You know life's been eating me alive when I don't update this journal in a solid week. There's something to be said for senior year of college, and I'm pretty sure that something is Dear God Why.

I finished and turned in my thesis on Friday, so that's over and done with. I'm also presenting it tonight at 7:30, if anyone wants to come down and see that little corner of madness. (Watch Kia talk about the internet for six minutes, as though she doesn't already do enough of that already!)

I'm still figuring out living arrangements and packing. Packing is what's going to kill me, I think. I need to figure out what to keep, what to toss, and what to pawn off on other people. After four years of college and my entire life as a military brat, you'd think I'd be used to this packing thing, huh. Doesn't mean I have to like it, especially since this is the end of an era.

Oh man am I gonna miss everybody ;~;

In order to forestall massive amounts of bawwww, uncertainty, and screaming over filling out the exit loans package, I present to you instead the other life eating project I only recently just finished: digital storytelling for my Writing with Technology class. Have fun.

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( Mar. 29th, 2010 12:36 am)
Not gonna lie: I love me my Disneyland. It was Kevin's birthday today, so a group of us got together and headed out to the Land of the Mouse at his behest. Roomie and I only stayed for half a day since we both had homework to do (which...still isn't entirely done, ahaha). We had lunch at the Blue Bayou, where the short ribs are still to die for and the cookie boat that Cheryle and Caroline so loved has disappeared ;~; Evidently corporate decided it was not classy enough for the place. This, of course, was after I'd spent a good ten minutes talking it up to my friends and we were determined to order it. Doesn't it always happen that way.

Strangely enough, I traded my KH pin to someone. Even after explaining that it wasn't technically a trading pin and that it wasn't super rare (and after explaining just what Kingdom Hearts was), I traded it to him for Fritz and the promise that he'd check out the game at some point. I now have all four Tiki Room parrots and a potential new member of the fandom. That was a productive ten or so minutes. |Db

Captain EO is back at Disneyland, and [ profile] lynxgriffin wasn't kidding when she said it was COMPLETELY EIGHTIES. It is, and shamelessly so. I mean, jeez, the fashion, the dance moves, the terrible 3D, the animatronics, the fact that Michael Jackson was still black at the time...totally eighties. Plotwise: EBA in space, complete with music lasers. I freaking kid you not. Once I figured that out, I was pretty much cracking up through the entire remainder of the show. MUSICAL LASERS CREATED BY THE POWER OF SONG AND DANCE TO DEFEAT ALIENS WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND MUSIC where are the Rolling Stones when you need them? was a gas, gas, gas. |D

Speaking of Disney and music and homework! I need a way to download YouTube videos to my computer. KeepVid and SaveTube aren't working for me, and I need a few videos for a digital storytelling project I'm doing. Can anyone suggest an alternate method, and if not, can anyone download them for me and send me the files? I need to get this resolved relatively soon, so. Yes. Thanks in advance. :3

This is not one of the videos I need, but it intrigues me nonetheless.

I had no idea there was a remix to Locking Up the Sun. Will wonders never cease.
Homework party. Today, noon PST, on AIM. I need a few solid pages on my thesis before I can justify doing anything else. Who's in?
I really need to start putting more stuff in here. It's getting to be too long between posts, though it isn't as though I have much more to say than OH GAD LIFE IS EATING MY LIFE AAAAAAAAAA

I'm slightly busy. |D

Though I tell you what, Songfest is going to be awesome. If it weren't major spoilers, I'd rattle off the list of artists whose songs we're using for our group to show you just how awesome it is. I will say that I knew all the songs, I have all but one, and I am somewhat ashamed that I don't have that one because it too is awesome. I can, however, tell you the overall theme since that's been recently released: History In the Making.

Performances are next week. I am nervous as hell and so, so excited. *A*

In other news, thesis work is going slowly. Being an awful procrastinator might well have something to do with that. Job applications are going a bit better, but I still have to finish things for ICHC before I send them in. I need to get on that.

