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( May. 27th, 2010 11:39 am)
This is basically the list of things Kia needs to remember to do once she gets home. I'd imagine it will get long, or at least erratic.

The liiiiiist feel free to add to it if I owe you stuff )
Well, finals are over. No more pencils, no more books, all that jazz. You can tell it's late when I start mixing my song lyrics. Still not quite sure how I feel about that. Hell, I'm not sure it's sunk in at all.

Today, or tomorrow, or however you define Thursday is going to be Massive Amounts of Packing Day. I'm almost done with my room, which means I need to pack the kitchen. I hate packing the kitchen with a vengeance, namely because a good portion of the stuff in it is mine. For those of you wondering why I'm posting the warning - and a warning it is - it's because packing stresses me out like none other. It's the biggest indication that finals are over and life is moving on, except while I still have to fit my entire life out here into a set number of boxes, I won't be going home and I won't be coming back to Pepperdine in the fall. It's scary and frustrating as all hell and a necessary evil. What this means is I'll be online, but I'll be anywhere from mildly to completely incoherent and might be leaning on people over AIM in overwhelming stress and woe. If you want to try to keep me sane, God bless you and I much appreciate the effort. If I bother the hell out of you, I'm sorry in advance.

I'm going to top this off with a todo list, because I need one of those and I'm keeping it here now that my white board is packed.

To Do:

- Pack remainder of room
- Pack kitchen
- Figure out who's taking what food in kitchen
- Clean out fridge
- Send Shannon's package
- Email work
- Do a load of laundry. Pack said load.
- Donate choir dress to Fine Arts office
- Find out about handicapped stuff for Granny
- Call Rent-A-Wreck
- Hand wash dresses

I'm sure there's more but I can't remember it at twenty past two in the morning.
Double post? You betcha. More lists? Of course! Feel free to ignore.

Marxist analysis of Handmaid's Tale - due Monday
Read August: Osage County - due Monday
Memorize scene - due ASAP

Target trip
Figure out Halloween plans

Tag for Rosette - she's got to make her way back to the TARDIS at some point. Is Tanaka still going to become one of the TARDIS crew...? Still need to figure that out. Have a few journal tags for her too.
Tag for Luxord - he needs a thread and needs to respond to journal tags. Figure I might drop him in somewhere and just see how he does.
Tag for DEATH - journal tags, and I kind of want a thread based on where that journal goes. Suuuuuusan~
...holy cow Flonne is caught up. XD
XI app after all this is situated.
I have five minutes before I'm technically supposed to be in bed and I still have not finished my glass of zin. Probably not gonna happen.

Work today was insane and I don't have the damndest clue as to why. It was absolutely dead during lunch and most of dinner, and then we got this pop from nowhere that lasted for a few hours. Given that yellow had already gone home, my partner and I wound up staying after red (the last cut section before closers go home) in order to do our sidework, yellow's sidework AGAIN (because we got tables in yellow section), and roll 100 silver apiece. Such is the woe of being in blue on a busy night.


In other news, I've found out just why they're scheduling me so much. Evidently we rank servers based on an average of five criteria: PPA (how much we sell per person), GEM scores (how well we're scored on our online survey), Secret Shops (just what they sound like, probably getting phased out soon), Attitude (what it sounds like), and Reliability (what it- come on do I really need to say it). At the moment, I am tied for sixth place (technicall I'm in seventh because Amber Rose is before me alphabetically) out of thirty or forty servers. People with higher scores are obviously doing better and therefore get scheduled more.


Most of my tables tonight were pretty good, though, and I walked away with about $70 in tips on $500 in sales, which is a better percentage than I've been making lately. Also, I have tomorrow off. My goal is to get work done on DC shirts. |D


- Finish shirts
- EBA routine (cut song, finish choreo, practice, quit changing the choreo dammit it's fine the way it is)
- EBA costume (microphone, hat)
- Bad Horse Singer costume (everything but the vest, oi)
- Find out if any other Singers will be there. Possibly meet with them.
- Flonne costume (leotard, earrings, find out how long shipping takes)
- Schedule (find out what panels are there, figure out which ones to attend)
- Sleep, because that sure as hell won't happen at the con 8D

...Yeah this has gone on far too long. My zin is gone. It's bedtime.

