Turns out an hour is not nearly long enough to get everything done that I want done in a day. Funny how these things go. |D

I'm going to be here long enough to say that we've signed the papers for a new apartment and are moving (by pieces) starting the day after SDCC, that I am stoked and a half about SDCC even though organization is fail, and the LP is going swimmingly!

So basically I love you all and I shall chat with you when I have more tiiiiiime ;;;
It's a very long and rather personal story that might get told later, but the bottom line is that Kia has a bit of a problem with being on the internet for far too long and is now on a self-imposed timer of one hour per night. It's something that'll be in place for quite a while, or at least until Things Get Better. If you have my number and something that you feel I Must Know goes down, feel free to call or text me, though don't expect a response during work hours. If not, my daily hour will likely happen sometime between 9 pm and midnight. If you need me for anything, drop me a PM or an email or spam my AIM - I'll get them when I'm signed on.

For now, and I know I'm a bit behind on putting this up, but the third episode of the LP has been up for a bit:

Episode 4 is uploading now and will take longer than I have to upload fully - watch my Youtube channel to see it when it goes up, or come back here tomorrow for the link. :Db

So [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin and I had fun. A whole lot of fun. 8D

There is much, much more to come.

I've been really, really busy, and I really should've been updating this journal consistently, but I'm a lazy bum and you all know that. No ponies this time - just lots and lots of text.

The Wedding! )

Disneyland! )

E3! )

In other, non-huge-event-related news, work's going smoothly - we finished one project and have another almost done, huzzah :D - I managed to find someone to make Razor Wit for $300 including shipping, RP's going well (until the mods throw another curveball at us, but hey, that happens), and I'm thinking of trundling down to Disneyland again on the 18th if anyone's interested. Also, I got a bitty!Terra drabble written for the first time in over two months - having nothing to do while your car gets new tires will definitely give you some focus.

So basically, life's pretty good. I'm okay with this. |Db
Yeah, the writing-fic-until-after-midnight things really needs to stop. It's absolutely killing my brain, and I kind of need that to function. I have quite a bit of egg stuff to work on tonight, and now that the plot bunny is out on paper, I can hopefully get to it. Given that the one I have right now is slowly going rotten, I really need to step up the search for fresh ones.

Glee is tonight. I completely forgot about that until this morning. Some fan, huh. |D

I've pretty much decided I'm going to Disneyland on Saturday. I'll get World of Color fastpasses in the morning, spend the early afternoon in the ESPN zone watching the Falcons game, and do dinner and a show (possibly two shows, depending on whether I feel like catching Fantasmic...which is usually a yes) in the evening. I just really need the concentrated dose of happy this weekend.

And to allow yet another post to wander into the land of fandom:

I really want to see Terra just punch him [Xehanort] in the face
Keyblade battles are all well and good, but I really want that to be the finishing move
or better yet
*goes to draw that*
...I love you XD

Tell me that is not the best mental imagery ever.

Also, can someone please make a Keyblade icon with some of these quotes in it? They're towards the end and perfect; you'll know which ones I mean. XD

More 30 Day meme, all under a cut this time because of BBS spoilers and because I've missed a ton of days, so it's long:

This past week's answers and all 30 days )

I named the Rapidash "Always." /herp derp
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( Sep. 28th, 2010 10:39 am)
For those of who who didn't see it in my linking frenzy last night, I have finally finished my video and put it up:

It is absolutely spoilery as hell for BBS, so if you haven't finished the game and don't want to be spoiled, please don't watch it. Yet. Feel free to come back once you're finished. |Db

Also, my headcanon and world building for the Land of Departure randomly worked itself in twenty minutes or so last night, so expect a series of drabbles centered around world building and how Terra and Aqua became apprentices. Expect them to be cute, for it is pretty much impossible to write bitties without it being cute.

