Everything else goes behind a cut because it got image heavy. )

In conclusion:

At Comic Con, even the walls troll you. The end.
Disneyland Saturday! I went with [ profile] uk_not_ok and [ profile] lynxgriffin, so of course it was awesome. Lynx went off to do some fantastic arts, so Caitlin and I waltzed off to do rides and whatnot. Previous to going to Disneyland with Caitlin, I've never been stuck on a ride. Ever. At all.

Last time we went, we got stuck on Indy for about half an hour. They fixed the ride, let us go through again, and sent us on our merry way.

Saturday, we got stuck on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the one ride in the entire park that I am irrationally paranoid about being stuck on. We got stuck on the third lift track. They had to get someone to "tie the car down" eeeeeeeeeeeeeek longest twenty minutes of my life before they could get us off...because yes, they shut down the ride and led everyone off. I have some fun pictures of the inside of things, and we got a shiny fastpass that would let us into anything in either park (except World of Color and Toy Story, go figure). From what I heard of a cast member conversation, someone stood up on the ride, which is an automatic shutdown.

I'm not sure quite how stupid you have to be to stand up on a ride that goes in and out of low tunnels, but there you go.

The funny part of things was posting a Facebook status from my phone talking about being stuck and, two hours later, getting a concerned text from Kristin asking if we were still stuck on the ride. I love my roomies. XD

Tower of Terror got the shiny pass thanks to the 80+ minute wait, and it is awesome as always. Also, the dragon was back at Fantasmic. I cheered like mad for that one. :Db

Note to self: ask about group rates for shiny seats at Fantasmic. Don't forget.

In other news: one of the trailers for Tr3n (YES THEY'RE MAKING A THREEQUEL OMW) that's included on the Legacy Blu-Ray set got leaked on YouTube a few days ago. It's not available anymore - Kotaku linked it and that was the end of things - but it had some pretty epic stuff, including:

Cut for spoilers and RETINA-SEARING LEVELS OF EPIC )
SAM FLYNN: BIGGEST. TROLL. EVER. You better believe I screamed after that one. Is it Tr3n yet?

Finally, on a much more serious note, I'm sure you've all heard about the earthquake/tsunami/reactor/volcano hellish four-step that's hit Japan in the past few days (and if you haven't, Google is your friend. Get on that. Now). [ profile] help_japan is an auction community raising money for relief aid. My auctions are here and here. Please bid - if not on mine, then on other auctions you like - and/or offer something you can do for an auction. Every bit helps, and Japan needs all the help we can give it.
You know, I hadn't realized I missed Cheyenne until I got there this weekend. That said, it's a much nicer place to visit than it is to live, though they have added a few more metropolitan areas (read: shopping centers) since I was last there seven years ago. Yeah, seven years will do something for your cowboy nostalgia.

It's also at 50,000 people, which does make it bigger than Ridgecrest. Sorry, [ profile] amorsinseramada.

I obtained a cowboy hat (read: adventure hat whenever the black fedora is not appropriate), a new purse, and quite a few pictures of giant boot sculptures. I also got a concert t-shirt, which broke the bank. 8D

SPEAKING OF THE CONCERT OMW. I loved it. :D I do love Brooks and Dunn, and as always, they put on a fantastic show. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't spent half the concert in tears, but there you go.

...I need to explain that last comment, huh.

They played a song I'd never heard called Cowgirls Don't Cry, about a girl who is raised by her daddy to be a cowgirl, has her husband cheat on her but keeps it inside because cowgirls don't cry, and then her dad dies and his last words to her are - you guessed it - cowgirls don't cry.

So, of course, I'm bawling by the time that song is over. That was about an hour into the two-hour concert, and every time they played another slow song I'd start up again. That wouldn't have been so bad if every other song hadn't been a slow and/or meaningful song. I even cried at Neon Moon, for goodness' sake, and I knew it was coming. It got to the point where the stage lights would turn blue, I'd sit there and go OH DAMMIT NOT AGAIN, and sure enough...yeah. Fantastic concert but damn I cried.

Highlights of the concert were:

- Starting with Play Something Country
- The beer sellers all wearing fluorescent pink shirts
- The elderly woman behind me being just as much of a fangirl as I am
- Ending the concert proper with My Maria
- Pretending to take requests: "What do you wanna hear? ...My Maria? ...Later. Boot Scoot? ...Later." Earth Wind & Fire teases me, I go crazy. Brooks & Dunn tease me, I laugh.
- Two song encore: Brand New Man and Boot Scootin' Boogie
- Bringing out servicemen in uniform from all four branches of the Armed Forces for a salute during Only In America. This is the only time I've seen any performance get a screaming standing ovation in the middle of the concert - hell, in the middle of a song. This was incredible and far and away my favorite part.

