...I refuse to be spoilery so that's all you're getting. Heeyup.

So yeah, my life has been absolutely bat-flip crazy as of late. I got my insurance and such all figured out, so now I'm officially a part-time student next semester. That much is figured out, at least. Now I just need to get an internship. DEX isn't going to contact me until mid-December, so I need a backup juuuuuuust in case. I don't have one. Does anybody know of any good internships in Calabasas/Thousand Oaks/Santa Monica/LA/someplace in CA that's not too far from Malibu? I think I need all the help I can get over here |D

That said, I'm also supposed to be looking at grad schools, but I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing, and I keep trying to set up a meeting with my mentor, but I have classes during all his office hours and things are not working out on that front. FREAKING GRAD SCHOOL. No clue what I'm doing on that front either.

Aaaaaaaand I have to meet with the professor in charge of the Writing Center tomorrow, because evidently one of the students I tutored last Wednesday sent her an email. She said not to worry too much, but we do still need to talk about it. Ten to one odds it's the texting chick. ._.

Post-structuralist/deconstructionist paper is due tomorrow. I still have no ideas. I emailed Dr. Goodman at about noon today, telling her I was throwing in the bucket towel and could I come in tomorrow for some healp? She said yes, so I'm going.

Choerographer paper is due Friday. Can't forget that. Mrrrrr.

Got sorority stuff every night this week. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters and I love my littles and I love spoiling them rotten. Problem is, having an event every night and then initiation and then formal and then Gamma Games and aaaaaaaagh no idea how I'm going to do this.

I HAVE. TO LAST. UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY. And then I go home for Thanksgiving break and hopefully life is better.

And my dad came down tonight and he took my apartment out to Duke's for dinner, so that was awesome. So yay there. :D

And finally (and very importantly):

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] orelle_peredhil! ♥
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( Nov. 11th, 2009 06:33 pm)
So. In case anyone was curious about the post earlier today.

Because, y'know, I'm sure you all were.

Registration did not go as planned, to put it nicely.

And how. )

In the meantime, I have four more hours of work to get through and a whole lot of sleep to catch up on after that.

Any time you want to make things easy on me, Life, I'd sure appreciate it. |Db
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( May. 30th, 2009 01:09 am)
Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered what my job really is: ninja training.

Think about it:

- Wearing black is a requirement.
- Speed, precision, and accuracy are key, as is endurance.
- Vast knowledge of ingredients and compounds are part of job training.
- To outsiders, the job is mysterious - what goes on in that kitchen?
- Copious amounts of smoke happen every shift (and I still maintain that Diablo fajitas are deadlier and more effective than your average smoke bomb).
- A successfully completed mission earns you the big bucks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a Texmex ninja.

In other news, I saw Up today. A full review will follow when ninja training hasn't worn me out.
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( Apr. 28th, 2009 01:41 am)
Portfolio review went better than I expected (very little editing, HELL YEAH). 405 take home final is not as bad as I thought it would be, though I still need to finish it.

Humanities final is tomorrow, for which I am only kind of studying. I did get a very interesting email pertaining to it, though. Here it is, cut straight from my inbox:

I think my school mail just got trolled. I didn't know that was possible. )

...yeah. What.

Evidently this guy is for real, since it did come from a valid Pepperdine email address and was the type of full class email you can send from Blackboard. I'm not sure if I should admire him for growing a moral backbone or report him for cheating. Hell, I'm not even sure if he's serious. Either way, crazy bastard is not getting my notes. I wonder if he'll even show up in class tomorrow.