...as a bit of a warning, I have a spoilery icon I really want to use, so that'll probably show up in comments. So's you knows. |D

To make this yet another entirely KH-themed post, let's have another day of that meme:

8. Favorite World

Ooh, that's another tough one. Huh. Probably Mulan for KH2, because I love the turns the story took in there, I loved the enemies and bosses (even though the freaking centaur Heartless were awful at lower levels), and surprise!Riku is always a bonus. In BBS, it's got to be Cinderella's world, because of consolation!fail!Terra, tiny!Ven, and graceful!Aqua. And the carriage. And the fact that Fairy Godmother is possibly the best magical character in the game and I want her in my party. And "What are you doing in my house?!" Basically, this world was hilariously awesome in all three stories.

All 30 Days )

For those of you who've heard me yammer on about this on AIM and/or Twitter, I finally put up the half a video I have for Dare You to Move. I started it in 2006 and never really finished. I might eventually - for now, my brain has been taken over by the new AMV. As it is, here's the unfinished one:

It's actually an a capella cover of Switchfoot's song, which I actually like better than the original. YMMV, I guess.

Also, I'm having a problem with Movie Maker (yes, I make my AMVs in Windows Movie Maker, it's all I have, sh'up). The audio file is being read as six minutes long when it's only four and a half, and any time I click on a point in the middle of the song, it's out of sync - it's the wrong part of the song. To get things to sync up, I have to play everything from the beginning. I'm going to try reimporting the audio file; aside from that, has anyone run into this before and does anyone know how to fix it?

On a vaguely related note, I'm not surprised there are a lot of BBS AMVs out there already. What made me snicker madly was the plethora of BBS AMVs set to Linkin Park songs. I know I really shouldn't judge until I watch them; it's just the concept that amuses me.

Also, there's a random one set to Miss Murder. Uh. 'Kay then.

Just to make this entire entry about Kingdom Hearts and well-nigh pointless to anyone not in the fandom, I'm finishing it off with the 30 day meme, including the day I missed.

3. Favorite Keyblade Design

Testament /cough cough

Fenrir, because Fenrir is freaking hilarious. It's basically just a giant car key that you get for handing Sephiroth's rear to him. I've never gotten it myself, but the idea just tickles me pink.

As far as less lulz and more aesthetic appeal go, my favorite is the Kingdom Key. It's got a relatively simple design so far as Keyblades go, but it works very well as a symbol of the game. It's simplicity belying badassitude, and I love it.

If we're talking favorite Keyblade to employ in the trade of asskicking, I remember using Bond of Flame for a very long time. Love that one.

4. Favorite Song from the games

But there are so many ;^;

It's a toss-up between Hazardous Highway and Working Together. Forget explaining; just listen:


All 30 Days )



SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS for Aqua's story, the final episode, and the secret movie )

...is it KH3 yet?
BBS commentary part two: Ventus. Call him Ven. If you need me, I'll be in the corner, bawling madly.


Aqua's story and final episode on Monday and then I am done with this. And still patching up my heart. Bawww ;^;
I've got two things for you this afternoon: image and fic. The image comes from me finding the Majora's Mask creepypasta that's been floating around lately and linking it to my brother, given that he still owns the game and played it quite a bit back in the N64's heyday. This followed:

So there's this creepypasta... )

I love my brother. I really do.

The fic I actually wrote the other night - I mentioned it to [livejournal.com profile] fuzziesquish in my BBS commentary post. It is 100% canonically inaccurate, proven so by canon that was released two and some change years before I wrote it. The fact that I haven't seen the secret movie at the end (and if you spoil me I will end you) either. So yeah, this pretty much boils down to Kia Wrote a Thing. Despite that, there are still REALLY BIG SPOILERS FOR TERRA'S ENDING. Yes. You are warned.

There were days when he wondered if he couldn’t have done something different. )

...I like my headcanon better. :|

Expect more BBS commentary later tonight, as I'm heading to Lynx's in a few to take advantage of her generosity once again. Look for that in a few hours.

Or, Moose and Squirrel experience BBS firsthand.

[livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin is being awesome and letting me watch the BBS cutscenes, so I figure I'll do a commentary of my own, like all the cool kids. 8D I've already seen a few of the cut scenes in a YouTube playthrough, so I'm starting right into Terra's story. We'll see how it goes from there. Obviously spoiler warnings are in effect.

