It's been a while, huh. I need to quit neglecting this journal. As it is, it's after midnight and I have work in the morning, so this'll be a pretty quick rundown.

My dad is doing fine! He's been taking it easy and not working ridiculous hours anymore (glory hallelujah) and he's doing a lot better, at least according to mom. They've also found a house and put a bid on it, so we'll see how that goes. Will they be moved before the family reunion? Probably not, but they've definitely got their eyes on it.

My first video shoot went pretty well, all things considered. We shot video for a project at work on Friday - rented out a studio and everything. The talent we cast (that I spent time interviewing and basically got first say on who played who, yeah baby) worked really well together, and we got thirty scenes shot in about six hours - not bad at all, actually. There were a few tense moments, and one in which I managed to spill makeup on an actor's suit jacket (note to self: Leslie is doing the makeup from now on because ARGH), but overall it went pretty well. Rick was happy, Leslie was happy, Terrence was happy, and I was bushed, so I figure life is good.

In other news, getting LA County workers together for a conference call is like herding cats. I kind of want business cards with "professional cat herder" on them now. (And yes, I have seen the commercial, and yes, it is hilarious.)

Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin on Sunday! It was pretty low key, though I spent more on souvenirs then I think I ever have at Disneyland - blame it on getting my Disneyland In A Box prize together for my [ profile] help_japan winner. The POTC preview that they have is amusing, Blackbeard freaks me the hell out and I love it, and the show beforehand is cute and hilarious by turns. On the downside, there is no group rate for special seats for Fantasmic, so I either need to finagle something or give up on that one for my birthday. We'll see how things go there. I do love spending time at that park, though - so lovely and relaxing. ♥

In RP news, I've got Jason Stackhouse in Second City - we've only gotten as far as him thinking Pinkie Pie is somehow a drug flashback, and I don't want to handwave things until that thread gets a little further, so we'll see. Linkara is in over his head - per usual - Rarity is loud and abuses italics like whoa - per usual - and Rosette...I'm really tempted to drop her, if only because nothing is happening with her. I think I'm past the point where I can successfully get into her head and play her well - my lack of interest and her lack of CR have pretty well made that obvious. Honestly, I think DC might've closed the book on things with her, and I've been trying to find an epilogue instead of enjoying it for the fantastic story it was. Again - and I have been using this phrase far too much - we'll see.

Finally, as if I don't do enough writing, I'm thinking of picking up one of those 100 Themes challenges and getting one down every day. Even if they're not all that good, if all else fails, it'll at least guarantee that I write 100 words every day, and I think I need something constant like that.

Yeah, that's about it. Bedtime now, I think.


The Grand Galloping Gala episode

is called Best Night Ever.

This was one of those weekends when everyone wanted some of my time. I went from planning on hanging out with zero people to hanging out with six or seven, some multiple times. I got cheesecake and meals and slurpees out of the deal, though. Good times. |Db

SO YES I am two days behind on that music meme and it's nearly Monday, so I'm doing three days at once. YAY PROCRASTINATION

Day 05: A song that reminds you of someone

This and every other song on this CD will remind me of my dad. He's the one who got me into classic rock to begin with, and this CD would always be in the car when he picked me up from dance class. Ah, nostalgia.

Day 06: A song that reminds you of somewhere

Oh, Cheyenne. First concert, first foray into country, first time I moved back to somewhere I'd left when that particular move was over. Spent two years missing Colorado. |D

Day 07: A song that reminds you of a certain event


Six hours until you die

Yeeeeeah I love you guys. XD ♥

The full meme )

Also, Digimon marathons = awesome. I love nineties dubbing and just how dumb characters can be.
Man, I spent most of the day reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. That book will seriously screw with your brain after about fifty pages, and I plowed through 200+. Remind me never to do that again. Ugh.

Buuuuut that's not what this entry is about.

Today - and I still consider it "today" since I'm still awake - was the anniversary of Daisychain's first day. Were the game still running, it would have been two years old.

I have to say I was proud of that game and still am: proud of the players, proud of my fellow mods, proud of the way people worked together and communicated and had fun. Sure, there were parts that just did not work out - there always are in a game of that size and magnitude - but for the most part I'm thrilled with how things went.

