Five days in Colorado was exactly the vacation I needed. I just need to remember next time that I need to drink a lot more - because dehydration headaches suck - and I can't drink pretty much anything - which sucks when Mom's buying and asking if I want a margarita because they're really great here and here, try hers and see if I like it. Honestly, I know my mom is happy to have me around whenever I come home, and I think she likes having someone who'll go out for fruity drinks and conversation. She likes having mother-daughter time.

In all honesty, it was really nice to have someone else make the decisions and the schedule and just follow along - a break from being a responsible adult, as it were. I put a ton of pressure on myself with to-do lists and self-imposed deadlines and all of that, and it was nice to get to just put all that on hold for an extended weekend and hang out with my parents. My younger brother is at college, my older brother came by for an afternoon, and I didn't get to see my sister-in-law or niece, but there's a flipton of drama surrounding that that I'd rather not get into right now. |D Either which way, I did love seeing my family. The football game was fun to go to even if it ended horribly (which is what happens when all of your starting defensive line is sidelined with injuries - the BSU game at the end of this week is going to be painful), shopping with mom was actually a lot more fun than most of my recent shopping trips have been, Sequence is a fun game if a bit slow with only two players, the new house is beautiful, and...yeah. Hell yes Colorado. :Db I do regret getting the donut burger, though. Remind me to post pictures of that.

The only thing I'm worried about is Finn. Since my parents moved into the new house, he's gone pretty much crazy: he's ripped up his kennel when they put him in it when they leave (whereas Mac just curls up in his and naps until they get home), he whines like mad, he's losing weight - he's skinny even for a greyhound, which is worrying - and he just generally Does Not Look Good. Mom's bringing him in to the vet's and, if that doesn't work, possibly a dog whisperer, because he never used to do any of this stuff, and if we give him up or, God forbid, put him down - which is a very sad option if he continues on being this destructively miserable and we can't find the reason and calm him down - then Mac will go ballistic without him around. The dog situation at home is not good, but I'm really hoping it'll turn out for the better.

A little closer to the west coast, my bosses are out of the office all week (Hawaiian vacation, lucky them), so I'm on my own and keeping busy with whatever project updates come up. This Friday, I head to Disneyland for the Halloween party with [ profile] amorsinseramada, [ profile] lynxgriffin, and [ profile] universejuice, and sticking around on Saturday as well. Costumes aren't quite finished yet, but those are priorities for the next few nights. It's just a bit of cutting and hemming (and praying shoes come in on time), so it shouldn't be too bad. I hope.

On the fandom works front, [ profile] secondcityrpg is almost over and Rarity has been accepted at [ profile] itsjustagamerpg - I just need to join the comms and get going. Tron fic is on hold until I get to rewatch Legacy - maybe sometime next week - and while I haven't done much for my NaNo outline, I have been kicking around ideas for it, so hopefully that'll start coming together soon. Again, next week's priority.

Who all's doing NaNo this year, by the way? I'd love to know - something tells me I'll need people to lean on come November. |D

Given my travel day yesterday, that was something of a miracle. 8D

8:00 AM: [ profile] lynxgriffin, who is awesome, picks me up to head to the Long Beach Airport.
9:30 AM: I arrive at said airport, realize the line for Allegiant Air is stupid long, and wait in it.
10:00 AM: Finally get to the (very dinky) terminal for a flight that leaves at 11:20.
10:50 AM: Realize something is wrong when flight is not yet boarding. Chat with people around me about it.
11:00 AM: Announcement is broadcast over the loudspeaker that flight is delayed for two hours. Over the phone, Dad informs me it's because the fog in the Springs is horrible.
11:20 AM: Discover that Pizza Hut delivers to the Long Beach Airport. Order a pizza with my three seatmates, who are hilarious conversationalists.
11:30 AM: Hear from Mom that there's been a two-person plane crash east of the runway at the Springs airport. D:
11:45 AM: Pizza arrives.
12:10 PM: Receive announcement that airspace is closed around COS and the weather is still bad. Realize we're in the airport for the long haul. At least the pizza is good.
1:00 PM: Receive announcement that the airspace is open but fog is still horrible. Whoopee.
3:00 PM: Receive announcement that they're going to try to fly a plane from COS to Grand Junction, refuel it, then fly it here. We've got at least two hours' wait.
4:45 PM: Receive announcement that says nobody can fly into COS, so after the plane gets here from Grand Junction - because it hasn't left yet - they're going to fly us to Pueblo and bus us to the Springs. Okay, then.
6:45 PM: After a long series of delays, the plane actually leaves COS.
8:45 PM: The plane arrives at Long Beach.
9:30 PM PST: We finally leave Long Beach.
10:30 PM MST: We arrive in Pueblo.
11:15 PM: After the longest bloody wait ever to get our baggage, we get on the buses.
12:15 AM: Buses arrive at COS, where Dad is there to pick me up.

