Life goes insane when I'm not looking. Then again, it goes insane even when I am, so I don't see how that makes a difference.

So far as large media events go, congrats to the happy royal couple, and I have a newfound respect for Navy SEALs and Special Forces. My opinions on the whole Osama thing aren't necessarily of the popular variety - I did not attend or throw any dead man's parties - and I am experiencing intense secondhand embarrassment on behalf of a friend pertaining to the situation, so. As far as I'm concerned, that's enough about that.

The jokes on Twitter were flat hilarious, though. I'll give the Twitterati that.

As far as work goes, I've been herding cats nonstop. I might actually be working late some nights this week, because deadline's approaching for two projects and a third really can't afford to be delayed any longer, not to mention we just now heard back about a project that's been on hold for the better part of a month and that might be entering the fray again soon too. Needless to say, I've been absolutely busy as hell and bouncing emails off just about everyone in my little virtual rolodex. It's nuts. I am yay close to rewriting the latter part of Art of the Dress to fit my work, because "Deadline looms/don't you know the client's always right" describes my job right about now.

The RP front is going pretty well. I sincerely want the Postmen to tag Rarity back, since I'm sure that will be hilarious and a half, Jason is confused by ponies and needs more CR, and I'm just playing catchup with Linkara. Rosette is...pretty well gone, I think, but that's life. I poked around ATP to try to finish out our Ponies and BBS casts, and I will be beside myself with glee if that Sweetie Belle apps to the game. Yes, please.

On a far more important note, in the wake of the massively destructive tornadoes in the south, [ profile] helpthesouth has been set up. In the vein of [ profile] help_japan and other help communities, it's an auction community meant to raise money for the victims of the tornadoes. I don't know if anyone's seen the end result - [ profile] cleolinda has a detailed summary and quite a few links if you haven't - but the destruction is massive and widespread and they need all the help they can get. I encourage everyone to either put up an auction or bid on something. My auctions are here and here.

On a final, completely cracky note - there's a Deltora Quest anime on the Hub. I'm not sure if anybody else even knows these books exist, but I think my nostalgia just keeled over from shock. What is this I seriously don't even.


The Grand Galloping Gala episode

is called Best Night Ever.

After spending three or four nights on the Pit, I've found quite a few little treasures in the KH section. These include:

The fic in which Terra kisses Aqua's bloody knee wound and then kisses her (what's even better is the fact that the author doesn't seem to understand that this is a complete squick);

The direct port of Beauty and the Beast, complete with songs, that just has all the names changed (boring as hell, except for the point when the romantic "Belle!Aqua teaches Beast!Terra to read" scene is interrupted by one throwaway line mentioning two Heartless eating a third. CANNIBALISM: IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER);

The canon-to-AU fic that describes how things would have changed had events in the Keyblade Graveyard played out differently - basically a rewrite of the Final Episode with Terra in Aqua's place (the laundry list of Things Wrong With This Fic includes Aqua being completely sidelined into the role of distressed-female-love-interest, Ven pickpocketing Aqua's Wayfinder while she's unconscious, Terra fighting the Mysterious Figure as his Mark of Mastery exam [how many of you out there just cringed? Yeah, thought so], Instant Lingering Sentiment - Just Add Keyblade, Why Would You Do That To Vanitas, and...yeah. Holy cow. About the only thing IC in this fic is the fact that Terra still makes exceedingly stupid choices);

And the AU fic in which normal!guy!Terra winds up with a Keyblade and a pledge to protect princess!Aqua by...having sex with her (Terra is somehow injured enough to rip his wounds open by yelling, but well enough to have sex. We seem to have returned to the Bloody Kiss dynamic. GOOD JOB THERE, AUTHOR).

The lesson in all this is, never put "Character: Terra" in the search filter in the KH section of FFN and expect, you know, quality. It doesn't seem to work.

