...well, okay, it was entirely justified at the time, but life got better. :Db


The explanation that has been forthcoming for about two hours )

For those of you going, "Yes, Kia, but what does this have to do with Mulan?" I do have an explanation! "WE CAN'T ALL BE ACUPUNCTURISTS!" is my key phrase when I'm mad as hell but don't have the time/inclination/appropriate filter to explain what that anger is about.

The more you know ~~~~~~~*
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( Sep. 17th, 2008 10:21 pm)
For as smart as Pepperdine students are supposed to be, we have a hell of a lot of problems with our email, specifically the difference between the Reply and Reply All buttons.

You can probably see where this is going.

The lady in charge of the IP office sent out a mass email to all students who'd gone overseas last year with a few updates. Okay, cool. Someone from the Buenos Ares program decided to hit Reply All to get ahold of the BA kids about sweatshirts. At the end of the email, she asked people to hit "reply" and not "reply all." Okay, cool.

People start hitting "reply all." Okay, not cool.

So, like last semester, I take it upon myself to impart some good old common sense into the student body.

This is what I originally wanted to send. )

Not wanting to offend people and figuring patronizing them was not the way to go about that, I wrote a second draft.

What I actually did send. )

I may be the most sarcastic little English major on campus, but I will zealously defend my rights to life, liberty, and open space in my inbox.
I just did my first dormstorm today. Dormstorming is basicallly when all the NSO leaders run through the dorms screaming at the top of our lungs in order to wake up all the new students so they can go to their sessions (the meetings that teach them about Pepperdine) on time.

Dormstorming is fun. :D

Best part was when somebody yelled out the window for me to shut up and I yelled back, "Don't tell me to shut up - GET UP!"

Fun times, for I am sleep deprived and find everything amusing.

NSO has eaten my life.

Right now, I have a fifteen-minute break between sessions, and I'm up here in the Sandbar saying HI EVERYBODY because the power's out everywhere else and I therefore do not have an away message to spam today. This was planned on the university's part.

We had a food fight last night. I'm going to get Sam back for putting mayo in my hair.

Basically, guys, I'm loving all of this, but I'm busy as hell and there are some days (try Tuesday-Friday next week) where I'd be surprised if you see me at all. I shall tell the massively epic tales of NSO sometime near the end of next week, when I'm not busy and bushed and many other adjectives beginning with B.

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( Aug. 13th, 2008 05:17 pm)

EDIT: Okay, so the planned blackout was yesterday. Kia can obviously not read dates. At all.

SON OF EDIT: And our toilet is possessed.
Somebody start checking the sides of milk cartons for my RP drive, because I don't know where the hell it's gone.

I keep putting Paixao off, because Paixao is slow, right? I don't think that has to be the case - I think it's that way because people don't post, because Paixao is slow, because people don't post...it's a vicious damn cycle and I seem to be stuck in it.

Daisychain, I just seem to be running from my fail, and there's a good bit of that.

It's easy to blame all of this on work, especially since I'm working more this week than I have been all month, but that's the problem - it's easy to do that, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's to blame.

It's also easy to blame this on all the errands I've been running to get ready to go back to college. Furnishing an entire apartment is no small task, after all...but again, it's too damn easy to do that too.

I think what's really to blame is my work ethic and the fact that I don't seem to have one. All you'd need to do to know that is take a look at my to do list - there's stuff on there I've had to do for going on a month now and with fast approaching deadlines, and is it done? Hell no.

The long and short of this is, I do good work sometimes and it may well be time to call hiatus until school starts. We'll see how things go.
...which is to say, I'm listening to this song too much. Evidently a homicidally psychotic singing AI (not to mention numerous games of Super Collapse) are theraputic.

Why the need to calm down?

Look inside and see! )


...I've experiments to run, there is research to be done, on the people who are still alive...

Yep. I made it home safe and sound. :D

Lynx and I got up at 4:45 this morning (AAAAAAARGH) because she's a wonderful friend and agreed to drive me to the airport to catch my 9:00 a.m. flight. Seeing as there's no traffic whatsoever on the way to L.A. at 5:45 a.m., we got there by 6:30.


