Believe it or not, I'm still out here somewhere! Despite still having an anagrammed X name, I do exist! Nothing like a good existential crisis to remind you that you're still alive!

Now that that joke's gone on far too long and made me look far more desperate than I actually amm...hi! Yeah, it's been a ridiculously long time since I've updated this journal, and I blame the fact that updating here actually takes some amount of cohesive thought and effort. I haven't had a lot of that to spare lately. Most of it's going to work, where we're wrapping up two massive summer projects. Classes start again on Friday, which means teachers come back Thursday, which means all of our lives up in the tech department are about to get insanely busy. That's going to be interesting. Most of my waking hours have been going to that, and I'm probably going to do some working from home this weekend in order to get things done. Things should calm down again on the work front in...October, that'll be nice.

The other thing that's eaten my life, at least for about a week, was the release of KH3D. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you saw a bit of my frustration; if you have me on Plurk, you got the full-on screaming fury. I was even swearing at things IRL, which surprised the hell out of my roommate. I don't usually get that profane about...anything, really. I won't give spoilers here (though I'd be happy to link the exceedingly spoilery plurk rants if anyone wants them), but as far as final thoughts go, I really did enjoy this game. It gave me quite a bit to think about in terms of character development; it had a battle system that I both enjoyed and hated by turns (I cannot tell you how many times I died while waiting for Cure to recharge); I spent way too much time naming and feeding and petting and generally loving upon my Dream Eaters and enjoying the hell out of that; and it played Devil Went Down to Georgia on my heartstrings, but this is Kingdom Hearts and that's a given at this point. There are still a few massive WHAT IS THIS EVEN scenes and plot points I need to watch again and discuss with someone, and I do think they need to rename the Xanatos Gambit the Xehanort Gambit, but overall it wasn't too terribly difficult to follow. (Though, really, I thought Storm of Swords had given me a pretty bad Everything You Know Is Wrong moment, and then I played 3D. Wow.) Overall, I give it an A and I will probably play through it again in very short order.

As for the usual IRL stuff, health is about the same as usual (imperfect but I'll live, way the hell better than December was), work is busy as mentioned but still much better than my last job, and apartment things are pretty chill. My mom actually came down last weekend for three days with me at Disneyland; of course, it had to be 95 degrees for those three days, so we were pretty much melting from heat the entire time. It was still a ton of fun - we have bizarre and hilarious ride photos down to an art now - and it was nice to have Mom down here for a change, even if avoiding political discussions is much the same as tango-ing around the elephant in the room and my (exceedingly sane by California standards) driving does terrify her. Still! Good times.

As far as writing and fandom activities go...yeah. I have a long list of fics to finish and an even longer list of edits to make on my NaNo fic in progress so I can continue working on it and hopefully finish it this November. (Synchro, you are a saint for having looked over all of that. Seriously.) RP drive has also been flagging a bit, but that's something else I need to sit down and parse out for a bit and today is just not that day. At some point, yes, but not now.

Finally, I am running a music blog and a Disneyland blog! If you have a tumblr, please follow my ridiculous stuff; if you have a tumblr or a plurk or a Twitter or if you're on Adagio (yes, tea, it's awesome), give me your username and let's be friends there too :Db
So there's this thing called a LJ, and apparently I have one in which I'm not actually pretending to be a fictional character. OR AM I

I really ought to update this more often, huh.

Life has gone insane! Also, I tend to spam Plurk with my odd little one-off thoughts, which means my Plurk gets spammed all the time, since I tend to think almost exclusively in odd little one-offs. Both of these would pretty much explain why I've been scarce, at least in this neck of the woods.

[ profile] itsjustagamerp has been open for a few weeks now, and I love everyone and everything in it. Pinkie Pie playing radioactive soup, Tom Servo running an ill-fated D&D session, Aqua getting jealous over the attention Minako is paying Terra, the epic pun-off at Kaldur, and everything that could possibly go wrong in Terra and Linkara's reluctantly budding friendship going, of course, horribly wrong have all just made this game fantastic, and that is the tip of the iceberg.