I also have a project to work on for my Writing for Technology class. It's a digital storytelling thing - I have to write a story and then put pictures and video and music and such to it. |D I'm thinking of writing about my recent trip to Disneyworld, since it's fresh and I have a metric ton of pictures and video and no shortage of Disney songs. That's either going to be fun or a pain in the ass. We'll see.

Finally, I keep running across this meme, so I suppose I should do it: When you see this meme, post a poem on your LJ.

It's All the Same to the Clam - Shel Silverstein

You may leave the Clam on the ocean floor
It's all the same to the Clam.
For a hundred thousand years or more,
It's all the same to the Clam.
You may bury him deep in mud or muck,
Or carry him round to bring you luck.
Or use him for a hockey puck.
It's all the same to the Clam.

You may call him Frank or Jim or Nell
It's all the same to the Clam.
Or make an ashtray from his shell.
It's all the same to the clam.
You may take him riding on a train
or leave him sitting in the rain.
You'll never hear the Clam complain.
It's all the same to the Clam.

Yes the world may stop or the world may spin
It's all the same to the Clam.
And the sky may come a fallin' in
It's all the same to the Clam.
And man may sing his endless songs,
of wronging rights and righting wrongs.
The Clam just sets - and gets along.
It's all the same to the Clam.
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( Jan. 26th, 2010 12:46 am)
The presentation went well today, despite an utter lack of sleep on my part. |Db I think I managed to thoroughly weird out my teacher - not because of content, but because there was so much out there that she just didn't know about. Either way, good times.

I have got to go crash out soon, though - I fell asleep once in choir and twice in my thesis class and that is pretty terrible kismet. |Db I did get to teach half my thesis class about Schroedinger's cat, though, since they didn't seem to know what it was. |D

As it is, I'm driving down to my internship tomorrow and braving SoCal roads for the first time, so that should be interesting. |D Hopefully the Ford Explorer drives well and the GPS is on.

OH HEY COLIN how does Blogspot compare to WordPress? I'm thinking of moving Typo Away over, since WordPress isn't the most user-friendly blog site out there.
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( Jan. 21st, 2010 01:17 pm)

Turns out my class was cancelled fifteen minutes beforehand. I freaked out for noooooothing 8D

...I also missed the party for nothing. *facepalm*

ANYWAY I have some time to get things of course I went to YouTube. And found this:

0:11. Just. 0:11.

Did the Doctor just Hadoken a bitch? O_o

Because this will be a fantastic new season if that is the case.

Just saying.

EDIT: Evidently that's a Shoryuken. My apologies. |Db
A few months ago, in October, I got food poisoning on a Sunday night. I missed all of my Monday classes, and as a result told my sisters that I couldn't go to the ATO mixer on Tuesday - I needed the time to do homework. I stayed home, got as much done as I could, didn't manage to actually finish anything, and was regaled the next day with stories and pictures of just how awesome that mixer was and it was such a pity I had to miss it.

Paixao's birthday was today. I got the notifs on the reserve post in my inbox, I checked an app - the others turned around too fast for me to catch - I saw the comm posts, and I heard firsthand how great everything was going.

I spent the entire day working on a project that I'm presenting tomorrow. I'm still not done.

Parallelism. It's not just a literary device anymore.

Let's be totally honest here: I've got nobody to blame for this one but myself. I volunteered to go first. I took a day trip on Friday instead of working. I honestly don't have the greatest work ethic either - I do procrastinate, and I get distracted. I also managed to bite off more than I could chew.

Strangely enough, none of this is making me feel better. Funny how that works, huh.

Before tomorrow, for this class alone, I need to:
- Read three articles
- Write responses to said three articles
- Print said responses and post them on Blackboard
- Either create a new blog or do some major maintenance on Typo Away, to include a new entry
- Do notecards for my presentation
- Figure out how to annotate a YouTube video
- Do an annotated bibliography for my presentation
- Figure out what a formal prospectus is
- Do a formal prospectus for my presentation

Between this class, my thesis class, three jobs, an internship, and my sorority...hell, I'll be amazed if I survive this semester, let alone with a social life.