So Starbucks (YES I'VE STARTED DRINKING STARBUCKS SHADDUP THEY MAKE GOOD CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT FRAPPACCINOS I SAID SHADDUP) and my laptop are my friends. I got two more of the drabbles I need to do for DOS Day done. (Only 13 more to go...^^;)

Speaking of which, I should probably make another post in the comm reminding people about it...I'll bet most of us have forgotten. XD;

The flight was pretty uneventful. I sat next to a pretty cool guy (he had a Black Knight shirt, how awesome can you get?), and I got some stuff done in Golden Sun. (OKAY IVAN STOP DYING PLZ.) Aaaaaand now I'm stuck again. ;o;

I had a nice chat with my senior year English and 20th Century History teachers about IB credits and Pepperdine. Hopefully, with their help, I'll be able to get some Pepperdine credit for what I've done in my IB education. (If not, you'll all certainly know about it. XD;)

And there's a Wii in my house. My little brother evidently received one for his birthday. Now, for those of you who know my mother, you know she's not the most video-game-oriented person in the world. She's the one I have trouble convincing to give permission for me to go to NDK each year.

She waited for four hours on a Sunday in subzero temperatures outside Circuit City to get this Wii for my brother. Granted, she got my dad to relieve her every hour or so so she could crank the heater in her car up to 90 and warm up, but then she was right back out there.

So now my little brother has a Wii and Twilight Princess. He'd better get her diamond earrings or something like that for Christmas, because he certainly owes her something for that awesome display of dedication.

So. I am tired and shall probably sleep soon. ^^; Yeeeeah. But I don't have to scan a card to get food here, so I'm rather thrilled. :D

( Dec. 7th, 2006 11:47 pm)

I hate Dead Week. Finals start on Monday and am I ready? Oh, Lordy no. Of course not. I have too many finals for that.

...but I've already ranted about my finals schedule, so I'll leave it at that.

I had a choir concert tonight. It actually went pretty well. I was happy. I'm too braindead to say anything else.

I spent over $200 on Christmas gifts this year. I actually feel pretty good about it. I love giving. :D

Speaking of spending too much money and giving gifts, [profile] pinstripesuit's art sale is now up. Man, I squeed like a maniac. And I was the first person to order too, hooray! Not to mention I have friends ordering me two other shirts. Man. XD;

And speaking of gifts, somebody anonymously paid for my LJ for the next 12 months and bought me 90 extra user pic spaces. I have no idea who you are, but, THANK YOU SO MUCH. *bowbowbowhughughuglovelovelove* I cannot say that enough. :DDDDDDD

I already have a bunch of new icons uploaded. ^^;

One last thing: does anybody know where to find all those nice little winter!Sora and Christmas!Sora icons that have been floating around? I love those so much. ^^

Thank you all so much! :D

So. Stuff has happened since that last wangsty post.

And I really don't think I'll ever wangst that badly in my LJ again. This is, of course, assuming my life goes well. ^^

So. Numbered List Program, launch!

And with that, my coherency for the night seems to be shot. I bid you all adieu and thank you for all the fish internet love. Byeeeee~! <3


We all know that angry beepy thing is the door alarm, and that it goes off when somebody fails to shut the door properly. That's a given.

SO WHY CAN'T WE CLOSE THE DOORS? You walk out, you pull it shut behind you! If that's such a difficult concept for you to grasp, then maybe you shouldn't be at Pepperdine!

And it's been going off for the past twenty minutes. Really, people, if you all live so much closer to the doors than I do, why am I the one going down three flights of stairs to CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR?!


I have a good twenty minutes to kill before work. So, what do I do? Spam my LJ, of course.

Parent's Weekend starts this coming Friday. I need to figure out a good place to hide KHII, Azumanga Daioh, and Excel Saga before mine arrive. I also have to figure out a way to get out of the mandatory Sunday shift at work. (Maybe if I work an extra shift and beg reeeeeally hard...)

I'm trying make a FST for Axel and Demyx. It's harder than I thought it would be. (I was going to do them separately, but when I found out I only had 10 songs for Demyx and half of them were "it's on here because I feel like it"...well...yeah.)

I just realized it's been nearly two weeks since Xigbar pwned me and I haven't done anything about it. This shall change. Soon. Ish. I think.

