The subject has nothing to do with the content, really. It's just been a very long time since I've used it.

So yes. I've been telling everyone that my weekend's going to be shot for quite a while now, and there's a good reason why: it's Family Weekend, Blue and Orange Madness, and Spirit Cup all in one these next few days, and I have three different organizations vying for my attention. So I have:


Stage Dance 10-12
Parent Check-In 3-5 (Doug asked all the NSO leaders to volunteer to help this weekend, so I signed up)
Hanging with younger siblings of students 5-7 (Again, NSO - pulling double here since nobody signed up for this shift)
Blue and Orange Madness/Spirit Cup 7-9 (Sorority, mostly - supporting our booth and our team in the lip sync competition, and maybe taking a few minutes to go mess around in the Village, get some In N Out...stuff)
Sleepover at Gamma Phi house 9-on


Camp Laurel Ride-a-thon 5-4 (Camp Laurel is Gamma Phi's philanthropy, and they're doing a fundraiser of their own in Santa Monica, so we're heading down to go help them. Yes, that is five a.m. to four p.m.)
Choir concert for Parents' Banquet 5:45-7
PIT Show 8:30-10:30


Mass 10:30-11:30
Scholarship Tea 2:30-3:30
Chapter 7-8

Somewhere in here I need to read a play and write a paper. This weekend's gonna be nuts. |D
Oh goodness I don't remember half of what I did today. I do know I didn't read the schedule last night and got up an hour earlier than I needed to, and only realized that after a walk down to the (empty and locked) HAWC. Oops. I did get some cleaning done today, though, so that was cool.

And then all twenty or so of us who decided to show up at the HAWC went and dormstormed. That's going to be one of the parts of NSO I miss the most, I think, because running up and down the street screaming at freshmen is hilarious. The dormstormers got their own picture at the rock with Doug, too, because he was happy we'd dormstormed and not dropped the ball. |D

Things were pretty low key until the Waves Expo, which had almost all awesome booths - there was this really sketchy one that I still haven't checked out. Has anyone heard of Because it sounds like with a much lower budget, and I'm not sure I want to try out the join code I have. XD

I also got sunburned across my legs. It looks like I'm wearing thigh high tights.

Mugging tonight was awesome (in which Student Alumni Organization gives the freshmen mugs with root beer floats, don't worry XD), including free In-N-Out and a movie - Up - in Alumni Park. It'd been too long since I'd seen that movie, and I still think it's absolutely fantastic.

And after a long and interesting saga with tech central and the help desk, my DSi is now connected to the internet and I have a browser. Look out, world: Kia's gone mobile.

Tomorrow NSO officially ends. I love it and I'm going to miss it, I think. ^^;
Sentence format because I'm too tired for much more coherent thought or accurate spelling.

I love my freshmen seminar. They are all awesome freshmen and I was gobsmacked when they all asked questions about homework and such and didn't ask about social things or Greek life until my partner and I prompted them. Such awesome guys.

Someone ran over the spikes in the parking lot today. Ouch.

I averted a minor crisis today (flight plans for a parent aaaaaa) and was called a miracle worker for being able to wheedle info out of US Airways over the phone. The parent in question tried to pay me (which kind of defeats the point of volunteering and made me go D: no I'm just doing what I'm here for, really!) and then tried to get my last name so she could send me something in the mail. She got my name from my partner, so I wonder if that'll go anywhere. ^^;

Glitter eyeshadow should be used in overabundance or in very small amounts, if at all. Tonight was rock star night. The former was paired with a leopard print dress, black heeled boots, and a black tie. Somehow, I had this all in my closet. Yeayuh. XD

I had two freshmen today ask me how they could sign up for next year's NSO because they wanted to help the way the orange shirts were helping, and I d'awwwed a bit and explained it. They then freaked out a bit about training and asked if there was some special thing they'd need to do to get to know the school since we seemed to know everything, and I kind of lulzed a bit and assured them they'd be speaking acronym (I picked up my DAR at OneStop in the TAC today, and then I went to the HAWC) by the end of the week if not sooner.

There are no emergencies during NSO. I think if anyone were ever to get to the point to call for HEEEAAALP!, the orange shirts would have a faster response time than the black suits. We've got this, guys. Take a breather.

