This all started with a comment about how Terra's dump stats were Intelligence and Wisdom. It has very much spiraled from there. Enjoy some D&D-style fic, guys - I'm off to bed and will probably write more of this later, if only because I WAS FROZEN TODAY is too good a line to pass up.

Read more... )
( Apr. 5th, 2011 12:06 am)

Yep. WonderCon. :Db

Highlights include:
- Nathan Fillion calling in the Green Lantern: Emerald Knights panel
- Nathan Fillion taking Hal Jordan back from Ryan Reynolds
- IC shenanigans
- The Count +9999 damage
- The local tea garden
- Neil Gaiman is such a troll
- Shenanigans with Ryune
- Getting hit on by someone much older than me...multiple times
- "I thought you'd known each other for years!" "Nah, I only met her an hour ago."

I'm sure there are more, but I'm bushed right now and will try to do a full writeup at a later date. For now, the public photo album is here, the more detailed one is on Facebook, and videos will be uploaded later. For those who do want Doctor Who clips, I do have them, but they're not going on YouTube. Come to me individually for those. |Db

In other news: Tron: Legacy remix album is here courtesy of [ profile] uk_not_ok and the bonus track Sea of Simulation is here courtesy of [ profile] rebmakash. Thanks to both of them for some awesome music. :Db

On the RP front, I need to figure out what the deal is with Linkara, talk with Lyra about doing stuff with Eb and Rosette, get caught up for Rarity, and try to convince myself that picking up Jason Stackhouse is a bad idea, no really, it is, and if I can't do that, then come up with a journal name for him. Life as usual, really.
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( Mar. 25th, 2011 03:06 pm)
I blame Erica. For everything.

There's this princess generator floating around... )

In other news, I'm in Colorado until Sunday, hanging out with the family and generally being a derp. Anybody want souvenirs?




That title is yet another favorite from the drop-down menu of past titles because I am yet again lost for titles because I have YET AGAIN failed to post in this journal for...two weeks, I think.

Hi guys. :Db

A flipton of stuff has happened in that time, so I'll probably be brief and have short paragraphs and bullet points, because why not.

For starters, I'm going to WonderCon on April 1st up in San Francisco, so if you're up there, I'd be more than happy to meet you there and have awesome times. :Db

I'm officially being hired full-time to my job on March 28th. I've got Things To Do Before Then, but that list is getting smaller and I'm actually really excited for this. Good times? I think so.

Work got me a bonus. I am now the proud owner of a Barbados Brighton handbag - or at least, I will be once my order comes in. I absolutely love this bag and I am stoked and a half to finally own one.

Gallifrey was two weekends ago! I love Gally so bloody much. It was amazing. My little came all weekend and [ profile] uk_not_ok joined us for Saturday and Sunday. I broke a record for ribbons, got ogled multiple times (hello, midriff top at convention), dressed as a pirate and dealt poker for the Friday night Rum Party - which ended in a Who Can Stick What Down Kia's Bust contest, which was interesting - and then proceeded to use my winnings to buy Captain Jack Harkness. Yes, that's correct. I also met a Spish! Spish was awesome! :Db Saturday was wandering, a hilarious masquerade, running out in pouring rain to get dinner at Denny's, watching Tony Lee in top form at several panels, fantastic stories in the Fans Behaving Badly panel, dancing by the TARDIS - now a Gallifrey tradition, and a whole lot of IC I Never. Best conversation of the night had to be between Dean Winchester and DEATH. Way too much fun there. Sunday was an attempt to stay coherent after Saturday night's shenanigans, including the charity auction, in which I got a Mirrormask poster for [ profile] ghettopeach and filled in as a temporary Vanna White (at which point one of the people in the audience tried to bid on me...okay then). I made a few new Twitter friends, said goodbye and see you next year and why don't we hang out more often to quite a few people. My goal this year was not to have any pocket watch incidents and not to be a complete rabid fangirl - oh, and to have fun - and I think I succeeded admirably in all aspects.

All Gally pictures and videos are here - let me know if you have any questions or want any explanations. My personal favorite is the one in which Tony Lee has AIDS. Cute, fluffy AIDS.

I have a list of about four people to call tomorrow and assorted other things to do, but aside from that life's mostly been quiet. I particularly like that.

In fandom news, I have a list of in-progress projects for which I rather want to kick my brain. I have this terrible problem with starting things and petering out, so we'll see how things go. The list, for my sanity and your curiosity, is as follows:

Yes, these are all KH fics. Go, self. )

And, as promised, the first chapter of the MLP/BBS crossover. Because I'm a gigantic derp. Right. Whyisthissocuteeeeeeeee~

Okay, we're ponies. How is that better? )

Basically, Kia is a giant derp who does nerdy, nerdy things. Business as usual. Love you all. ♥
I blame [ profile] bouncy_erbear for this one, as it is entirely her fault. Yes. :|

Also, this'll probably be the last time I warn for BBS spoilers on this journal. It's February. It's been five months since release date. I figure, for here, that's probably good enough. It'll mostly be icon stuff, so. Yes. Y'all are warned.

Without further ado: the (slightly BBS spoilery) picture:

Turns out has a DIY Demotivator page. )
So there's this lovely post in [ profile] pokemon asking what you would erase from the games if you had a chance: a move, a Pokemon, a location, anything. Aside from the obvious "It hurt itself in its confusion!" I put, "Anything that requires you to use Flash."

And then I started wondering why nobody had made any iPhone jokes about it yet.

And then my brain just kept going.


I want a rematch.
I'm procrastinating on my thesis like any college student, so have more commentary! Yaaaaaay commentary!

Cut because I'm sure this will get long )

Current team is now Billy the tank Togepi, Lyra the Dratini, Rocky the Onyx, Vilhelm the Flaaffy, Jared the Cyndaquil, and Riley the Quilava. Somebody please take Jared and raise him for me before I come too attached. I really need a water type and I can't do that if I'm raising two fires. 8D;

So yeah that was basically my entire work shift. I really do need to pound some thesis work sometime.
( Jan. 15th, 2010 01:22 am)


Someone please explain to me why I've seen this movie three times already.

Yeah but y'all just want to see the reference, huh )

The continuity error is small - in Friends on the Other Side, when Facilier spreads out the cards in the "hop from place to place" line, they're laid out the wrong way - he wouldn't have been able to flip them like he did in the "it's the green you need" line. For it to work the way he'd set it up, he would have had to flip them from the other side.

Guess who is a total geek and has watched the YouTube rip of that song and footage waaaaaay too many times? Go on. Guess. 8D

I cannot wait for the DVD.


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