Okay, a question for my fellow wisdom teeth surgery veterans: is your jaw supposed to start hurting six or seven days after the surgery takes place? Because that's what's going on with me, and it is damn frustrating to go back on the painkillers (even if it is only ibuprofen) now after I've been off them since Thursday. I have a checkup on Thursday, at least, so we can see what's going on there.

And Friday is my last day at woooooork homg

And I've had two pretty awesome shifts in a row. You'd better believe I'm knocking on wood for a third one tomorrow night.

I lurve you all and am off to find ice cream for my aching jaw. Have to supplement the painkillers somehow.
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( Aug. 7th, 2009 11:06 pm)
Work tonight was absolutely insane. Note to certain coworkers: if you're a ceiliac (or however you spell that) and have not been eating right to begin with and are highly allergic to most of the ingredients in energy drinks, please don't drink them. They'll make you sick enough to go home and leave your poor partner in the lurch and make me switch sections in the middle of the night, which is off-putting as hell. It isn't often that I see Derek, who is generally a pretty easygoing guy, go completely nuts like that. Then again, it isn't often Derek's section partner utterly abandons him right in the middle of Friday night rush. |D

It was a $60 night in patio/yellow, and Kelly handled me jumping the patio ship pretty well, though, so I shouldn't be complaining.

I'm having my first chai latte ever. It's made from a mix, because I'm desperate and Marianne was making them. I can see why [livejournal.com profile] orelle_peredhil is hooked on these things.

And finally, even though I know it's over in your time zone:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] nalina! ♥~


I'm going to bed. |D
I was at work for seven hours last night. I was supposed to be cut first. SOMETHING IS WRONG THERE. ;;; I made a good deal of money and got home at eleven pm. Here's hoping the late return doesn't happen again tonight...knock wood.

Though seventy dollars in a shift ain't bad. |D

I've discovered I like having a constant schedule, which means for some reason that I am looking forward tto school, because at least then I know where I'll be at what time. Having everything up in the air during summer drives me nuts. |D We have family over now, we're having more family over on Sunday, we're having a good amount of guests (which means I'll be giving up my room, argh) in about a week or so, and the latest addition to my schedule is getting my wisdom teeth out this coming Wednesday, so I'll be incoherent and on House drugs (i.e. Vicodin) for a few days after that.

I still have to pick out a novel for Lit Theory. Can I just say I am bitterly disappointed at the lack of analytical criticism on Good Omens? Because that would have been perfect. As it is, now I'm looking at Life of Pi.

...and people wonder why I'm not active in RP. |D
Called dual hiatus today, and of course am posting more than ever. Why does that always happen when I call hiatus?

DC shirts are getting marathoned on Sunday. That iron and I are going to be real good friends if I have my way about it.

Shift today was a bit disappointing - nobody wants to sit on the patio when it's hot outside, and today it was hot outside. Les (my manager) told me he watched a few hostesses try to lead parties out on the patio, and they'd hit the doorway and turn around, refusing to sit there. Basically, everyone else got utterly swamped and my partner and I were twiddling our thumbs going, "Tables please :D" And I get to do it all again tomorrow, twice!

Even better, Les asked me tonight if I'd be willing to pick up a Sunday shift this week, since evidently he's having trouble getting Sunday nights covered. Sunday is the one day a week I request off because of church and because it's family day. "Les, I got my stitches out on Wednesday. I worked a double that day, a double yesterday, dinner tonight, and a double tomorrow." That's seven shifts in four days. 8D

"...oh. Enjoy your Sunday." So now I have con prep time, yaaaaay~

...I have two paychecks to pick up from work. Why have I not done this yet.

