Does anyone want small fic or mini fanmixes? Anyone? Bueller?

After a week of putting nothing up but fic (and with the full intention to do the same, albeit with hopefully more sleep thrown in there somewhere), I've finally come back to put up life updates.

...nothing much has happened, really. |D

Well, okay, that's not strictly true. I've decided to go full-time at Relate, the company where I've been temping for the past month (and yes, it has been that long, holy cow). I didn't ever hear back from that other interview to begin with, and even if I had, I've been doing a good deal of thinking and realized it wasn't the smartest of plans to ditch a position I was used to and quite liked for something that might be good that I might like. Of course, that still means hauling my rear to Camarillo five days a week, but it's a beautiful drive and thirty minutes of daydreaming or outlining or just singing along to the radio, and that's not a bad way to start the day.

Honestly, not a ton has been going on. I've been working a lot, and I'm not sure how much of that I can talk about, since I'm not sure how much is covered by NDAs. It's work, and work is good.

Thanks to living with two movie aficionados, I've been seeing a few lately. If you like your superhero movies trope-subverting and irreverent, Green Hornet is worth seeing. If you like your romcoms snarky and relatively true-to-life and don't mind them being about people having lots and lots of (rather tastefully done!) sex, No Strings Attached is worth seeing. If you have a brain in your head or are capable of thought in any capacity, The Social Network is worth seeing. Yes, I know I'm late to that party. Yes, I know it tastes vaguely of Oscar Bait. No, I don't care. It's fantastic.

The RP front has been pretty eventful lately, what with Holy Grail shenanigans and getting the plot Linkara's tangled up in up and running and potentially figuring out a way for Keyblade!Linkara to happen (any time a plot idea makes me cackle madly, I take it as a good sign). There's also a thread up for Levitas that I need to get into - it might be time for a canon review for him, since my brain seems to be running on either bitty Keyblade wielder or snarky internet review most times. Also, there's a Mechakara on dear_mun that poked me on AIM tonight. She wants to join Second City. I am just about beside myself with glee on this one.

I really should have some clever segue or something here, but I'm bushed and need to work tomorrow, so I'll just ask: does anyone local have anything planned for the Super Bowl? Turns out one roomie is working and the other got invited to a party with work colleagues, so I'm on my own. If anyone doesn't mind me crashing their fun, or if anyone wants to come over, I will provide food either way. |Db
First of all, Songfest is ridiculously awesome hell yeah. I need to post a picture of my makeup and costume. There's a reason we start with Thriller. X3

The rest of this is incredibly fannish and full of squee and such. You have been warned.

First of all, [ profile] lovediamond! I have been fail and a half at tagging and I seriously owe you an apology ;;; I also need to chat you up again, because I have half a tag written and saved and then I totally blanked on what direction we're going with this thread. MY APOLOGIES FOR THE FAAAAAAAAIL [/grovels]

Also, in that direction, I saw a comment in the last anonmeme about how damn difficult it is to play a villain when everybody wants the Good Guys to triumph 100%. I feel like, with Facilier, I can now relate to that sentiment. I mean, I promise not to kill your character unless you want them killed, but come on now, it's a game full of high schoolers. Not everybody is smart enough to resist the guy offering to make your wildest dreams come true. I mean, look at the two I have in the game: J trusts his Music Sense, and Facilier's music is creepy and a half, so he'd be out; Levitas, however, would be suckered in ninety seconds flat. Thing is, I'm not getting a lot of response for Facilier. A big part of it is definitely my recent lack of activity - I will definitely own up to that. The other things is, I have maybe three volunteers and I can't seem to get anyone else interested. I dunno. It might require a different approach, or I might have to work around the "but I don't want my character creeped on even though he has no reason to avoid the Shadow Man" reaction, or maybe both. Either way, planning needs to happen for Facilier.

While we're on the RP front, I'd forgotten how much fun Death can be. I've got to post for him more often, and should I ever get time to read again I really need to do a canon review. Same with Rosette, though I don't think it's my tag there.

