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( Jan. 31st, 2007 02:09 am)

...because you said you wanted it.

They Go Straight For the...You Know: A Those Lacking Spines FST

Part I
Part II

...yeah, it was too big for a single post, as 13 pages of Word tend to be.

Enjoy~ ♥

I'm going to bed.

The title's pretty self-explanitory, but detail is good.


I finally got a call back from the Sigma Chi who promised me his hat (after leaving a rather pissy message on his cell phone at 8 or so). He told me he forgot about our meeting and he didn't have his cell phone on him all day. He was verbally groveling as he said that, so I forgave him (honest mistake and all that jazz). He then told me he'd given his hat to a Theta who had given him a check for the charity his fraternity was trying to raise money for in the first place.

And so I am hatless.

Kaysh's party was great. Man, I love y'all. The cake was fun too. (Built-in Vexen repellent right there. XD;)

We had tempura at club. And rice. And Japanese snack crackers. And these awesome little suck-on candies that have gooey stuff in the middle. Basically, Friday was a surprise snack night. Having not had dinner yet, it made me very happy. ^^

And I got a $500 credit card pledge at work. WIN!


Maxegn and I went to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. I fangirled (albiet silently) throughout the whole dang thing, stopping short only of singing along. Lyp synching was good enough. XD I still have the glasses, and I'm keeping 'em. In addition to that, when we went down to Tower Records for their Going-Out-Of-Business Sale, we both got the special edition DVD of NMBC for $15 a pop. HECK YES. Now I just have to get Corpse Bride and I'm set.

Then I went to go hang out with Lynx and her roomies for a few nearly six hours. Wow, is that group ever a BLAST. DDR + MST3K + Donald in Mathmagic Land (yes, you heard me right) + Doctor Who + Buffy = VERY VERY VERY YES. They got me hooked on those two shows, and now I have lots of DVDs to watch. ^^; I'm also going back to their house to hand out candy and stuff on Halloween. It's going to be AWESOME. :D

Oh, and to top it all off? Lynx took me to Party City to put the finishing touches on my costume. I'm going as a Mary Sue.

And when I told my boss that a while ago, she not only knew exactly what I was talking about, she suggested I find a Gary Stu to go with me.

Now do I have the coolest boss ever or what? :DDDDD
( Oct. 27th, 2006 12:35 am)
I just beat Kingdom Hearts II.


I don't think I can express it any better right now.

Oh, look! A meme! Oh, look, Kingdom Hearts!

Please. Like I wouldn't be on this like white on rice. XD;

Yoinked from

[personal profile] ggmoonycrisco and [personal profile] tafkae .


...It took me about 6 hours to do this meme. Write a few answers, go to class. Write a few more answers, go do laundry. Write a few more answers, go to barbeque. ASOASFETCETCETC...

But I likes the meme. I really do. XD;

I went to a guy friend's room today. He just got his copy of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, and he wanted to mess with it.

I spent a good 30 minutes on the Character Creator. I discovered that you can't make Axel (no appropriate hair or chakrams), you can't make Xaldin (hair but no lances), and you can't make Lexaeus (killer cleaver but no hair). You can, however, make Saix - just as long as you don't mind fudging hair and weapon a bit and you leave the face scar off.

...I'm so obsessed. It's absolutely creepy how bad this has gotten. ^^;

But now I wanna grab the PS2 version...the directional buttons being connected on the Xbox royally screwed me up and over. That, and PS2 controllers fit my hands more easily. What, me, Sony fangirl? You betcha.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm finally getting around to sporking Flaming Siblings. I'm joint-sporking it with Maxegn and teaching her to spork at the same time. It's quite interesting. For a beginner, she's pretty dang good. ^^

(I'm also trying to convince her to get a LJ, but that's not going as well. I need to be more coercive.)

But that's life at the moment. I'm going to bed now.
Pwned Xigbar.

Pwned Luxord.

Pwned Saix.

Realized I had sociology reading to do for class today.

Turned off the game.

Did my homework.

Went to bed.
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( Oct. 5th, 2006 12:09 am)
Mine was no fun, but this was hilarious.

Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?You will set your house on fire and sit alone in the corner as the flames consume you
How many tries will it take?51
When will you commit suicide?January 9, 2020
What will your suicide note say?Now there"s simply one less heart left to break

...The irony makes me giggle like stupid. XD XD XD
As promised, the second half of the insanity.

And what have we learned from this?

