First of all, Songfest is ridiculously awesome hell yeah. I need to post a picture of my makeup and costume. There's a reason we start with Thriller. X3

The rest of this is incredibly fannish and full of squee and such. You have been warned.

First of all, [ profile] lovediamond! I have been fail and a half at tagging and I seriously owe you an apology ;;; I also need to chat you up again, because I have half a tag written and saved and then I totally blanked on what direction we're going with this thread. MY APOLOGIES FOR THE FAAAAAAAAIL [/grovels]

Also, in that direction, I saw a comment in the last anonmeme about how damn difficult it is to play a villain when everybody wants the Good Guys to triumph 100%. I feel like, with Facilier, I can now relate to that sentiment. I mean, I promise not to kill your character unless you want them killed, but come on now, it's a game full of high schoolers. Not everybody is smart enough to resist the guy offering to make your wildest dreams come true. I mean, look at the two I have in the game: J trusts his Music Sense, and Facilier's music is creepy and a half, so he'd be out; Levitas, however, would be suckered in ninety seconds flat. Thing is, I'm not getting a lot of response for Facilier. A big part of it is definitely my recent lack of activity - I will definitely own up to that. The other things is, I have maybe three volunteers and I can't seem to get anyone else interested. I dunno. It might require a different approach, or I might have to work around the "but I don't want my character creeped on even though he has no reason to avoid the Shadow Man" reaction, or maybe both. Either way, planning needs to happen for Facilier.

While we're on the RP front, I'd forgotten how much fun Death can be. I've got to post for him more often, and should I ever get time to read again I really need to do a canon review. Same with Rosette, though I don't think it's my tag there.

So far as jobs go, I'm still working on my I Can Has Cheezburger questions, if anyone's interested in giving me feedback. I think I need lessons in being funny. |D I'm also still on the job search and thinking that I need to write an abstract of my thesis to send out with my resume, since that seems to interest a lot of people. While I'm at it, the thesis needs work too.

On the epic fansquee front, Soul Silver and Princess and the Frog are shipped and should arrive around Monday, which means I'll probably get them Wednesday. Good times there. :D [ profile] aviekokyre, if it's physically possible to get one in this game, I'm totally taking you up on your offer of a Spinda.

Today's Woot! Shirt is absolutely fantastic. I don't have long to figure out if I can justify spending the money after the aforementioned big purchase, but dang do I want one.

While we're on the subject of things Kia shouldn't spend money on, these necklaces are beautiful and commissionable. Why must everything tempt me so ;~;


On Idol the other night, they had my favorite Idol performing my most-played song in iTunes. Behold the epic:

And for those of you who would also like the epic on their iPods, iTunes was kind enough to put it up. I'd lay really good odds that this cover sells more than all of the Top 12 singles combined.

I do so love it when my fandoms collide, especially when music is involved.

On a totally random note, this pretty much describes my life. It's brilliant in a scary and strange sort of way.

I think that's about it. I need to go crash out so I can be coherent for my internship and another Songfest show, huzzah :D
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( Jan. 27th, 2010 08:32 pm)


I completely managed to miss the last recruitment event tonight. I thought it was at seven p.m. It was at one. Good job self. |D

I suppose I should go do apps and reading for class tomorrow (which I just received tonight, huzzah huzzah). Given that Neil Patrick Harris is the guest judge for Idol tonight, that might not happen for a bit.
I broke someone's plant in Intro to Acting today. That was embarrassing.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is still fantastic.

There's a new Typo Away post.

And that's all for today, I think.
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( Jul. 30th, 2009 10:09 pm)
Well, the dryer's fixed (Goo Gone and elbow grease), the gum is out of my clothes (hot vinegar and a toothbrush), and my brother knows never to pull that idiocy again. He is still alive.