So far as jobs go, I'm still working on my I Can Has Cheezburger questions, if anyone's interested in giving me feedback. I think I need lessons in being funny. |D I'm also still on the job search and thinking that I need to write an abstract of my thesis to send out with my resume, since that seems to interest a lot of people. While I'm at it, the thesis needs work too.

On the epic fansquee front, Soul Silver and Princess and the Frog are shipped and should arrive around Monday, which means I'll probably get them Wednesday. Good times there. :D [ profile] aviekokyre, if it's physically possible to get one in this game, I'm totally taking you up on your offer of a Spinda.

Today's Woot! Shirt is absolutely fantastic. I don't have long to figure out if I can justify spending the money after the aforementioned big purchase, but dang do I want one.

While we're on the subject of things Kia shouldn't spend money on, these necklaces are beautiful and commissionable. Why must everything tempt me so ;~;


On Idol the other night, they had my favorite Idol performing my most-played song in iTunes. Behold the epic:

And for those of you who would also like the epic on their iPods, iTunes was kind enough to put it up. I'd lay really good odds that this cover sells more than all of the Top 12 singles combined.

I do so love it when my fandoms collide, especially when music is involved.

On a totally random note, this pretty much describes my life. It's brilliant in a scary and strange sort of way.

I think that's about it. I need to go crash out so I can be coherent for my internship and another Songfest show, huzzah :D
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( Feb. 13th, 2010 11:26 pm)
Retreat was so much fun. Catch Phrase will always be awesome with my fellow G Phis. XD Also, Valentine's Day (the movie that just came out) is pretty good. Kind of like Love Actually, but all in the span of 24 hours instead of a few months. It was very well done.

Also, it's great to hear one of your sisters yell, "YOU DICK!" right in the middle of a theater. It just makes the experience.

In other news, MST3K and Red vs Blue with friends are just so awesome. Apartmentmates + [ profile] amorsinseramada + [ profile] lynxgriffin = win. :Db


The How's My Driving? Meme

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( Jan. 27th, 2010 08:32 pm)


I completely managed to miss the last recruitment event tonight. I thought it was at seven p.m. It was at one. Good job self. |D

I suppose I should go do apps and reading for class tomorrow (which I just received tonight, huzzah huzzah). Given that Neil Patrick Harris is the guest judge for Idol tonight, that might not happen for a bit.
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( Jan. 18th, 2010 11:48 pm)
I've worked on that project all weekend and I'm taking a break before I go crash out and get up early for my internship tomorrow. Might as well do something mindless, like a meme that's been going around like the plague, right? 8Db

Have a gigantic meme )

And with that, my first day of internship is tomorrow. Wish me luck~!
So here's a fantastic idea:

Take the most evil villain that Disney has created in the past decade or so and set him up to prey upon the souls of the hapless and innocent in not one but TWO locations.

And give him a mentee while you're at it. )

Obviously I should never be left to my own devices pertaining to villains. Criminy.
LeSeptieme 1:54 am
I have got to shut my brain off when it gets this late, seriously
it just came up with the phrase "Facilier is like J on voodoo crack"
universejuice 1:55 am
that is amazing
LeSeptieme 1:55 am
universejuice 1:56 am
So perfect
in the worst way
LeSeptieme 1:57 am
And now the two of them are doing the "I am not like that guy >>" thing
universejuice 1:57 am
Eyeing each other angrily
LeSeptieme 1:58 am
Oh they're both trying to be very calm about it
J tapping his fingers against his leg
Facilier shuffling his cards
At some point, there will likely be ineffectual violence
universejuice 1:59 am
LeSeptieme 1:59 am
as neither of these two are very good in a fight
universejuice 1:59 am
Facilier can turn J into something and J can trip at him
LeSeptieme 1:59 am
...evenly matched >>
I will never unsee this ._.
universejuice 2:01 am
why would you want to it's awesome
LeSeptieme 2:01 am
You're not playing one and trying not to play the other |D
universejuice 2:02 am

Somebody please convince me not to app the crazy behatted voodoo man. He'd be a perfect villain in both Paixao and XI and I am stupidly tempted and the last thing I need is another charmer in the headspace, especially one with ill intentions.