...I really miss my paid account. Icooooooons where did you go?
My white board is missing and I could not find another one of the right size and shape at WalMart, so I'm putting everything here until I have someplace to use my dry erase marker again. Here, Flist, have an epic todo list.

The list, cut to save your flists )
Long rant about trashy reality TV, racism, and speaking one's mind was originally going to go here; however, I have church in six hours. Rant will wait.

In the meantime, my kingdom for an icon that says something along the lines of "I'm a better Cullen than Edward because I'm real" or something like that. I feel my elitism coming on.

Christmas presents for Mom and Dad still haven't arrived. C'MON, POSTAL SERVICE, DON'T LET ME DOWN NOW.

Rewatched some cutscenes tonight. I may well be playing Silver with too much common sense (and yes, this is in light of the whole the TV is radioactive debacle). Need to work on that. Also, having one muse in three places has proven to be the kiss of death more than once. Please convince me NOT to app him in Paixao. Larxene would get him in two seconds flat and then there would be trouble. I wanna do it. ;;;

Speaking of radioactive TV, I watched a few hours of Mythbusters tonight, and I've noticed that Jamie and Adam get the science-y myths while the Build Team gets to irradiate cockroaches and blow shit up. Guess what team I want to be on.

Finally, a list of stuff to do (ideally tomorrow):

Sorority newsletter (because that's been due for how long?)
Secret Santa x2
Make cookies
Copy recipes (cherry bars, cranberry walnut fudge, chocolate fudge, s'mores bars, magic bars)
Catch up on tags
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( Dec. 9th, 2008 02:20 pm)
...please do not ask me why an entry that will likely be comprised of a finals schedule and a todo list has a title from a Dane Cook routine. Just. I have no idea.

First off, thank you sooooo much for everybody who read my paper and suggested revisions! I'll reply to them after this and I'll probably implement them tonight. In the meantime, if anyone hasn't looked at the paper yet, please do if you have time. It'll really help me out. :3

Second, because I'd like to keep my head on straight, a finals schedule:

10:30 - 1: Rhetoric (Final)
1:30 - 4: History (Final)
4:30 - 7: Shakespeare (Turn in paper)
1:30 - 4: Religion (Final)

...lot of studying tonight. @_@

And the infamous todo list, organized by due dates:

Write Shakespeare final essay
Revise Rhetoric final paper
Study Rhetoric
Study History

Study Religion
Gamma Phi Christmas cards
Gamma Phi newsletter
Clean room (after final)
Vacuum (after final)
Clean out fridge (after final)
Pack (after final)
Online flight checkin (10:30 a.m.)

Patrick's birthday present
Christmas presents
Secret Santa
Set up Standards programs
Sisterhood notebook
Post wish list
Officer Reports (wow these are late)
Go through [ profile] holiday_wishes and see if I can't grant any

...funny how sleep is always on these lists, yet it is rarely accomplished.

OH. AND. If I owe you music, or if you posted a Christmas card post, or if you put up a wish list, please remind/link me here. I have been so absentminded this semester it's not even funny and I'd like to make sure I get everybody. This is my "sanity realignment" post. Thankyew~
Bulleted points, a todo list, and then a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. You know, normal stuff. XD

Bulleted Points of Daily Life )

The Infamous Todo List )



Clicky the sparkletext to get there. There are bookmarks, art, and the most fantastic chainmail jewelry I've seen. Srsly. Check it out. It is fantastic.