Off to bed now, because my coherency just died. Love y'all~
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( Aug. 26th, 2009 12:48 am)


Though the time when three cars showed up simultaneously and there were only five of us at the dorm was a bit insane. Fun, and we got some help from the guys at Miller, so life was good. I'm also going to do some hanging out with DeBell's group of girls, because they have an awesome crop this year (and the RA is one of my friends). :3


My roommate, who is incredible and awesome and puts up with my madness far more than she should, is doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this year. Thing is, she has to raise half her own funding - $1800, to be exact. She has, at the moment, raised $1500. This is where all you awesome people come in.

Guys, I have more than forty awesome incredible people on my flist. If all of you chip in a few bucks, or even a dollar, that's at least forty bucks if not more. Doesn't sound like a lot, but that's about an eighth of what she has to raise, and that's a lot when you're a college student with a fast approaching deadline.

If you're in dire financial straits and can't donate, that's perfectly fine - I'm not trying to pressure y'all. ♥ But if you can afford to give, if you would give to support an awesome person being active for a great cause, it would mean a ton to both of us.

Her donation page is here.

Thank you all so much ♥ and y'all will see me again tomorrow night when day 2 of NSO is over~
It's 5:51 a.m.

bbl moving in freshmen 8D

EDIT: It's 6:38 p.m. Moving in is complete.

bbl shepherding them to President's Address, CLOM, and SUPRAIZ PARTEE 8D

Microwaves, I've discovered, are more expensive than I thought. Also, presumably, if you put the word "yoga" in front of a product that isn't actually a mat but might conceivably be used in or related to yoga, some yuppie will buy it. Ah, the things you learn at Target.

I am now the proud (and rather spontaneous) owner of an ice blue DSi. She does not have a name yet, though I am pretty sure she's a she. No games as of yet, though EBA is in the mail, along with ~$180 worth of textbooks. I only have two classes that require books, and somehow they managed to cost ~$90 apiece. What the hell, Pepperdine.

Bacon cookies were made yesterday - full documentation will come up later when I'm not absolutely dying of exhaustion. Roomie figured out they should probably be refrigerated, so they are. |D

Cheesecake Factory is still awesome. That much is a given.

And guys, the huge day for NSO is tomorrow. This is the day when all of our freshmen (a class of 900 this year) arrive with their parents/families and move in. Yes. All of them. Tomorrow is the day where I report to the Rho parking lot at 5:55 a.m. and keep going straight until midnight or later, then wake up in time to go dorm storming at 7:30 the next day.

Ladies and gentlemen, every single NSO leader out here - everyone wearing the snazzy orange shirts - is a volunteer.

It's a special kind of crazy, but I love this time of year. In fact, we have a motto this year:

We are taking it to eleven, folks.

Tomorrow's gonna be nuts. I can't wait. XD
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( Aug. 23rd, 2009 12:03 am)
Sunburnt across both shoulders and cheekbones, visibly so.

Hair refuses to lie flat in any capacity.

Soreness across entire bottom of both feet.

Sore spot in lower back where bottom of back of folding chair hits.

Red spots on knees from kneeling on asphalt for an hour and some change in spite of the long jeans I was wearing today.

BUT. I made posters today.

Yep. Totally an EBA sort of day.

...I have no idea how I'm On a Boat got associated with EBA.

TOMORROW IS A DAY OFF GLORY HALLELUJAH and Monday is one more day of training and the crazy stuff starts on Tuesday when we report to the Rho parking lot at 5:55 a.m.

I love NSO. |D
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( Aug. 21st, 2009 11:19 pm)
The anon meme did not quite go as predicted for me; only half of what I thought would happen did happen, and I can't figure out if I'm pleased at that or a bit 8| that the first half happened at all.

And I feel like using my paid account features. SO.

[Poll #1447298]

That said, the bonfire at Paradise Cove for NSO tonight was lovely, though I'm starting to think starting a fire with lighter fluid may not have been the best court of action. I love my Orientation Coordinators (whom I can't call OCs on here because of acronym confusion). XD
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( Aug. 21st, 2009 01:27 pm)
DC on page 2, Paixao on page 3. Jeez somebody works fast. other news, we had free In-N-Out for lunch today, and NSO is rockin' per usual.
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( Aug. 21st, 2009 12:29 am)
This was going to be a nice long thought out post about today, but I'm bushed.