Because of all this idiocy, in addition to the Keyblade Rangers and KH3/Tron: Legacy projects, I also want to write an AU fic in which Terra is a knight assigned to protect Aqua the princess and who is often assisted on his missions by a mysterious figure who often outperforms him...and happens to be Aqua in disguise, since she's a complete badass, which nobody wants to believe since she's also a princess. Think the Zelda/Sheik dynamic. This will include plenty of badassery, mistaken identity shenanigans, and Aqua being the one to start the relationship, because "If I waited for you to make a move we'd be here forever."

I am a sarcastic, impatient, trope-inverting little author and I love every minute of it.
Dear Brain,

One clever offhand comment from Megan during last night's showing of Tron: Legacy is not automatic permission to write an entire Tron-inspired arc in that KH3 fic you're planning. Really, it isn't.

So why on Earth did you do it already?

Me yeah, expect chapters of that up soon, because the idea of Aqua versus Rinzler simply will not leave me alone.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:18 am)
So, anyone remember that AMV I made a few months ago? The one I marathoned one weekend in September and sent to a few con AMV competitions in the vague hope that one of them might contact me back?

I just found out that Anime Los Angeles is showing my AMV in their competition.'s been a few hours since that revelation and I'm still grinning and squeeing and generally making an idiot of myself over it.

So, if anyone's in the LA area and free on Saturday the 8th, wanna come to one day of a con with me to watch me have a minor brain explosion (for multiple reasons) when they show my video on the big screen in front of lots of people?

I mean, if all else fails, the opportunity for Kia-inspired schadenfreude is fantastic.

Given my travel day yesterday, that was something of a miracle. 8D

8:00 AM: [ profile] lynxgriffin, who is awesome, picks me up to head to the Long Beach Airport.
9:30 AM: I arrive at said airport, realize the line for Allegiant Air is stupid long, and wait in it.
10:00 AM: Finally get to the (very dinky) terminal for a flight that leaves at 11:20.
10:50 AM: Realize something is wrong when flight is not yet boarding. Chat with people around me about it.
11:00 AM: Announcement is broadcast over the loudspeaker that flight is delayed for two hours. Over the phone, Dad informs me it's because the fog in the Springs is horrible.
11:20 AM: Discover that Pizza Hut delivers to the Long Beach Airport. Order a pizza with my three seatmates, who are hilarious conversationalists.
11:30 AM: Hear from Mom that there's been a two-person plane crash east of the runway at the Springs airport. D:
11:45 AM: Pizza arrives.
12:10 PM: Receive announcement that airspace is closed around COS and the weather is still bad. Realize we're in the airport for the long haul. At least the pizza is good.
1:00 PM: Receive announcement that the airspace is open but fog is still horrible. Whoopee.
3:00 PM: Receive announcement that they're going to try to fly a plane from COS to Grand Junction, refuel it, then fly it here. We've got at least two hours' wait.
4:45 PM: Receive announcement that says nobody can fly into COS, so after the plane gets here from Grand Junction - because it hasn't left yet - they're going to fly us to Pueblo and bus us to the Springs. Okay, then.
6:45 PM: After a long series of delays, the plane actually leaves COS.
8:45 PM: The plane arrives at Long Beach.
9:30 PM PST: We finally leave Long Beach.
10:30 PM MST: We arrive in Pueblo.
11:15 PM: After the longest bloody wait ever to get our baggage, we get on the buses.
12:15 AM: Buses arrive at COS, where Dad is there to pick me up.

Fifteen hours, guys. Longest travel day ever. At least I am home, and I shall have fun stuff later - maybe even more drabbles, who knows. For now, however, I'm taking it easy.


I've been working six-hour days down at Universal Studios, which doesn't sound like a lot until you realize that, for nearly those entire six hours daily, I'm standing and attempting to get people to take a break from doing rides and attractions in order to take surveys. Given that I'm standing between The Mummy and Jurassic Park, not many people want to stop. Like Hickory Farms, it's a fun job when it's fast and excruciating when it's slow. This is evidently Universal's slowest week out of the year. There's also the matter of the 30-60 minute drive both there and back, thanks to the unpredictability of the 101. It's been a fun but long week. 8D;;;

I also found out that I'm working M-Th at Hickory Farms, and that I need to get my Thursday and Saturday shifts at Brighton moved for various reasons. I'll definitely be calling people during my lunch break tomorrow, I think.