Fifteen hours, guys. Longest travel day ever. At least I am home, and I shall have fun stuff later - maybe even more drabbles, who knows. For now, however, I'm taking it easy.
I am back in CA safely! I also need a flipton of lotion because man I forgot how dry Colorado can be, even if it is only for five days. I have a ton of things to talk about, from sleep deprivation to flights to Thanksgiving prayer shenanigans to Kennedy to eleven-year-old ticket stubs to reasons to make sure all the lights in your car are off before you leave for nearly a week, but honestly, I'm pretty much only posting for one reason:

I writed another thing.

Dear Self, where on Earth did your priorities go, love Self. It's another in the series of bitty!Terra drabbles, sequential after the previous two, far too long to fit on [ profile] kh_drabble, untitled, unbeta'd, and very rough...but it's here, and the story's moving along. I count these as good things. Please leave me some crit if you have any, and in the meantime, enjoy~

It had been a very long time since she’d been someplace this crowded – not since she’d begun her training with Master Eraqus, she realized. )
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( Nov. 24th, 2010 12:14 am)
I am back in Colorado and will be until Sunday.

Jet lag is killing me. It doesn't usually, so this is weird.

I've been informed that we're getting rid of the desk in my room and I'm to go through its contents in the five days I'm here. It's been there since high school, it has nine drawers, and I'm a pack rat. Can't exactly say I'm looking forward to that one.

That's about it for now. Time to get rid of this jet lag.

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( Oct. 1st, 2010 10:13 pm)
I am back in Colorado for the weekend!

My parents know about my situation. I am expecting multiple conversations about it and I am expecting them to suck. Such is life.

I'm also getting up earlier than I ever have for work in order to tailgate, because one of our biggest games is tomorrow. I'm crazy but I love this.

I wrote a thing. I'm also trying to plan out KH3 in my head as a massive fanfic. This is because I am a crazy person. So you know.

I'll catch up on 30 day memes later when I'm not exhausted and/or going crazy. So. Yes. Stuff.

I have returned to Colorado, seven thousand feet higher and forty degrees colder than Hawaii. That week went by really fast.

I'm also running on maybe three hours of sleep, caught in twenty to forty-five minute increments over the course of two flights and a car ride. Guess who's just a bit loopy right now 8D

So yeah. There will be massive LJ and picture posts at some point, but for now I'm going to unpack, make sure nothing in my suitcase and/or purse broke, and probably find a corner to hole up in for a while.

Hi guys. ♥
It seems I have made it home entirely in one piece! This continues to happen on a regular basis. I am pleased.

Of course, today had to be the toughest travel day I've had in a while. I got less sleep and woke up earlier than I had all week in the interests of making checkout time and catching a flight, and then the lines at the airport were nothing short of astronomical. I've never been in line that long for security at LAX - forty-five minutes. It usually takes ten. I made it to my gate ten minutes before my flight started boarding. Oh, holiday travel.

On top of everything, because Starbucks makes inedible scones (you'd think I would have learned by now - go for the cheese platter) and my drink was too hot to drink up until right when we arrived at the airport, at which point I left it with my roomie because I couldn't take drinks through security (though if I'd known security was going to be so fsdljsd long that grande caramel apple spice would totally have gone with me), I had nothing to eat for several hours aside from a small bag of cheez-its, an even smaller bag of peanuts, and a cup of cranapple juice. Thank you for feeding me, Southwest - it turned out to be my only food until the wine tasting.

Yeah, my parents picked me up and then we went to a small wine-tasting in Denver. I don't get it either.

This explains why I didn't get home until after six. After pizza (FOOD GLOURIOUS FOOD) and a bit of TV, my mom informed me that:

1) I have to get up early tomorrow to help bake, because
2) We are having a small Christmas party tomorrow night, at which
3) My brother and his girlfriend will be present, and
4) I am more than welcome to hang out with said brother and said girlfriend and another of my brother's friends in the basement.

Me: And when were you going to tell me all this?

Mom: Now?

It's a lot funnier when I say it.

So evidently I am expected to chat with Anna skfdajfg Rachel tomorrow. That's a real nice thing to learn upon arrival. And my mother wonders why I spend so much time on AIM. 8D


Hell yeah home! Hell yeah dogs! Hell yeah kitty! Hell yeah fully-stocked refrigerator and pantry! Hell yeah Colorado! Hell yeah friends whom I haven't seen in forever! Hell yeah no more school for three weeks!