I'm way behind on [ profile] secondcityrpg, or at least it feels that way. Maybe I'm just way behind on Jason tags, which happens more often than I'd really like to admit. Rarity might be riding a dragon into battle, which is hilarious and head-tiltingly odd all at once, and Linkara is being Linkara. work. We've tried to space projects out, but given unexpected delays, they're all raining on us at once, which is going to make this week all sorts of interesting. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for one, though - depending on what shows up in my inbox tomorrow morning, that is either the way out or an oncoming train. It pretty much remains to be seen.

My resolution to finish fics before NaNo is going slowly. I only have one chapter of bitty!Terra left, but I also want to finish the Tron fic, and that is giving me creative problems (basically, I still can't write fight scenes or intros, what else is new). I need to attack it when I'm not bushed, exceedingly busy, or burnt out from other things. basically, sometime next year. |Db

There is probably a lot more that should go into this, but I can't think of it right now. Instead, have an awesome gif.

/bows out
I should probably start updating this more than once in a blue moon, huh. |D

I'm up to 90 minutes a night of internet time on my self-imposed online restriction. It gives me a bit more time to do tags and whatnot, but it's still not enough to really hang out and chat. I think what I miss doing most is just turning on AIM and reading a book or something while holding the occasional conversation. I feel like I have to be focused while online or I am Wasting Time. It's a different way to look at things, certainly; tbh, I just miss multitasking.

COMIC CON IS IN FIVE DAYS HOLY CRAP. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. I think this is the most convoluted and detailed any of my cosplays have ever been, and even now I'm still assembling bits. I live for the last minute, don'cha know 8Db It should be fun, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing all sorts of people and meeting [ profile] bouncy_erbear! Because awesomeness attracts awesomeness, yes? Yes.

TBH, aside from freaking out about Comic Con and the upcoming move, nothing much of note is going on in the Life and Times of Kia. Work is work is work, and I usually get home from that and work on something - editing or cosplay or whatever needs working on. The huge Disney tribute is on hold for now, as is every other editing project I have going on, on account of - you guessed it - SDCC being right around the corner. My priorities might be a tad skewed, but I do have them. Also, most anime conventions won't let you enter a Disney music video, yes? It probably has to be mostly anime or game footage.

RP is...we're screwed. Just gonna lay that down. We are screwed. |D Also, I might not be tagging Jason for a bit because of recent NSFW Extremely Not Okay happenstances in this season of True Blood, so don't wait on me there.

Does anybody know what's going on at [ profile] kh_drabble? It's a fun challenge, and we've had quite a few entries, but I don't remember any other time when there've been virtually zero comments on any of them. Is everyone just busy this week? \O_o/

Because this entry isn't disorganized enough: cosplay! Razor Wit finally arrived today, which means I went out of my mind for about an hour unpacking it and squeeing like a moron and trying to figure out picture poses (and subsequently scraping up one arm, but hey, worth it). I have odds and ends for most of my costumes, but my big thing's been putting together costumes for [ profile] amorsinseramada. She's agreed to join our Friday MLP group, so I'm getting a Pinkie Pie costume together for her, and she chose her other one going solo, so I'm making her a Candlejack getup. That's bound to be hila
Life goes insane when I'm not looking. Then again, it goes insane even when I am, so I don't see how that makes a difference.

So far as large media events go, congrats to the happy royal couple, and I have a newfound respect for Navy SEALs and Special Forces. My opinions on the whole Osama thing aren't necessarily of the popular variety - I did not attend or throw any dead man's parties - and I am experiencing intense secondhand embarrassment on behalf of a friend pertaining to the situation, so. As far as I'm concerned, that's enough about that.

The jokes on Twitter were flat hilarious, though. I'll give the Twitterati that.