I came this close to sleeping through Don Lawrence's speech. No shame over that one.

Catered pad thai is incredible.

I have ten minutes' worth of footage from the big freakin' slip 'n' slide that happened tonight.

The storage unit has been emptied, but not everything is unpacked.

Cookies on Sunday.

Our front door doesn't close all the way. Hopefully Maintainance will get on that request we sent in pretty quickly, because that's a tad worrisome. |D

And I'm off to bed, because I'm bushed.

...Icon because I love it and [ profile] aviekokyre makes me lawl.
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( Aug. 20th, 2009 01:08 am)
Back at Pepperdine. The theme for NSO this year is NSO Hero. It's written in the Guitar Hero font. This is going to be a fantastic theme *A*

And my roomie is here because she is working with the PVC and I have missed my roomie like you wouldn't believe. We are on the exact same wavelength so often it's amazing.

We also went on an hour long grocery run tonight. The fridge in this apartment is gigantic.

AND. REARRANGING FURNITURE. Criminy. Last year we bunked our beds and it took us ten minutes. This year we decided to do the same thing and it took forever and we could not figure out why. There was lots of laughing and making sure I didn't get squished between beds and fruitless lifting before I realized that last year we removed the ridiculously heavy mattresses before trying to bunk anything.

The process went much smoother after that.

I have to be up at ridiculously early o'clock tomorrow to do NSO all day, sooooo I'll be back tomorrow night sometime |D

Yeeeeeeeah New Student Orientation counselor for the second year!

Now I have a tough phone call to make sometime before tomorrow morning. Should be interesting...
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( Apr. 7th, 2009 12:43 am)

Honestly. What I want to do overlaps with what I should do or what I have to do, or two things I have to do overlap and I am SICK TO BLOODY DEATH OF THIS SHIT.

Cases in point.

NSO and recruitment training, since I did not make Rho Chi. I can only do one or the other. I want to do NSO. Recruitment training is mandatory, even though I won't be on the floor.

Mixer and work/Randomizer. Last week, we scheduled a mixer with Sigma Chi for Tuesday at 7:30 pm. It was to be glow in the dark mini golf, and I was assured that we would leave by eight and be back on campus in time for the Randomizer. Sounded good, so I got my shift covered that week. Mixer was postponed to make time for ATO's philanthropy. Okay, cool, I can do that. I emailed my coworker and got my shift back. I was told at chapter this Sunday that the mixer was this week instead, same time/place/activity/guarantee, so again I got my shift covered. I just got a Facebook invite for the mixer - it's from 7:45 to 10 at one of the guy's houses. There is no way in hell I'm making that - not after I made a commitment to my roomie (and you know what, I like doing the Randomizer). I need to send out another email thanking my coworker again and telling him again that plans have changed and he doesn't need to cover for me. This is the second gorram time in two weeks. I look like a huge flake.

Disneyland and homework/projects. Self-explanatory.

Easter weekend and Run/Walk for Hope and PIT show. These are all three wants, actually, so it's not huge.

Anime Club and the rest of my life. I haven't been at all since we finished Haruhi and that was weeks ago.

And ON TOP OF ALL THAT, I am irrationally angry about this entire situation. The last thing I need is for the general to visit, but he's probably coming soon. Argh.

Screw this noise. I'm watching Heroes and getting some sleep.
I just did my first dormstorm today. Dormstorming is basicallly when all the NSO leaders run through the dorms screaming at the top of our lungs in order to wake up all the new students so they can go to their sessions (the meetings that teach them about Pepperdine) on time.

Dormstorming is fun. :D

Best part was when somebody yelled out the window for me to shut up and I yelled back, "Don't tell me to shut up - GET UP!"

Fun times, for I am sleep deprived and find everything amusing.

NSO has eaten my life.

Right now, I have a fifteen-minute break between sessions, and I'm up here in the Sandbar saying HI EVERYBODY because the power's out everywhere else and I therefore do not have an away message to spam today. This was planned on the university's part.

We had a food fight last night. I'm going to get Sam back for putting mayo in my hair.

Basically, guys, I'm loving all of this, but I'm busy as hell and there are some days (try Tuesday-Friday next week) where I'd be surprised if you see me at all. I shall tell the massively epic tales of NSO sometime near the end of next week, when I'm not busy and bushed and many other adjectives beginning with B.



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