Best Buy somehow decided today would be a good day to send me a $20 gift certificate. Sadly but not surprisingly, my first thought was, "I wonder if they still carry EBA." Ladies and gentlemen, I don't even have a DS. There's something wrong up here. XD

And (because I'm blathering anyway) I've discovered that I really don't eat well while I'm at home - at least not dinner. I'm terrible with fixing myself meals when I come home from work, we've hit a dry spot so far as leftovers go, there's not a lot that will make a quick meal (and like I said, I hate fixing meals as it is), and there's virtually no instant meals in the house: no ramen (because I'm the only one who eats it), no Lean Cuisine (which I practically live off at college but there's no room in the freezer here), no pot pies (no freezer room)...basically, I come home and eat cereal or various odds and ends. I either need to start eating at work (which costs moneys, bawww) or convince Mom to get something I can make while braindead and bone tired.

By the way. Blip.fm. Attack of the Show promotes it as a sort of musical Twitter that links to your actual Twitter, your LJ, and just about everything else. Anybody want to join up with me?

AND FINALLY. I know I'm a few hours past the cutoff, but I do have to say it because she's awesome:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin!
So I leave for a double shift in five minutes. |D Getting out some thoughts before then.

Stitches are out, but wearing a bandaid at work still weirds out my coworkers. Felicia's a bit squeamish, I've discovered. XD

Probably calling hiatus tonight in both RPs - sporadic posting but no promises. Con prep really needs to happen now that I'm stitchless, and I have a double today, dinner tomorrow, double Saturday, lunch Monday. Tshirts and choreo need to happen, and they won't happen with all that going on. |D

In other news and total whiplash, I'm looking for a smaller RP to join in a few months once DC is over. I want plot, but I also would like a slice of life aspect...basically, is there a game out there that's a good fit for an Agent or two? Sarah and I are thinking ahead.

Including my face, evidently. That was embarrassing. |D

...Let me back up.

I was having an incredible shift at work today - good pace, nice tables, whole nine yards - until I cleared that empanada plate. Brought it back to the dish pit, went to clean it off, and dropped it. It broke in half, ricocheted off the edge of the dish pit, and sliced my hand open.

My first reaction was to swear, run it under the faucet, and ask the hostess who just happened to be in the kitchen to please take chips to table twelve because I hadn't gotten there yet. At that point, I thought I'd still be at work.

One report to the manager, several phone calls, two hours, and four stitches later, I'm home with an enforced break until Thursday night at the earliest and a left hand wrapped in Coban. |D The cut's on the outside of my hand, about an inch long, but it bled like mad. Empanada plates are dangerous things, it seems. Typing will be slow for a while and pictures will be provided to the not squeamish upon request. :D

The blood on my face was spatter, by the way. Evidently I jerked my hand back when I got cut.

...so BEFORE the epic bloody mess that was my work shift today, I was thinking about RP - characters and my time constraints, mostly.

I did have a huge long list of pros and cons and thoughts and dramatic inner monologue, but that was before typing became time consuming and painful. :D So.

Basically, so far as Daisychain goes, I think I'm dropping Silver. I had his journal open for a good while last night and had a terrible time tagging with him, and it's been that way for a while. He's lost most of his CR, and I'm just having hell on wheels keeping him active. It's probably time to let him go. Stella, Guin, i'm sorry - he just didn't stick around for me.

That said, I've been bitten by the app bug and seeing how long it takes me to work up either an Aja Killian muse or a Foxx muse. So far, Foxx is winning, if only because she doesn't require a trip to the library.

On the Paixao front, I'm likely going to do a canon update for Rosette. It'll make her easier to play and give me a reason to jump start the character. Brainbreak always works so well for that. |D

As a final and random note, is anybody good at editing audio? Because I have a non-urgent favor to ask if you're willing. :3
I have five minutes before I'm technically supposed to be in bed and I still have not finished my glass of zin. Probably not gonna happen.

Work today was insane and I don't have the damndest clue as to why. It was absolutely dead during lunch and most of dinner, and then we got this pop from nowhere that lasted for a few hours. Given that yellow had already gone home, my partner and I wound up staying after red (the last cut section before closers go home) in order to do our sidework, yellow's sidework AGAIN (because we got tables in yellow section), and roll 100 silver apiece. Such is the woe of being in blue on a busy night.