I'm starting to feel kind of...I don't know...inadequate. I mean, everybody else I talk to has something they're doing or working on (volunteering at the film festival, ROTC...I don't know, something). I feel like I'm really not accomplishing anything. I don't know why, I just am.

I guess I need to do my homework, do my job, and hang out with my friends more. Hopefully this'll all clear up soon.

Or at least I was last night. ^^;

Whoo, am I ever wiped out. Dodgeball was last night, and Pengilly and Peppers did...well, okay, I guess. I had an absolute blast, though, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

But am I ever sore... ^^;;;

So the only other event I'm signed up for in the Hall Championship is Sit and Be Fit night: Ping Pong, Pool, Madden '06, and - get this - DDR.

I smell pwnage. *cackles evilly*

And I have no classes tomorrow. Trip to Ralph's, hanging out with Di, corralling Tina into helping me out with my costume, anime club (with one of the trippiest anime I have *ever* seen), Numb3rs, and sporking with Lynx whenever I can fit it in. Whoo! Bus-yyyyyyyy. :D

Random Thought 1: I think I may have stolen my title from Lynx, come to think of it...

Random Thought 2: For some reason, even though I don't really care for the smell of black licorice and I'm still mad it leaked, I've been using the licorice soap Mom sent me. Weird, huh?

...further bulletins as events warrant.

And I am. I mean, I think I was just overreacting those last two entries. I still need to sit her down and chat with her, but I think there'll be a lot less resentment on my end when I do. Hopefully things will turn out better.

And yes, I am well aware of the irony of my last entry (in which I used a Demyx avatar while loudly proclaiming my existence). Quit sniggering, you.

I had two back-to-back tests today, and they both went pretty well. Multiple -guess tests are SO my friends. And I found out tonight I got an 80 on last week's psych test of doom. Whoo! *celebration*

Note to self: next semester, when you do the student mass, the announcements will be abbreviated. Msgr. stands for Monseignor, and an EM is a Eucharistic Minister. Also, request to see the announcements before you have to stand up before the congregation and read them.

Yeah, that was all sorts of fun. ^^

My application for the London overseas trip is turned in. We'll see how that one goes...hopefully very well.

And sorority life is great. Scheduling work and meetings around each other is a pain, but Gamma Phi is totally worth it.

Well, that about sums it up for me. I'm off to go level my Wisdom form. Cheers!
Just like the title says - today was the first day any of us had classes.


First in the morning (at 10 a.m...everybody with an 7 a.m. class hates me now) was American People and Politics, also known as PoliSci. My teacher in that is cool...

I've just realized that all my teachers this semester are men and that I like them all. Hooray!

Anyway, 10-11:50 is PoliSci, 12-1:30 is History and Religion of Israel (where I get to return my textbook to the bookstore and save myself thirty-some-odd dollars), and 6-8:50 is Intro to Psychology.

HOLY COW intro to psych was crazy. We watched a video documentary of Phillip Zimbardo's prison experiment (24 college students, 12 as guards, 12 as prisoners, all in one *fake* prison). It went from "hey, that's interesting" to "MAKE. IT. STOP." It was intellectually stimulating, to be sure, but...it was scary. Not Boo! oh you jumped scary, but deep-down...well, psychological scary.

Good class, that.

So tomorrow is Introduction to Sociology from 8 a.m. to 10 (ugh) and my freshman seminar (Repotting Harry Potter - Popular Lit Made Legit) from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Yes, that's right, I have a Harry Potter class for a semester. How much does my school rock?

Answer: Very, very much.

EDIT: [profile] shadow_wings_ gave me the site with this new layout. We like it very much.
Hello Rachel, hello Melissa, and hello Megan! To alleviate fears about real names on the internet, yes this entry is public, but it's backdated, so unless somebody has the direct link or is searching for it nobody will find it.

So, with that out of the way, on to the important stuff. Bolded items are still needed.

List of College Supplies )

If you can think of something I've forgotten, or if you can bring something, leave a comment/email me and I'll add the item/your name to the list.

Finally, so far as arrival dates go:

Katie: August 13
Megan: August 13
Rachel: August 21 (?)
Melissa: August 23

Alright, let's make this work! :D


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