...I just realized how much studying I have to do. This is not the first time I've considered leaning out the window and yelling HEEEEEEEEAAAALP, if only to see if it actually works.
And the thing that will make them ring is the carols that you sing right within your heart~

I don't care if it's technically over, I'm still starting this post off with a carol and a big old MERRY CHRISTMAS. :D

And I did have a good one, and a hilariously bad story to go with it. Before that, though, I give you the haul. )

Now for the stories. :D

The preface to the hilariously bad story, which is necessary to understanding said story )

And now for the story, complete with pictures! )

And to end the post, a present of sorts for you all! I uploaded music for Kae and figured I'd share with everybody while I was at it. It's pretty much part Playlist Kia's Had On Repeat For A Month and part All the Crush 40 Kia Has. Enjoy~ :3
My day started much earlier than it really should have. I got a call at 8:45 from my boss:

"How would you like to work today?"
*still groggy* "...I work tonight."
"I know! How would you like to work today?"
*...buh* "Like, lunch shift?"
"Yep! We have two twenty-tops coming in and we need more people on. I can put you in yellow section~"
"...okay, I'll be there."

And thus supraiz!double was go.

...and yes, my manager does say "yep" and I'm fairly certain he tildes sometimes. He's also straight and newly married. I don't get it either sometimes.

The twenty-top went really well, and some guy who wasn't associated with the party paid for the whole tab without them knowing (presumably because they were armed forces/in uniform? IDK but it was an awesome gesture). He left a hefty tip on it. The twenty-top also left tips. My partner and I walked away from that party with $44 apiece from that table alone. First half of the day netted me $65.

But, unfortunately, this wound up being one of those days where the unscheduled first shift was awesome and the scheduled second shift sucked. Mostly it was just one table that made me go ._.;;;;

...this new fajita menu. Honestly.

Cue the story and one of the strangest metaphors I have ever written. )

Amazing how a single two-top can make you just a bit ._. the whole night.

AND. The next time somebody throws away my drink. THERE WILL BE BLOOD. OR AT LEAST HOT SAUCE.

Because the rule is, you don't throw away drinks that somebody has bought and paid for. My Sonic large raspberry limeade easy ice got thrown away today. Twice. I bought two, and they both got trashed. It's only slightly frustrating. |D

...sad that I'm more upset over my dual lack of limeade than my single lack of tip, huh. XD

...though a tip from a $12 tab would probably not have bought a Sonic large raspberry limeade easy ice.

...sad that I'm still upset over either of them. XD


Although, in all honestly, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining at all. Any day where I walk out of work with over $90 in tips should, by rights, be a good day.
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( Sep. 30th, 2008 12:09 am)
Yet another type-as-I-watch spaz post. You were expecting...?

Last week on Heroes: there was crazy shit.

This week on Heroes: I assume there will be more crazy shit.

And oh, was there ever crazy shit. )

Yeah, Heroes this season is just weird.

And I realize this is my first update in a week - I promise I'll update sometime when I'm not about to keel over. |D;
After not watching this show for almost a solid year (and missing almost all of Season 2), I walk back into it cold. Freaking cold.

Poetry scares me now. )

The long and short of it is, this is possibly the biggest drug trip I've seen in a very long time. For now, however, I have homework to do.
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( Aug. 10th, 2008 12:21 am)
Tonight was my last shift at work. I went in expecting a night in purple, and I walked out after a night in red (a coworker was desperate to switch, so I did). One particular table juuuuust got me.

It's the middle of dinner rush, the restaurant is packed, and I've already got a seven-top and two-top when the hostess comes and starts pushing tables together, informing me I'll have a nine-top as well. Ohhhhhhhhkay.

So this group of nine Indian people walks in and sits at the table. Normally I could care less about race, but I think these people were Hindu or something - either way, they kept insisting they couldn't eat pork. (Seriously, the lady who was ordering for the whole table would order a steak Big Bordurrito (read: burrito with beans and rice on the inside) and ask if it had pork in it. Um, no, it has steak.)

But the big thing about this rather labor-intensive table at a rather busy time of night that really got to me? Was when one of the ladies at the table, not ten minutes after the order was sent in, asked for the food to be sent out "very soon," which generally translates to "now would be good."

...I'm sorry, what? You have food for nine people! You really think it's going to be sent out that ridiculously quickly?

So I gritted my teeth, smiled like a dumbass, and told the lady I'd do everything I could. I then relayed the request to the expo (who prepares food to go out - he's the step between kitchen and dining room), who laughed his ass off and told me to - direct quote - "tell the table to go fuck themselves. There's no way they're getting their food that quickly."