1) Several members of the Organization hold a fondness for cheese;
2) Demyx is talented with more than his sitar;
3) Stay the hell away from Xaldin. 0.o
I'm doing that meme for all of the Organization members now. I said, something wrong with me. ^^;

Heh heh. Stay tuned for Part 2!
So I rediscovered this quiz. Meme + KHII obsession = seriously screwed-up hilarity.

There is something seriously wrong with me, but am I ever having fun.
Well, it had to happen sometime, I guess.

Yep. I have been officially pwned by an Organization member. Specifically: Xigbar.

It was two in the morning, I'd been playing for three hours, and I was so tired I lacked the hand-eye coordination to avoid tripping over my own purse. So of course a boss fight is the logical way to go. *rolls eyes*

I was doing really well too! ...well, okay, relatively well. I had him down to his last health bar (so far as I could tell), and then he did that FREAKING PSYCHO attack where the bullets go from everywhere and there's nothing you can do to 1) avoid it 2) break the combo. He took the entire rest of my health bar.


I really hate California surfer accents now. This is bad, seeing as I'm in California and less than a hundred yards away from the beach.

And poor Liz. She only just beat Alice in Wonderland, and she's watching me play through all these crazy cutscenes and freak out (that's not Riku! That's NOT RIKU! GAH!), and she's totally lost. Mickey shows up in Twilight Town, and her question is, "Why does he have a Keyblade?"

Uh, because he's King Mickey?

So she's asking questions that are either completely obvious or completely nonsensical to me, and she really wants to know the answers, and all I'll tell her is, "You need to play the first game!" I think I may just get her the manga for plot information and let her play the game at her leisure.

And it's all her fault the Psychology review isn't done. ^^;

We have a psych test tomorrow and we were each typing up part of a study review. I have modules 1-6 and she has 7-10. I'm not done with my part yet. (In fact, that's what I should be doing now...)

I'd just finished the second episode of the Mulan world (OMG OMG OMG RIKU WAS THERE! *freaking out*) and I was going to save and quit. Liz told me to keep playing - she wanted to see what would happen next. ( did I...)

So I kept going and told her if the Chapter 4 study guide didn't get done, it was her fault. Her reply? "Okay!"

An hour later, she looks at me: "Chapter four's the brain chapter, isn't it."



The brain chapter is big, long, and angry. *sigh* So I need to get back to that before I do anything else. ^^;
So Rush started tonight.

Rush being that great WEEK FROM HELL when everybody who wants to join a sorority runs around and does activities with them and tries to get to know them before they have to ask them to "please let me join!"

...You know I'm tired when my grammar dies.

So I've decided I'm going to put more emphasis on Delta Gamma. THEY ROCK. I clicked with everybody I talked to.

Life is definitely going to be interesting because I'll be missing bid day for work...which I'm going to have to work extra-hard if I want to get in there.

But I have confidence! *Superhero Pose Away!*

Ehehheh. ^^;

Now for the KHII related news. One item on the boards tonight, folks. It's official:


That is probably the most profanity you'll ever hear in my LJ.

I beat his rear on the first try. There was a Mickey Save involved (I will be the first to admit that), but it was still the first try. AHAHHAH EAT THAT DREADLOCK-BOY.

Hamlet dispenses more stabbity death than you.

It actually wasn't all that bad. Spamming triangle got me 1) reaction commands which helped greatly and 2) Beast's limit break in repeated succession. And my Wisdom form WINS ALL. Hooray Wisdom!

And the best part? XALDIN GOT PWNED BY A GIRL.

And not just any girl, oh no. Belle. Xaldin got his butt pwned by Belle.

I had to pause the cutscene. I was laughing way too hard to continue for a while. Even Liz was cracking up.

Well, think about it. Here's big, scary Xaldin with his deep voice and sentient sideburns, making the great big ultimatum these evil villain types tend to like to make. And Belle takes him out with the one stupidly easy move they teach you in every self-defense class on the planet: the elbow-solar plexus maneuver.

I have a newfound respect for this particular Princess of Heart. Belle = Win. MAJOR Win.

I shall be thrilled for the rest of the night. Tee hee. :D :D :D XD
So I've been rather busy lately. I finally got around to opening KHII, and...well...*heehee*
But I'm not talking about that yet.

I went to go see John Kerry speak in Smothers yesterday. It was...interesting...

In other news! KHII! Whee!

I've just realized I managed to switch from first to second to third person and RP a little all in the same entry. It's time to go get breakfast, take a shower, and blow up my brain with more KHII before my Harry Potter seminar this afternoon.