And I get into these messes alllllll by myself.

Between this, worrying about the future and job applications I may or may not but really should do - I Can Has Cheezburger is hiring, did you know that? - and gorram RP pressure that I am putting on myself, including another bout of insecurity brought on by the eternal question of am I doing it right, I...hell, I might just go to bed. Goodness knows I don't sleep enough.
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( Jan. 17th, 2010 05:49 pm)
Alright, guys, I have a couple favors to ask of y'all if you're willing to help me out. The first has to do with video clips. As you know, I'm cataloging the internet doing a crash course on internet culture for my class, and part of it is media-inspired memes. I'm looking for video clips that I can download, make into my own compilation, and then upload to YouTube, specifically:

One does not simply walk into Mordor!
Tony Stark built this in a cave! With a box of scraps!
I'm real happy for you and Imma letchu finish, but
I'm On a Boat


EDIT: Evidently I fail at explaining myself. |D I need these specific videos, guys. Thanks for the suggestions, though. ♥

The other favor is, please remember the [ profile] help_haiti auction is going on! I know a lot of you are participating, and if you could link your particular threads in the comments so I can stalk them start bidding wars take a look, I'd much appreciate it. I made a request here and I am offering my own musical services in making FSTs here.

Thank you all ♥
Ohhhhh today was awesome. Church this morning was nice (even though an alarm mishap meant my roomie and I had twenty minutes to get ready beforehand), and the Pepperdine basketball game afterwards was also fun. I love going to athletic events - need to do more of them, in fact - and in an effort to get students to attend this game, which is right before formals, they were giving out free pie, free coffee/coffee drinks made to order (think portable Starbucks), and free ten-minute massages. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the freebies, then thoroughly enjoyed the game. I love going to games - it gives me an excuse to get excited and yell like a crazy person. All that stress has to go somewhere! 8D

Cut short my time at the game in order to go to Jane Austen improv.

Yes, you read that right. It was an improv comedy show - an entire improv play in the style of Jane Austen. I absolutely loved it. Highlights included a brooding character with a penchant but not an aptitude for jokes (though the joke about bananas and "ap-peel-ing" came up more than once) and playing a card game called "'Round the Maybe." A maybe is evidently a small goat-like creature. Make of this what you will - we all highly enjoyed it. XDb

This was followed by dinner at an authentic Polish restaurant at the insistence suggestion of [ profile] orelle_peredhil. I will dream about those potato pancakes.

And now I am here, working on my monologue analysis. I have to come up with long- and short-term background for the character delivering the monologue, who doesn't have a name, let alone any of that stuff. Sound familiar, anyone? XD

Tonight is the free breakfast (probably not going), my SLA's little get together (probably am going), and the return of the five-minute "rave" in front of the library (definitely going). Wonder how long it'll take Public Safety to break this one up. Either way, good times. :Db
I had a pretty chill Saturday. Huzzah for sleeping in until eleven and not caring about it. I was highly pleased with that development. I still have stuff to do, but it's not OMG PRESSING like the paper was, so I should be alright. I still need to do script analysis and monologue work for Monday, though.

I have discovered it's pretty much impossible to practice that monologue anywhere. I mean, let me just give you the first paragraph:

"I understand school shootings. I mean, I don't say, 'Hey, great idea! Let's all solve our problems with violence!' But I do understand the feeling of wanting to kill everyone in my school, or at least a select few to set an example. You can only be spit on so many times. The great thing is, nowadays everyone's so scared of guns I probably won't even have to shoot anyone."

She then starts talking about why sociopaths are better than psychopaths and how God's going to be making up for the fact that she had a lousy prom for the rest of her life. Obviously this is not a highly stable individual speaking here. That, and the fact that the monologue is going to be performed near top volume and a bit off kilter, means I haven't got a place to practice it the way I'm going to perform it - not if I want to avoid scaring the hell out of people and a call to Public Safety's emergency line. Should be very interesting come performance time Monday morning.