...did I mention that I love our expo guys? They're awesome. :D

Table got their food without a hitch, enjoyed it, paid and left...and left me nine on nearly a hundred. This is after I've run my little ass off for them as well as two other tables, and it really wasn't as though we weren't busy that night. So yes, lousy freaking tippers.

But I have to admit I'm feeling a bit guilty about part of this. Remember how they "don't eat pork?" Well, I was talking about the table with one of my coworkers later on (because you know we talk smack in the kitchen, and I dare you to find a restaurant that doesn't) and I brought up the pork thing, and my coworker asked if they'd ordered refried beans. I said yes, because they had.

Our refried beans have pork fat in them. I've worked in this restaurant for three months and I had no idea.

So part of me feels incredibly guilty, though I have to admit the sting is lessened by the lousy tip and my belief that God won't smack you down for an honest mistake.

...But yes, last shift was tonight and I have until Wednesday to pull everything together and get ready to go. Wish me luck (and sanity)~
( Jul. 1st, 2008 01:11 am)
First of all, I am out of my freaking mind.

Secondly, TV Tropes is bad for you, because it links you to stuff like this. I CHALLENGE EVERYONE - EVERYONE - TO FIND SOMETHING AS BRAINBREAKING AS THIS AND STILL HAVE IT BE G-RATED.

Third, Charlie Daniels accuses Guitar Hero III of perverting his song. Because, y'know, a song about a musical duel with the devil is totally kosher.

Finally, [ profile] littlekuriboh is writing for YGO:GX now. There is simply no other explanation. Either that or Duel Monsters became Duel Masters without telling anybody.
...first, yes, I do know I have quite a bit to post about, like my grandma's arrival and the epic six-hour stint of laser tag last night (from which I am still incredibly sore), but for now DOCTOR WHO BROKE MY BRAIN.

Cut for swearing, fansquee, cries of agony...and of course spoilers for Stolen Earth )

...I will likely not survive until next Saturday. XD
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( May. 22nd, 2008 12:37 am)
Re: Sasagawa Ryohei

This was seriously all I could think of. ) the extreme? :D;
Cut for rambunctious servers, ridiculous abbreviations, and gangster tacos )

Random title because my drop-down window still has it and I still find it amusing.


I've lost my mind and likely a good portion of my soul to this paper.


I has a present for y'all. :3 )

...ILU all too. ♥

My excuse is, I didn't really take time off from my papers to write this. It came to me while I was in the shower.

My disclaimer is, I don't own the tune and finals have eaten my brain.

My instructions are, sing to the tune of Still Alive.

This is a paper... )

The sad thing is, about ten minutes after I finished this, I started rewording it AGAIN, this time as a recruiting song for my sorority. "Gamma Phi Beta/we do what we do because we care/for the good of our philanthropy and all of our girls..."

Watch it be accepted and our entire fall pledge class be gamers. I'd be happy. XD
Well. Evidently a certain post of mine made well over a week ago has been making the rounds, like a mailman bringing chain letters and tuition bills.

...Forgive me, Godot, my metaphor-fu is off today.

Of course, I was only aware of this when some kind anonymous soul linked somebody's rather upset journal entry in a comment to my last entry. I won't link it here - y'all can go dig it up if you're curious.

(And really, Anonymous, I don't kill unless I have the time and patience to hide the body, which I don't. There's no need to log out of your own journal.)

My response is threefold:

ONE: I don't lock stuff unless it's An Issue. Those of you who've seen my locked posts know what kind of Issue I'm talking about. I generally leave stuff unlocked because I see no reason why I should hide my opinion. People don't like it? Bring it up with me.

TWO: To the person who made the upset post: Although it was not my word, I apologize for "fucktard" and for the context in which it was used. Some things should just not be riffed, and I realize both the person who made the original comment with that word and my reaction of it went too far. I apologize.