In other news, I've found out just why they're scheduling me so much. Evidently we rank servers based on an average of five criteria: PPA (how much we sell per person), GEM scores (how well we're scored on our online survey), Secret Shops (just what they sound like, probably getting phased out soon), Attitude (what it sounds like), and Reliability (what it- come on do I really need to say it). At the moment, I am tied for sixth place (technicall I'm in seventh because Amber Rose is before me alphabetically) out of thirty or forty servers. People with higher scores are obviously doing better and therefore get scheduled more.


Most of my tables tonight were pretty good, though, and I walked away with about $70 in tips on $500 in sales, which is a better percentage than I've been making lately. Also, I have tomorrow off. My goal is to get work done on DC shirts. |D


- Finish shirts
- EBA routine (cut song, finish choreo, practice, quit changing the choreo dammit it's fine the way it is)
- EBA costume (microphone, hat)
- Bad Horse Singer costume (everything but the vest, oi)
- Find out if any other Singers will be there. Possibly meet with them.
- Flonne costume (leotard, earrings, find out how long shipping takes)
- Schedule (find out what panels are there, figure out which ones to attend)
- Sleep, because that sure as hell won't happen at the con 8D

...Yeah this has gone on far too long. My zin is gone. It's bedtime.

...I really miss my paid account. Icooooooons where did you go?
What the hell is in the water around here. I have no idea what happened or why, but a week ago just about everybody became a terrible tipper. We get a metric ton of verbal tips (high praise and ten percent of the tab) and a metric ton of people who are outright cheap. Fifteen and twenty percent tips are about unheard of.

And it's not just me, either. It's the whole restaurant. I should talk with servers at other restaurants, see if it's the same there.

I worked for six hours tonight and came home with $45. That's a bit more than 10% of my $427 in sales.

It's been $60 tips off $650 sales, $40 tips off $497 sales...and I'm not doing anything differently. I'm still making money, yes, but the amount of money I'm making is not proportionate to the amount of ass I'm busting making sure these tables are fed and happy. Needless to say, it's frustrating.

That, and I went in today on my day off because we were expecting a rush, and said rush never came...yeah. I work tomorrow and Tuesday too.

And then on Wednesday [livejournal.com profile] amorsinseramada comes down and life gets awesome. :D

In the meantime, I'm off to DC to go write some incredibly depressing stuff involving J. Why are all my muses so ridiculously headstrong, especially when they're in trouble...? |D
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( Jun. 15th, 2009 12:55 am)
I figure I'll keep y'all in the loop in the five or so minutes I have before I crash out. XD

I don't have Wednesday off this week. It's weird, but I'll work with it (though it's in red section arrrrgh).

Saturday's double in purple made me go argh. It was less than productive, though it did net me some monies (though not enough for a double on a Saturday, really).

And one of the cooks asked me to hang out, which was...interesting. Not sure what I'm doing about that one yet.

I have fic that is poking around in my head. Oh, EBA, why have you taken over.

Paixao tags are going a loooooot faster than they used to. That's awesome in terms of the game, but giving me trouble in keeping up. Time to reevaluate, I think. |D

The Mythbusters marathon tonight was all sorts of awesome, though.

And I've discovered I love Wipeout. The show makes me lawl. XD Given that, I have a very important question for you all:


Nothing in that show made me laugh harder than that chick, I swear. I think she made it all the way to the Wipeout Zone, too.

And speaking of crazy shows, MXC is on DVD. Do want. :D

I should get a paid account again. I miss my icons.

All that said, I would just like to say my Flist is absolutely awesome. :D And now it's bedtime.
I have discovered that the Monday night dinner rush is not unlike the Spanish Inquisition: unexpected.

It's also not unlike the non-Monty Python version: brutal, and with a sudden end.

Though I do wish I'd had a comfy chair.

And guys? Don't stiff your waitress, especially after she's busted her ass for you in a visibly busy restaurant. If you don't have enough money to tip, then please don't go out to eat - you'll be taking up tables and time we could use to actually make money for ourselves. We have to make a living too.

