-I mean

Extended Kingdom Hearts jokes about existence aside, I am still around, believe it or not. I have also been keeping up on people's posts, even though I am the epitome of comment fail.

As far as life goes, it's been pretty much the same. I'm still trying to figure out what the stomach issues I'm dealing with are (the gastroenterologist had a few ideas as to what it might be, so I'm working through those), and my pillow stopped working for me for some reason, so I've been going through a lot of semi-sleepless and achy nights trying out new ones to find one that works. Aside from that, nothing else is really different as far as work and social life goes.

This is why I don't update this journal too much, I think. My Plurk is enough of a litany of woe - I'm not sure I want to spread it elsewhere. |D

Other than that, [community profile] itsjustagamerp is going really well! If I ever need a laugh, I just go read a thread. You guys are all awesome. ♥

I will have a Secret Valentine (think Secret Santa) post up within a day or two - it was supposed to be tonight, but it's been a long day.

Finally, and most importantly!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] corrielle!

Have the most fantastic of days today! ♥
( Jan. 2nd, 2012 04:12 pm)
We're officially two days into the new year, and I'm finally getting around to updating. It's been a while, huh. There's been a good reason for that - I've been ill for almost the entire month of December, and it's still going on. All the ugly details are on my plurk, but it's basically been my stomach disagreeing with me on a good number of counts. It's kind of amazing how many episodes of Phineas and Ferb you can get through when you're taking it easy on the couch for days on end. As it is, there are good days and bad days, so here's hoping things are on the up-and-up.

I know this is the time when we're supposed to look back at the past year and Reflect On Things, but I've never been the biggest fan of that, partially because my memory is ridiculously short and terrible and partially because I have a habit of basking in the good things as they happen but remembering the negative things well afterwards. There's been a pretty negative spin on my December for multiple reasons, and I don't want to go back and reminisce about the year through that lens, because while 2011 wasn't the nicest year, it didn't unequivocally suck either, and I'd rather not remember the entire year as though it did.

There was an image on plurk asking if we wanted to see the new year as a baby - easily influenced, helpless, and bossed around - or as a young warrior, eager to go forth, kick ass, and have awesome adventures. 2012 is a warrior year, guys. Let's make it one.

I actually did make resolutions for this year, though! They are as follows:

1. Finish my NaNo story, even if that doesn't happen until NaNo this year;
2. Go to at least one out of state convention (so not in CA);
3. Be more fiscally responsible (I don't have issues or anything, but I could stand to keep track of things a bit better).

So, [livejournal.com profile] iki_teru, [livejournal.com profile] synchroshatter, I plan on running spell check and trying (and likely failing...) to do a once-over of my NaNo story soon. Are you still up for beta duties?

And finally, given recent happenings that have happened at LiveJournal, I am now officially posting from Dreamwidth. I'll still cross-post entries to my LJ and I will still check my LJ flist, but I've officially made the jump. Friend me over here if you'd like. :Db (Though I do need a new mood theme for DW - anybody have any good ones?)
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( Mar. 23rd, 2011 11:09 am)
Still dying of ick. :/

Thank you for all the recommendations you left me yesterday - that's definitely going to keep me busy for quite a while. I haven't visited Escapist for quite a while, so that'll be interesting.

And now, because I was tagged in this meme both by [livejournal.com profile] princealia and [livejournal.com profile] yuukihikari, I figure I might as well do it.

I really hate being sick. Just. Ugh. When I'm too lightheaded to write or even tag, it's not a good time to come into work. Of course, that's exactly where I am, waiting for the orange juice and whatnot to kick in so I can feel a bit less like walking death.

But that's really not the point of this entry (though I do miss tagging already - this had to happen in the middle of two plots and one hysterical thread, didn't it :/).

I've started poking around in the TGWTG site to see what all it offers. I already watch Critic, Linkara (um, duh |D), Chick, Bum, a bit of Spoony, and JO. I'm wondering who else has good stuff on there. Of course, by "good stuff" I mean "things Kia would like watching." I've discovered I'm not a fan of Phelous' stuff, I have to be in the right mood for Masterpiece Fanfic Theater, and Todd in the Shadows is hilarious, if only because watching him get so ridiculously pretentiously worked up over pop music is amusing. He kind of reminds me of Devon, to be honest.

So. Who else on that website is good to watch?

In other news, they've re-lit the pilot light in our heater, so hopefully we'll have hot water again for the first time in two days, and maintenance is supposed to come in and fix the two leaks we found in our ceiling during those torrential rains on Sunday. I now subscribe to the theory that Derpy was in charge of our Winter Wrap Up, because I can find no other explanation for all this.
Oh man I am so tired. Ugh. My sleep schedule is screwed sideways, what with falling asleep in pieces and waking up before my alarm despite going to bed late. My stomach did not like anything I ate today, and I know for a fact that I am coming down with a cold. In terms of health, tomorrow's gonna suck.