THREE: Finally, a few matters need to be cleared up, I think. No, I am not still following Econtra. As I mentioned in my post, I found an entry on [ profile] dear_mun, my curiousity was piqued, and it went from there. I made that post because I'm a natural sporker and the whole plot was just too damn funny to pass up. No, I'm not angry at anybody. There are a couple of people I wouldn't mind settling a few things with (via a calm, collected chat), but the person who posted the upset journal entry isn't one of them.

So! I'm all done cleaning up the results of the shitslinging. Let me know if I missed a spot.
First of all, to those whom I told I'd have extra time this week? Boy, was I ever wrong. Sorry 'bout that. :D;

And to everybody in [ profile] paixaorpg, I am so not hunting you down if you haven't done the activity check (I just don't have the time). If you've already done it, please remind the people who haven't. :D;;;


I got an email today from Pepperdine - from the housing office specifically. This is it in its entirety:

Dear Students... )

First: Way to get my hopes up, Housing. I thought for sure I'd be getting off the wait list.
Second: Who reports the streakers? That's just bad form.
Third: "Altercations?" Who beats up the streakers? That's even worse form! Despite the fact that the images are just hilarious.
Fourth: Understatement is the second paragraph's best friend.
Fifth: Oh, Housing, just give it up already. Streaking during finals week is a time-honored tradition. You can't get rid of it that easily.

Basically, I LOL'd, I'm totally doing the Midnight Scream (even after my finals are over), and I'm coming prepared with my camera and my zoom. The windows in my room face the road, after all.
Very long semi-amused/bemused rant about the state of a certain RP and why it amuses/bemuses me so.

Extensive MST includes 80s references, overused internet jokes, and excessive strikeouts. Read at your own risk. )

So basically, in a war of Alien Faction One versus Alien Faction Two, Alien Faction One grabbed over three hundred characters from multitudes of worlds to fight against Alien Faction Two. These characters, whose weapons (in case you have forgotten) are USELESS AGAINST THE ALIENS, fight. It takes over three dozen combatants to defeat a single alien by slowly suffocating it. During this battle, there are twelve fatalities, several dozen casualties, and the radioactive poisoning of an entire living space to the point of complete inhability.

And Alien Faction One still thinks it can win with this crack fighting team.

These are the stupidest damn aliens I have ever seen. Get me a Predator; the job'll be done in two days.
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( Apr. 5th, 2008 08:48 am)
Well, I got my Friday night shifts covered for the next two weeks...on the condition that I work the 730-330 shift Saturday. Guess where I am now. :D;

Granted, there aren't too many calls this early in the morning, but when there are...

AIM sums it up best sometimes )

In other news, this is one of the funniest things I've seen on this comm in quite a while. X3
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( Apr. 4th, 2008 01:16 am)
Hi there, Life. It's been a while since we've had a chat like this. Come, sit down. I cleared off a space on the bed for you, since I'm using the computer chair right now. How've you been?

Oh, good. Glad to hear it. Me, I'm having a little bit of trouble, and as much as I hate to say it, it's with you.

See, back when we started this partnership, I thought we had an agreement. You could give me drama IRL, but my internets would be Zen so I could deal with it there. You could give me drama on my internets, but RL would be Zen so I could get my roommate and other friends in close proximity to help me through it. Generally, the system's been working.

Today, however? Today, Life, you gave me drama IRL. And this wasn't just drama, this was DRAMA. This was pretty serious stuff that can't be fixed in an afternoon and is probably going to have some pretty long-standing repurcussions for me.

But hey, I have my roommate (who is awesome) and my internets and all the wonderful people that come with them. I'll soldier through.

Except that tonight, while I'm still in the middle of dealing with RL drama, you, Life, also dropped internet drama into my lap, which it is my responsibility to solve, partially because part of it's directed at me and partially because it's taking place in a community where I am part of the Modly Bunch and therefore should be handling it anyways.

So, to summarize, I have drama on my internets and DRAMA IRL.

You're breaking the agreement, Life, and you're leaving me to pick up the pieces.

For shame, Life. For shame.


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