Believe it or not, I'm still out here somewhere! Despite still having an anagrammed X name, I do exist! Nothing like a good existential crisis to remind you that you're still alive!

Now that that joke's gone on far too long and made me look far more desperate than I actually amm...hi! Yeah, it's been a ridiculously long time since I've updated this journal, and I blame the fact that updating here actually takes some amount of cohesive thought and effort. I haven't had a lot of that to spare lately. Most of it's going to work, where we're wrapping up two massive summer projects. Classes start again on Friday, which means teachers come back Thursday, which means all of our lives up in the tech department are about to get insanely busy. That's going to be interesting. Most of my waking hours have been going to that, and I'm probably going to do some working from home this weekend in order to get things done. Things should calm down again on the work front in...October, that'll be nice.

The other thing that's eaten my life, at least for about a week, was the release of KH3D. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you saw a bit of my frustration; if you have me on Plurk, you got the full-on screaming fury. I was even swearing at things IRL, which surprised the hell out of my roommate. I don't usually get that profane about...anything, really. I won't give spoilers here (though I'd be happy to link the exceedingly spoilery plurk rants if anyone wants them), but as far as final thoughts go, I really did enjoy this game. It gave me quite a bit to think about in terms of character development; it had a battle system that I both enjoyed and hated by turns (I cannot tell you how many times I died while waiting for Cure to recharge); I spent way too much time naming and feeding and petting and generally loving upon my Dream Eaters and enjoying the hell out of that; and it played Devil Went Down to Georgia on my heartstrings, but this is Kingdom Hearts and that's a given at this point. There are still a few massive WHAT IS THIS EVEN scenes and plot points I need to watch again and discuss with someone, and I do think they need to rename the Xanatos Gambit the Xehanort Gambit, but overall it wasn't too terribly difficult to follow. (Though, really, I thought Storm of Swords had given me a pretty bad Everything You Know Is Wrong moment, and then I played 3D. Wow.) Overall, I give it an A and I will probably play through it again in very short order.

As for the usual IRL stuff, health is about the same as usual (imperfect but I'll live, way the hell better than December was), work is busy as mentioned but still much better than my last job, and apartment things are pretty chill. My mom actually came down last weekend for three days with me at Disneyland; of course, it had to be 95 degrees for those three days, so we were pretty much melting from heat the entire time. It was still a ton of fun - we have bizarre and hilarious ride photos down to an art now - and it was nice to have Mom down here for a change, even if avoiding political discussions is much the same as tango-ing around the elephant in the room and my (exceedingly sane by California standards) driving does terrify her. Still! Good times.

As far as writing and fandom activities go...yeah. I have a long list of fics to finish and an even longer list of edits to make on my NaNo fic in progress so I can continue working on it and hopefully finish it this November. (Synchro, you are a saint for having looked over all of that. Seriously.) RP drive has also been flagging a bit, but that's something else I need to sit down and parse out for a bit and today is just not that day. At some point, yes, but not now.

Finally, I am running a music blog and a Disneyland blog! If you have a tumblr, please follow my ridiculous stuff; if you have a tumblr or a plurk or a Twitter or if you're on Adagio (yes, tea, it's awesome), give me your username and let's be friends there too :Db
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( Mar. 13th, 2012 06:10 pm)
Oh man my life what even |D

I had that followup interview on Tuesday and...haven't heard a thing. Okay! Waiting is something I can do.

I managed to read Game of Thrones in about three and a half days, and I'm still not entirely sure what on Earth I was reading that entire time. I haven't got it in me for an extensively spoilery discussion at the moment, but I am borrowing the next few books from [ profile] orelleperedhil, so that should be all sorts of interesting.

...seriously what did I just read I don't even. Martin means business, man.

I went to Vegas for the first time on Wednesday! I went to go see the Air Force play in the Mountain West conference and to hang out with my parents. The game was one of the most infuriating games I've ever been to - seriously, I'd be willing to bet somebody had money on the game that they really shouldn't have (i.e. coaches, refs, somebody), the opposing team's fans booed our team as they came onto the court, and the refs were flat blind - so that was not good, but the rest of the visit was great. I managed to win ~$100 at craps and found a receipt for $140 in a change machine, so that was an unexpected but awesome windfall. Also, the food at the Paris is amazing. Cannot wait to go back in May.

On the job front, I got a call yesterday, an interview today, and I start working tomorrow in a receptionist position 30 minutes away (hnnnngh, but that's life) at a place that requires business professional dress. I need more than one suit jacket, I think. It's a temp gig and it holds down the fort while I look for more permanent things, so that is good!