Still having epic and fantastic issues with stage dance class and videos, huzzah huzzah. I also managed to be double-booked again tomorrow night without even knowing it: Sigma Tau Delta event and Gamma Phi officer transitioning, which I only today found out would be tomorrow. *rubs forehead* Sigma Tau Delta was there first and won out. I have no idea how the hell this keeps happening. ._.

At least the PIT show tonight was epic. Pepperdine Improv Troupe is just fantastic, and tonight was no exception. We had a pretty small audience - weather sucked and people were studying, I guess - and the suggestions got interesting. My favorite was:

"Okay, what's something fun to do on a weekend?"

"Lady Gaga."

That wound up being a very interesting skit, I tell you what. Since it was holiday themed, we had some great sketches, including a mini-musical entitled "Candy Cane" and a sketch about workers in a poinsettia factory. This included one worker complaining about another, who "has a huge afro" and "started hiding poinsettias in his afro, so now the boss wants us all to grow afros and put poinsettias in them. Thinks it'll look festive."

[ profile] aviekokyre, I thought of you and Derek. |Db

And then there was Brawl to be had with [ profile] amorsinseramada and [ profile] lynxgriffin because they are awesome. I even won a few rounds, which does not usually happen. Yay self~

Life gets busy again tomorrow - better go prep for that. By prep, I of course mean sleep. |Db

[ profile] bouncy_erbear, we totally need to plan awkward moments. |Db
Okayso. Here's the world my schedule for the next few days or so. Hopefully I can keep my brain straight. |Db

- Work from 6-midnight
*Finish Lit Theory paper, preferably during work
*Sign up for a check out time...sometime
*Get an airport shuttle Unneeded! [ profile] amorsinseramada is taking me

- Intro to Acting 10-noon - shouldn't be a big deal
- Lit Theory 2-4 - turn in that paper GLORY HALLELUJAH

- Work random volunteer shift from 3:30-5 6! |D
- Greek night - Basketball game at 7 - free food huzzah
- Work 8-midnight
*Start putting together a study guide for Lit Theory, maybe during work
*Work with monologue stuff - screen analysis, etc
*If all goes well, come off hiatus at Paixao

- Stage Dance 10-noon - show up early to warm up, run through show, have that little piece memorized, remember to bring the camera
- Possibly getting family letters at 3? That's still up in the air, I think.
- Princess and the Frog at 7:20 yaaaaaay :D

- I might study, but SLEEP, GLORIOUS SLEEP Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin for at least part of the day~

- Disneyland with Kristin! Huzzah~ These fell through, boo. Sigma Tau Delta thing at...some point in the afternoon, I believe. |D After that, maybe I'll practice my monologue and sleep. XD

- Acting final at 10:30 - final monologue performance; be sure to practice before then
- Work 2-5
- Moonshadows dinner with the lovely [ profile] amorsinseramada!

- Stage Dance final at 10:30 - We're doing our final performance/showcase at 11:30 in Lindhurst! Y'all should come because it will be aaaaawesome
- Work 2-5 - Probably studying like a madwoman for Lit Theory
*Laundry day! See you there, underthings tumbling~

- Work 10-1 - yay more studying!
*Get someone to print my boarding pass at 11, since I unfortunately cannot do it from work |D - UNLESS I GO TO THE HAWC ooh idea :D
- Lit Theory final 1:30
*Pack like a madwoman
*Checkout appointment
- RIFFTRAX LIVE AT 8 with [ profile] lynxgriffin and hopefully [ profile] ghettopeach if we can get ahold of her. Cannot wait for this. *A*
*Finish packing like a madwoman

*Catch Shuttle Checkout appointment!
- Flight at 11 at LAX
*Go hooooooome! :D

MY GOODNESS ONE WEEK LEFT. How time flies. :Db
Tonight was going to be paper night! Then again, last night was going to be paper night too, and I wound up epically distracted. As much fun as that was (and it was so much fun), I think I might be in trouble so far as papering goes, since twelve hours of work tomorrow will not lend itself well to an all-nighter and I am just out of it tonight. Concentration is not exactly happening.