Get a blue book for today's test
Talk to your rhetoric professor Evidently I'm good once I get organized
Get more people to take the survey
Read/Study for religion quiz tomorrow
Figure out if you need to go to convo Wednesday Nah, I'll go on Thursday instead
Write said rhetoric paper
Do more research for Shakespeare paper
Pray the videos for religion come in They're here but whyyyyyyyy is one of them three hours long ;;;
Write said Shakespeare paper
Write two more reading notes ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO
Read all research for Religion project
Figure out what you're doing for said Religion project
Complete said Religion project


Plan laser tag event Email is sent, waiting for responses
Set up Secret Santas (x3 2)
Activity check
Check apps
Tag suggestion
OOC information post
App Silver
Possibly get a good night's sleep for once in your life

Welcome to my next two weeks, LJ.
So for those of you who have been wondering where the heck I've been, my sole answer is: recruitment. Recruitment has just eaten my face. I mean. Dang.

It's been good, but I'm still trying to figure out just what the heck I'm doing there. I mean, I'm going to be in the rooms, but I won't be on the floor at all (which is to say, I'm not talking to the girls rushing) because I'm an assistant to the girl running our recruitment. I'm not in charge of anything by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm not working with everybody either...I'm not sure where I stand, and it's making me, to a degree, slightly crazy. I'd love to figure out WTF I'm doing sometime soon. ;;;

We did Step Forward Day today - a good number of Pepperdine students who signed up got up and onto buses at 7:30 this morning to spend the first half of the day doing community service. I went with my sorority, who got paired up with another sorority to go help paint rooms and stuff in an organization that helps people find support groups. It was all pretty cool, actually. The best part? The guy in charge of the organization told me afterwards that he'd originally been disappointed when he'd heard no boys would be coming to help out, and that we'd completely proven him completely wrong and he was glad we'd come. Good times. :D

Though I'll admit it was weird painting a bathroom with three girls from another sorority. Conversation got interesting sometimes.

I also had my first manicure today, courtesy of Gamma Phi. I can't say I'm too impressed, especially since my manicurist acted like she didn't want to be there (because twenty minutes tops for a mani-pedi is a bit short, I think, when a really good pedicure takes 30 minutes). But. I should do it more often. It might be good for me.

...and that, folks, is when my brain shut down. XD

Finally, because I need this, a To Do list and RP plans.

To Do List )

RP Plans, to include specific character and thread plans )

...iTunes tells me the Sonic X theme was done by two of the same guys that did four songs on the YuGiOh soundtrack. Thanks for breaking my brain, 4kids. XD
Somebody start checking the sides of milk cartons for my RP drive, because I don't know where the hell it's gone.

I keep putting Paixao off, because Paixao is slow, right? I don't think that has to be the case - I think it's that way because people don't post, because Paixao is slow, because people don't's a vicious damn cycle and I seem to be stuck in it.

Daisychain, I just seem to be running from my fail, and there's a good bit of that.

It's easy to blame all of this on work, especially since I'm working more this week than I have been all month, but that's the problem - it's easy to do that, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's to blame.

It's also easy to blame this on all the errands I've been running to get ready to go back to college. Furnishing an entire apartment is no small task, after all...but again, it's too damn easy to do that too.

I think what's really to blame is my work ethic and the fact that I don't seem to have one. All you'd need to do to know that is take a look at my to do list - there's stuff on there I've had to do for going on a month now and with fast approaching deadlines, and is it done? Hell no.