All in all, it was an incredible concert and a great weekend. I love hanging out with my family and I don't get to do it often anymore.

In more local news, I'm still working on that egg and hoping. This week promises to be another busy one with friend-visiting and lease-signing. The new One Piece movie is friggin' hilarious and I want to watch it again because I am obviously now hooked on Oda's trollish crack. Send help.

If I get my rear in gear tonight, there'll be another post with pictures and video from the past two weekends and snippets of chat log from [ profile] universejuice and I watching the movie. For now, I continue on with music.

I'm going to start cutting these whenever I do them in chunks...which is all I ever seem to do ;;; )
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( Jun. 16th, 2010 01:46 pm)
For those of you wondering, my reactions are here and here. It's that whole work blog thing again. 8D (If you want to comment and make me look good, that would be perfectly fine with me.)

/unsubtle hinting

My less professional reaction is high pitched and full of squee. Holy hell Epic Mickey looks like the best damn thing ever aaaaaaaaa. Nintendo is going to take all my money, I swear.
Somebody out there had better know the Spectrum Song. C'mon, guys, it's Disney.


Recorded and uploaded specifically for [ profile] princealia, since I kind of figured she'd be into the whole Aladdin thing. Because. You know.

My review, complete with spoilers, if you can even call them that, and pictures! )

The verdict: A++, am definitely going again as soon as I can swing it. That may not be for a few weeks, but nonetheless I will see that show again - hopefully from the front next time. Here's hoping for fastpasses!
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( Oct. 26th, 2009 05:41 pm)
So. Uh. That career fair I went to last week? I just got a call from one of the companies there. The guy in charge wants me to come in to interview for an internship.

It's in Camarillo, so I need to figure out a day I have free time and can get a ride from someone (or figure out "really good public transportation" as my mom suggested, though I told her that "really good public transportation" and "California" are mutually exclusive)...probably Tuesday or Friday of next week...




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( Jul. 15th, 2009 12:27 am)

The concert was frigging fantastic. Earth, Wind, & Fire and Chicago started off performing together - it was their newer music (they started writing songs together, did you know that?) and was pretty aaaaaawesome~

And then Chicago left the stage and EWF performed for an hour and some change, and I completely wore myself out yelling and dancing and singing and it was incredible. They did this thing with blacklights and stuff on their outfits that probably would have been more striking if it had actually been dark outside, but was still pretty cool and wound up being the intro for Let's Groove. I have video of it and all sorts of stuff. I have no idea how the lead singer still has that amazing voice - at the end of Fantasy, I'm pretty sure he was going out of audible range. It was just. Daaaaaang.

And there was a black guitarist with a green guitar and epic skills. His name was Morris. Total headcanon asplode when they introduced him. XD

The one thing they did not do that I really wanted was play September. :/

And then they switched off with Chicago, who was...okay. They were good, but the musical style was what really made the difference: EWF was straight disco, meant to get people to get up and dance, and Chicago was...well, love music. XD They do a lot of easy listening, and they use the word "inspiration" a lot.

Yes, they did play that song. Yes, I do have video. It was all sorts of awesome :D

And then EWF came back on and they played together and that was nothing short of epic.

Especially since they started with - you guessed it - September.

The only reason I didn't yell "THREE TWO ONE GO!" is because I think it would have really weirded out my parents. I did, however, do the arm waving. IT COUNTS.

The show ended with a fantastic bang, and once I've got free time and willingness to hang out on youtube for a few hours I'll show you all the bits and pieces I recorded. Basically, it was an awesome night. Would totally go again. :Db

And now I am going to bed, since I crashed out in the car on the way back. XD
Okay guys


In five minutes I'm heading up to Denver Englewood, actually, but who's counting to Fiddler's Green to go to a concert

Guess who

Guess who




You better believe I'll be standing up and dancing when two certain songs are played :D

( Feb. 12th, 2009 01:26 am)
Ever have one of those days when everything is going fine, and then you realize you have a metric flipton of stuff to do the next day and suddenly you're keyed? It's not the good kind of keyed either, but the oh-shit-I'm-out-of-time keyed?