I had a table tonight - mom, dad, squalling small child - that kept inquiring how much everything was. When the tab came - $25.41 - they handed me a $25 gift card and admitted that they "hadn't expected there to be tax," so they "didn't have any cash." Instead of recommending they use a credit card - which I should have done, though I doubt they had one of those either - I covered the gorram $.41 myself (not sure if I was being "too nice" or just sleep deprived). Of course, I got no tip. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not acceptable restaurant behavior.

The other table that stiffed me...well, I have no idea why. They seemed pretty satisfied to me.

But! The night was not a bust. Other tables were considerate and patient (especially the table that asked me to break a $100 bill for a $35 tab) and several kitchen mistakes were made, so I got fed. We make some awesome chimichangas, I tell you what. The manager then told us all he was buying us beer, since we were half staffed (Monday night, remember) and we all kept our cool and did well. I forewent the beer - I was already tired and figured that was bad kismet when I was the one driving me home - and he bought me dessert instead, so now there is Kahlua Ice Cream Pie in the freezer for dessert tomorrow, which is my day off. Oh, yes, the night was not a bust at all.

Also, there is more EBA fic to be had - check [livejournal.com profile] en_ecrivant. Wonder if I should start putting these up on dA. Thoughts?
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( May. 30th, 2009 01:09 am)
Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered what my job really is: ninja training.

Think about it:

- Wearing black is a requirement.
- Speed, precision, and accuracy are key, as is endurance.
- Vast knowledge of ingredients and compounds are part of job training.
- To outsiders, the job is mysterious - what goes on in that kitchen?
- Copious amounts of smoke happen every shift (and I still maintain that Diablo fajitas are deadlier and more effective than your average smoke bomb).
- A successfully completed mission earns you the big bucks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a Texmex ninja.

In other news, I saw Up today. A full review will follow when ninja training hasn't worn me out.

CUT OFF FOR THE THIRD TIME HAHA GO ME. If that watch goes unclaimed, it will make up for the lack of consideration these people have.

In other news, Starherd and Dia dropped.

I just...don't think I have anything to say to that. Can't really think right now.

Just because we're online does not mean the Thumper rule does not apply. Fuck you, anon.
This has been one of the longest days I have had in quite a while. For starters, shift ran for seven hours - starting at five p.m.

You read that right. I got home at five after midnight. Broke a hundred dollars in tips, sure, but when I have to come on and take a seven top and a ten top simultaneously because my partner (who is also cut) and both the closers are all dead swamped, you know it's busy.

On the upside, my managers are giving me OtB money for it. Yay free food~ I've had my eye on those taco melts. Mmm.

Speaking of food, HI KAE I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO LUNCH :D I just have to drag my ass out of bed first. Should be interesting.

Randomly, if you're not following [livejournal.com profile] en_ecrivant, please do. It's my writing journal and I have been updating it quite frequently. Even if you don't know the fandom of whatever I'm writing (provided that what I'm writing at the time even has a fandom - school assignments go up there too), I'd really appreciate it if y'all would take a look at my writing and let me know how I can improve.

Speaking of improving writing:
The How's My Driving? Meme, now in smaller font! Yes, by all means, let me know how far I've been falling behind. XD

And as it is fast coming on four a.m., I think I'm out for the night.
I covered a shift today at work when I wasn't scheduled. We got our asses kicked. On a Tuesday. Welcome to graduation season, I guess.

I've discovered I can't go a shift without getting an EBA song stuck in my head. Tonight, it was La La. Yes, as in "You make me wanna la la in the kitchen on the floor."

Which is a bad thing to be singing in a restaurant, by the way. Kitchen floors there are pretty disgusting.

I am just really lucky nobody opened the walk-in fridge while I was belting it out.

In other news, I miss my roommate because she is awesome.

This is why. )

There are so few people with whom I can have that kind of conversation. XD

In RP news, this is the most fun I've had in quite a while. Spish, you are awesome.