Dia, I'm always going to be grateful to you for shooting me an AIM that weekend during the first of two stupidly long shifts, saying you were thinking of setting up a Cloverfield-based RP and what did I think. Never gonna forget that one. Thank you for starting up what would be a year and a half of good times.

For those of you who want to go revel in the nostalgia, [ profile] bouncy_erbear has started up a reunion thread over here. I'm about to crash out, but rest assured there will be tags for anyone who wants to bother an angel, a nun, an Agent, or a Diva come tomorrow.

So far as that goes: [ profile] lunais_cross, so far as my headcanon is concerned, they totally built that giant robot. Flonne insisted Billy name it.

SO YES. Happy birthday, DC, and happy anniversary to all my fellow DC-ers. Hope you all had the best night ever.
I finally bit the bullet and wrote endgame fic for DC. Probably not a good thing to do at two in the morning, but eh, I'll sleep on the plane. |Db

This one's for Foxx - I have another one planned out for her that requires a lot more thought on my part, and one for J as well. But for now...yes. The Diva is crazy like her namesake.

Foxx was not a believer in what she called 'emotional displays' )
Five days from now, it'll be October 6th: exactly 20 months since Daisychain started. I've spent some time thinking about it tonight, and...well, it's been a long not-quite-two years.

Part introspective, part memoir, part timeline, all ramble )

Tomorrow night is the last day change, which makes tomorrow night the beginning of the last IC day and the last OOC week-or-so of Daisychain. After that, it's over. It's the end of an era.

Am I ready to give it up? Probably not. Will I? I'm going to have to, huh. It isn't as though it hasn't had a great run and a great ending. While I will miss Daisychain, I know I can say this about the game in general and the last part of endgame specifically:

It's gonna be the best night ever.
Ganked from virtually my entire flist~

There's a lot of these, huh |D )

And the secondary meme that seems to have gotten tacked onto this one:

Has my portrayal of a character(s) changed the way you think of them?
LeSeptieme (1:13:22 PM): Tri
LeSeptieme (1:13:33 PM): I think if Elphaba made Spin fly, Sarah would glee forever.
trichan868 (1:13:37 PM): XD
trichan868 (1:14:07 PM): See, she can't cast the spell on Spin himself or he'd grow wings and damage his suit.
trichan868 (1:14:15 PM): She can cast it on any object though.
trichan868 (1:14:34 PM): So they don't have to be on her broomstick or anything.
trichan868 (1:14:43 PM): Unless they want to.
LeSeptieme (1:14:59 PM): Take that up with Sarah and Guin :o
trichan868 (1:15:06 PM): She could levitate Spin's suit or his headphones.
trichan868 (1:15:13 PM): and they would just pick him up and carry him.
LeSeptieme (1:15:23 PM): ...I'm sorry
LeSeptieme (1:15:27 PM): Spin flying by his headphones
trichan868 (1:15:29 PM): *cracking up*
LeSeptieme (1:15:30 PM): you just killed me XD
trichan868 (1:15:46 PM): I know, the mental image hit me just after I said it.
PrincessSeaNymph (1:16:14 PM): XDDDDD
LeSeptieme (1:16:22 PM): Just
LeSeptieme (1:16:23 PM): I'm sorry
LeSeptieme (1:16:27 PM): flying is really cool and all
trichan868 (1:16:32 PM): *cracking up forever*
LeSeptieme (1:16:33 PM): but he would never live that down.
trichan868 (1:16:37 PM): XDDDDDDDD
trichan868 (1:16:39 PM): I know.
trichan868 (1:16:45 PM): It's an awful mental image.
trichan868 (1:16:50 PM): So awkward.
trichan868 (1:16:52 PM): I can't stop laughing.
anzila86 (1:17:06 PM): can she make little helacopter sounds while she does it?
LeSeptieme (1:17:18 PM): J would just be, "are you flyin'. By your headphones."
trichan868 (1:17:22 PM): XDDD
LeSeptieme (1:17:24 PM): "...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA"
trichan868 (1:17:26 PM): I want someone's hat....
trichan868 (1:17:30 PM): to turn into a helicopter hat.
LeSeptieme (1:17:38 PM): ...*looks over at Chief*
trichan868 (1:17:39 PM): >_>>
trichan868 (1:17:41 PM): XDDDD
trichan868 (1:17:47 PM): No, that's too humiliating for Chief.
LeSeptieme (1:17:54 PM): HE'D PULL IT OFF.
trichan868 (1:17:58 PM): *gives Fletcher a helicopterhat instead*
Fletchers Hat (1:18:04 PM): D'aww
trichan868 (1:18:05 PM): *because it's cute on Fletcher*
LeSeptieme (1:18:16 PM): *absolutely dying over here*
trichan868 (1:18:43 PM): Spin flying by his headphones and Chieftain with a helicopter hat?
LeSeptieme (1:18:50 PM): yeeeeeeeeeeees
LeSeptieme (1:18:59 PM): THEY'RE ELITE BEAT AGENTS.