Gorrammit Disney why are you so awesome.
Whew it's been an eventful past couple of days.

First of all, I AM FEELING BETTER HUZZAH! I'm still taking it easy if you can call two shots of Bailey's in two days "taking it easy", but I'm doing a lot better. Yays :D

The past few days have been pretty awesome despite the random illness. My little brother and I went rock climbing with Jonathan and Leah in an indoor place. It's been forever since I've done something like that - I have pictures and videos and soreness in my arms and shoulders to prove the epic. Lunch at a local and ridiculously awesome Chinese restaurant, homemade stromboli for dinner, and watching Star Trek for the second time topped off Monday. Tuesday and today have both been pretty low-key but nice. I have been sleeping for once. It's a nice change. XD

I have been going really crazy at XI lately, which is both a good and bad thing. The good is that J is getting CR and romantic shenanigans *A* and I have a new app in the box, which is a surprise even to me. Late morning yesterday, I sat down, looked at all the dragon stuff going on in XI, and went, I want to app Levitas. Six or seven hours later, I have an app done and a post up on Dear Mun and I am just gung ho about this little Winchester. I have no idea if his app will be accepted, given that there are two or three other dragon apps in the box right now, but I'm still excited. Either way, I might app him to Paixao - needs moar dragons.

That brings me to the downside of increased activity at XI - I haven't been looking at Paixao as much. I really need to sit down and figure out how much I can handwave and where everybody needs to be. Luxord will probably wind up back at the bar (that's totally not his launching point or anything), Rosette will probably be handwaved as staying with the TARDIS crew, and DEATH...I have no idea. He might get himself tangled up in Darkside. |D IDEK. Need a kickstart there. Maybe later tonight after our game of Clue is over. We're on pause on account of guests, but I'm just about certain I know what the solution is. :D

EITHER WAY. Good times all around. :Db
Whoever planned this week needs to never do that again. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters to death. Thing is, I'm not sure I want to see them for mandatory events every day for eight days.

Well, okay, tonight's formal wasn't mandatory - was an absolute blast, actually - but the point still stands. That is just waaaaaaay too much stuff back to back. Fortunately, all we've got left is the Gamma Games meeting Saturday and Gamma Games itself, as well as formal chapter, on Sunday. Hopefully I'll have some energy before then.

The rest of this post will probably be about RP, so those of you who don't care about that aspect of my internet life can skip the cut. |D


...oh dammit that's not the entire issue.

Cut the second. I lied - it's not all about RP. )

I've been telling people I've been marking time until Thanksgiving break, and while that's true, I don't think it's the whole truth. I think I'm just marking time until this semester is over. I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it actually was, and that certainly came back to bite me in the ass.
Ganked from virtually my entire flist~

There's a lot of these, huh |D )

And the secondary meme that seems to have gotten tacked onto this one:

Has my portrayal of a character(s) changed the way you think of them?
Including my face, evidently. That was embarrassing. |D

...Let me back up.

I was having an incredible shift at work today - good pace, nice tables, whole nine yards - until I cleared that empanada plate. Brought it back to the dish pit, went to clean it off, and dropped it. It broke in half, ricocheted off the edge of the dish pit, and sliced my hand open.

My first reaction was to swear, run it under the faucet, and ask the hostess who just happened to be in the kitchen to please take chips to table twelve because I hadn't gotten there yet. At that point, I thought I'd still be at work.

One report to the manager, several phone calls, two hours, and four stitches later, I'm home with an enforced break until Thursday night at the earliest and a left hand wrapped in Coban. |D The cut's on the outside of my hand, about an inch long, but it bled like mad. Empanada plates are dangerous things, it seems. Typing will be slow for a while and pictures will be provided to the not squeamish upon request. :D

The blood on my face was spatter, by the way. Evidently I jerked my hand back when I got cut. BEFORE the epic bloody mess that was my work shift today, I was thinking about RP - characters and my time constraints, mostly.

I did have a huge long list of pros and cons and thoughts and dramatic inner monologue, but that was before typing became time consuming and painful. :D So.