I'd say the positives far outweigh the negatives here. :Db

OH YES. I too have ten of those paid account gift certificates to give out! Who wants? :D

And I am also considering picking up one of those new-fangled next-gen Pokemon games. I ask you, flist, which one?
Okayso. Here's the world my schedule for the next few days or so. Hopefully I can keep my brain straight. |Db

- Work from 6-midnight
*Finish Lit Theory paper, preferably during work
*Sign up for a check out time...sometime
*Get an airport shuttle Unneeded! [ profile] amorsinseramada is taking me

- Intro to Acting 10-noon - shouldn't be a big deal
- Lit Theory 2-4 - turn in that paper GLORY HALLELUJAH

- Work random volunteer shift from 3:30-5 6! |D
- Greek night - Basketball game at 7 - free food huzzah
- Work 8-midnight
*Start putting together a study guide for Lit Theory, maybe during work
*Work with monologue stuff - screen analysis, etc
*If all goes well, come off hiatus at Paixao

- Stage Dance 10-noon - show up early to warm up, run through show, have that little piece memorized, remember to bring the camera
- Possibly getting family letters at 3? That's still up in the air, I think.
- Princess and the Frog at 7:20 yaaaaaay :D

- I might study, but SLEEP, GLORIOUS SLEEP Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin for at least part of the day~

- Disneyland with Kristin! Huzzah~ These fell through, boo. Sigma Tau Delta thing at...some point in the afternoon, I believe. |D After that, maybe I'll practice my monologue and sleep. XD

- Acting final at 10:30 - final monologue performance; be sure to practice before then
- Work 2-5
- Moonshadows dinner with the lovely [ profile] amorsinseramada!

- Stage Dance final at 10:30 - We're doing our final performance/showcase at 11:30 in Lindhurst! Y'all should come because it will be aaaaawesome
- Work 2-5 - Probably studying like a madwoman for Lit Theory
*Laundry day! See you there, underthings tumbling~

- Work 10-1 - yay more studying!
*Get someone to print my boarding pass at 11, since I unfortunately cannot do it from work |D - UNLESS I GO TO THE HAWC ooh idea :D
- Lit Theory final 1:30
*Pack like a madwoman
*Checkout appointment
- RIFFTRAX LIVE AT 8 with [ profile] lynxgriffin and hopefully [ profile] ghettopeach if we can get ahold of her. Cannot wait for this. *A*
*Finish packing like a madwoman

*Catch Shuttle Checkout appointment!
- Flight at 11 at LAX
*Go hooooooome! :D

MY GOODNESS ONE WEEK LEFT. How time flies. :Db
I feel as though I need to preface this, so here's the preface:

I love coming home, even if I get less sleep here than I do at Pepperdine - a result of me being a night owl and my parents being early birds. I love my family, and spending time with them. I love my parents. I love my brothers.

I cannot stand my brother's girlfriend.

That's enough preface. Have some raeg. )

So yes. I do love my older brother, but ninety percent of the time his choice in women sucks.

On a somewhat related note, I'll be back in Malibu tomorrow. YAY PAPER MARATHONS |Db
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( Nov. 25th, 2009 08:50 pm)


Yeah, I've been home for about a day. Twenty-seven degrees outside and I am living in my fluffy faux-fur lined hoodie. This thing is fantastic. The other fantastic thing was getting sleep oh my goodness. Slept in until nearly noon. Yaaaaay :Db

I shall probably come off hiatus tonight. I do have some homework to get done over break (yay Lit Theory), but life's stopped attempting to eat me and I feel like I might be able to pull a small canon review for a few characters and really get back into things. Huzzah for actual excitement for my games :Db

I've been doing more tutoring for my brother these past few days than I have these past few weeks for the writing center. He's in the middle of college essay season, so we've been looking over his stuff. This is to say nothing of the essay he had me check for him over the phone. He dictated it to me while I was in the car on the way to New Moon. That was a very interesting night. ._.

I have no idea what's going on with Glee tonight. Things have gotten interesting and what the hell, Kurt. While we're at it, what the hell, Puck. Everyone's gone crazier than they normally are.

...oh screw coherency have a few videos.

Because the Muppets make everything better, obviously.