SO MANY SPOILERS for the entirety of Terra's story )

I haven't even finished the other two stories and I already want it to be KH3. Like, now. Doomed prequelitis indeed. ;~;

It's too late for me to watch through another story, so I shall get through Ven's and Aqua's later. After I fix the Terra-shaped hole in my heart. ;~;
Man oh man it's been a long past few days. Work's actually been picking up a bit - for a given value of "picking up" - and I've actually been a bit occupied there, so really, no complaints on that front. I do need to go on another egg hunt, though.

I'm moving tomorrow! Sunday is going to be a lot of putting stuff in cars and ferrying it from one location to another. If anyone local wants to help, I pay in brownies, and guys, I do make good brownies. |Db

I'm going to take a break from XI for a while - maybe a week or so. I need a bit of time and distance to Figure Things Out. This happens with my games every once in a while. /shrug

Second City also has me headtilting in confusion. I mean, on one hand, I am absolutely loving what's going down. Linkara's going to be an honorary Strawhat at this rate, which I find hilarious. Rosette needs to do more, but being Buffy for a thread has definitely been good for her. The part that's making me headtilt is J. I mean, I was hoping this latest plot would give him something to work towards or at least be good for him, and instead he's been absolutely humiliated. It is IC, and I don't know what else I was expecting with Lara involved, but the guy really needs a break and he might not get it with me at the helm. The lesson here: check Dear Mun more often, and remember that this is indeed a game based on the Dresden Files.

So basically, Kia's RP at this moment can be summed up with "Son I am confuse." There are times when pretendy fun times break my brain.

Incidentally, I really need to finish that Usopp app. I've got, what, four days? Five? Something like that.

On a completely unrelated note, there's a new trailer for Epic Mickey, and it is...well, epic.

I'm procrastinating on my thesis like any college student, so have more commentary! Yaaaaaay commentary!

Cut because I'm sure this will get long )

Current team is now Billy the tank Togepi, Lyra the Dratini, Rocky the Onyx, Vilhelm the Flaaffy, Jared the Cyndaquil, and Riley the Quilava. Somebody please take Jared and raise him for me before I come too attached. I really need a water type and I can't do that if I'm raising two fires. 8D;

So yeah that was basically my entire work shift. I really do need to pound some thesis work sometime.
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( Mar. 24th, 2010 01:27 am)
My copy of Soul Silver came in today. I've been playing it for two hours now and having an absolute blast, and I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and give running commentary while I play. I'm about an hour behind, but highlights include:

Spoilers, I guess, if you really haven't played this game )

My current team is Riley the Cyndaquil, Vilhelm the Mareep, Rocky the Onyx (please tell me the Rename Guy is somewhere around here), and two eggs, one of which is a Dratini, the other a Cyndaquil. Anybody want some extra fire?
It occurs to me that I should actually update this journal with something of substance: my daily goings-on, the details of that first date, or the next episode of the Randomizer (which will hopefully be up sometime tomorrow). My mind, however, is in a completely different place tonight, and so that's what I'll be rambling about for a bit.

Everything under the cut is about RP. Yep. )

In other news, Sega is releasing a new Sonic game this summer and Disney is making a sequel to Enchanted. In other words, two very different uses of the phrase, "what the hell."

Also, you'd think Marvel could afford to hire someone who recognizes a comma splice when they see it. It's a pretty spiffy graphic otherwise, forever ruined by wayward punctuation. Le sigh.

And that is more than enough out of me tonight. It's bedtime.
It seems I have made it home entirely in one piece! This continues to happen on a regular basis. I am pleased.

Of course, today had to be the toughest travel day I've had in a while. I got less sleep and woke up earlier than I had all week in the interests of making checkout time and catching a flight, and then the lines at the airport were nothing short of astronomical. I've never been in line that long for security at LAX - forty-five minutes. It usually takes ten. I made it to my gate ten minutes before my flight started boarding. Oh, holiday travel.