I had an incredibly visceral reaction to trying on a wig today. Evidently they skeeve me the everloving hell out and I just forgot. \O_o/

Job search has picked up some slow momentum, but is still mostly ineffectual. I don't know what I expect from my first day, but eh.

And tomorrow, if I don't feel like the living dead, I need to have that lovely I-Quit-DEX conversation with my mom.

...hello, flist, how're you doing? XD Life doesn't suck as much as I'm making it out to, promise. I just hate getting sick and that clouds my perception of eeeeeeverything. Tomorrow's errands will include picking up Zicam and cold remedies, because man alive I refuse to still be miserable by the time the San Diego game rolls around this weekend.

So yes. Herp derp Kia needs sleep.

KH 30 Day Meme )
Been a long few days, huh. Hey, Flist, ILU all ♥

Disneyland with [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin on Monday was a blast~ We got there late, owing to a bit of a late start (because I didn't call off work, haha) and abnormally terrible traffic, but we definitely made a good day of it. The French Corner or French Kitchen or whatever it's called next to Pirates is actually a really good restaurant, so eating in the park more often is definitely a go. Despite a few rides being closed (Matterhorn ;~;) we did quite a bit. Favorite part of the day was in the Haunted Mansion - standing in the ROOM WITH NO WINDOWS AND NO DOORS, MWAHAHAHA, I wound up with a small frightened child holding my hand. Of course, once the lights came back up and she realized she wasn't hanging on to her mom like she'd thought, she was pretty embarrassed and her family will likely never let her live it down, but I thought it was cute.

Also, did anyone know there's a giant arts place near the front entrance? It's got all sorts of concept art for rides and such in it. Totally going to hang out in there for a while when we go back.

Basically, YAY DISNEY 8D

In other news, I'm still not over this cold. I don't sound like the living dead anymore, but I'm still coughing up a lung fairly frequently, which is usually bad kismet. Either that, or my lungs regenerate really fast. Either way, this needs to be gone before Gallifrey.

Which is a week from tomorrow, by the way.

[/insert gigantic fangirly squee here]

I'm going with [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada, [livejournal.com profile] travitaemorte, and my little who obviously needs a LJ. This one looks to be an absolute blast. Plus, now I can participate in hotel bar shenanigans. Mmm, shenanigans.

On a related note, what's a polite way of asking someone to fix an autograph? I met one of the guests at Comic Con last year, and he autographed my book to "Christine." He's going to be at Gallifrey again this year, as is the book's author, whom I would also like to have sign it (he's the artist). Is there any way to do this, or is it just going to be awkward as hell no matter what?

Also, what's everyone's opinion of putting this on a shirt and wearing it to the con? Y/N/M/LOLWUT?

Thus ends yet another disjointed episode of the life and times of Kia. I'll have Tuesday's Randomizer up when Sendspace stops hating me.

And I'm just using this icon because I like it. No other reason. :D
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( Feb. 12th, 2010 01:56 pm)
So! Dying of the plague. Grand old time, really.

No, it's not actually the plague. It's a rather miserable cold that I've had since Monday. I've taken two days off my internship and am just trying to stay awake and hydrated. Here's hoping I don't get my sisters sick at retreat tonight, because that would really suck. 8D Hopefully I'll manage some sleep, though - retreats generally aren't known for that, but I really do need it.

Yeah, I probably won't be online from this afternoon to tomorrow afternoon. Tags and such can wait, I suppose.

Speaking of tags, Facilier's been silent for far too long. Either things are being planned or he's just. Being quiet. Crazy behatted voodoo man ._.

I was going to have a semi-amusing rant about lemon honey hibiscus flavored knockoff Emergen-C, but I think I'll leave that one for now. Just be warned that that stuff is awful. Why anyone would want their drink to taste like flowers, I have no idea.

Who all on my flist is going to Gallifrey? Goodness knows I don't see you all often enough.

And hey, [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin - Disneyland sometime soon? I am in dire need of some happy.

And on a final note, I do love this video. It's such a trip.

The short of it is I'm contagious and have no transportation of my own (though I do have lovely friends who are willing to take me ♥).

The long of it is under here. )

I just sent an email to my supervisor telling him I was ill and could not come in and sorry for that and I shall hopefully be there on Friday. I figured eight hours in a cubicle after what would likely have been less than six hours of sleep was just a bad idea. A day off tomorrow means I can sleep in, relax a bit, and play catchup with stuff I've missed or put off. I think I need a day like that.

So yeah, I'm going to attempt to be productive, watch my shows, and then drag my exhausted self to bed.

...gorrammit iTunes stop being ironic.


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