Who knows? Maybe paper night will still happen. Stranger things have gone down on this campus.

I refuse to stick my head out the window and call for healp, though. It's forty-five degrees out there and my room is cold enough as it is.

Halfway through those previous sentences, iTunes pulled up JJF. I'm telling you, it's freaking psychic. It just. Is. Jeebus.

...I was going to go on about my weekend and the past couple days and generally be a timewasting dork, but I just got the motivation to work on my paper. I will never doubt the dancing men in suits again.
I was going to go to bed, and then I went, hey, I should update my LJ! Surely people want to know how my day went at half past two in the morning. Who needs the extra sleep? Certainly not someone who intends to marathon half a paper the next day!

That's the part I'm going to regret, I think.

That said, I think today went alright. The interview at SodaHead went down pretty well, I think - we might have issues with hours since they seem to want someone who can come in at around the same time every day and my schedule is set up with two and a half class days and two and a half free days, so we'll see how that works out. Demonstrating online proficiency, especially proficiency with the site, and being an English major helped me out, I think. Yay writing!

So yes. We'll see how that one goes.

The Gamma Phi Christmas party tonight was fun. Real casual affair up at the G Phi house - I spent half the night on a large pink beanbag, half asleep. I was bushed. I also saw Elf for the first time, which was...definitely interesting. Also, we did a Secret Santa! ...and mine wasn't there, so I'll have to track her down on campus sometime and get her her gift. Either way, the party was fun.

I swear, my littles coordinated on Christmas gifts. One of them gave me a silver bracelet with blue beads and hearts and such on it, and the other gave me one of those glass pendants that's on a few ribbons and cords - kind of like this, but a blue and white heart and blue cords. They collaborated, and now I have to figure out the secret to wearing pendants like that.

OH YES. LYNX. We should meet on Saturday to exchange stuffs, yes?

AND. COLIN. IM me sometime and we'll chat about musical shoutouts and such other things.

Why are the Woot shirts so awesome nowadays, seriously. I can't go buying two in a row - that would not be smart. That does not make it any less waaaaaant.
Choir concert was a success! I am pleased. :3 Hopefully we can pick up a recording for it sometime next semester, because I'd love to have one.

I was very pleased with myself today! Monologue coaching went well, concert went well, no other classes aside from that, and the Christmas tree lighting was beautimous. Very very good day. Tomorrow is an interview with, which is for an internets internship, which would be awesome. There is also a G Phi Christmas party, huzzah. Good times. :Db

And today's Woot shirt is awesome. Do want.

Oh hey um. Those who have read my EBA fic, I'm debating linking it on [ profile] agentsarego. Y/N/M/WTF?

I suppose tonight's goal is to finish the post-structuralist paper and get sleep enough to be coherent tomorrow. Good times, good times.

I leave you with a bucketload of memes, because memes are fun:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, yamikonumber7 sent to me...
Twelve snakesonasoras drumming
Eleven viewtiful_jeffs writing
Ten drunkkitsunes a-reading
Nine heroes laughing
Eight scrubs a-singing
Seven books a-waitressing
Six prinnies a-roleplaying
Five do-o-o-onna andrews
Four tv shows
Three dresden files
Two kingdom hearts
...and a theatre in a kingdom hearts ii.
Get your own Twelve Days: that the sporking theater, there?

In 2009, yamikonumber7 resolves to...
Stop roleplaying with eleventh_end.
Spend less time on shakespeare.
Give up waitressing.
Backup my bleach regularly.
Buy new heroes.
Drink four glasses of whedonverse every day.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

B-but I love [ profile] eleventh_end ;~; AND WHY WOULD I GIVE UP MY SUMMER JOB unless I got a permanent or higher-paying job over the summer These are some strange resolutions. So very bizarre.