Basically, life's been crazy and I've come home bushed every day, which means everything else - Christmas shopping and stuffs, RP, writing, everything - has pretty much fallen right off the radar. I know I have a flipton of catching up to do (especially at Paixao oh man have I ever been epically failing you guys). It will, however, have to wait until I finally get a day when I can sleep in - I haven't had one of those since I went home for Thanksgiving, and oh man am I ever looking forward to it.

So yes! I love you all, and I do read your entries, even if I am absolute comment fail. Much love. ♥
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( Dec. 1st, 2010 08:01 am)
Got a call from my temp agent today. Turns out their email has a glitch or something, because those are the wrong hours - the job is, like I thought, from 10:30 to 4:30 or 5.


/runs off to work
Everyone go to YouTube and look up Sassy Gay Friend. Like, now. Othello is my favorite, but Hamlet and the Giving Tree are both pretty awesome as well. Seriously, go.

Well, it's time for the Bad, the Good, and the Buh? in Kia's life.

This got slightly long, as my life is wont to do. |D )

So yes! Those are the life and times of Kia. Tomorrow, I fly home until Sunday. Should be interesting, but interesting can be fun. |Db

...okay I couldn't resist. A bit NWS for language, but still amazing.

As it stands, I have two jobs: A part-timer at Brighton, and a part-timer at Hickory Farms.

Brighton pays $9/hour with the potential to earn merchandise (and if you've seen Brighton merchandise, it is absolutely beautiful). Hickory Farms pays $8.50/hour. I'm going in for training for Brighton on Sunday and I'm stopping at Hickory Farms afterwards - here's hoping I can do morning shifts at one place and evening at the other and, between the two, wind up with around 40 hours a week of work. That'd be nice. It would also pay the rent for another month or two, so. Good times.

Somehow, oncoming employment still hasn't quite sunk in yet. I have no idea why this is.

Today is Gamma Games, followed by church, and hopefully with some writing in between. I've made some decisions on Terra's back story, so hopefully that'll go a bit easier.
Eh, I get busy. Life happens.

- The Disney Soda Fountain
- My Latest Temp Job
- Computer Lessons and You
- Being Proactive and Getting Nowhere Anyway
- More Job Interviews, AKA "I Don't Know How to Deal With This!"

Just click the cut if you want more! :D )

So yeah, that is Stuff Kia's Been Up To. Time to get some sleep, because that's somehow one thing I still haven't managed to accomplish with any degree of success this week. |Db

Also, I love this icon far too much. Can you tell yet. XD And it's almost time to bust out the Christmas icons, hee~
I wound up with another interview! I applied for jobs last night, or rather early this morning, given that it was around 1 a.m. or so, and I got a call this afternoon scheduling me for an interview Tuesday. I was so tired when they called and said they wanted to interview me, my first question was, "what for?"

...which is probably a terrible first impression, but you do what you can. @_@ It's for Tuesday afternoon. Here's hoping.

I finally got Oncoming Traffic up and running! It's hyphenated, since "oncomingtraffic" was taken by one of those annoying years-old-but-only-one-entry blogs. If anyone's interested, the first entry is here. I'll be updating as often as I can, especially since I'm a month behind.

I'm going to Disneyland again tomorrow. Kevin asked me if I wanted to meet him and his parents there, so I am. XD He's going to get my World of Color fastpass, and I'm going to go see Fantasmic for the first time in what seems like ages. I have missed that show so much, and I am so stoked. :D

I am determined to finally finish that KH meme, so here goes!