I spent a good deal of time trying to do keywords for J's new icons and having so much trouble. Yaaaaay braindead |D


And that Disney steampunk game AotS brought up last night? Pretty much confirmed. Hell to the yeah. :D

Finally, have yet another meme:


I know I don't usually believe in anon, but why the hell not.
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( Jun. 15th, 2009 12:55 am)
I figure I'll keep y'all in the loop in the five or so minutes I have before I crash out. XD

I don't have Wednesday off this week. It's weird, but I'll work with it (though it's in red section arrrrgh).

Saturday's double in purple made me go argh. It was less than productive, though it did net me some monies (though not enough for a double on a Saturday, really).

And one of the cooks asked me to hang out, which was...interesting. Not sure what I'm doing about that one yet.

I have fic that is poking around in my head. Oh, EBA, why have you taken over.

Paixao tags are going a loooooot faster than they used to. That's awesome in terms of the game, but giving me trouble in keeping up. Time to reevaluate, I think. |D

The Mythbusters marathon tonight was all sorts of awesome, though.

And I've discovered I love Wipeout. The show makes me lawl. XD Given that, I have a very important question for you all:


Nothing in that show made me laugh harder than that chick, I swear. I think she made it all the way to the Wipeout Zone, too.

And speaking of crazy shows, MXC is on DVD. Do want. :D

I should get a paid account again. I miss my icons.

All that said, I would just like to say my Flist is absolutely awesome. :D And now it's bedtime.
I came up with the most creative LJ title ever

My new laptop came. Dell Inspiron 15 running Vista, yeah~ Her name is Fermata.

The dogs got in a fight. This resulted in a trip to the vet and three staples in Finn's head.

I did no tagging for the first day in ever.

I just realized my first shift is tomorrow at 5. I'm a biiiiit worried about that one.

The season finale of Lost made me lawl.

That is all, I suppose. Further bulletins as events warrant...tomorrow.
I'm watching Pitch Men on Discovery Channel. Basically, they gave Billy Mays and...some other guy named Sully...a show about developing and pitching products. The best part is when they show you the development and the testing and the product sells. The worst part is when they show you all that and the product never gets picked up.

Case in point: the vertical grill. Picture the love child of a single-slice toaster and a George Foreman grill, with a drip tray to get rid of grease and the ability to cook meat to perfection in minutes. You wouldn't think something like this could come from Australia, but I've been surprised before. The invention looked fantastic, and they show you all the development and all the testing, which basically amounts to Billy and crew having a kitchen BBQ and just going on about how fantastic the meat is.

The product never gets funding.

Basically: "Look at this fantastic steak! The vertical grill changed it from a frozen rock of death to a perfectly seasoned medium rare hunk of cow in fourteen minutes and guess what! You can't have one."

I feel as though I should yell in frustration, but I don't want to give Billy the satisfaction. It won't bring the vertical grill back, and it certainly doesn't get the stains out of my carpet.
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( May. 6th, 2009 09:24 pm)
One of the dogs chewed my sandals today - my good shiny silver sandals that go with virtually everything. He about ripped one of them apart. I am not pleased.

The chicken pesto pizza tonight went over well, at least.

I'm a bit torn about things so far as jobs go. Evidently I still have my job at On the Border (HELL YEAH), and all I need to do is go in for a bit of training on Thursday to learn the new stuff on the menu. I could be back on the schedule as early as Friday.

Thing is, I can call The Plate back in five days to find out if they still need cocktail waitresses. If they do, and if I can get hired there, I think that would be a step up for jobs. I know, if they do need extra cocktail waitresses, that they'll need the extra help on Friday and Saturday nights - they just started doing live music on weekends and serving five dollar martinis. I might work OtB Monday through Thursday and do Fridays and Saturdays at the Plate...IDK. Something. This is all up in the air somewhere.

Star Trek movie tomorrow. My mom is more gung ho about this than anyone I know. XD

Aaaaaand it's Mythbusters time.
My roomie and I have been marathoning How I Met Your Mother, mostly because it's an awesome show and I need to catch up. In the show, there's a character named Barney. His catchphrase, aside from "legen - wait for it - dary," is "suit up." Basically, whenever he takes someone out to do something (namely Ted out to socialize), he tells them to "suit up" - put on a suit. He also always wears one. Basically: "X place. Y time. It'll be legen- wait for it -dary. We're going! Suit up!"