As far as work goes, I've been herding cats nonstop. I might actually be working late some nights this week, because deadline's approaching for two projects and a third really can't afford to be delayed any longer, not to mention we just now heard back about a project that's been on hold for the better part of a month and that might be entering the fray again soon too. Needless to say, I've been absolutely busy as hell and bouncing emails off just about everyone in my little virtual rolodex. It's nuts. I am yay close to rewriting the latter part of Art of the Dress to fit my work, because "Deadline looms/don't you know the client's always right" describes my job right about now.

The RP front is going pretty well. I sincerely want the Postmen to tag Rarity back, since I'm sure that will be hilarious and a half, Jason is confused by ponies and needs more CR, and I'm just playing catchup with Linkara. Rosette is...pretty well gone, I think, but that's life. I poked around ATP to try to finish out our Ponies and BBS casts, and I will be beside myself with glee if that Sweetie Belle apps to the game. Yes, please.

On a far more important note, in the wake of the massively destructive tornadoes in the south, [ profile] helpthesouth has been set up. In the vein of [ profile] help_japan and other help communities, it's an auction community meant to raise money for the victims of the tornadoes. I don't know if anyone's seen the end result - [ profile] cleolinda has a detailed summary and quite a few links if you haven't - but the destruction is massive and widespread and they need all the help they can get. I encourage everyone to either put up an auction or bid on something. My auctions are here and here.

On a final, completely cracky note - there's a Deltora Quest anime on the Hub. I'm not sure if anybody else even knows these books exist, but I think my nostalgia just keeled over from shock. What is this I seriously don't even.
It's been a while, huh. I need to quit neglecting this journal. As it is, it's after midnight and I have work in the morning, so this'll be a pretty quick rundown.

My dad is doing fine! He's been taking it easy and not working ridiculous hours anymore (glory hallelujah) and he's doing a lot better, at least according to mom. They've also found a house and put a bid on it, so we'll see how that goes. Will they be moved before the family reunion? Probably not, but they've definitely got their eyes on it.

My first video shoot went pretty well, all things considered. We shot video for a project at work on Friday - rented out a studio and everything. The talent we cast (that I spent time interviewing and basically got first say on who played who, yeah baby) worked really well together, and we got thirty scenes shot in about six hours - not bad at all, actually. There were a few tense moments, and one in which I managed to spill makeup on an actor's suit jacket (note to self: Leslie is doing the makeup from now on because ARGH), but overall it went pretty well. Rick was happy, Leslie was happy, Terrence was happy, and I was bushed, so I figure life is good.

In other news, getting LA County workers together for a conference call is like herding cats. I kind of want business cards with "professional cat herder" on them now. (And yes, I have seen the commercial, and yes, it is hilarious.)

Disneyland with [ profile] lynxgriffin on Sunday! It was pretty low key, though I spent more on souvenirs then I think I ever have at Disneyland - blame it on getting my Disneyland In A Box prize together for my [ profile] help_japan winner. The POTC preview that they have is amusing, Blackbeard freaks me the hell out and I love it, and the show beforehand is cute and hilarious by turns. On the downside, there is no group rate for special seats for Fantasmic, so I either need to finagle something or give up on that one for my birthday. We'll see how things go there. I do love spending time at that park, though - so lovely and relaxing. ♥

In RP news, I've got Jason Stackhouse in Second City - we've only gotten as far as him thinking Pinkie Pie is somehow a drug flashback, and I don't want to handwave things until that thread gets a little further, so we'll see. Linkara is in over his head - per usual - Rarity is loud and abuses italics like whoa - per usual - and Rosette...I'm really tempted to drop her, if only because nothing is happening with her. I think I'm past the point where I can successfully get into her head and play her well - my lack of interest and her lack of CR have pretty well made that obvious. Honestly, I think DC might've closed the book on things with her, and I've been trying to find an epilogue instead of enjoying it for the fantastic story it was. Again - and I have been using this phrase far too much - we'll see.