The long and short of this is, I do good work sometimes and it may well be time to call hiatus until school starts. We'll see how things go.
Stuff I did:

Tie-dyed a shirt
Nearly broke $100 in tips on Friday during a yellow/yellow double (I was $1.01 short of breaking $100)
Went to the Renaissance Festival (expect epic posting to include pictures later)

Stuff I Gotta Do:

Get enough sleep for VBS this coming week (gotta be there at 8 every morning, ahaha)
Get the contact list updated for GPhi
Call my cousin
Sell my last purse (Maria, for anybody interested)
RP posts (Paixao: Flonne, Prinny Squad, Death [New Thread], Sonic, Luxord x2, Envy; Daisychain: Rosette, possibly Flonne)
Seriously, sleep is good
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( Jul. 14th, 2008 11:09 pm)
Stuff That's Happened

Cousins left - moved back into my own room
Put up purses for sale (they're still up at my dA)
Little brother left for a week - hooray California leadership conferences
Caught up on Daisychain, only to fall behind again XD;
Had a terrible shift tonight - the ladies who tipped me a dollar on $25 should never have gotten their damn margarita

Stuff I Gotta Do

Update sorority contact info - a whole ton of calls ;;;
Get a shirt for VBS by...the day after tomorrow
Send sorority money in
Plan events with my big sis for sorority
Somehow sell Dunn and Maria - cowboy themed purses don't seem to be popular, unfortunately
Start DDRing every day again - I need to get back in the habit and that new pad needs to be tested
Ship the purses I've already sold
Get some sleep
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( Apr. 21st, 2008 02:19 pm)
Because I need a list in order to keep my head properly screwed on, and also to show me just how freaking screwed I really am. Yes I know I just did one of these STFU.

- Revise English 215 Paper GLORY HALLELUJAH
- Creative Writing Portfolio, to include:
~ Poem 2 & Reflection
~ Story 1 & Reflection
~ Story 2 & Reflection
~ Story 3 & Reflection
~ Drama Reflection
- Study for Rel 102 test
- Pack my entire freaking room
- Print boarding pass
- Send package home
- This space reserved for Stuff I Forgot

This is my to do list for the next two days. Epic, innit.

Oh, and I got a letter from housing today. I was all excited, hoping maybe I'd gotten news on my status - hey, maybe my housing problems would be solved!

So what's in the envelope?

An off-campus survival guide.

It's three pages long, and it has handy tips for getting and keeping an apartment, such as Keep a Signed Copy of Your Lease and Lock Your Doors. Accompanying it is a letter stating that I'm still on the waiting list (oh grand), it's entirely possible I might not get housing next year (oh joy), and be sure to call them if I have any questions!

You see this here, Housing? You see this? This is my face. Slap it. Go ahead, Housing, slap it good and hard. You obviously haven't done it enough this past month, so go on. Have fun.

I'm going to go work on my assorted papers now.
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( Feb. 5th, 2008 01:27 pm)
*sigh, lean back in chair*

Okay. Instead of a gigantic rant about how much this weekend sucked (because I did that already) or just some mindless brain-wanderings, I'm going to do a to-do list. Because I have stuff that needs to get to-done.

~ Study for poetry test [tonight] 50 multiple-choice questions. I finished it in fifteen minutes. Here's hoping I did well. :3
~ Hours for writing center and reflective journal [Thursday]
~ Creative Writing reading (chapters 1-3) [Thursday]
~ Journal (5 pages) [Thursday] Not due this week! Hooray! :D
~ Religion reading (Gospel of Luke, both for Friday and catchup) [Friday]
~ Study for Religion quiz [Friday]
~ English 215 exercise [Friday]
~ Final draft English 215 paper [Tuesday]
~ Pergamum paper [Tuesday]
~ Short Story 1 [Tuesday]
~ Meet with academic advisor (or at least call him again)


~ Post Flonne x2
~ Post Rosette
~ Post Envy
~ Post Prinnies (?)
~ Find Luxord thread
~ Find Vexen thread
~ Find Sylar thread
~ Find Death thread
~ Journal entries all around
~ Finalize experiment subjects/reasons
~ Send out application replies

~ Post Rosette
~ Summarize x2

Project Daisychain
~ Sit tight and pray for tomorrow

General Stuff
~ Barring that, get one from Kobe
~ Tax form
~ Order application (?)
~ Make Gallifrey plans with [ profile] gaelic_bohemian, [ profile] corrielle, and whoever else is going
~ Make weekend plans with [ profile] uk_not_ok
~ Sleep