Cut for BBS spoilers; All 30 days )

I know you're out there, Yang Mew, and I am coming to find you.
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( Nov. 1st, 2010 10:18 pm)
Today was just weird, man. I know I start a lot of entries like that, but this was just another one on the pile. For starters, Comic Con passes were supposed to go on sale today. That. Well.

Sometimes, chat logs are better than summaries. )

I had another session with the guy I'm teaching to use his computer, and then, having received my social security card in the mail, I headed over to the temp agency to fill out paperwork. I'm lucky I dressed up, because that turned into an interview.

The woman interviewing me offered me a job at the agency. I just. I don't even. THIS CANNOT BE HOW IT HAPPENS FOR NORMAL PEOPLE.

I must be nuts, to get a job offer and freak out about it instead of being happy. That said, I'm probably not going to take it - I'd rather have the temp receptionist work than the full time finding-clients-and-workers position. It's a huge commitment, and given that it wasn't on my radar, I feel like it's too big a thing to take on in less than 24 hours.

Then again, I probably shouldn't consider this stuff while sleep deprived. |D

Also! That whole idea of starting a blog chronicling my search for a job? I'm going to do it! That shall be my NaNoWriMo project, because I figure I should try to write something as well. Thing is, I still need a name for it. I don't ever use my polling options enough, so:

[Poll #1639603]

The first is a misnomer from a Bob Seger song, the second is our going slang, the third is from my Terry Pratchett icon, and after that I just ran out of ideas. XD So yes! Suggestions are awesome!

And I am exhausted but seriously love my roomies. Life is good, man.
This is completely off topic for everything, but oh man I love this picture. The schadenfreude is amazing, and I cannot get over Terra's girly little ankles. XD

My life has just gone insane, man. I mean, dang.

...I was going to have a big long rundown of things, but that was before I got ridiculously distracted. |D So! List form!

- San Diego. Amazing. So beautiful, even in epic amounts of fog and mist.
- When we go back for Comic Con, we're eating at the Dublin House. Boxties and Irish nachos and chocolate cherry martinis, oh my.
- We're also going to Wet Willies. Alcoholic slushies. When they have flavors called Attitude Adjustment, Electric Shocker, and Call-A-Cab, you know it's a great place to be.
- Also, the Cadillac Cafe. Fifties-sixties-seventies restaurant where the waitresses put your hair up with straws. I seriously have pictures of us with straws in our hair - I think I wound up with twenty or so. That was amazing lulz.
- The game. I could cry. The Falcons usually stomp SDSU. Not this time. We had half our starting line, both offensive and defensive, out with injuries. One of our defensive linemen broke his leg during the game. Our QB might have ripped his knee again. We weren't compensating well for any of it. And to top all this off, the refs overturned a call on the field that cost us a two-point conversion. We lost the game by those two points. It was incredibly disheartening. :/
- But the rest of the weekend was fun. |Db
- I got secondary interviews for each of the jobs I interviewed at today. I also somehow wound up with six more interviews on top of that. My life. What is it. I don't even. yeah. Life. XD Disneyland Halloween tomorrow! This should be fun.

Also, I shall catch up on memes later, because man am I ever behind.
I. Today. Where to start.

I have two job interviews! Both are slated for Monday, both are for (I think) sales associate positions, one is in Culver City (half an hour away) and the other is in Carson (an hour away). I'm looking at one hell of a commute if I get either of these jobs, but they're interviews! Huzzah!

Of course, I still need to finish my stuff for Activision...going to get to that if I have any down time this weekend.

SPEAKING OF THIS WEEKEND. [ profile] amorsinseramada and I are piling in a car, first to hit up a career fair at Pepperdine, then to head down to San Diego to watch the Air Force game with my parents, who got us tickets. I've only been to SD once and spent most of that time in the convention center, so it'll be nice to see the rest of the city, and to see my parents. Mom's been a bit calmer about this whole unemployment gig, and she's thrilled I have interviews. I have no idea how Dad's doing, but I'm bringing him a hat with a golf ball on it. Obviously this fixes everything.