Finally, as if I don't do enough writing, I'm thinking of picking up one of those 100 Themes challenges and getting one down every day. Even if they're not all that good, if all else fails, it'll at least guarantee that I write 100 words every day, and I think I need something constant like that.

Yeah, that's about it. Bedtime now, I think.
That title is yet another favorite from the drop-down menu of past titles because I am yet again lost for titles because I have YET AGAIN failed to post in this journal for...two weeks, I think.

Hi guys. :Db

A flipton of stuff has happened in that time, so I'll probably be brief and have short paragraphs and bullet points, because why not.

For starters, I'm going to WonderCon on April 1st up in San Francisco, so if you're up there, I'd be more than happy to meet you there and have awesome times. :Db

I'm officially being hired full-time to my job on March 28th. I've got Things To Do Before Then, but that list is getting smaller and I'm actually really excited for this. Good times? I think so.

Work got me a bonus. I am now the proud owner of a Barbados Brighton handbag - or at least, I will be once my order comes in. I absolutely love this bag and I am stoked and a half to finally own one.

Gallifrey was two weekends ago! I love Gally so bloody much. It was amazing. My little came all weekend and [ profile] uk_not_ok joined us for Saturday and Sunday. I broke a record for ribbons, got ogled multiple times (hello, midriff top at convention), dressed as a pirate and dealt poker for the Friday night Rum Party - which ended in a Who Can Stick What Down Kia's Bust contest, which was interesting - and then proceeded to use my winnings to buy Captain Jack Harkness. Yes, that's correct. I also met a Spish! Spish was awesome! :Db Saturday was wandering, a hilarious masquerade, running out in pouring rain to get dinner at Denny's, watching Tony Lee in top form at several panels, fantastic stories in the Fans Behaving Badly panel, dancing by the TARDIS - now a Gallifrey tradition, and a whole lot of IC I Never. Best conversation of the night had to be between Dean Winchester and DEATH. Way too much fun there. Sunday was an attempt to stay coherent after Saturday night's shenanigans, including the charity auction, in which I got a Mirrormask poster for [ profile] ghettopeach and filled in as a temporary Vanna White (at which point one of the people in the audience tried to bid on me...okay then). I made a few new Twitter friends, said goodbye and see you next year and why don't we hang out more often to quite a few people. My goal this year was not to have any pocket watch incidents and not to be a complete rabid fangirl - oh, and to have fun - and I think I succeeded admirably in all aspects.

All Gally pictures and videos are here - let me know if you have any questions or want any explanations. My personal favorite is the one in which Tony Lee has AIDS. Cute, fluffy AIDS.

I have a list of about four people to call tomorrow and assorted other things to do, but aside from that life's mostly been quiet. I particularly like that.

In fandom news, I have a list of in-progress projects for which I rather want to kick my brain. I have this terrible problem with starting things and petering out, so we'll see how things go. The list, for my sanity and your curiosity, is as follows:

Yes, these are all KH fics. Go, self. )

And, as promised, the first chapter of the MLP/BBS crossover. Because I'm a gigantic derp. Right. Whyisthissocuteeeeeeeee~

Okay, we're ponies. How is that better? )

Basically, Kia is a giant derp who does nerdy, nerdy things. Business as usual. Love you all. ♥
( Dec. 5th, 2008 12:51 pm)
Somebody please remind me to never do a paper at four in the morning again. That was just. Argh. ;;;

Although DDR on heavy mode after about five hours of sleep gets very interesting very quickly. :D

Now I just have my rhetoric paper and my take home final for Shakespeare and then I'm papered out for the semester (and left with three finals to study for, huz-zah).

Also, I finally bit the bullet today and made an appointment with the head of the Religion division to talk about Daughrity. I need to pull out my List of Grievances again, but I think for the most part that it'll go well.

And a note to whoever signed up for three appointments in a row (two of which were mine) and did not show up for any of then: way to fail. Dead Week is our busiest week out of the semester and you're taking up time we could be using to help other students. Thank you for being irresponsible and selfish.