And I really should sleep now. |D
Hooooooly cow I have so much to post about and I am so tired. XD

For starters, my 21st birthday was just awesome. We went to the Golden Bee, which is the authentic British pub at the Broadmoor (read: ridiculously ritzy five star hotel). I wanted to go for the singalong piano. Turns out the pianist/singer they had that night wasn't the regular guy and had very little idea what the hell he was doing, though I was buzzed by the time he started and therefore enjoyed it very much, even if it did turn into a bit of MST3K at the end.

Tequila shots are friggin' awesome, by the way. So are chocolate martinis. Lemon vodka...not so much. I was definitely a bit woozy by night's end, but I was coherent enough to converse and to type and I woke up with no headache (though I did wake up at 6:30 to the sound of the neighbors' dogs, which was blargh).

Work is going well, though I realized I did not want to do a night shift in red tonight and got my shift covered, huzzah. I work again on Thursday.

My room is a mess. This is not news.

I also have a metric flipton of stuff to do in RPs. Every time I think I'm caught up for at least one character, someone tags me again. I have no idea how people can keep up with full character counts in multiple games - half in each is about killing me. XD

'Course, some of them I can't move at all until they get tags. Hrm.

And that's enough for tonight, because my brain just went splat and I'm tired of trying to revive it.
Friday and Saturday nights at work are going to kick my ass from now on, I think.

I reeeeeeally don't like working when Joey is closing, mostly since Joey closing is synonymous with "100 silverware to roll and sidework done three times over."

I remember when getting cut at 7:45 meant you would be home at 8:30, not 9:50.

...party needs to start in DC sometime soon - think I'll get J on that one tomorrow.

I'm going to fail that AC. ;;;

I have been 21 for almost two hours now and oh gad it is bedtime.
Maaaaan how long has it been since I've updated this journal. Longer than it should have been, I think.

Cocktail waitress job fell through rather epically, but I went from two shifts to six at OTB, so this is alright. I already gave one of those shifts to my brother, as it was on Monday morning and after what I plan to do Sunday night I did not want any Monday morning obligations.

Sunday is my 21st, by the way. We're going to the Golden Bee. Shall be awesome. :D

My laptop *hopefully* comes in on Monday. We shall see how that goes.

[livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin! [livejournal.com profile] tegurunrampant! I HAVE FLIGHT RESERVATIONS.

July 21 arrival LAX @ 2:40 PM
July 27 departure LAX @ 2:05 PM

I know the departure was later than we wanted, but the flight I was originally looking at on Southwest was no longer there. Oops. |D

SPEAKING OF TICKETS. Kia and her parents have some awesome tickets to an upcoming concert at Fiddler's Green. It is not on the twenty-first night of September, but it certainly is an inspiration - possibly the inspiration.

So if you haven't heard me rambling about it like a moron for the past two weeks, guess who we're going to see. XD

Sarah, we need to figure out a song. I am ridiculously indecisive, so what do you want to do? XD

I think anything else I could say at this point would devolve into RP babble, which will definitely run me past my bedtime. I'll save that for later.
I. Hate. Campers. So much.

I suppose I should qualify that statement lest the nature-inclined swarm me with less than benign intent.

In the restaurant business, a camper is someone who stays at their table long after the meal is over. They either don't pay their bill for a long time or they pay it and stay there anyways. It's the most frustrating thing in the world to a server, because people who are already finished staying at the table like that means that said table cannot be bussed and resat and the server therefore cannot earn any more money off that table. When one's section is comprised of a scant four tables, this is hell.

Camping is acceptable if the camper compensates the server for their time. Check any restaurant etiquette guide and it'll tell you the same thing.

I had a six hour shift today: I clocked on at four and clocked out at ten. In this time, I had two sets of campers.


Now, my sections had two tables and two booths. Booths are the most requested seats in the restaurant and therefore make a flipton of money because of higher traffic. Having two booths is a good thing.