*stares at list* ...There's a reason that last one's in small text. ;;;
...yeah. :D;

So I've returned from Ireland, having drunk more alcohol this weekend than ever before (a total of three and a half drinks, if anybody was wondering XD;) and come back to a todo list. ;;;

- Science paper (due tomorrow, outlined but not started)
- Fine Arts paper (due at end of semester)
- Fine Arts review (also due at end of semester)
- Humanities project 1 (due Tuesday, unstarted)
- Humanities project 2 (due Wednesday, unstarted)
- English one-page play (hell if I know when it's due, unstarted)
     ~Rosette (x2)
     ~Envy (x2)
     ~The Prinny Squad
     ~Death (x2)
- Vexen report
-Update profiles for:
     ~ Luxord
     ~ Death
- Watch the last two episodes of DW season 3 as well as the Children in Need special (whenever roomie and I aren't DED FRM KOLLEJ)
- Sleep? (yeah right XD;;;;;)

In other news, Ireland was absolutely amazing. I honestly think I haven't seen a more beautiful landscape anywhere (and considering I consider myself to be from Colorado, that's saying something). Pictures will be coming, I promise - most likely at the end of the semester, I'll just do a mass upload. We stayed with cousins of my Dad's cousin, and they treated us like family. (They wouldn't even let us pay for the rooms in the B&B. We're going to get something snazzy here in London and send it to them as a huge thank you.) Westport is possibly the best little town ever and I would encourage everybody to go there if they ever hit Ireland. It is so, so so very worth it.

But, yes. Paper time. Whoo~
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( Nov. 4th, 2007 05:29 am)
  • 1500 Words for science on whether Intelligent Design should be taught in science class in school, 500 words apiece for each of three arguments - due Monday 1500 words is a laugh. I'll be lucky if I broke 1200.
  • Journal Reflection (probably Stratford-Upon-Avon) - due Tuesday
  • Study for English midterm - due Monday
  •  Research for Humanities paper and hopefully a working outline, as I'm traveling five days this week and won't have time to do it then - due Wednesday the 14th
  • Research for Fine Arts Paper - Due Date Unknown
  • Travel Plans for Ireland - before Tuesday
  • RP posting for: Rosette (journal), Envy (x2), Sylar, Vexen (journal, find a log), Flonne, the Prinny Squad, Death
  • Make packing list for Italy - before Tuesday

Things will be struck out as I get them done. If I get them done.


When was the last time I had a post of any substance, I wonder?

Oh yeah. Friday when I was emoing about my roomie leaving.

Well, I need a new one, that's old and emo and I'm tired of looking at it.


Saturday )

Sunday wasn't really special, but Monday was Six Flags. That'll get a whole other post (if I ever get around to it XD;).

I watched Muland and Nightmare Before Christmas last night (second night in a row for both of them).

I found out that my friends never ordered my Christmas presents from pinstripesuit's art sale, so no Roxas and Luxord t-shirts for me. I'll be buying them in her next art sale, I guess.

My Axel and Demyx shirts were shipped today.

I have to give a speech on Thursday for class. I need to write it first. I don't want to.

Breaking in my new boots by walking up to the CCB and back was a really bad idea. If I can't wear them for a whole day, how am I going to wear them all day at the con?

I need to go buy a phone at the bookstore. They're only eight bucks or so, and I really need one in the room so people don't have to call my cell phone to be let in.

I also need to order my Axel wig.

I need to stop putting my to-do list in my LJ.

Well, I'm off to go terrorize the new recruits. Wish me luck. ^^;
I finished the Paixao application. FINALLY.

So now we start the seven-to-fourteen-day-long wait.

Does anybody know where I can get some good Rosette (Chrno Crusade) icons?


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