And finally, that meme that's been going around:

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strike through the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.
4) One Guess Per Fandom

So it's a few less than 20 )
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( Nov. 25th, 2009 02:43 am)
WELL I have arrived home safe back in CO, yay~

Traveling was pretty uneventful. Life is good. And I have an AIM convo of sorts:

LeSeptieme 2:16 am
Things I will never get over, in order of WTFery:
1. John Kahn
2. Spin playing the race card
3. Lessons in picking up floozies
4. The Divas not knowing each other
Just about everything else ties at 5.
universejuice 2:17 am
That's a pretty good lineup

Ah, the wonders of 3 a.m. badfic. It's a great excuse for the icon, if nothing else. |Db
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( Oct. 10th, 2009 12:33 am)
Badda-boom, badda-bing
You heard the ding!
Give your seatbelt a tug
Give your seatmate a hug
Look out the window and wave goodbye
'Cause this 737 is ready to fly!

I had a rhyming flight attendent on Southwest tonight. Her name was Tina. I was kind of expecting oversized headpones, but no dice.

LAX was teeeeeerrible. So many delays. FOUR HUNDRED DELAYS.

...not quite that many, but I couldn't pass up the reference. Looks like all the traffic we were expecting on the 405 was in the air over LAX instead.

But I made it home safe. Going to a football game tomorrow. Leaving to return to Pepperdine on Sunday. The high tomorrow is 25. Farenheit.

Called dual hiatus today, and of course am posting more than ever. Why does that always happen when I call hiatus?

DC shirts are getting marathoned on Sunday. That iron and I are going to be real good friends if I have my way about it.

Shift today was a bit disappointing - nobody wants to sit on the patio when it's hot outside, and today it was hot outside. Les (my manager) told me he watched a few hostesses try to lead parties out on the patio, and they'd hit the doorway and turn around, refusing to sit there. Basically, everyone else got utterly swamped and my partner and I were twiddling our thumbs going, "Tables please :D" And I get to do it all again tomorrow, twice!

Even better, Les asked me tonight if I'd be willing to pick up a Sunday shift this week, since evidently he's having trouble getting Sunday nights covered. Sunday is the one day a week I request off because of church and because it's family day. "Les, I got my stitches out on Wednesday. I worked a double that day, a double yesterday, dinner tonight, and a double tomorrow." That's seven shifts in four days. 8D

"...oh. Enjoy your Sunday." So now I have con prep time, yaaaaay~

...I have two paychecks to pick up from work. Why have I not done this yet.

Best Buy somehow decided today would be a good day to send me a $20 gift certificate. Sadly but not surprisingly, my first thought was, "I wonder if they still carry EBA." Ladies and gentlemen, I don't even have a DS. There's something wrong up here. XD

And (because I'm blathering anyway) I've discovered that I really don't eat well while I'm at home - at least not dinner. I'm terrible with fixing myself meals when I come home from work, we've hit a dry spot so far as leftovers go, there's not a lot that will make a quick meal (and like I said, I hate fixing meals as it is), and there's virtually no instant meals in the house: no ramen (because I'm the only one who eats it), no Lean Cuisine (which I practically live off at college but there's no room in the freezer here), no pot pies (no freezer room)...basically, I come home and eat cereal or various odds and ends. I either need to start eating at work (which costs moneys, bawww) or convince Mom to get something I can make while braindead and bone tired.

By the way. Attack of the Show promotes it as a sort of musical Twitter that links to your actual Twitter, your LJ, and just about everything else. Anybody want to join up with me?

AND FINALLY. I know I'm a few hours past the cutoff, but I do have to say it because she's awesome:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] lynxgriffin!
I know a metric ton of stuff happened this break, and I really should have posted more about it, and at some point I intend to, but...

It's 4:03 on Saturday the 7th, and somehow I don't feel like I had a Spring Break at all.

[/End of Break Blues]
Today was...nuts. We all got up at 7 (which is 6 California time, which is the time zone my sleep schedule is set in, argh) to drive for ninety minutes to a minimum security prison to look at greyhounds.

Yep, definitely stranger than fiction. Probably a run on sentence too.

The prison runs a program where they take in retired racing greyhounds and have the inmates train them basic commands (sit, stay, etc) for eight weeks. The greyhounds are then put up for adoption. Our challenge is that Dad still wants a large male and we have to find one that's good with cats, since Cloudy's been here for fourteen years and has petly dominance. That proved to be freezing cold (the yard was outside and the wind was blowing) and very interesting.

We also hit PetsMart later, since a different adoption agency was having a showing of sorts, and we're going up to Denver tomorrow to meet dogs at the third adoption agency. I squish these together for the purposes of making notes:

The Dogs )

So yes, the first half of my day was DOGSDOGSDOGSDOGSDOGS. I can't say it was a bad thing, but I can say I am never wearing a black shirt to a gathering of so many light-colored dogs ever again.