Totally looking forward to it. ^^

The Dodgers game last night was a blast. We arrived in the bottom of the fifth (thanks to LA traffic, which was horrendous) and ended up sitting behind the rowdiest people in the stadium in what they called the "Drunk Seats." It was AWESOME. I screamed myself hoarse, cheered like a maniac, ate a hot dog, and nearly burned my tongue off sucking on the perpetually salty shells of stadium peanuts. To top it all off, the Dodgers won.

What a great night.

Then we got up and went up to Calabasas (FINALLY) to go shopping this morning. The only downside I could find was that, even though I found pattern, zipper, and thread for my Organization costume, they didn't have enough cloth. I'll need to order it off the internet, and I'm a little worried about what I'll do if it's not right. (I have the type and color I had in the store, I'm just worrying like stupid right now.)

The upside? I finally have a copy of Kingdom Hearts II.

This is where the crazy fangirl moment comes in. Those of you who know me know it involved much jumping up and down and squealing.

And yes, Tara, they were right there. ^^

In all honesty, it's half Tara's right now. I'm to pay her back next month, seeing as most of this month's budget is going to my cosplay. ^^ It's still sitting on my bed in its plastic wrap - I haven't had time to play it yet, and tomorrow and Monday are insanely busy. *sigh* It could be a while, but IT WILL HAPPEN! GABLAR!

...Thank you, Patrick, for the sound effect. ^^;

I am saddened...I must give KHII back to [personal profile] tafkae tomorrow. Que triste.

I got to Hollow Bastion (surrounded by darkness, whoo!) and thought, hey, Night of 1000 Heartless! I get to fight Demyx for real this time!

No, now I get to get sucked into a computer.

I don't know if it's the graphics, or the music, or the color scheme and character designs, or the fact that I was hoping to see my favorite mullet-headed guitarist again, but I really hate Tron world.

Maybe it was because we CUT OFF AN EXPLANATION FROM KING MICKEY to get our sorry butts back to a world I hate to help a character who is completely useless. (Yeah, he wasn't kidding when he said he lost his abilities. No kidding.) Then we go in and get thrown into - what else? - a motorcycle mini-game. Like we didn't have enough mini-games when we had to earn x-amount-of-munny with Roxas. *THAT was a pain.*

And you know, there's a reason I play RPGs - because I'm no good at FPS's or racing games. Hating Tron world and then failing miserably at their games...

I left and went to the Pride Lands. And fell in love with it. *Laughs* Skeezits, can lion-Sora haul! Whee!

(I am so sugar-high right now it's not even funny. The best part of it is, I haven't had any sugar for several hours. Hell, maybe I'm just tired.)

I also managed to pick up my Master form. I haven't used it yet, though...considering that I'm a lion...that would certainly be interesting, though. ^^

In other, more important news, I'm leaving to go to college on Monday. At 4 a.m. *sigh* So the next entry I post may very well be from Malibu, CA.

Part of me is excited, and part of me is absoluetly terrified.

In the immortal words of Sting: Tomorrow we'll see.
...why obsession is so...obsessing?

Hellooooooooo, full-blown KHII obsession. Nice to meet ya.

Thirteen hours in the game, and we just had the great little scene in Twilight Town with Kairi and Axel. No kidding, Axel wants Sora to become a heartless...he's totally hot for his other half, remember? Because Roxas, "makes him feel like he has a heart."

Jeez, Axel, just give the rabid yaoislash fangirls the ammo, why don't you. That way the rest of us get to read about it and spork it mercilessly.

I finally got my Wisdom form, which made me very happy...I used it twice in the battle with Barbossa, and it was definitely worth it. (I'm sorry, all you Valor fans, but double-wield has nothing on "Shoot.")

I'm also working on a sporking. Hooray, the sporking! I never knew mocking something could be so much fun...

Wait, yeah I did. That's why I still have that copy of Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report. XD
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( Aug. 14th, 2006 05:53 pm)
So my mother forbid me to buy Kingdom Hearts II today.

She told me that I should ideally have no free time when I get to college, being too busy with school, friends, clubs, and other such things. To that end, I am not to buy KHII and really shouldn't be taking any video games, books, or any other form of non-group entertainment.

Shoot me.

First of all, without free time I'd die. I need time to do something by myself every once in a while. Hell is other people, no matter how well you get along.