This last one merits a cut because it's ridiculously long. )

Kind of an eclectic mix there, huh. A lot of these are shows I watched with my family - we have a habit of discussing thing while they're airing. Yay family time. |Db

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( Dec. 2nd, 2009 11:50 pm)
I do come up with the most creative subject titles ever, huh.

I'm booked solid at the writing center today, though several of my appointments haven't shown today. Such is life around the last two weeks of school, huh |D At least it gives me a bit of time to breathe.

It also gives me time to mess around with Rookie, my new laptop. :3 8-inch Compaq, 1 GB hard drive, 250 MB memory, runs Windows 7, and oh so shiny~ Of course, he's just on loan from Mom, and I had to explain the name to her. "It's the newest laptop in the family! 8D" And thus I somewhat kept with my tradition of naming tech after musical things. Rookie's basically meant for internets and note taking, mostly so I don't have to lug Fermata's 15 inches around everywhere. He's also got a full keyboard, unlike Tiny. I am pleased. :3

I still have no idea what is up with this whole illness thing. I'll feel fine during the day, and then around ten or so my stomach will go LOL JK and start being a jerk again. Not a cule what the deal is, but at least I'm not having chills anymore (knock wood). Of course, being dead on my feet during what is usually prime homework time means very little has been accomplished. I have one paper that's two weeks late, seven pages of rough draft that were due Monday and do not actually exist as of yet, and a monologue that has actually somewhat memorized itself since Monday, which is nice given that I'm supposed to present for preliminary coachings tomorrow. I'll definitely be emailing Dr. Goodman soon, since I never seem to run into her during her office hours and the late papers are both for Lit Theory. Once I can actually stand to get back down to work, I'm going to need to really get cracking on stuff for her class. Maybe this weekend.

Speaking of this weeked, I turned down a Disneyland trip :( My little wants to go on Saturday since it's...Candlemas, I believe, but she'll be gone all day and I know if I go all day I will absolutely keel over and die. I do need some time over the weekend to play catchup; barring that, I need time to have a small sabbatical and play video games or some such other nonsense. If I want to do a caroling trip, I also need to organize that.

SPEAKING OF CAROLING! This semester's Christmas Choir and Orchestra Concert is on Thursday night at 7:30 in Elkins. You need a ticket, but they're free for students, so get yours soon because the concert is going to be awesome~ They're also having the tree-lighting ceremony before it at the fountain, which also promises to be fun. All in all, a very Christmasy day. Do want. :Db

And I am off to go write a crazyass piece of fic that's been a long time in coming. Let's see how that goes. |D
Same thing again: bit of nausea, massive bout of chills, inability to sleep because of the former two items. I've been having a great past couple of days, let me tell you. I made an appointment with the Student Health Center this morning. Two hours and $120 later, they told me I'm slightly dehydrated and stressed the hell out and that's what's causing everything. Yee-friggin-haw. I skipped out on Lit Theory today, and hopefully I'll be well enough to get to choir, especially since our concert is on Thursday and it would reall suck to work on music all semester and then miss that. On top of that, working-on-paper-tiems were precluded by sick-tiems and going-to-see-the-doctor-tiems, so that still needs to happen. At some point. Yay.

I think I need another vacation. One where I'll actually be able to sleep and not worry about things.
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( Nov. 25th, 2009 08:50 pm)


Yeah, I've been home for about a day. Twenty-seven degrees outside and I am living in my fluffy faux-fur lined hoodie. This thing is fantastic. The other fantastic thing was getting sleep oh my goodness. Slept in until nearly noon. Yaaaaay :Db

I shall probably come off hiatus tonight. I do have some homework to get done over break (yay Lit Theory), but life's stopped attempting to eat me and I feel like I might be able to pull a small canon review for a few characters and really get back into things. Huzzah for actual excitement for my games :Db

I've been doing more tutoring for my brother these past few days than I have these past few weeks for the writing center. He's in the middle of college essay season, so we've been looking over his stuff. This is to say nothing of the essay he had me check for him over the phone. He dictated it to me while I was in the car on the way to New Moon. That was a very interesting night. ._.

