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( Aug. 27th, 2011 02:18 am)
Two and a half weeks later, I finally update my journal. At two in the morning.

Two's a great number, guys.

For those of you wondering where on Earth I've been...well, I moved, and that pretty much destroyed my free time. I've been in various states of packing and unpacking since then, I'm trying to time the very different commute to my same job, and I'm settling into a new place. It's been a crazy, interesting time.

Second City is still in the throes of DEAR GOD WHAT EVEN endgame, which is another reason this journal hasn't been updated much - I'm forever in a character journal, trying to move the plot along. The eleventh pillar is Excalibur the round table a shrubbery. Yes. I'm on to you, mods.

Also! Apps for [ profile] itsjustagamerp have opened! It's Just A Game is a MST3K based game involving comedy, a bit of slice of life (as much Slice of Life as you can get on the Satellite of Love, at least - SOL on SOL, as it were), and a flipton of making fun of terrible things. I'm a mod. You guys should totally join. :Db

Once the writing bug hits me again, I've made it my goal to finish all of my in-progress works (with the exception of Take Two Grown-Ups) before October, since I'm going to spend October outlining my NaNoWriMo project and November writing it. Yeah, I'm taking the plunge. This will be...interesting. |D This also means I have a month and some change to finish the long-overdue bitty!Terra drabbles, the KH3/Tron crossover, and the D&D!BBS fic. I'm considering the Ponies crossover officially abandoned. That may change somewhere along the line, but right now those three are enough work on my plate.

And now, there is this lovely thing called sleeping that I'm going to go try to do. Yes.
I am moved in.

On account of the complete mental meltdown I had when my bed frame was malformed and therefore nonfunctional and the dresser nearly didn't go together (it is currently assembled thanks to [ profile] ghettopeach. [ profile] lynxgriffin, one of my awesome littles, and the grace of God) and the awful sunburn I got from moving things from one apartment to another in ninety degree weather and direct sun, I'm taking the day off work tomorrow. A mental health day is the same as a sick day, right?

Aside from a few minor Kill Me Now disasters, today actually went very well. I have the aforementioned dresser assemblers and extraordinary movers, as well as Canon, who is an extraordinary mover and a tech genius, to thank for that.

Tomorrow, I get some sleep, then, as [ profile] ghettopeach says, bust out a can of Make It Work.

Tim Gunn would be proud.
Man oh man it's been a long past few days. Work's actually been picking up a bit - for a given value of "picking up" - and I've actually been a bit occupied there, so really, no complaints on that front. I do need to go on another egg hunt, though.

I'm moving tomorrow! Sunday is going to be a lot of putting stuff in cars and ferrying it from one location to another. If anyone local wants to help, I pay in brownies, and guys, I do make good brownies. |Db

I'm going to take a break from XI for a while - maybe a week or so. I need a bit of time and distance to Figure Things Out. This happens with my games every once in a while. /shrug

Second City also has me headtilting in confusion. I mean, on one hand, I am absolutely loving what's going down. Linkara's going to be an honorary Strawhat at this rate, which I find hilarious. Rosette needs to do more, but being Buffy for a thread has definitely been good for her. The part that's making me headtilt is J. I mean, I was hoping this latest plot would give him something to work towards or at least be good for him, and instead he's been absolutely humiliated. It is IC, and I don't know what else I was expecting with Lara involved, but the guy really needs a break and he might not get it with me at the helm. The lesson here: check Dear Mun more often, and remember that this is indeed a game based on the Dresden Files.

So basically, Kia's RP at this moment can be summed up with "Son I am confuse." There are times when pretendy fun times break my brain.

Incidentally, I really need to finish that Usopp app. I've got, what, four days? Five? Something like that.

On a completely unrelated note, there's a new trailer for Epic Mickey, and it is...well, epic.

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( May. 3rd, 2010 01:37 am)
Moving is always a crazy, crazy process, but I am successfully in the interim apartment, alone until Tuesday. I get the feeling I'll be out for most of the day for these next two days. There's piles of stuff everywhere. 8D;;;

In other news, the family is safely home and I have a list of stuff to do on this week off before I head back to work next Monday. This includes:

- Massive shopping trip to Kohl's to pick up such amenities as business clothes and bedsheets;
- Going down to Rent-A-Wreck to get my rental extended for another month;
- Disneyland with Lynx on Thursday;
- Iron Man 2 midnight showing with Megan and Kevin and likely many other people on Thursday night;
- Hanging out with whoever's still here and generally not being in my apartment until we move on Saturday;
- Finding people to help us move Saturday, as there is furniture involved;
- Emailing work again to figure out this whole meeting thing;
- And getting back into the swing of things RP-wise.

I'm sure it's actually longer, but I can't think of anything else at the moment. Yaaaaaay one single week of vacation!


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