Basically, so far as Daisychain goes, I think I'm dropping Silver. I had his journal open for a good while last night and had a terrible time tagging with him, and it's been that way for a while. He's lost most of his CR, and I'm just having hell on wheels keeping him active. It's probably time to let him go. Stella, Guin, i'm sorry - he just didn't stick around for me.

That said, I've been bitten by the app bug and seeing how long it takes me to work up either an Aja Killian muse or a Foxx muse. So far, Foxx is winning, if only because she doesn't require a trip to the library.

On the Paixao front, I'm likely going to do a canon update for Rosette. It'll make her easier to play and give me a reason to jump start the character. Brainbreak always works so well for that. |D

As a final and random note, is anybody good at editing audio? Because I have a non-urgent favor to ask if you're willing. :3
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( Jun. 15th, 2009 12:55 am)
I figure I'll keep y'all in the loop in the five or so minutes I have before I crash out. XD

I don't have Wednesday off this week. It's weird, but I'll work with it (though it's in red section arrrrgh).

Saturday's double in purple made me go argh. It was less than productive, though it did net me some monies (though not enough for a double on a Saturday, really).

And one of the cooks asked me to hang out, which was...interesting. Not sure what I'm doing about that one yet.

I have fic that is poking around in my head. Oh, EBA, why have you taken over.

Paixao tags are going a loooooot faster than they used to. That's awesome in terms of the game, but giving me trouble in keeping up. Time to reevaluate, I think. |D

The Mythbusters marathon tonight was all sorts of awesome, though.

And I've discovered I love Wipeout. The show makes me lawl. XD Given that, I have a very important question for you all:


Nothing in that show made me laugh harder than that chick, I swear. I think she made it all the way to the Wipeout Zone, too.

And speaking of crazy shows, MXC is on DVD. Do want. :D

I should get a paid account again. I miss my icons.

All that said, I would just like to say my Flist is absolutely awesome. :D And now it's bedtime.
"Attempt" is the operative word in that title, I believe. This is the post where I try to figure out current and future plans for alllll my RP characters. We'll see how this goes.


Rosette: Has met with Leslie at the church - exploring there, I presume. After that...I have no idea. Who does she even have CR with anymore?

Sonic: Also exploring, with Knuckles. I figure he'll check in with Naja, then make sure Yorda's getting on okay, then...I have no idea. Go get into trouble, most likely.

Flonne: BIGGEST SHIP THREAD EVER. idea. Probably attached at the hip with Laharl, whatever he decides to do.

Luxord: I haven't the foggiest. Org business, if any? Drinking with Urd? The fallback plan of hanging out at the Cheap Prayer and seeing what poor sod wanders in? Does anybody want a gambler? ;;;

DEATH: I think the thread with Shantotto died. Probably time for him to hit the church as well, especially since he's never seen it before. He might tag into the Prince's thread.

Vexen: Torturing Timon. Full stop.

Jafar: I think the thread with Tanaka is close to being finished, and the one with Genie has just started. After that...getting pranked? Does Maleficent have any plans for him, or is he just going about the city being a not-so-sneaky bastard?


Rosette: About the only active thread she's in is the one with Megan, and her turn hasn't rolled around yet. I have no plans for her after that (though I do want a soul gaze with Harry...I don't know if I've even brought that up XD). Evidently she needs to do a pactio with Negi? Possibly one with Molly, because that would be all sorts of badass? IDK. Something.

Silver: probably won't take the poor guy long to discover Blaze has disappeared. That won't be fun.

Flonne: She needs to tag into the party with Etna, which is going to be hysterical. Waiting on Dr. Horrible in that other thread... And then she needs to help Tony Stark with his suit/have a thread with Laharl/start the Sparkle Rangers/get manipulated by Etna and Eva/insert social butterfly activity here. She needs some attention.