And Wondercon is this weekend! I still need to figure out what I'm cosplaying as - I know I'll do Applejack and Linkara, but I haven't figured out a third yet.

So yeah. Life suddenly got busy. Who knew?
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( Oct. 10th, 2011 12:35 am)
I. Really fail at this, huh. |D I used to get upset that my flist would disappear to Plurk, and then I got one, and...well. Kettle called the other day, said my name was now Pot, and told me I was looking a little black there.

Life is, per usual, wild. I'm working forty hours and still herding cats to various degrees, and it wears me out, but it's still all very much good. The project that's been driving me absolutely wild is done, so that's definitely a relief.

Last Sunday - only a week ago, but it feels like forever - I headed up to [ profile] orelle_peredhil's wedding. First of all, congrats Orelle! You know you are amazing and he is amazing and you two are amazing together ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Shopping for the bachelorette party was...interesting, the bachelorette party was hilarious and slightly wild by turns, but the wedding was fantastic and beautiful. (The guy setting off fireworks in the field behind the gardens, unintentional as it was, added to that effect.) It was also fantastic seeing people I hadn't seen in a while, especially those who live way far away from me (multiple hours' drive time, basically). There were large amounts of dancing and cake and inside jokes and the reception got a live Rickroll, courtesy of [ profile] jedizero and Jeff (oh, Jeff), who were in turn taking it over from a guest who couldn't be there on account of being in Europe, messing with particle colliders. What this basically sums up to is, congratulations to the bride and groom, and our friends are awesome.

Jumping from one huge event to another, somewhat smaller one, I went to the Ventura Highland Games yesterday with Kristin and another friend. The goal of finding an attractive guy in a kilt went pretty much unfulfilled, as most of the guys in kilts were over 40 or under 18, which is not exactly in our age group. At all. We did, however, get to watch a corgi herd sheep - which is one of the most adorable things I've seen in a very long while - and watch large men in kilts throw logs - the caber toss, which was pretty damn awesome. There was also haggis, and contrary to popular belief, haggis is quite good. The event for the end of the day - folk dancing - wound up being something for the much-older-than-us crowd, so we got in the car and went to Borderline for line dancing instead. I am sunburned and still tired and will likely bypass the Highland Games in favor of the Ren Faire next year, but it was still a ton of fun and well worth doing.

As for every other side project I'm working on - fic, videos, RP, everything - I am in the middle of pretty complete burnout. The upside is, I think I may have figured out why, and it stems from my propensity for to-do lists. I have a list of smaller things to do almost every day, I have a larger monthly one for longer projects (which I am notoriously bad at), and I have an ongoing list of stuff I want to do in general (like work out, start eating healthier, all that fun stuff). Between lists of Things That Need Accomplishing, and that nagging feeling of unproductivity and self-induced guilt when, inevitably, not everything gets done, I think I've forgotten how to just take a day off and relax. Instead of finishing a task and going, "Yay! I am accomplished!" I finish something and go, "Yay! That's done! Now go do all the other things." It's all an unending stream of Things I Have To Do, which eventually makes me not want to do anything at all. I work, I come home, I work out, I take care of all the RL tasks that need to happen, and then I completely waste the rest of the night because I don't want to work on anything else - no video, no writing, no RP, no nothing. It's become "I have to do this" instead of "I want to do this," and when it comes to creative fannish pursuits, that's just stupid and borderline unhealthy.

Sleeping eight hours a night, far-fetched as the idea is, would also help.

So yeah, I pretty much need a day or two to just check the hell out. I'm heading to Colorado on Wednesday, so hopefully that'll be my chance, at least to an extent. For now, I need to go relax somewhere. We'll see how that goes.


SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS for Aqua's story, the final episode, and the secret movie ) it KH3 yet?
BBS commentary part two: Ventus. Call him Ven. If you need me, I'll be in the corner, bawling madly.


Aqua's story and final episode on Monday and then I am done with this. And still patching up my heart. Bawww ;^;
Or, Moose and Squirrel experience BBS firsthand.

[ profile] lynxgriffin is being awesome and letting me watch the BBS cutscenes, so I figure I'll do a commentary of my own, like all the cool kids. 8D I've already seen a few of the cut scenes in a YouTube playthrough, so I'm starting right into Terra's story. We'll see how it goes from there. Obviously spoiler warnings are in effect.

SO MANY SPOILERS for the entirety of Terra's story )

I haven't even finished the other two stories and I already want it to be KH3. Like, now. Doomed prequelitis indeed. ;~;

It's too late for me to watch through another story, so I shall get through Ven's and Aqua's later. After I fix the Terra-shaped hole in my heart. ;~;
Well, finals are over. No more pencils, no more books, all that jazz. You can tell it's late when I start mixing my song lyrics. Still not quite sure how I feel about that. Hell, I'm not sure it's sunk in at all.