[ profile] universejuice. [ profile] aviekokyre. SOMEBODY PLEASE DRAW THIS. 8D
I knew that procrastinating was going to come back and bite me in the ass if I did it, yet here I am after a three day weekend and nearly five hours after class with no work done and teeth marks in my rear and I'm still not working. Lit Theory reading looks to be just like Rhetoric reading: long and very slow going. Does anyone know of any good LPs I can put on while I read? Since evidently those work pretty well. Sonic 2006 got me through Rhetoric, and I'm looking for another Pokecapn et al LP to get me through Lit Theory.

...wonder if anyone's ever done a LP of Elite Beat Agents. Can't imagine it'd be too coherent.


Cut for the sake of the disinterested )

So that's two pleased characters, one linefacing at me, and one refusing to play until he stops getting so abused and who will have to be repeatedly punted in order to post. Whee~


1. Reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post including this info and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending circle of icon glee!

Sarah ([ profile] universejuice) gave me these six:

Cut for the sake of the image phobic )

LeSeptieme (1:37:41 AM): The reunion will be lovely, though
Universe Juice (1:37:54 AM): will it ever
Universe Juice (1:38:33 AM): Morris is going to bromance with Derek so hard
LeSeptieme (1:38:44 AM): XD
LeSeptieme (1:39:14 AM): Spin's getting a hug
LeSeptieme (1:39:15 AM): from J
LeSeptieme (1:39:22 AM): whether he likes it or not
Universe Juice (1:39:24 AM): ahahah
Universe Juice (1:39:28 AM): brings back memories
LeSeptieme (1:39:35 AM): -?
Universe Juice (1:39:43 AM): Remember when J first showed up
LeSeptieme (1:39:48 AM): -orite
LeSeptieme (1:39:59 AM): There will be no watering of Rookie's suit, though
Universe Juice (1:40:04 AM): |D
LeSeptieme (1:40:09 AM): Not unless he falls off the boat or something
Universe Juice (1:40:17 AM): yeah no
LeSeptieme (1:41:40 AM): But yeah, it will be a very quick and very hard hug, complete with a remonstration to not ever do that to him again jeez Rookie he was worried about you
Universe Juice (1:41:51 AM): Don't do what
Universe Juice (1:41:54 AM): get this antidote
Universe Juice (1:41:59 AM): fine I'll just throw it away
LeSeptieme (1:42:18 AM): als;dkgj
LeSeptieme (1:42:26 AM): Swear to God Rookie I will pop you one
Universe Juice (1:42:37 AM): That's more like the J I know
Universe Juice (1:42:44 AM): missed you too
LeSeptieme (1:42:59 AM): You ever pull that disappearing act again I will hunt you down and pow.
Universe Juice (1:43:28 AM): Morris: Isn't that what we've been doing?
LeSeptieme (1:43:50 AM): ...yeah, but I'm not gonna hit him this time.
Universe Juice (1:44:20 AM): We've been hitting other people though
LeSeptieme (1:44:24 AM): Now what's this about an antidote?
Universe Juice (1:44:41 AM): Oh you know nothing special just OH GOD MAN I CAN HEAR THE MUSIC 8DDD
LeSeptieme (1:44:55 AM): -you what
Universe Juice (1:45:09 AM): *toss* EMBRACE IT, MAN
Universe Juice (1:45:27 AM): LET IT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU MISSED IT
LeSeptieme (1:45:58 AM): Jeez, Rookie, never thought you'd be my dealer. *takes*
LeSeptieme (1:46:09 AM): ...*just about falls to his knees*
Universe Juice (1:46:16 AM): yeah it really does sound like a drug |D
LeSeptieme (1:46:58 AM): Drug that gives lost powers back and restores Music to half-deafened Agents?
LeSeptieme (1:47:03 AM): Best drug ever.
Universe Juice (1:47:06 AM): Yessss
Universe Juice (1:48:39 AM): Morris is just going to be like "Oh baby I missed you. It's okay, you don't have to be sad anymore, we're here to help"
LeSeptieme (1:52:11 AM): J is going to have a second or two of OH GOD OVERLOAD
LeSeptieme (1:52:56 AM): And then "oh God"
LeSeptieme (1:53:04 AM): And then "yessssssssss"
Universe Juice (1:53:55 AM): yes
Universe Juice (1:54:02 AM): it's going to be such an emotional moment
LeSeptieme (1:55:33 AM): Oh yes
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( Sep. 7th, 2009 10:56 pm)
My random fic never makes it to my writing journal when I'm multitasking, I've discovered. XD This is basically my take on the end of Day One of [ profile] daisychainrpg's endgame on the Ultimatum, where we have five EBA and three injuries already, as well as an Atlantean crystal being passed around. Good times. |D