...I should catch up on tags today. |D
kiaxet: (Gallifrey 5000)
( Aug. 10th, 2008 12:21 am)
Tonight was my last shift at work. I went in expecting a night in purple, and I walked out after a night in red (a coworker was desperate to switch, so I did). One particular table juuuuust got me.

It's the middle of dinner rush, the restaurant is packed, and I've already got a seven-top and two-top when the hostess comes and starts pushing tables together, informing me I'll have a nine-top as well. Ohhhhhhhhkay.

So this group of nine Indian people walks in and sits at the table. Normally I could care less about race, but I think these people were Hindu or something - either way, they kept insisting they couldn't eat pork. (Seriously, the lady who was ordering for the whole table would order a steak Big Bordurrito (read: burrito with beans and rice on the inside) and ask if it had pork in it. Um, no, it has steak.)

But the big thing about this rather labor-intensive table at a rather busy time of night that really got to me? Was when one of the ladies at the table, not ten minutes after the order was sent in, asked for the food to be sent out "very soon," which generally translates to "now would be good."

...I'm sorry, what? You have food for nine people! You really think it's going to be sent out that ridiculously quickly?

So I gritted my teeth, smiled like a dumbass, and told the lady I'd do everything I could. I then relayed the request to the expo (who prepares food to go out - he's the step between kitchen and dining room), who laughed his ass off and told me to - direct quote - "tell the table to go fuck themselves. There's no way they're getting their food that quickly."

...did I mention that I love our expo guys? They're awesome. :D

Table got their food without a hitch, enjoyed it, paid and left...and left me nine on nearly a hundred. This is after I've run my little ass off for them as well as two other tables, and it really wasn't as though we weren't busy that night. So yes, lousy freaking tippers.

But I have to admit I'm feeling a bit guilty about part of this. Remember how they "don't eat pork?" Well, I was talking about the table with one of my coworkers later on (because you know we talk smack in the kitchen, and I dare you to find a restaurant that doesn't) and I brought up the pork thing, and my coworker asked if they'd ordered refried beans. I said yes, because they had.

Our refried beans have pork fat in them. I've worked in this restaurant for three months and I had no idea.

So part of me feels incredibly guilty, though I have to admit the sting is lessened by the lousy tip and my belief that God won't smack you down for an honest mistake.

...But yes, last shift was tonight and I have until Wednesday to pull everything together and get ready to go. Wish me luck (and sanity)~
Somebody start checking the sides of milk cartons for my RP drive, because I don't know where the hell it's gone.

I keep putting Paixao off, because Paixao is slow, right? I don't think that has to be the case - I think it's that way because people don't post, because Paixao is slow, because people don't's a vicious damn cycle and I seem to be stuck in it.

Daisychain, I just seem to be running from my fail, and there's a good bit of that.

It's easy to blame all of this on work, especially since I'm working more this week than I have been all month, but that's the problem - it's easy to do that, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's to blame.

It's also easy to blame this on all the errands I've been running to get ready to go back to college. Furnishing an entire apartment is no small task, after all...but again, it's too damn easy to do that too.

I think what's really to blame is my work ethic and the fact that I don't seem to have one. All you'd need to do to know that is take a look at my to do list - there's stuff on there I've had to do for going on a month now and with fast approaching deadlines, and is it done? Hell no.

The long and short of this is, I do good work sometimes and it may well be time to call hiatus until school starts. We'll see how things go.
Okay. First. Idol results.

Cut for spoilers, should anybody care, and sparkletext. Lots and lots of sparkletext. )

And today's work shift.

Cut for waitressy- Jeez, aren't y'all used to this by now? XD )

Did I mention I love this job?
kiaxet: (Utter Confusion (Flonne))
( Mar. 20th, 2008 03:35 pm)
I am obviously too easily amused.

I just got a call from somebody (she sounded young) asking to be connected to the lab. Okay.