Today, or tomorrow, or however you define Thursday is going to be Massive Amounts of Packing Day. I'm almost done with my room, which means I need to pack the kitchen. I hate packing the kitchen with a vengeance, namely because a good portion of the stuff in it is mine. For those of you wondering why I'm posting the warning - and a warning it is - it's because packing stresses me out like none other. It's the biggest indication that finals are over and life is moving on, except while I still have to fit my entire life out here into a set number of boxes, I won't be going home and I won't be coming back to Pepperdine in the fall. It's scary and frustrating as all hell and a necessary evil. What this means is I'll be online, but I'll be anywhere from mildly to completely incoherent and might be leaning on people over AIM in overwhelming stress and woe. If you want to try to keep me sane, God bless you and I much appreciate the effort. If I bother the hell out of you, I'm sorry in advance.

I'm going to top this off with a todo list, because I need one of those and I'm keeping it here now that my white board is packed.

To Do:

- Pack remainder of room
- Pack kitchen
- Figure out who's taking what food in kitchen
- Clean out fridge
- Send Shannon's package
- Email work
- Do a load of laundry. Pack said load.
- Donate choir dress to Fine Arts office
- Find out about handicapped stuff for Granny
- Call Rent-A-Wreck
- Hand wash dresses

I'm sure there's more but I can't remember it at twenty past two in the morning.
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( Nov. 11th, 2009 06:33 pm)
So. In case anyone was curious about the post earlier today.

Because, y'know, I'm sure you all were.

Registration did not go as planned, to put it nicely.

And how. )

In the meantime, I have four more hours of work to get through and a whole lot of sleep to catch up on after that.

Any time you want to make things easy on me, Life, I'd sure appreciate it. |Db
To the everloving jackass who managed to get ahold of my debit card number and is using it to buy gas in Georgia:

Go die in a fire. Just. Do it. I have no idea how you got ahold of my number (especially since you don't physically have my card), but I sure as freaking hell don't appreciate it.

So yeah. DIAF. I'll even be a nice person and light it on for you.


Anybody remember the book That's Good! That's Bad! This was a book I read quite a bit when I was a kid. It's about a kid at a zoo with a red balloon who gets separated from his parents. It'll talk about an event and end with "Oh, that's good!" Problem is, on the next page, the first line is "No, that's bad!" and this great turn of fortune goes epically wrong for the poor child, ending the page in the line "Oh, that's bad!" Fortunately, the next page will inevitably start with "No, that's good!" It finally ends with the child being reunited with his parents at the end of the day with the line "No, that's great!"

To some extent, that's kinda how my day's been going.

Work? Good.
Red section? Bad.
Potential to make money in red section by taking on more tables? Good.
Too many tables, leading to one being royally peeved? Bad.
Surviving shift? Good.
Minor mental breakdown in the manager's office (to include small crying jag) as a result of overwork, stress, and exhaustion? Bad.
Day off? Good.
Plans getting derailed? Bad.
Getting going on purses tonight? Good.
Cutting the fringe way too short? Bad.
Subsequent planning for a trip to Hobby Lobby? Good.

For those of you who did a double-take at that middle event... )

Sorority stuff FTW )

But yeah, it's just about crash time for me. Goodness knows I need it tonight. :D;
First of all, a big thank you and an even bigger hug to everybody who responded to the previous post. I probably won't be replying to it much since looking at it upsets me again; I am that freaking unstable right now, but I really do appreciate the advice and I'll try to implement it as soon as I can.

...after I recover from today's shifts. Dear God.

I was absolutely weeded during both shifts, and trying to finish things up afterwords was crazy. When I checked out after the first shift, the managers were in a meeting and I never got my payout (the restaurant still owes me $15.54). During the second shift, it took me two hours after I was cut to do my sidework. I can understand it taking a bit longer because it was just me doing yellow section's sidework instead of two people, and some of it I'd never done before (because sidework just got changed around and some of it's new to me), but two hours is just ridiculous.

And I can tell you exactly why it took two hours: midstation. Part of yellow's dinner sidework is to clean and close midstation (empty the chip warmer, empty the salsa, restock ramikins and chip bowls, wipe down counter and walls, etc). Midstation is right across from the line, which is where servers pick up food from the kitchen. You can see where this is going.