J: Too active for his good and mine. Getting Spin buzzed (and potentially moving to Raiel's/Riza's/Kang's table - we ever decide on that?). Finding Starr and probably getting attacked by crabs. Setting Rookie and Missy up on a blind date. Trying to keep Rookie from getting himself killed via Hamel. The man needs to leave Rookie alone and get some CR with somebody else. Any takers? |D

...and that is all so far. Haha. |D
Alrighty, guys, I know a good deal of you were confused about my previous post talking about RP and characters. For those of you still interested, I wrote up the entire theory here, at my Wordpress. Take a look - comments work there or here, either way. :3

While we're at it, in light of recent events, I think it's about time I link this essay again. Just sayin'.

And finally, I'm reposting my link in the HMD meme since I had some fantastic code fail last time.

And that is all~
I covered a shift today at work when I wasn't scheduled. We got our asses kicked. On a Tuesday. Welcome to graduation season, I guess.

I've discovered I can't go a shift without getting an EBA song stuck in my head. Tonight, it was La La. Yes, as in "You make me wanna la la in the kitchen on the floor."

Which is a bad thing to be singing in a restaurant, by the way. Kitchen floors there are pretty disgusting.

I am just really lucky nobody opened the walk-in fridge while I was belting it out.

In other news, I miss my roommate because she is awesome.

This is why. )

There are so few people with whom I can have that kind of conversation. XD

In RP news, this is the most fun I've had in quite a while. Spish, you are awesome.

And I really should sleep now. |D
I keep telling myself I'll update this journal, and then it doesn't happen. Go me. XD

Yes, I am home safe. I've been here since Friday afternoon. I'm actually sleeping at night. It's a fantastic feeling, that.

So yeah. Finals rundown.

Oh like y'all care about my academia XD )

But yeah, I made it out of those intact and somehow got home in one piece (and without the T-Virus Swine Flu, knock wood). I was told by one of my managers that I would likely be re-hired on Wednesday (after Cinco de Mayo, so there goes that plan), which would give me my old job at On the Border back. I also have an application for The Plate - they're this high class little place that's hiring cocktail waitresses. I could totally serve booze to people and smile. I'm thinking it might be a step up so far as tip-affected salary goes. There's also a new Red Lobster opening, so I'm applying there as well. We'll just have to see how everything works out. If all else fails, with any luck I'll still have OTB.

Paixao is rolling again (yay!) and DC decided finals week would be a great time to drop epic plot. I swear one or more of my characters is going to get killed or severely injured by the time all this is over. XD

But I know there's one reason y'all are reading this: I have dogs, and I've been promising you all pictures of them for forever. XD

Puppy Pictures! :D )

So that's my life so far in convenient spam format. It shall be served with ham and eggs and possibly featured in a Monty Python sketch.
I'm fully expecting this to be all over the place, since I'm tired. |D

MAJOR CRAZY PLOT STUFF went down in DC and in Paixao tonight. I am quite pleased at the turnout for both. Jafar muse has come roaring back, Rosette is definitely being a leader in her own right, and I have never seen Silver so angry. He should be fun to play like that. Also, J makes me facepalm every time I tag for him. Not sure if that means I'm doing it right or what.

STUDY GROUPS. Study groups need to happen. [ profile] memoryofpride, [ profile] orelle_peredhil, when can we meet? Tomorrow after noon or Monday before 3 would work well for me (especially since my finals schedule is still in the gorram air, but that's a rant for another post) - how're things looking for you guys? Can either of you get ahold of Liz?

Went to Cheesecake Factory tonight with my roomie - fantastic experience, per usual. The new appetizer menu is awesome, and our server was awesome as the day is long (though roomie and I exchanged sidelong glances when she introduced herself as Rose - Doctor reference, whut). I think we scared the hell out of the manager, though - I asked for him to come by the table so I could tell him how awesome Rose was, and he walked up looking like we were about to rip his face off. I'll bet, since it was ridiculously busy, that he'd been chewed out more than once that night. I'll also bet he was relatively new at the position. The sigh of relief he breathed when we said Rose was awesome and our night was great was almost funny to watch. Poor guy probably doesn't get much of that. Either way, there is chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake in our fridge and I am a happy camper about that.