Secondly, why wouldn't I read or play video games every once in a while? My mom is afraid I'll get addicted and not make any friends or anything. What she doesn't seem to understand is that I play video games less often than either of my brothers, and that it's actually hard for me to do things like that for more than an hour or two at a time. As much as I hate to say it, you can only do so much before it just gets boring. (Unless I'm with a friend, but that would alleviate all of my mom's worries, now wouldn't it?)

My mom also says I have an addictive personality, using the example that I'm addicted to reading. For starters, most parents would die to have their kids read one book a month. I tend to go through around two a week. (Like I said in my last entry, the Inheritance trilogy is that amazing.) Secondly, I read when I have nothing else to do.

To make her point, my mom asked me what I'd do if she told me I couldn't read for three days. I told her I'd watch TV, knit, and finish Kingdom Hearts II.

Which, come to think of it, may not have been the smartest thing to do...but hey, it was the truth. I'd totally finish it.

She also thinks I spend too much time on the internet and wants me to stop that too. Well, let's video games, no reading...what do you think I'm going to do? Seriously, that's just unrealistic.

So my mom worries about my social life and my not spending time with my friends, while at the same time shooting down multiple attempts on my part to get together with them. there something wrong with this picture, or is it just me?

Pardon me while I go off and read. And play KHII. And go do all that horrible anti-social stuff that my mother seems to think I will no longer need in about a week. I was going to go out with one of my friends tonight, but my mom says I can't.

Story of my life, folks. >>

My mom told me I couldn't go out to dinner with my friends tonight under the excuse that we would eat dinner together, and "you don't have very much time left with your family." Yeah, well, I DON'T HAVE VERY MUCH TIME LEFT WITH MY FRIENDS EITHER.
So then what happens? I'm left at home with a to-do list while the rest of my family goes off to the mall to worry about cell phones for my brothers. I'm supposed to work and have a nice family dinner with me, myself, I, and leftovers.


See you in a couple of hours.
My apologies to Robert Palmer. (And, come to think of it, his estate.)

Before I get to the title, first I have to do a little ranting about something else: the Inheritance trilogy. This is the best book series I've seen in a long time. (Harry Potter is nothing compared to the lengths of these books - it took me all day to read Eragon, and I'm still not done with Eldest.) The author started writing these books when he was 15, was on the NY Times Bestseller List by 19, and is now in his early twenties with over 1000 pages under his belt and a third and final novel on the way.

In short, I want to be him. *cries* I'm in awe...but I feel so inadequate! >.<

And now for the video game part of this rant.
Three words:


...Okay, that last one was a numeral. But still. Un-be-flippin'-lievable. 

I stole it from [profile] played it for four hours while she was here, and BAM - hooked. I don't really miss Roxas all that much, but darn it, I want my dual wield back! AGH!
I was screaming even louder and harder when I got to Yes Nid's place. You see, I'm a mage at heart, and having this giant MP gauge and no way to use it...well, that was fun. Something along the lines of, "You're a wizard, darn it! GIVE ME MY MAGIC!!!"

Yeah, just a *little* bit psycho there. I can't wait for my Wisdom form to show up. (I tend to farm out Goofy when I get a world-specific character, so Valour is a bit useless to me. Plus, who wants to wear red when you can be in blue? Ooh, ooh, not me!)

So then I *finally* got my magic (yes!) from Merlin. (Come to think of it, I really should've seen that coming.) My brother is playing the game along with me. He got ahead of me and went to the Beauty and the Beast world. Not to be outdone (or to copy), I went to Mulan.
What do you get at the end of Mulan? A new keyblade. Whoopee.
What do you get at the end of Beauty and the Beast?
Cure is my life in these kinds of games. Literally. ><
And then I found out it takes your entire MP gauge to cast Cure *once*. Man, that sucks. I may as well stick with the potions for a while for all the good that'll do me.

All in all, though, I'm rather impressed with the game. The graphics are to die for, Sora's VA grew up *yes! yes! yes!*, the addition of limits and reaction commands adds an entirely new twist to already stunning gameplay, and...I'm a Riku fan. The prospect of eventually having him in my party amuses me to absolutely no end.

All in all, a great game. In fact, I think I'll go play it now. ^^
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( Jun. 21st, 2006 06:54 pm)
You have no idea how happy this makes me. This, however should give you some indication:
*Does a crazy happy dance-thingy and runs around squealing like a ninny*
Because really, I've only been waiting two months for an uncertain release date. >>
I'm going to go read it. Again. For the third time.



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