Me: *cleancleancleanfinished! Asks closer to check that it's done right and sign off that it's done*
Closer: *has to do 86,000,000 things for tables and will check in a few minutes, kay?*
Other OtB Employees: *make to go order/assemble food/eat/generally make mess at midstation*
Midstation: *dirty again!*
Me: *exact same expression as icon - CLEANS MIDSTATION AGAIN*

It got to the point where the manager stopped me, told me he'd seen me clean midstation several times and that I was done and it was fine. It also got to the point where I was crying in dry storage while counting napkins to roll silverware because I just wanted to go home. For not being waterproof, my makeup holds up remarkably well under duress.

...and tomorrow I'm in red. Hell, with the exception of my volunteer shift on Sunday, I'm in red for the entirety of the week.

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( Jun. 10th, 2008 12:56 am)
Okay, I'm bushed, so very short points are in order.

First, I have once again neglected both Paixao and Daisychain today. I plead...well, brain death and whatever amendment that falls under. It will happen, believe me. It just won't happen today. We'll have to see about tomorrow - I'm working then too, and it's a night shift.

Speaking of work, I ended up being the only person in Red section today. Red is generally a three-person section, as it contains three six-top booths, ten four-top tables, and one eight-top table.

And damn were we busy. Made a lot of money, but buuuuuuusy.

AND I had a lady tell me her cheese enchilada with sour cream sauce "tastes like crap." Um, I have one of those for lunch most days. Plus, aside from "it had white sauce," you couldn't tell me a damn thing about what you had last time, liked, and wanted again. You chose the food; quit making inappropriate remarks.

I really wanna be in Yellow tomorrow night. Purple will work too. Hooray for first-cut sections. |D

Hamburger salad is really good. Mom and I made 'em at home and they were awesome.

My dentist says I'm no longer allowed to drink soda - no more than one per week. Evidently the acidity eats away at my already-soft enamel (evidently I inherited my mom's teeth) and I've got to go in and have a cavity filled as it is. All that Coke Zero? Is now hereby reserved for double shifts.

I'm caught up on So You Think You Can Dance. I have learned that talking out of turn, arguing with the judges, and telling the judges you plan to give up completely if you don't make it in this year are all incredibly stupid things to do. This is to say, Katee's a dipstick and her "roommate" should totally have gotten in instead.

I saw Kung Fu Panda with my family yesterday. Best damn movie I've seen all summer, and that's a pretty big thing considering that "movies I've seen all summer" includes Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Speed Racer, and Iron Man. Yep. That good.

Now I just have to catch up on Doctor Who, but that's for another time. I should likely catch up on sleep first.
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( Jun. 1st, 2008 01:03 am)











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( May. 31st, 2008 12:59 am)
Should I come in at midnight or one a.m. tomorrow rambling incoherently and generally acting like I've gone 'round the bend, there's a reason for that.

You see, I'll be working all day tomorrow, and tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m., a party of 300 people is coming to the restaurant.

That's capacity. That's every table at On the Border filled. That's...well, madness.

Yes, there will be Sparta jokes all night long.
So I worked a double today.

At the beginning of the shift, the manager called all the servers together and told us that, since it was graduation weekend/Memorial Day weekend/Territory Days, we'd either be empty or packed, and we needed to give it our all tonight. In his words: "If you go home tonight with an ounce of energy, you did it wrong."

...I did it right.

I'm so flat wiped out I can barely think. If you cut me, I'm pretty sure I'd bleed Coke Zero, possibly salsa as well.

And the best part of this is, I'm working a double tomorrow as well. Sunday we've got friends of the family over, and Monday I'm working again.

The PSA part of this is, any RP tags, any mod emails I need to read, any anything that requires a computer will likely not happen for me until Monday, possibly Tuesday. That's all~ ♥
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( May. 20th, 2008 12:06 am)
Ever had one of those moments where you just stare at the number of things that need to get done in a very short amount of time and realize you're just screwed?

Welcome to Monday night dinner shift at On the Border.

Cut once again for waitressy things. )

The really funny part of this is, this is the second week in a row I've been told that we're just not busy on Monday nights. This is also the second week in a row that we've been slammed within thirty minutes of people telling me that.

Thank you, Murphy. We get it now. No, really.

And my next Monday shift? Lunch next week. Memorial Day. XD
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( May. 14th, 2008 11:33 pm)
Ever had one of those days where you come home, look back on what you did, and wonder what the hell happened, how it did, and why there's a llama on your front lawn?

Because that's exactly what my day was like.

Minus the llama, of course.

There's onions in that? Really? ...frack. ) if anybody wants to come down to On the Border on Academy tomorrow during lunch for the sole purpose of screwing with my head, feel free. I shall attempt to sell you Speshul Snowflakes and RIDICULOUSLY HUGE REALLY GOOD BOOZE.
Cut for rambunctious servers, ridiculous abbreviations, and gangster tacos )



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