Kinda like this:

Normally it's a bit less extreme, but this truly is classic Barney )

Gotta love the guy.

So tonight, my roomie was on the phone with her friend, and they were doing the back-and-forth "Well we haven't decided what to do tonight but you don't have to do anything if you don't want to though I can totally pick you up if you do" thing. It was one of those conversations that could go on for hours if someone didn't step in.

So I asked her for the phone, took it, and started talking. "Hi Heather!. Look. We're going to go pick you up. After that, we're going to Santa Monica and having dinner at the pier, maybe Bubba Gump's. We're going to get dessert. After that, we're coming home, watching some anime, doing whatever. If you need to do your homework, bring your books and we'll make it a homework party. You're spending the night. We're coming and we'll call you when we get there. Now suit up!"

Believe it or not, that was exactly what we did. We all suited up and went to the pier. It was fantastic.


It was - wait for it - legendary.

Of course, now I've all but picked up a Barney muse. He wouldn't make it at any of my serious games, but I think a dressing room would be fun. [ profile] legen_waitforit is taken, so possible usernames include lemon_law, needawingman, daddys_home, and slapbet_loser (especially since there's a slapbet_comish Lily at [ profile] dear_mun. Thoughts?
Can I just say that I miss three day weekends? Because really, I do. We really should have more of them.

I slept in until eleven.

I caught up on tags.

I went to the beach for the first time in forever.

I went laser tagging with my roomie. Strangely enough, Google turned up the exact same place that [ profile] selan and I went to my freshman year. Still pretty awesome, though the lack of places to take cover made things difficult. There were a metric ton of How I Met Your Mother jokes, however.

Then we took what amounted to an eleven-hour break and watched half a season of How I Met Your Mother, pausing in the middle for Big Bang Theory and the new HIMYM episode on CBS. I now love this sitcom. Thank you, roomie. XD

I studied just enough to pass a quiz this morning. Pray to the god of partial credit, indeed.

And I mailed a box of Poptarts to England. [ profile] tsusilver, I hope you like strawberry.

So guys. They showed this at the beginning of Idol last night.

I have never laughed so hard in my life. They only showed about the first minute of it, and while I can see why, the part towards the end where Mom has to come onscreen and start consoling them is hilarious.


Aside from that, I loved the blind guy, the horror movie guy made me lawl, and I can't wait to see bikini girl get hers (in the sort of "get some!" manner my little brother uses during action movies when somebody gets a surprise ass whooping). Tonight promises to be just as good.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post. There are times when I have a difficult time of it responding to comments, and this was one of them. I do want to let you all know that I've taken your words to heart. I'm doing my research, I'm working out five or six backup plans in case Nintendo doesn't pan out, I'm looking at picking up a minor in something or other, and I'm talking to my rhetoric teacher about possible career paths.

And Di, if you meant 4 pm Tuesday...I work then. |D Email might be more reliable, but if you give me some time frame for when you go to bed at night I'll be sure to call you before then. Thanks ♥

And now for something completely different (i.e. NOT SRS THING):

How I Met Your Mother. Tonight's episode. Barney. I felt terrible for him. ;~;

...better update coming tomorrow possibly. For now, sleep. New icon, too...but mostly sleep.
Long rant about trashy reality TV, racism, and speaking one's mind was originally going to go here; however, I have church in six hours. Rant will wait.

In the meantime, my kingdom for an icon that says something along the lines of "I'm a better Cullen than Edward because I'm real" or something like that. I feel my elitism coming on.

Christmas presents for Mom and Dad still haven't arrived. C'MON, POSTAL SERVICE, DON'T LET ME DOWN NOW.