My mom brought Mac and Finn - the new greyhounds - home yesterday. We might not keep Mac. That's another long story.

I need colored ink for my printer. The bookstore is closed tomorrow. This'll be interesting.

AND FINALLY. I'm three hours late but the thought still counts:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] travitaemorte!

That was verrah important. :D

I know a lot of people do Year in Review posts, but to be honest I'm having trouble thinking back past this semester. It seems like I measure my time in weeks or days, which is why long-term planning and memoirs just throw me for a loop. I can try, though. Lessee:

Hit a year in Paixao (and a year in LJ RP overall).
Cloverfield came out and DC started up - it's almost a year old. I can't believe it.
Went to Gallifrey for the first time. Had a blast. Good times indeed.
I remember living in Towers and being told I couldn't put my bed under the window because of high school cheerleaders.
Rel 201 was awesome (and I need to email DeLong - don't let me forget). English 200 was tough if only because it was at eight in the morning. In all honesty, I don't remember what other classes I had and I'm too lazy to look them up. OH WAIT - Creative Writing, Grammar and Style, and Writing Center training. I am so the English major. So far as classes went, it was a pretty good semester.
Brawl came out the last day of Spring Break, and I wound up getting Jeff a copy so he wouldn't have to wait. I don't think he's ever called me so much, and I think I took a long time unpacking just to drive him crazy.
I learned how to use a microfilm machine.
I had a good deal of drama with my sorority, if only because I failed at participation and it came back to bite me in the ass. I've learned my lesson and I'm not doing it again.
I passed finals. Somehow.
Came home. Got a job at On the Border.
Summer of epic movies: Iron Man, Indiana Jones, The Dark Knight, Speed Racer, and of course Wall-E.
Weekly Doctor Who sessions with Spish and Jen all summer.
The Arizona branch of the family came to visit. Interesting at times but slightly arghghgh.
Broke $100 in tips - twice.
Went back to school for NSO.
Loved NSO. Fully intend to do again this fall.
Moved into apartments, reunited with roomie, met apartmentmates. Stocking an apartment is quite interesting.
Got massively into Sonic.
Swung into classes.
Got back into Sorority. Sisterhood chair is a blast.
Classes swung back. Got pwned.
Started drinking a lot of tea. Discovered that milk spoils incredibly quickly in Malibu. Not quite sure why.
Home for the Air Force/Navy game. Screamed my lungs out at the worst refs I've ever seen. Being in Mountain West sucks sometimes, as we get what we pay for.
Attempted to field and implement RP plot. Somehow survived.
Got into knock-down-drag-out with classes.
Asked out guy I'd been eyeing since London. Rejected. Guy later hooked up with RA. Found out through Facebook. Good amount of GRR ARGH to be had.
Introduced to Doctor Horrible.
Home for Thanksgiving.
Back for Finals. Called truce with classes. Earned a 3.6 GPA. Still need to send out my rhetoric paper to people who asked for it. Remind me to badger Goodman for feedback before I do so.
Home for Christmas.
Got back on the work schedule.
Unreal opened. Joined it. Convinced one and only character that TV was radioactive. Still amused.
Hung out with friends. Plan to do more of that before I head back.
Plotted in DC. Began partial overhaul of Paixao.
Spent New Year's Eve at a friend's house, watching Buffy and drinking fake champagne. Buffy gave way to conversation, which was much more interesting.
Came home. Hi, LJ.

...hell of a year, huh.

Happy New Year, guys. Happy 2009. May it be a safe and blessed one for you all.
Bulleted points, a todo list, and then a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. You know, normal stuff. XD

Bulleted Points of Daily Life )

The Infamous Todo List )



Clicky the sparkletext to get there. There are bookmarks, art, and the most fantastic chainmail jewelry I've seen. Srsly. Check it out. It is fantastic.
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 02:36 am)
The (rather brief, as I am tired) rundown of Halloween night is as follows:

Real Trick-Or-Treating )

Fictional Yet Lawlarious Trick-Or-Treating )

So that was my Halloween. My All Saint's Day will likely be full of homework and too much candy, huzzah. |D


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