So yes, I'll be away from the internet all this weekend, though I might hop on phone AIM every once in a while. I have dual interviews Monday. Tuesday is last minute costume prep (attaching a new hood to my Org coat, fixing a popped seam, adding a stick to my fake popsicle, and picking up gloves) and then it's off to Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. I am so unbelievably stoked about this. XD

So yes, I'm not entirely certain what's going on with my life right now and I will be a bit scarce all weekend. I'll catch up on memes and tags (oh man so many tags) when I get back, I think.



SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS for Aqua's story, the final episode, and the secret movie ) it KH3 yet?
BBS commentary part two: Ventus. Call him Ven. If you need me, I'll be in the corner, bawling madly.


Aqua's story and final episode on Monday and then I am done with this. And still patching up my heart. Bawww ;^;
I've got two things for you this afternoon: image and fic. The image comes from me finding the Majora's Mask creepypasta that's been floating around lately and linking it to my brother, given that he still owns the game and played it quite a bit back in the N64's heyday. This followed:

So there's this creepypasta... )

I love my brother. I really do.

The fic I actually wrote the other night - I mentioned it to [ profile] fuzziesquish in my BBS commentary post. It is 100% canonically inaccurate, proven so by canon that was released two and some change years before I wrote it. The fact that I haven't seen the secret movie at the end (and if you spoil me I will end you) either. So yeah, this pretty much boils down to Kia Wrote a Thing. Despite that, there are still REALLY BIG SPOILERS FOR TERRA'S ENDING. Yes. You are warned.

There were days when he wondered if he couldn’t have done something different. )

...I like my headcanon better. :|

Expect more BBS commentary later tonight, as I'm heading to Lynx's in a few to take advantage of her generosity once again. Look for that in a few hours.

Or, Moose and Squirrel experience BBS firsthand.

[ profile] lynxgriffin is being awesome and letting me watch the BBS cutscenes, so I figure I'll do a commentary of my own, like all the cool kids. 8D I've already seen a few of the cut scenes in a YouTube playthrough, so I'm starting right into Terra's story. We'll see how it goes from there. Obviously spoiler warnings are in effect.

SO MANY SPOILERS for the entirety of Terra's story )

I haven't even finished the other two stories and I already want it to be KH3. Like, now. Doomed prequelitis indeed. ;~;

It's too late for me to watch through another story, so I shall get through Ven's and Aqua's later. After I fix the Terra-shaped hole in my heart. ;~;
Man oh man it's been a long past few days. Work's actually been picking up a bit - for a given value of "picking up" - and I've actually been a bit occupied there, so really, no complaints on that front. I do need to go on another egg hunt, though.

I'm moving tomorrow! Sunday is going to be a lot of putting stuff in cars and ferrying it from one location to another. If anyone local wants to help, I pay in brownies, and guys, I do make good brownies. |Db

I'm going to take a break from XI for a while - maybe a week or so. I need a bit of time and distance to Figure Things Out. This happens with my games every once in a while. /shrug

Second City also has me headtilting in confusion. I mean, on one hand, I am absolutely loving what's going down. Linkara's going to be an honorary Strawhat at this rate, which I find hilarious. Rosette needs to do more, but being Buffy for a thread has definitely been good for her. The part that's making me headtilt is J. I mean, I was hoping this latest plot would give him something to work towards or at least be good for him, and instead he's been absolutely humiliated. It is IC, and I don't know what else I was expecting with Lara involved, but the guy really needs a break and he might not get it with me at the helm. The lesson here: check Dear Mun more often, and remember that this is indeed a game based on the Dresden Files.

So basically, Kia's RP at this moment can be summed up with "Son I am confuse." There are times when pretendy fun times break my brain.

Incidentally, I really need to finish that Usopp app. I've got, what, four days? Five? Something like that.

On a completely unrelated note, there's a new trailer for Epic Mickey, and it is...well, epic.



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