My first set of campers camped at one of my tables for an hour and a half. Five dollar tip off a twenty dollar tab. Frustrating, but doable.

My second set of campers camped in one of my booths for over three hours. Eight dollar tip off a twenty dollar tab. It sounds like a lot, but I tend to earn 20% tips, which would be 4 on 20. In the time that they sat there, I could have turned and burned at least four other tables in addition to them and made a good four times what they left me on that one tab. The worst bit was the fact that two girls were taking up a six-top booth on one of the busiest nights I've seen since I came home for break. Those booths make serious money...when they're not occupied by campers.

I walked out tonight with $50 (mostly by the grace of a very generous six-top that wasn't technically in my section). My brother's shift tonight was two hours shorter than mine and he was in a section with less traffic. He walked out with $70. In addition, a week ago when I worked a lunch shift that was just as busy as tonight's shift but had me in a section with less traffic, I worked for three hours. That day, I walked out with $50.

I. Hate. Campers.
My body has decided that today is a really good day to be in pain. My hands are so dry they're aching even with lotion, and the general has come to visit...yeah, I hurt. Should be fun at the basketball game tonight, sitting on hard bleachers. Hopefully the team'll keep me on my feet cheering...go, Air Force!

Work today was a lot slower than I thought it'd be. I walked out with about twenty bucks after about three hours (which isn't bad but isn't phenomenal). Strange thing about all this was one of the bartenders, who came up to me and complimented me on my hair. He said it always looks nice and I obviously take the time to do it.

I wear my hair in a braid at work. Nothing fancy. On top of that, I was wearing a Santa hat today, partially because 'tis the season and partially because I didn't have time to wash my hair this morning. Evidently we serve our burritos with a side of irony. |D

Started reading Franken Fran today. Stopped two chapters later. Disturbing medical imagery is, I have discovered, really not my thing.

And finally, my roomie made the winningest AMV that ever won:

Pleeeeeeease watch it and watch it in hi def if you can, since hi def is fantastic. The song is "Locking Up the Sun" by Poets of the Fall, and the video is fantastic.

And yes, I do have the song if anyone wants it. :D
My day started much earlier than it really should have. I got a call at 8:45 from my boss:

"How would you like to work today?"
*still groggy* "...I work tonight."
"I know! How would you like to work today?"
*...buh* "Like, lunch shift?"
"Yep! We have two twenty-tops coming in and we need more people on. I can put you in yellow section~"
"...okay, I'll be there."

And thus supraiz!double was go.

...and yes, my manager does say "yep" and I'm fairly certain he tildes sometimes. He's also straight and newly married. I don't get it either sometimes.

The twenty-top went really well, and some guy who wasn't associated with the party paid for the whole tab without them knowing (presumably because they were armed forces/in uniform? IDK but it was an awesome gesture). He left a hefty tip on it. The twenty-top also left tips. My partner and I walked away from that party with $44 apiece from that table alone. First half of the day netted me $65.

But, unfortunately, this wound up being one of those days where the unscheduled first shift was awesome and the scheduled second shift sucked. Mostly it was just one table that made me go ._.;;;;

...this new fajita menu. Honestly.

Cue the story and one of the strangest metaphors I have ever written. )

Amazing how a single two-top can make you just a bit ._. the whole night.

AND. The next time somebody throws away my drink. THERE WILL BE BLOOD. OR AT LEAST HOT SAUCE.

Because the rule is, you don't throw away drinks that somebody has bought and paid for. My Sonic large raspberry limeade easy ice got thrown away today. Twice. I bought two, and they both got trashed. It's only slightly frustrating. |D

...sad that I'm more upset over my dual lack of limeade than my single lack of tip, huh. XD

...though a tip from a $12 tab would probably not have bought a Sonic large raspberry limeade easy ice.

...sad that I'm still upset over either of them. XD


Although, in all honestly, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining at all. Any day where I walk out of work with over $90 in tips should, by rights, be a good day.


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