Second half of my day was basketball. The last home game of Air Force's season was this afternoon, and...well. Anyone who has me friended on Twitter probably knows just how that went. It was not pretty, but it ended with a 62-65 loss after some of the worst basketball refereeing calls I've seen since winter break and some of the worst Mountain West refereeing since the Air Force-Navy football game back in October. I haven't seen an entire stadium full of fans get on their feet and scream that hard for that long in quite a while.

I still have that letter to the Mountain West Conference. Wonder why I haven't sent it yet.

After dinner at Carrabba's (which took a while since we were waiting on a cadet and his parents to arrive), I am home and absolutely keyed. I figure it's because Songfest practice is usually 10-midnight, which translates to 11-1 here. I figure I'll stay up until 1 every night so I can keep doing Songfest stuff when I get back to Malibu.

This has been Kia's incredibly boring and tl;dr day. Have a nice night.
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 11:00 pm)
First off, yes, I made it home safe and sound. The flight was uneventful and the drive back from DIA was just fine.

I broke the idea of going to Comic Con this summer to my parents and they didn't keel over from shock and immediately forbid it, so I have hope. :D It'll be even better if Laura is going, since I think she gets an industry pass and I might be able to beg her free extra off her. If not, $50-$70 for a weekend does not sound bad. I shall have to start planning soon.

We're going out to an adoption center tomorrow to look at greyhounds. Dad doesn't want to go - says it's too soon. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing.

On a final note, does anyone remember the rock lamp we received last Christmas from the Arizona relatives? That bastion to homeopathic whatthefrackery is now sitting on my desk.

On a potentially related note, my white board is missing.

What happened in this house while I was gone?
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 11:58 am)
Or I will be in about eight hours, at least. I'm leaving for the airport with [ profile] lynxgriffin very soon, and I shall update once again when I get back to the Springs. ILU all and happy Spring Break to my fellow Pepperdine students! ♥
As any post on my LJ after a flight signifies, yes, I am home safely. I'm going to go talk to my manager tomorrow and get back on the schedule (huzzah~). I'm actually looking forward to work again, when I can remember coming home last December faced with the prospect of my job at Spaghetti's and going D:, so it's a nice feeling to go home to.

Speaking of work, I'm thinking of opening purse commissions and doing a few over break. Would anybody be interested? roomie got me Cats Don't Dance for Christmas and I watched it for the first time in years tonight. There's a reason I love that movie so much~ :D

And, because I've been procrastinating on this and it needs to go up, this is this year's wish list~

This is totally crossposted to holiday_wishes, hence the formal language ) the video for the Kindle. I just about cried when I saw everything it could do. *A*

AND. I know I asked this a few posts ago, but I'm fairly certain I've missed wish lists from just about everyone, so please link me to yours~

And that is all! Time to go bond with my brothers over Comedy Central.
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( Dec. 11th, 2008 10:01 pm)
"We did it!" "Wasn't it terrifying?" "What a night!"

Evidently my crappiest class this whole semester was only worth $5.50. That's how much the book sold for at the bookstore, at least. I finished my final, though. With any luck I actually passed it too...yeah, I think I did okay. Finals are over and I'm at [ profile] lynxgriffin's place watching her play Re:CoM. Wild Crush is about the funniest thing ever.

...yeah, I'm totally posting this on very little sleep or motivation.

I'll be in Colorado tomorrow. Evidently my aunt is down, and the first time she'll see me in years will be me sleep deprived, jet lagged, and just all around bushed coming off that plane. Good times.

I might put my wishlist up in a bit.

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( Dec. 11th, 2008 02:31 am)
Three finals today. |D

Rhetoric was...interesting. My professor said she wanted to make it "basic" since she knew we'd been working hard on our papers. This would have worked if we'd all studied in addition to doing our papers. She started giving us hints to questions we weren't getting.

This is to say, I love my rhetoric prof. XD

I'm actually going to lock down the paper I have posted now - once I get feedback from her on my final draft, I'll post it on my writing journal.

Second final was History, for which I did not study either. :D The prompt asked us what was the most important decade of the 20th century and what was the least important (sixties and twenties, respectively, in terms of lasting social change). That...was total BS. I'm okay with that. |D

Third final was Shakespeare, which was the take home paper I was doing until the wee hours of last night/this morning. Evidently it wasn't due until 9 a.m. Thursday. I didn't know that. I turned it in early, evidently. *pats own back* Religion. Screw you, Religion. I'm freaking exhausted and I need to clean my room, and those have somehow become greater priorities.

...I'm goin' home on Friday. :D

Saturday I meet with Les at 3 and we get me back on the schedule for December. I am so looking forward to this. :D

But for now, sleep. Sleep is good.


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