I plug "Lab" into my wonderful campus wide search engine and get about twenty entries, most of which are specific rooms (Lab KSC 130, for example). "Okay, which lab?"

"Well, I'm studying hematology specifically, so that one."

...Great. Okay. "Alright, um...what branch of science is that?" Because I figure I'll just connect her to the science department that covers hematology. The English major in me knows diddly about science, but she does know her word stems, and "hema-" and "hemo-" are generally used in conjunction with blood, so this is either natural science or biology. I'll be the first to admit I don't know the difference between the two, so I figure I'll ask the girl - after all, she's studying it, she should know. Right?

"I don't know. It's hematology specifically." LSAKGNAWROG YOU ALREADY TOLD ME THAT IT AIN'T HELPING.

So I explain the idea of connecting her to the general department and ask her if it's natural science or bio.

"I don't know...I guess I'll do some more research and call you back." Click.

A quick trip to Wiki tells me it's Bio. Really, shouldn't you at least know what you're studying before you decide to make it your college career?

Or maybe it's just time to refuel the Logicmobile, I dunno. Either way, that made me grin.
Because I'm totally not logged into my RP journals 24/7, nope! :D;

First of all, work needs to CALL ME and TELL ME when we're closed so I don't get all ready and drive all the way down there to run into the LOL CLOSED :D sign. At least we're reopening again tomorrow., I've just cursed us with that one. XD;

I shall post more when I don't have to go help with the garage sale! (As if getting up at 6:30 wasn't enough. XD;)
...first of all, I really don't like this show. Saving Grace, for all of its Joan of Arcadia-ish-ness, is really very boring.

But that's not what I wanted to write about tonight.

For those of you whom I don't talk to all that often IRL, there's a reason I've not been at work (and subsequently writing about work) lately. We had a bit of a fire. Somebody left something on the grill at closing, and it caught fire at about 3 a.m. There wasn't very much fire damage, but smoke damage hit both the front and back of house (i.e. part where people sit and eat and kitchen). This happened last Wednesday. We're supposed to open on Tuesday. I'm not earning any money. ;;;

It was nice to have a few days off (even though I spent one of those cleaning the nine drawers of my desk in all their packrat-afflicted glory), but I'm really looking forward to going back to work.

Ratatouille is even better the second time around. I didn't think it was possible, but it was.

Transformers is made of an unbelievable amount of win. I would totally go see that again, if anybody wants to come with.

I can't wait for the ninth to roll around - I get to put everybody back in action in Paixao again.

I find it unbelievably ironic that, now that we have this thunderstorm of absolute death in Econtra, we've had five amazingly terrible thunderstorms here in three days.

And finally, for those of you who're wondering, the title of the post is from an AMV I made a looooooong time ago. Chrno Crusade for the win. :3
So a month between LJ posts is waaaaaaay too long. >>;;; Whoops. Part of it was losing the laptop twice, part of it was going A;SLGNAORUGHAPS;G NINE CHARACTERS TO POST FOR AND MAJOR PLOT EVENTS ARGH (this is why there's more than one mod at Paixao - we'd all go straight up the wall if there weren't), part of it was work, and part of it was me being unbelievably lazy, as I am wont to do. :D

The first thing I'm going to go crazy about will be Harry Potter, so everybody can skip the cut if they haven't read the book. :D

I'm sure there's something else I want to talk about, but I'll leave it there for now.

I also have all sorts of other stuff to talk about, such as Vacation Bible School (a rodeo-themed blast), visits from relatives (ranging from :D to X_x and back), and work. Oh, wait, I will say one thing about work.

If you're not satisfied with your food, stiffing your waitress her tip does NOTHING to convey that. Email the restaurant, talk with the manager, whatever. Stiffing your waitress just deprives her of the money she NEEDS to augment the $3.83 she earns hourly. Please, please learn to make the distinction.

...yeah, so guess what Kiaxet's final table did to her today. :D;

Anyway, that is all. I SLEEP NOW.


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