NaNo Count: 43,302 words total. I am this close, guys, but only to word count - I get the feeling the story's going to go on for a while longer yet. I am perfectly okay with this. :|b

The only thing I really worry about - aside from random tonal shifts, unintentional repetition of words and phrases (which, I think, is inevitable when half your word count comes from frenzied word wars), and a lack of motivation once the month's over - is whether I'm falling into the same trap I ream out so many AU authors for: OOC characters. I know concessions have to be made for the differences in setting and how a given character would develop in a role differing from canon; the thing is, I think I might have overstepped my leeway and I'm not sure whether this is the case. I guess I'll know once I get a beta. Until then, onwards and upwards.

(Also, I have only just remembered why referring to anyone in this story as a "mysterious figure" is a bad idea. I see a good deal of find+replace in my future. Yep.)

Favorite line of the night:

She turned to face him, eyes shining; he’d never thought anyone could look so victorious while holding a sack of potatoes, but she’d just gleefully proven him wrong.

(Screw context. I just love this one.)

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I wouldn't worry too much about being OOC. It's NaNo, which means you don't have a lot of time to think about characterization in great depth. Consistency is one of the first things to go out the window, believe me. Characters you just invented two seconds ago go out of character three seconds in. It happens. Revision is for later.
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holy shit i am no where NEAR that far. come write my story for me.

Your your line. it's awesome. there's no context needed. it's just awesome.
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Hey, if you need a beta I am more than happy to assist. As long as it's, you know, in pieces? I might cry of you send the whole thing at me.
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I really, really want to know the context of that one. XD

Repeated words and phrases have made up a whole load of my words. That and things like "well" or "really". And if you'd like any help with betaing, I'd be happy to help!
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Adverbs are awesome for word counts too. I mean, why just do something when you can do something with another word or two attached? :D

And sure, feel free to send it on over! I can't promise to beta all hundred odd pages in one go, but I can do it in bits.
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Sounds like a plan! :D I should have a bit more free time next month anyway, so just send it over whenever's good for you. You probably still have my email from help_japan, right?

Now I have this mental image of Terra just sitting in a corner and doing some very loud inner brooding. XD Ven would stand by and give him the "OK SHUT UP NOW" looks, because we all know he's too nice to say it out loud.


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