I have no idea what's going on with Glee tonight. Things have gotten interesting and what the hell, Kurt. While we're at it, what the hell, Puck. Everyone's gone crazier than they normally are.

...oh screw coherency have a few videos.

Because the Muppets make everything better, obviously.

And finally, that meme that's been going around:

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strike through the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.
4) One Guess Per Fandom

So it's a few less than 20 )
Whoever planned this week needs to never do that again. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters to death. Thing is, I'm not sure I want to see them for mandatory events every day for eight days.

Well, okay, tonight's formal wasn't mandatory - was an absolute blast, actually - but the point still stands. That is just waaaaaaay too much stuff back to back. Fortunately, all we've got left is the Gamma Games meeting Saturday and Gamma Games itself, as well as formal chapter, on Sunday. Hopefully I'll have some energy before then.

The rest of this post will probably be about RP, so those of you who don't care about that aspect of my internet life can skip the cut. |D


...oh dammit that's not the entire issue.

Cut the second. I lied - it's not all about RP. )

I've been telling people I've been marking time until Thanksgiving break, and while that's true, I don't think it's the whole truth. I think I'm just marking time until this semester is over. I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it actually was, and that certainly came back to bite me in the ass.

...I refuse to be spoilery so that's all you're getting. Heeyup.

So yeah, my life has been absolutely bat-flip crazy as of late. I got my insurance and such all figured out, so now I'm officially a part-time student next semester. That much is figured out, at least. Now I just need to get an internship. DEX isn't going to contact me until mid-December, so I need a backup juuuuuuust in case. I don't have one. Does anybody know of any good internships in Calabasas/Thousand Oaks/Santa Monica/LA/someplace in CA that's not too far from Malibu? I think I need all the help I can get over here |D

That said, I'm also supposed to be looking at grad schools, but I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing, and I keep trying to set up a meeting with my mentor, but I have classes during all his office hours and things are not working out on that front. FREAKING GRAD SCHOOL. No clue what I'm doing on that front either.

Aaaaaaaand I have to meet with the professor in charge of the Writing Center tomorrow, because evidently one of the students I tutored last Wednesday sent her an email. She said not to worry too much, but we do still need to talk about it. Ten to one odds it's the texting chick. ._.

Post-structuralist/deconstructionist paper is due tomorrow. I still have no ideas. I emailed Dr. Goodman at about noon today, telling her I was throwing in the bucket towel and could I come in tomorrow for some healp? She said yes, so I'm going.

Choerographer paper is due Friday. Can't forget that. Mrrrrr.

Got sorority stuff every night this week. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters and I love my littles and I love spoiling them rotten. Problem is, having an event every night and then initiation and then formal and then Gamma Games and aaaaaaaagh no idea how I'm going to do this.

I HAVE. TO LAST. UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY. And then I go home for Thanksgiving break and hopefully life is better.

And my dad came down tonight and he took my apartment out to Duke's for dinner, so that was awesome. So yay there. :D

And finally (and very importantly):

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] orelle_peredhil! ♥
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( Nov. 7th, 2009 06:44 pm)
More of a homework break, actually, but who's counting.

I've gotten some assignments done today, but that Structuralism paper's still hanging over my head. I don't know why I'm having so many issues getting into it. I was kind of hoping to have it done early this afternoon, but considering I didn't wake up until noon (which was lovely) and wasn't really functional until two, that plan went to waste. I'd like to have it done before I leave for my friend's party at nine, but again, odds of that are pretty poor. I might just marathon the sucker Sunday night. My usual MO works, right? |D

That said! Book meme real fast! Then I do dinner and attempt to pound out some words. Grr.

I really wish I had more books on my shelf, but such is to be expected in college. )

Wow, these all wound up much more obscure than I expected. XD



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