Supposedly, a good day was a day when you learned something new. )



I have this bit of headcanon about J where he feels like he needs to 1) take charge and 2) live up to Chieftain's example whenever Chieftain isn't around. At the moment, Chieftain's on another ship somewhere and push has really come to shove and watching two Agents go down in less than a minute was a hard blow to the part of J that makes him feel like he needs to step up. Poor guy needs a break.
kiaxet: (Have a Bite)
( Sep. 3rd, 2009 01:55 am)
lynxgriffin (3:55:49 PM): I'm not sure whether Tagruato should respond to replies or not
LeSeptieme (3:55:54 PM): I'd say no.
LeSeptieme (3:56:27 PM): I get the feeling they'd be doing last minute prep for abductions, and if they had free time, watching the network with popcorn and evil laughter.
LeSeptieme (3:56:36 PM): Possibly taking bets on who cracks first and who panics hardest.
lynxgriffin (3:56:44 PM): sob they're such bastards XD
LeSeptieme (3:56:54 PM): They're an evil corporation, man. They don't talk to the peons.
LeSeptieme (3:57:05 PM): They just torture them for fun and profit.
LeSeptieme (3:57:22 PM): Mostly profit, but the motivational speaker they hired last month said loving what you do is a big part of your job.
lynxgriffin (3:57:47 PM): sdklajs lmao

Just leaving this here. Hope everyone's enjoying endgame. |D

Will be interesting to figure out what all I'm doing with characters tomorrow.
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( Aug. 11th, 2009 09:27 am)
Now who's the light and who is the devil
You can't decide so I'll be your guide
And one by one they will be hand chosen
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide

Including my face, evidently. That was embarrassing. |D

...Let me back up.

I was having an incredible shift at work today - good pace, nice tables, whole nine yards - until I cleared that empanada plate. Brought it back to the dish pit, went to clean it off, and dropped it. It broke in half, ricocheted off the edge of the dish pit, and sliced my hand open.

My first reaction was to swear, run it under the faucet, and ask the hostess who just happened to be in the kitchen to please take chips to table twelve because I hadn't gotten there yet. At that point, I thought I'd still be at work.

One report to the manager, several phone calls, two hours, and four stitches later, I'm home with an enforced break until Thursday night at the earliest and a left hand wrapped in Coban. |D The cut's on the outside of my hand, about an inch long, but it bled like mad. Empanada plates are dangerous things, it seems. Typing will be slow for a while and pictures will be provided to the not squeamish upon request. :D

The blood on my face was spatter, by the way. Evidently I jerked my hand back when I got cut. BEFORE the epic bloody mess that was my work shift today, I was thinking about RP - characters and my time constraints, mostly.

I did have a huge long list of pros and cons and thoughts and dramatic inner monologue, but that was before typing became time consuming and painful. :D So.

Basically, so far as Daisychain goes, I think I'm dropping Silver. I had his journal open for a good while last night and had a terrible time tagging with him, and it's been that way for a while. He's lost most of his CR, and I'm just having hell on wheels keeping him active. It's probably time to let him go. Stella, Guin, i'm sorry - he just didn't stick around for me.

That said, I've been bitten by the app bug and seeing how long it takes me to work up either an Aja Killian muse or a Foxx muse. So far, Foxx is winning, if only because she doesn't require a trip to the library.

