NaNo, Day 3.

6699 words.

I'm past tomorrow's goal, I've worked past the gaps in my outline (I think), and my word count is an orgy.

I'm tired, but it's been a good day. |Db

Turns out that AIM chat I'm running works really well for word wars, and that's where most of my count the past two days has come from. Anyone who's NaNo-ing or paper-ing or spectating is welcome to join - the name's oshinano, and I tend to run it sometime after 8:30ish at night on weekdays. Weekends, well, who knows.

So how's NaNo and/or life in general treating everyone?

Favorite line(s) of the night:

“The Councilmen…are in charge of affairs in the kingdom, right?” Without waiting for an answer, Ven continued on. “Braig is foreign policy, Even is economy and trade, and Arlene is…something. I can never remember what she does, aside from make life miserable.”


For everyone who had to put up with him – with any of them – life was a series of very creative dodges and ducks and rolls and excuses not to go up that flight of stairs or into that room because you were pretty sure you’d seen one of them in there five minutes ago and you had things to do that didn’t involve getting sidetracked by them. At all. Ever.

(Second person perspective and "really" are my crutches and I have got to stop using them. Once NaNo is over. Yes.)

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That line from Ven about Arlene makes me think of when someone asks what Barney does for a living and he just short of shrugs "eh"

|D is that what arlene does?

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I'm at 6130 words. Considering I got started a day late, I'm pretty happy with that.

I have no outline, though, and very little planned in my head, so I'm just hoping stuff will come to me as I go. It's going to be an interesting month.
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but seriously: congrats. I am politely boggled.
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I won't be home for another 30 mins (still at work >.<) but if it's still running, then sure!


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