On top of everything, because Starbucks makes inedible scones (you'd think I would have learned by now - go for the cheese platter) and my drink was too hot to drink up until right when we arrived at the airport, at which point I left it with my roomie because I couldn't take drinks through security (though if I'd known security was going to be so fsdljsd long that grande caramel apple spice would totally have gone with me), I had nothing to eat for several hours aside from a small bag of cheez-its, an even smaller bag of peanuts, and a cup of cranapple juice. Thank you for feeding me, Southwest - it turned out to be my only food until the wine tasting.

Yeah, my parents picked me up and then we went to a small wine-tasting in Denver. I don't get it either.

This explains why I didn't get home until after six. After pizza (FOOD GLOURIOUS FOOD) and a bit of TV, my mom informed me that:

1) I have to get up early tomorrow to help bake, because
2) We are having a small Christmas party tomorrow night, at which
3) My brother and his girlfriend will be present, and
4) I am more than welcome to hang out with said brother and said girlfriend and another of my brother's friends in the basement.

Me: And when were you going to tell me all this?

Mom: Now?

It's a lot funnier when I say it.

So evidently I am expected to chat with Anna skfdajfg Rachel tomorrow. That's a real nice thing to learn upon arrival. And my mother wonders why I spend so much time on AIM. 8D


Hell yeah home! Hell yeah dogs! Hell yeah kitty! Hell yeah fully-stocked refrigerator and pantry! Hell yeah Colorado! Hell yeah friends whom I haven't seen in forever! Hell yeah no more school for three weeks!

I'd say the positives far outweigh the negatives here. :Db

OH YES. I too have ten of those paid account gift certificates to give out! Who wants? :D

And I am also considering picking up one of those new-fangled next-gen Pokemon games. I ask you, flist, which one?
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( Sep. 10th, 2009 12:21 pm)
I'm in the Sandbar. There's a piano in here, and a guy's playing it right now. He does this a lot - plays a medley, flowing from one song to another.

He finished the Mario medley a few minutes ago.

He just started playing Canned Heat.

I love my college. XD
I knew that procrastinating was going to come back and bite me in the ass if I did it, yet here I am after a three day weekend and nearly five hours after class with no work done and teeth marks in my rear and I'm still not working. Lit Theory reading looks to be just like Rhetoric reading: long and very slow going. Does anyone know of any good LPs I can put on while I read? Since evidently those work pretty well. Sonic 2006 got me through Rhetoric, and I'm looking for another Pokecapn et al LP to get me through Lit Theory.

...wonder if anyone's ever done a LP of Elite Beat Agents. Can't imagine it'd be too coherent.


Cut for the sake of the disinterested )

So that's two pleased characters, one linefacing at me, and one refusing to play until he stops getting so abused and who will have to be repeatedly punted in order to post. Whee~


1. Reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post including this info and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending circle of icon glee!

Sarah ([livejournal.com profile] universejuice) gave me these six:

Cut for the sake of the image phobic )

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( Jul. 30th, 2009 10:09 pm)
Well, the dryer's fixed (Goo Gone and elbow grease), the gum is out of my clothes (hot vinegar and a toothbrush), and my brother knows never to pull that idiocy again. He is still alive.

I spent a good deal of time trying to do keywords for J's new icons and having so much trouble. Yaaaaay braindead |D


And that Disney steampunk game AotS brought up last night? Pretty much confirmed. Hell to the yeah. :D

Finally, have yet another meme:


I know I don't usually believe in anon, but why the hell not.
My day in bulleted format:

- Got up at 7
- Headed to Gamma Games - 15 minute walk
- Realized it was a hell of a lot colder than I'd expected
- Realized I forgot something and had to hitch a ride back
- Nearly got thwacked with a hammer setting up obstacle course
- Got mobbed by ATOs
- Made pie
- Three hour Songfest practice augh
- Got dinner
- Headed to PIT show - they improvised an entire soap opera tonight, which was interesting
- Got thwacked in the eye (by accident)
- Got rear end handed to me in Brawl
- Got Sonic unlocked by my friend

Definitely had its ups, but for the most part my day was Friday the 13th, just a day late. |D

And I am tired. Bedtime.


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