On the Paixao front, I'm likely going to do a canon update for Rosette. It'll make her easier to play and give me a reason to jump start the character. Brainbreak always works so well for that. |D

As a final and random note, is anybody good at editing audio? Because I have a non-urgent favor to ask if you're willing. :3
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( Jul. 1st, 2009 01:07 pm)
I finished the prototype (i.e. mine) this morning, so without further ado:


So yes. I love this shirt. Tonight, while watching So You Think You Can Dance, I'll likely marathon the rest of them...all sixteen. Yikes.
First of all, there's a new post in Typo Away: That's the Power of the Internet...and OxyClean. Guess what it's about. |D

And I was tagged by [ profile] tafkae, so I suppose I should do this (because y'all need new and awesome music anyway):

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones (EBA cover) - Are we really surprised this is my number one? Most played in my iTunes, too. Something about this just gets me going and I love it.

2. Handlebars - Flobots - I'm not normally one for rap, but this one starts with an easy flow and has the most arresting musical development I've seen in a while. It's well worth a listen.

3. I'm On a Boat - The Lonely Island - This song is normally way outside my musical taste. It's rap, loud, profane, and contains a few lines I still can't sing out loud. It's also a hell of an earworm and puts me in a great mood every time I hear it. This one gets played six or seven times a shift at work if Kenny is at expo, and the whole kitchen raps along. Great stuff.

4. Dance Your Life Away - Jon McLaughlin - This song, like the title says, makes me want to stand up and dance every time (which is interesting when I listen to it while driving). Total carpe diem philosophy and I love it.

5. Broken - Lucky Boys Confusion - All of these are earworms, I swear. I still don't know most of the words to this one - they go by too fast - but the tempo is awesome.

6. BeeGees Medley - *NSYNC - Don't judge me; it's a capella and that makes it awesome. Plus. BeeGees. C'mon.

7. Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World - This is a call and response that I'm fairly certain most of my generation knows and is incredibly catch to boot. Great to blast at high volumes while driving.

Man I love my music. :D

-ORITE GOTTA TAG PEOPLE. [ profile] nalina, [ profile] theguindo, [ profile] universejuice, [ profile] deltashade, [ profile] ggmoonycrisco, [ profile] lynxgriffin, and [ profile] orelle_peredhil - tell me what you're hearing!

My choices are to fic, set up something I should've done a while ago (haha ouch), RP, or just hang out and do nothing. Probably the third, second if I can figure things out.

I need to give Emu her present. |D

And I have the designs for the DC shirts - with any luck, the prototype (mine) should be made today and pictures up tonight.

Footloose is proving to be an awesome movie with an incredible soundtrack, by the way. :D
What the hell is in the water around here. I have no idea what happened or why, but a week ago just about everybody became a terrible tipper. We get a metric ton of verbal tips (high praise and ten percent of the tab) and a metric ton of people who are outright cheap. Fifteen and twenty percent tips are about unheard of.

And it's not just me, either. It's the whole restaurant. I should talk with servers at other restaurants, see if it's the same there.

I worked for six hours tonight and came home with $45. That's a bit more than 10% of my $427 in sales.

It's been $60 tips off $650 sales, $40 tips off $497 sales...and I'm not doing anything differently. I'm still making money, yes, but the amount of money I'm making is not proportionate to the amount of ass I'm busting making sure these tables are fed and happy. Needless to say, it's frustrating.

That, and I went in today on my day off because we were expecting a rush, and said rush never came...yeah. I work tomorrow and Tuesday too.

And then on Wednesday [ profile] amorsinseramada comes down and life gets awesome. :D

In the meantime, I'm off to DC to go write some incredibly depressing stuff involving J. Why are all my muses so ridiculously headstrong, especially when they're in trouble...? |D
Okay, guys, I'm going out to get the shirts today. This is the list of people and sizes I have so far. If you're on this list, I need you to comment to this entry confirming that you still intend to buy one, confirming that the size is correct, and whether or not you'll need it shipped. As it is, it looks like the price will be $7 plus shipping.

