensitized? And the small child chatter about how awesome the movie was and what their favorite part was and who their favorite character was and repeating all the funny lines...oh Disney, you've done it again. I haven't heard post-movie chatter like that since Atlantis, and goodness knows that was a good long while ago.

Let's top this off with the Wheel of Morality. What is the lesson that we should learn from The Princess and the Frog?

I count five. )

Rules to live by, I think.

Definitely going to see this again. :Db
Guys, I wanna watch a movie. My friends the internet elves will help me with supply - now I ask you, my friends of flist awesome, which movie should I watch? Something that will help me breathe a bit - I really don't want to do any thinking tonight.

Okay guys ILU all and thank you for the suggestions, but right after I posted this my mind wandered and it went, "You know, I haven't seen Johnny Depp as a pirate in a while."

So I'm watching Chocolat, if anyone would like to watch along with me. :3
Okayso. Here's the world my schedule for the next few days or so. Hopefully I can keep my brain straight. |Db

- Work from 6-midnight
*Finish Lit Theory paper, preferably during work
*Sign up for a check out time...sometime
*Get an airport shuttle Unneeded! [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada is taking me

- Intro to Acting 10-noon - shouldn't be a big deal
- Lit Theory 2-4 - turn in that paper GLORY HALLELUJAH

- Work random volunteer shift from 3:30-5 6! |D
- Greek night - Basketball game at 7 - free food huzzah
- Work 8-midnight
*Start putting together a study guide for Lit Theory, maybe during work
*Work with monologue stuff - screen analysis, etc
*If all goes well, come off hiatus at Paixao

- Stage Dance 10-noon - show up early to warm up, run through show, have that little piece memorized, remember to bring the camera
- Possibly getting family letters at 3? That's still up in the air, I think.
- Princess and the Frog at 7:20 yaaaaaay :D

- I might study, but SLEEP, GLORIOUS SLEEP Disneyland with [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin for at least part of the day~

- Disneyland with Kristin! Huzzah~ These fell through, boo. Sigma Tau Delta thing at...some point in the afternoon, I believe. |D After that, maybe I'll practice my monologue and sleep. XD

- Acting final at 10:30 - final monologue performance; be sure to practice before then
- Work 2-5
- Moonshadows dinner with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada!

- Stage Dance final at 10:30 - We're doing our final performance/showcase at 11:30 in Lindhurst! Y'all should come because it will be aaaaawesome
- Work 2-5 - Probably studying like a madwoman for Lit Theory
*Laundry day! See you there, underthings tumbling~

- Work 10-1 - yay more studying!
*Get someone to print my boarding pass at 11, since I unfortunately cannot do it from work |D - UNLESS I GO TO THE HAWC ooh idea :D
- Lit Theory final 1:30
*Pack like a madwoman
*Checkout appointment
- RIFFTRAX LIVE AT 8 with [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin and hopefully [livejournal.com profile] ghettopeach if we can get ahold of her. Cannot wait for this. *A*
*Finish packing like a madwoman

*Catch Shuttle Checkout appointment!
- Flight at 11 at LAX
*Go hooooooome! :D

MY GOODNESS ONE WEEK LEFT. How time flies. :Db
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( Dec. 9th, 2009 04:26 pm)
This. Just. This.

Wanna go? :Db



I shall have to pack quick but it will totally be worth it. :Db
FIRST! To everyone who commented on my previous post: what do you say to a sporking party tonight? Everyone get on AIM at the least, we'll coordinate going on Skype, I'll bring the footage, and a good and hilarious time shall be had by all. I'm thinking around 8 pm Pacific time, possibly earlier if need be. Let me know if you're in. :D

SECOND! I come with proof that Gamma Phi has the best formals ever:

I rest my case.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2009 03:11 am)
So I just got back from seeing New Moon with my friends.

Yes, you read that correctly. I was that desperate to get out of the apartment. It was crazy.

To start, I truly did enjoy the movie. I was in need of a good laugh, and the movie definitely provided one. Best comedy of the year, right there. It also made me feel 110% better about my life, so that was definitely something.

So let's follow the title of the song entry and do this by numbers.

New Moon - Number of:

Times I laughed when a scene wasn't supposed to be funny: Somewhere in the double digits
Audible facepalms: Four
Minutes I was on Team Jacob: About 45
That's What She Said jokes: One, but it was too epic to follow up
Times I nearly burst into song: Four
Muses set off during the movie: Two - J and DEATH
Fursplosions: Three
Dead vampires: One (sadly)
Nostalgia Critic references: One, ongoing
Times Bella tried to commit suicide: Three
Times Bella succeeded: Zero dammit
Therapists in Forks, WA: Zero
Hospitals in Forks, WA: Zero
Dollars I spent on this movie: Eleven and a half, not including popcorn
Minutes I thought the movie was actually cool: About fifteen

And because I'm out of numbers, have a plot summary!

And a spoiler cut, for those of you who care! )

The most interesting part of this is, everyone had chemistry with each other except Edward and Bella. They had none whatsoever. I got bored when they were together. Funny how that works, huh.

I'll admit I had a great time at the movie. I'll proudly add on that it was mostly because I was shamelessly laughing my ass off for most of said movie. I'm waiting for it to hit the dollar theater and/or YouTube and then sitting down and really sporking it with a friend. Anybody up for it? :Db
I just got back from seeing 9 with [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin.

I'll be the first to admit I called parts of the plot - tough not to in places - and turned off the story part of my brain. The utterly weird part about that was, once I did, I went straight into IB mode and started analyzing everything.


Cut for spoilers, fractured Jungian analysis, and Kia's inability to let anything go )

*puff puff pant*

And for those of you who want an actual review:

Cut for spoilers and...that's about it |D )

...I'm sure I'll write more about my life at some point, as soon as I can back my brain out of analysis mode and into normal living mode. Uh-huh. 8D


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