Rewatched some cutscenes tonight. I may well be playing Silver with too much common sense (and yes, this is in light of the whole the TV is radioactive debacle). Need to work on that. Also, having one muse in three places has proven to be the kiss of death more than once. Please convince me NOT to app him in Paixao. Larxene would get him in two seconds flat and then there would be trouble. I wanna do it. ;;;

Speaking of radioactive TV, I watched a few hours of Mythbusters tonight, and I've noticed that Jamie and Adam get the science-y myths while the Build Team gets to irradiate cockroaches and blow shit up. Guess what team I want to be on.

Finally, a list of stuff to do (ideally tomorrow):

Sorority newsletter (because that's been due for how long?)
Secret Santa x2
Make cookies
Copy recipes (cherry bars, cranberry walnut fudge, chocolate fudge, s'mores bars, magic bars)
Catch up on tags
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( Dec. 15th, 2008 10:55 pm)
I didn't really want to brag about grades until they were all updated (one of my teachers seems to be just a bit behind), but eh, I'll do it anyways. I'm pretty certain of what grade I'll be receiving in that class anyways.

SO. Semester grades are:

Rhetoric: A-
Shakespeare: A
History: Pending
Convo: A
Religion: B

Yeah, I have no freaking clue how I pulled that last one off. Just. No idea. Criminy. I liked my dad's reaction best: "There is a God." Ohhhhh yes there is. :D

Emu came over for the first time in forever today. We spent a good four hours talking and working our way through Subspace Emissary. It was a bit easier to work our way through the patches that Kae and I had just killed ourselves over a few days prior (we made it across the moving platform/spike combo on the first try. I have no idea how that happened), but the new material had its moments. All I can say is, Snake has the best freaking intro ever and tea does indeed solve everything.

And Kae...I kind of wasn't thinking and saved over our file. ^^;;; Sorry...

Lessee, what else...oh yes, Unreal opened today. I should probably get posting on that tonight. XD

And I should catch up in Paixao.

And in DC.

...when did RP get so incredibly busy? Just. Wow.


This part is a bit spoilery )

Also, I am now completely convinced that my Petrelli/Hedgehog parallels have fallen apart. At this point, Nathan is acting like Shadow would be if Mephiles had succeeded, Peter's got Sonic's traits (and the complete inability to let the jackass die) but lacks the upstanding aspects of his personality, and...let's just leave Silver out of this, shall we? It just doesn't work anymore. XD

I'll definitely watch after the Super Bowl because I'd love to know what happens next, but I think my apathy is starting to show and I can't be bothered to cover it up.

...I think I'll end this with a meme. Haven't done one of those in a while. This one's ganked from [ profile] spiritsshadow.

And it's about movies. And it's *long.* )
Heroes didn't actually break my brain as much as it normally does tonight. I also didn't watch-and-type this week, and I think I enjoyed it more that way.

That said, it was still Heroes and therefore still really weird. )

Very short recap this week, but I can't wait for next week's episode to roll around. It should prove to be interesting indeed.
Jeez, Heroes, way to be. )

In conclusion, I only watch this show because it delivers my weekly dose of sheer WTFery. That is all.
Taking time out of my busy night to watch Heroes and type as I do so. This episode was weeeeeird.

This, children, is why drugs are bad. )

I've come to the conclusion that I'm only watching this series anymore for Matt and Hiro. That's basically it.
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( Sep. 30th, 2008 12:09 am)
Yet another type-as-I-watch spaz post. You were expecting...?

Last week on Heroes: there was crazy shit.

This week on Heroes: I assume there will be more crazy shit.

And oh, was there ever crazy shit. )

Yeah, Heroes this season is just weird.

And I realize this is my first update in a week - I promise I'll update sometime when I'm not about to keel over. |D;
After not watching this show for almost a solid year (and missing almost all of Season 2), I walk back into it cold. Freaking cold.

Poetry scares me now. )

The long and short of it is, this is possibly the biggest drug trip I've seen in a very long time. For now, however, I have homework to do.
I've figured out what the Olympics are, guys. They're one huge reality TV event.

Let me explain. )


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