[ profile] anzila: Large
[ profile] tricia868: Small and Large Confirmed, shipping
[ profile] tetrisalphabet: X-Large Confirmed, shipping
[ profile] lynxgriffin: Large Confirmed
[ profile] bouncy_erbear: Medium Confirmed, shipping
[ profile] theguindo: Medium Confirmed, shipping
[ profile] universejuice: Medium Confirmed
[ profile] memoryofpride: Small Confirmed
[ profile] squeakyorm: Large
[ profile] sunflowerraven: Medium
[ profile] spiritsshadow: Large Confirmed, shipping
[ profile] deltashade: Large Confirmed, shipping
[ profile] fairytaledreams: Medium Confirmed, shipping
[ profile] deathsrenegade: NEED TO CONFIRM/NEED A SIZE Cancelled
Shae: Medium Confirmed, shipping
Riv: Medium Confirmed, shipping

SO YES. Please confirm. I shall be back tonight after work, hopefully with shirts. |D
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( Jun. 14th, 2009 10:29 am)
I am doing LAST CALL on Daisychain Shirts, since I just realized the list of stuff I have to do before con is ridiculously long and I need to get started ASAP. If you still want one, please leave a comment on that post, and please link this to anyone you think might want one but hasn't seen the post (since I know I don't follow everyone in DC and vice versa XD).

That is all! *off to Farmer's Market*

EDIT: According to WalMart:

Black Shirts: $4 apiece
Iron-on Paper (Dark): $11.58/5 sheets

I'm probably looking at 1&1/4 sheets per shirt (full page for back design, 1/4 page for front). So:

11.58/5 = 2.32
2.32/4 = .58
4 + 2.32 + .58 = 6.90

Prices might be higher to include sales tax, or lower if the going-out-of-business Kmart has better offers. Either way, I'll probably go pick all this up tomorrow, and we're looking at around $7/shirt plus shipping.

So's y'all knows. :D

SON OF EDIT: Okay, so evidently the WalMart where shirts are $4 apiece doesn't have black shirts, and the WalMart that does have the black shirts is selling them for $4.50 apiece. Either I have to make WalMarts agree (and hopefully get the black shirts for $4 apiece) or DC shirts will be more like $8 apiece...or Kmart will have them cheap. XD FURTHER BULLETINS AS EVENTS WARRANT.
"Attempt" is the operative word in that title, I believe. This is the post where I try to figure out current and future plans for alllll my RP characters. We'll see how this goes.


Rosette: Has met with Leslie at the church - exploring there, I presume. After that...I have no idea. Who does she even have CR with anymore?

Sonic: Also exploring, with Knuckles. I figure he'll check in with Naja, then make sure Yorda's getting on okay, then...I have no idea. Go get into trouble, most likely.

Flonne: BIGGEST SHIP THREAD EVER. idea. Probably attached at the hip with Laharl, whatever he decides to do.

Luxord: I haven't the foggiest. Org business, if any? Drinking with Urd? The fallback plan of hanging out at the Cheap Prayer and seeing what poor sod wanders in? Does anybody want a gambler? ;;;

DEATH: I think the thread with Shantotto died. Probably time for him to hit the church as well, especially since he's never seen it before. He might tag into the Prince's thread.

Vexen: Torturing Timon. Full stop.

Jafar: I think the thread with Tanaka is close to being finished, and the one with Genie has just started. After that...getting pranked? Does Maleficent have any plans for him, or is he just going about the city being a not-so-sneaky bastard?


Rosette: About the only active thread she's in is the one with Megan, and her turn hasn't rolled around yet. I have no plans for her after that (though I do want a soul gaze with Harry...I don't know if I've even brought that up XD). Evidently she needs to do a pactio with Negi? Possibly one with Molly, because that would be all sorts of badass? IDK. Something.

Silver: probably won't take the poor guy long to discover Blaze has disappeared. That won't be fun.

Flonne: She needs to tag into the party with Etna, which is going to be hysterical. Waiting on Dr. Horrible in that other thread... And then she needs to help Tony Stark with his suit/have a thread with Laharl/start the Sparkle Rangers/get manipulated by Etna and Eva/insert social butterfly activity here. She needs some attention.

J: Too active for his good and mine. Getting Spin buzzed (and potentially moving to Raiel's/Riza's/Kang's table - we ever decide on that?). Finding Starr and probably getting attacked by crabs. Setting Rookie and Missy up on a blind date. Trying to keep Rookie from getting himself killed via Hamel. The man needs to leave Rookie alone and get some CR with somebody else. Any takers? |D

...and that is all so far. Haha. |D


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