Yeah, I just did that about an hour ago. I was originally doing fine - everything for tomorrow was done, I had tomorrow planned out, and I'd just found my "Smart Things I've Done/Dumb Things I Gotta Do" list pads. Life was good.

Then I started making lists.

I now have three. Tomorrow is ridiculously full, and it's only just starting to occur to me that I'm leaving for Gallifrey in thirty-six hours. This is probably because I've done zero prep for Gallifrey. I. Um.

I was going to go to bed an hour ago. |D

Yeeeeeeeeah this should be interesting.
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( Feb. 4th, 2009 12:06 pm)
So most people know I'm going to this crazy Doctor Who convention, right?

Well, last time I checked the guest list the most impressive guest was Gareth David Lloyd, the actor who plays Ianto on Torchwood. [ profile] orelle_peredhil told me to check the list again today. It now includes:

Frazer Hines, who played Jamie
Nicola Bryant, who played Peri
Wendy Padbury, who played Zoe
Kai Owen, who plays Rhys on Torchwood
Phil Collinson, producer of all four seaons of New Who

But the one that caught my eye?

Colin Baker, who played the Sixth Doctor

Tutors in the writing center really aren't supposed to squee like morons. Guess who broke that rule.

...I'm so excited *A*

ETA: Haha got my Bakers mixed up. STILL EXCITED :D
TiVo screwed up recording the Project Runway premiere, but I did get to see weeks 2 and 3. Week 3 I wasn't too terribly impressed with some of them (like the dress that vomited snapdragons ruffles across the chest), but I did like the dress modeled after the tree grate. That was pretty cute. :3

But let's talk week 2. Specifically, let's talk Suede's dress.

I have to say this is possibly the sexiest little number I've seen on this show. Remy's purple museum-inspired draped dress comes in close second, likely only because I would totally wear the purple. Suede's dress would look just terrible on me, but want. *A*

...I have missed this show so much. XDb

And guys? If anybody knows where I can get Project Runway icons, hook me up. :Db
Tomorrow's schedule is as follows:

8 a.m.: English 215
10 a.m.: Religion 102
12-2 p.m.: Manning the table for Boot Camp
2-4 p.m.: Work
4-8 p.m.: Mandatory Boot Camp meeting
8 p.m.-12 a.m.: Work
7:30 a.m.: Call time for Boot Camp

...I'm going to have lunch in there somewhere, I swear. Dinner, too. And breakfast - two of 'em. SOMEHOW.
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( Feb. 17th, 2008 10:55 pm)

I am returnified from Gallifrey One: Nineteenth Symphony.

I remember why I love going to cons.

It was small.

I met a few people I wasn't expecting.

I saw my first episode of Torchwood.

And once I get my paper that's due tomorrow done, I'll be doing a huge epic picture-filled writeup of the entire weekend.

And I'm so pre-registering for next year.
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( Feb. 14th, 2008 01:35 pm)
So, those of you who were in Daisychain or Paixao chats late last night know I was pretty damn freaked out about my English presentation and the incredibly short amount of time I'd have to complete it.

I emailed my teacher asking for an extension, and she said if I could find somebody to switch due dates with me it'd be fine.

One of my friends is going to switch with me. I'll have a whole extra week to do my project.

[ profile] shadow_wings_ I OWE YOU CAKE. CAKE THAT'S NOT A LIE. THANK YOU ;_;
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( Feb. 8th, 2008 10:24 pm)
You know what's sad?

I found out everybody in Towers is getting new blinds tomorrow. This makes me extremely happy - no more gigantic missing-a-slat gaps in my window, and I can use my blanket like a blanket instead of curtains.

I did a happy dance because I'm getting new blinds tomorrow.

I am out of my mind.

In other news, sanity during an 8-midnight shift when one has had an 8 a.m. class that morning is a no.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:32 pm)
Remember when I said I was going to roll a d20 to see if Edward could dodge the senbon (DC 18)?

Ladies and gentlemen, I just rolled a 20. My roomie is witness.

...this is going to get really freaking interesting. X3
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 10:10 pm)
Somebody mirrored the Cloverfield poster and...well...Photoshop is fun. o_o;

Spoilery, of course.

ETA: here is the source of the picture, just in case your computer yells at you about not being able to access the link on your server (like it does to me). The picture's at the bottom.
Heath Ledger died today.
Chat tonight was...interesting. )

[ profile] lovediamond, I am seriously going to kill you. XD


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